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Plaything Pt. 01

by niggaplz101©

This story is about an Indian mother getting used behind her son's back. This is an experiment, let me know what you think, feedback is appreciated.


Rohith hated Tuesdays. He had to tutor Johnny and Carter today, just as he'd done for the past few months. Mrs. Leone, their Algebra teacher who was also Rohith's aunt, had been implored by the coaches to get the players the best tutor they could, because Johnny and Carter's abysmal grades barely kept them on the team.

Rohith clenched his backpack straps, fuming at the idea of having to help those assholes. Johnny had picked on him since he met him freshman year, and Carter had been almost worse. They made fun of him being a nerd, and how much of a crush he had on every teacher that told him he was a good student. Aunty Leone was no exception, so when she asked him of this favor, he said yes.

Rohith gets off the school bus, which as a senior is especially embarrassing. His parents didn't let him get his license this year, so he still had to get rides everywhere he went. He walks down the street to his house, and notices a Dodge Charger already in the driveway.

They're early, he thinks to himself, and lets himself in through the front door.


Priya kneels down in her kitchen completely nude between Johnny and Carter, stroking one cock as she sucks on the other, alternating as quickly as she can.

"Yeah suck my dick little bitch, you like that don't you?" Carter, who is also completely naked, grabs her hair as he roughly throat fucks the Indian woman, towering over her small 5'2 frame. She strokes Johnny, who still had his shirt on and pants around his ankles, with her right hand. Carter gets tired of the foreplay and forces her to stand by pulling her up by her hair, and drags her to the island in the kitchen, Priya insatiably mewling the entire way.

"Oooh, you boys ready to go again? I've swallowed so much of your fucking cum today already and now I want more. MORE PLEASE!" Priya giggles, her large shapely tits jiggling with each step she takes.

The basketball players had no problem maneuvering the thick little Indian woman between the two of them, lifting her over the island and laying her across it on her stomach, Carter at her head and Johnny behind her ass, her legs spread out and barely reaching the ground even with the pumps she still had on.

"Yeahhhhh fuck me boys, gimme those thick, hard, white cocks," Priya drawls out, enunciating the last four words in anticipation of getting fucked. "I want your cum on me, cover me with your beautiful cum masters. Please give it to me. Give it to me."

Johnny licks his hand, and rubs it along Priya's soaking pussy, realizing the brown bitch was wet enough that extra lubricant wasn't necessary. His white cock pulsing and rock hard, he pokes the head through her pussy lips eliciting a long and loud gasp at the intrusion. She sighs happily, and her eyes close shut as Johnny starts roughly pounding away at her mature Indian pussy without hesitation.

Johnny and Carter had left school after lunch and drove straight to Rohith's house, finding Priya waiting for their white dicks bent over and naked in the foyer. She had texted them both a selfie of her topless in her bathroom, and they knew that couldn't make it through the rest of the day. They skipped the rest of the day at school and spent it fucking every one of Priya's holes.

Carter intently watches Priya's face as Johnny fucks her, his hand maintaining a tight grip in her hair and mindlessly rubbing his dick across her face, her short gasps and moans leaving hot breaths on his cock, making it twitch.

"Daddy, wait," she looks back Johnny best she can with Carter's grip in her hair. "You fuck my pussy so good," she says seductively as she slyly wiggles her ass. "But I need your huge cock back in my other hole. You fuck it so good daddy. Please fuck my ass daddy, please daddy please."

Snapping out of his trance, Carter tightens his grip and slaps her hard across her face making her cry out and moan loudly.

"You don't get to make requests fucking slut. We fuck you how we want. Do you want us to punish your pussy again?" Priya moaned and shook her head no, even though they all knew she loved being punished. It always ended with her mind-brokenly leaking and covered in cum. Carter slapped her face again and again, but Priya just moaned louder. She loved being a complete slave to her white masters, and like a true master Carter refused to give Priya any control over what happened to her; and she absolutely lost her mind.

Johnny smirks at Carter's rough treatment of the Indian MILF, and slides his cock out of her pussy, sliding up straight to her brown asshole. The lubrication from her pussy made entry a lot easier than usual, but it was still an immensely tight fit. He slowly pushes his massive white dick in until his pelvis is flush against her caramel ass, and quickly pulled out. Refusing to let Priya adjust, he went straight to jackhammering her ass. Priya screamed bloody murder, but the shining smile on her face told a different story. She was at the complete mercy of the big white cock in her ass, reaming her ever-loosening asshole.

Carter lost his cool and shoved his cock all the way down her throat when she screamed, muffling any noise coming from the MILF's mouth. Johnny and he fuck the Indian mom back and forth between them in that position for nearly twenty minutes, making Priya cum compoundly, each orgasm on the heels of the last. Her pussy continuously spasms around nothing as she's tossed between the 6 foot plus basketball players, completely manhandled by the two white boys and their immense cocks.

Their fucking frenzy heats up to the point that Priya can feel herself almost lift up off the island, supported entirely by Johnny holding her up as he fucks her ass, and Carter's thick white cock in her throat. Her large caramel-colored tits swing lightly back and forth in response to the fucking she was receiving, skidding the top of the kitchen island.

"I'm gonna fucking cum bitch. I want you to swallow all of my white fucking jizz," Johnny gasps out, pumping into her ass with all his might. Priya gurgles incoherently around Carter's cock, begging for them both to cum in her mouth.

That's when they hear the front door unlock.


Carter snapped his head up to John in utter surprise. They didn't know who came in, but they knew they sure as hell couldn't get caught. He jumped back, his dick abruptly leaving Priya's wet mouth causing her to gasp loudly, and scrambled to grab his clothes. He didn't have the time to put them on, so he dashed for the back door, jumping into the backyard completely naked.

Johnny still had his clothes on him, so he lifted his pants back up, and rushed to the other side of the island, panicking on what to do with a still naked Priya, who showed so sense or urgency as her last orgasm washed away. She calmly slides off the island, and kneels back down front of Johnny, pulling his pants back down and immediately slobbering over the dick that was just in her ass, shoving it in and out of her mouth.

"What are you doing? Someone's here!" Johnny hisses at her.

"It's just Rohith," she gasps out and as she suckles the bridge of his cock. "Get rid of him, I want daddy's cum on my face." She goes back to desperately trying to swallow his shaft, giving almost no care whether or not her son would hear her wet sucking. Johnny leans forward against the island, trying to keep his composure, waiting for Rohith while Priya was on her knees with his cock in her throat.

He takes a moment to let out a sigh of relief, glad that it wasn't her husband, and it was just the loser. Seems like he was home already. They had really lost track of time, fucking most of the day away using Priya's body in every way imaginable and covering it in their cum. He looks up and watches Rohith walk in the living room, looking to see if anyone was home.

"Mom! Where are you!" Rohith calls out, and then spots Johnny standing behind the island in his kitchen, unable to see his mom, her head bobbing enthusiastically as she was sucking the white boy's big cock. "Why are you here already?"

Johnny smirks at him, and quickly glances down at the dork's mom stop bobbing, and try to quietly swallow his dick down. Her lips were stretched over his thick shaft but curved in a smile and her eyes were trained on Johnny's face, wordlessly begging for a taste of his cum. The mere scenario made him nearly explode in her throat.

"We get here quick cuz we have rides unlike you dumbass," Johnny spits at Rohith, striking a nerve. "Couldn't wait to get here to fuck your mom."

Rohith was in no mood for jokes.

"Fuck you, where is she?"

"Right here, sucking my dick doofus." Johnny looks down again, about to explode at the slutty face Priya was making as she gave up trying to deepthroat him and pulled back, stroking him fast with her right hand as she suckled on just his tip and the first few inches of his dick, maintaining eye contact. Hearing her son in the room had made her want to cum again, so she reached down behind with her other hand and slipped two fingers into her ass, fingering the hole the cock she was sucking on was in a few minutes ago.

Johnny looked down and watched Priya start to slowly finger-fuck her asshole as she lifted his cock above her face and worshiped the length, lathering it with her tongue, all the while stroking him fast; realizing how nasty the entire situation was with her son standing right in front of him, completely oblivious, Johnny was finally pushed over the edge.

"Goddamit, I don't have time for this. I have work to do you asshole," Rohith complains. "Where's the other dumbass?" Rohith looks around for Carter, who usually is with Johnny.

"He's out-back-" Johnny starts to visibly spasm, and his legs starting to twitch. Priya notices he was on the verge of cumming and shoved her masters shaft back into her mouth, almost audibly begging for the taste of his cum as she starts sucking again. His hips start bucking into Priya's mouth, effectively fucking her face, and he finally shoots his thick cum into the back of her throat.

Priya takes the ass-juice-saliva-coated cock out of her mouth and stroked it over her face as fast as she could, welcoming Johnny's cum as wads of semen spurt out of his tip and collected on her forehead and cheeks, coating her in a fresh layer of cum.

Rohith looks at Johnny peculiarly, hearing a light squishing sound, not knowing it was his mom sucking on and stroking Johnny's cock as he exploded cum onto her beautiful face. "You okay? Are you about to puke or something?"

Johnny wordlessly shakes his head, not able to look away from the slutty cum-covered mess that was Rohith's Indian mom taking a sizeable cum facial from his all-American cock.

"I love your white fucking cum daddy" she whisper-mouths to Johnny, looking up at him with his big white dick on her cum-covered face. She then winks at him, and takes his cock back in her mouth sucking like a vaccum, trying to get every drop of cum. Johnny blissfully watches her, completely ignoring Rohith standing a few feet away from him.

Rohith looks at Johnny with a confused expression, and just shakes his head, turning to go find his mom.

Johnny grabs Priya's head to let her know her son was gone. She lets his softening slick cock slide out of her mouth and stands up in front of him, barely coming up to the basketball player's chest, and stared up at his eyes as she rubs his cum evenly across her face, scooping a few large globs onto her left index finger-the one that was in her ass-and popped it in her mouth. She sluttily sucks on her finger, all while maintaining eye contact and jerking his still-large cock as she savors the fruity taste of Johnny's cum in her mouth. The Indian cumbucket then opens her mouth and sticks out her tongue, showing Johnny's cum pooling over it; then closed her lips and audibly gulped his cum down.

"Your cum tastes so fucking good daddy," she gasps out, tempted to ask to swallow his dick again. She gives in and starts begging Johnny for more cum while stroking his cock, not caring in the least that her son was in the house.

"Can I have more daddy? I'll be a good little cumslut for you and take your beautiful cock anywhere. I just need your white man juice daddy. No one can feed me like you do. Please feed me."

Johnny just smirked and grabbed her throat making her moan.

"Soon you insatiable slut. We can't have your boy finding out. Yet." He releases her, and she smiles widely, excited by the implied promise.

"Fine, I'll go get cleaned up, you apparently have a lot of work to do! You want something to eat? I can make you something before you all get busy," she snapped back into mom-mode mere moments after being used as an utter cumslut, and starts to walk towards the stairs but pauses and turns back to Johnny. "Oh! I almost forgot, if you see him, tell Carter to come see me upstairs in the shower, he didn't get to cum before we were 'interrupted'." She giggles, dripping with cum, and leaves Johnny alone in the kitchen, intent on trying to avoid running into her son on her way upstairs.

Johnny just barely buckled his pants back up when Rohith comes back downstairs.

"My mom isn't home, how did you get in? Did you fucking break into my house?" Rohith accused,

Johnny just snorted in annoyance.

"No you asshole, she went out after letting us in. I don't know where your whore of a mom is. Now, can we just get this shit over with?"

Rohith just looked at him with a puzzled expression. "Why didn't you tell me that when I asked you? Were you just tryna waste my time?"

Johnny just smirked. "Yup, and you fell for it, fucking pussy. So, you wanna get to work or what?"


Rohith sits quietly next to Johnny as they start to work through their Algebra book, still not understanding the large athlete's strange behavior. For some reason, Johnny couldn't seem to stop smiling.

"What's so funny?" he finally asks. "And where's Carter?"

Johnny just shrugs. "I don't know, he left right before you got here." He snorted lightly, not caring much for the young Indian boy sitting in front of him. His cock was lodged deep in the ass of his cumdumpster of a mother not twenty minutes ago, so Johnny had a difficult time taking the nerd seriously.

"Did you guys skip school again today? You're supposed to go to class if you want to be any good at the material you know," Rohith chastises. "Besides, if you guys don't improve, I won't get that extra credit Mrs. Leone promised me."

Johnny just smirked at Rohith's pathetic musings. Fuck this kid, he thought. Thinking he can get favors from that bitch of teacher just cuz they're related! Johnny looked up from his boring textbook and looked behind Rohith, his face breaking out into a smile.

He was sitting on the dining table facing the front door, and he just spotted Priya sneak Carter-still naked-back into the house, and then drag him up the stairs, probably to finally get the cum she wanted out of him. Rohith was sitting opposite of Johnny, and couldn't understand what he found so amusing. He looks behind and him and asks "What are you looking at?"

Johnny gets up and tells Rohith he had use the bathroom. As soon as he gets behind Rohith, he makes a beeline for the stairs, and heads up to where Priya and Carter were inevitably fucking.

He steps lightly, and hears them before he gets close. Priya was panting so loudly Johnny was slightly concerned Rohith might hear her downstairs. Then he decided he didn't really care. If the wimp caught them treating his mother like the slut she is, so be it. He could hear her moaning and chanting "Daddy" over and over again, gasping and whining like a wild pornstar. He arrives at Rohith's room, and finally finds what he was looking for.

Priya was sprawled out in her son's room, her hair laid out on his space-themed carpet, in the piledriver position with her back on the floor and her legs up in the air against the side of her son's bed. Carter is standing above her, his sweat dripping on the sheet and his thick white dick drilling down into the Indian mom's asshole.

"Oooooh fffffUCK baby. Your big white fucking dick is so big in my ass!" Priya was at the complete mercy of Carter at this point, who showed no signs of slowing down.

Johnny silently watched them aggressively fuck for a few moments, appreciating Priya's tiny cocoa frame in contrast to Carter's enormous white body nearly eclipsing her entire form.

Tired of watching, Johnny walks over to them, making Priya look up at him from the ground. She shyly smiles at him as she slides a finger into her mouth, sucking on it, her body shaking from Carter's relentless pounding. Johnny smiles back, and unbuckles his pants.


Rohith felt like they jocks were being exceptionally dickish today, not really caring about whether Rohith helped them or not. He was sure they didn't give much thought to their grades, but he had a vested interest in helping them, so he would. Besides, Aunty Leone would probably like him a lot more if it succeeded, and she could tell his mom how well he was doing. The mere thought of it made him giddy. He'd give anything to make the two of them happy, as they were his absolute two favorite people in the world.

He looked around, questioning why Johnny had not come back yet, realizing it was nearly 3 o'clock and they still had a lot to go through.

Did he just leave? he wonders, Carter's not here either, so maybe they both decided to skip. Fucking losers. He chuckles to himself, and then gets up to grab his own textbook from his room.

On his way up the stairs, he trips on something wet on the top step, landing with a thud on the upstairs floor. Groaning, he gets up and limps his way to his room.

Rohith walks over to his desk and shuffles through his binders looking for his Calculus textbook. He pauses for a minute, because he notices his room smells kind of strange. It smelled like...his eyes shoot wide open and he quickly looks through his trashcan, hoping he had gotten rid of all the tissues he'd used while masturbating the night before. If his mom had found those he would be absolutely mortified...

He doesn't find any fap tissues in the trashcan. Relieved, he goes back to looking for his book, chalking up the smell to just leftover stink from his late night activities. I really have to stop doing that so much, he thinks to himself. He finds his book and heads back downstairs, determined to get his own work done even if the two jocks didn't want to do theirs.


The three sweaty figures in the closet let out the breaths they were holding as they hear Rohith leave the room, and Johnny goes right back to madly pumping into Priya's pussy.

They had grabbed their clothes and squeezed into the closet when they heard Rohith fall on the stairs. Priya was stuck between them both of their cocks lodged deep in her; Johnny sliding far into her pussy and Carter lodged deep in her ass. As Rohith was shuffling through whatever just inches away, Carter couldn't resist moving his hips a few times, slowly fucking Priya's tight asshole. She nearly cried out and came on the spot as she watched her son through the blinds of the closet, but her mouth was quickly muffled by Carter's hand, who now released her and joined Johnny in pounding away at her holes.

Priya gasped quietly, going back to begging for their cock and cum. In unison, they burst out of the closet and waddle over to Rohith's bed; like two men carrying a piece of furniture, Johnny and Carter keep Priya between them, not removing their cocks from her holes. Johnny sits down on Rohith's bed and lays his upper body back, and Priya moves with him, settling on top of him with her knees on either side. Carter stands behind Priya and shuffles as close as he can, then resumes his violent assault on her MILF asshole. He pulls her hair back forcing her to arch her back, making her whine out sluttily and squeal as they begin reshaping her holes in the form of their cocks.

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