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Back in the Days of Athens

by WinterMorning©

Okay, first story of this kind I'm writing. English isn't my first language and I do have dyslexia but I hope it is still nice to read.

I tried to not let the story seen like porn and actually play the characters as human beings.



The last guests departed from his villa. Even the part of his family that normally lived here were staying with his mothers family for the night which meant that he was alone with a few slaves. The timbers of his fathers burial shroud hadn't even stopped smoking yet and he was already the master in this house.

His sister had tried to argue that nineteen was to young to be in charge but luckily his grandfather had disagreed.

"Lock the gate for the night," Aegeus ordered the slave that would be standing guard for the night and headed back into the manner.

Finally he was in charge. His word was now law in this house. That meant that he could also do one of the things that his father had forbidden him to do.

Aegeus stopped by the kitchen and spotted Randa, a large and heavy woman from North Africa cleaning the working spaces. "Randa!" he ordered.

The woman looked up from her work. "Yes Master?"

"I want a massage tonight. Have Reyna wait for me in the master bedroom for me," he ordered. The woman hesitated but then bowed.

"Of course. I'll see to it at once," Randa replied.

A massage was the last thing on his mind right now although that might still happen. Aegeus walked around the house for a few minutes and then sat down on a bench in the inner courtyard, enjoying the fact that it was his. Tomorrow would be a busy days. He would need to head out to the fields and make sure everything was in order but for now he could enjoy himself.

When Aegeus felt that he had waited long enough enough he headed through the dark house, up two the second floor and then stopped in front of the master bedroom.

Aegeus opened the door and stepped into bedroom. The room was bathed in soft, red light from a small fire burning in the fireplace. As he had hoped a young woman sat on the side of the bed.

She was a twenty two years old girl from Persia. She had been meant to join the Persian kings harem until a group if Greek raiders had captured the ship she had been traveling on who had sold the young virgin to his father for a small fortune. He had been fourteen back then and she had instantly inspired his fantasies. Sadly his father had forbidden him from having her, preferring to keep her for himself.

Reyna was tall for a woman, only shorter than him by a few inches. Her big eyes were the color of honey and her smooth skin was the color of caramel. Her features were graceful and flawless. She had a toned and slender body. Her breasts weren't very big but that added to her charm. Then there was also her long, thick black hair that even as a braid reached down to the small of her back. Not that he had ever gotten to see her with out cloths. His father had guarded her body as jealous as Hades guarded the dead leaving him only to fantasize over it. If someone told him she was a daughter of Aphrodite, Aegeus would have believed it. Reyna had been created to give pleasure to others.

"Master." Reyna addressed him with her smooth voice. He looked her over. The sex slave was wearing a long white dress with a deep cleavage. He remembered the endless amounts of hours he had spent fantasizing over her. Hundreds of times he had imagined all the things he would do to her if given the chance. How he would hold her by her long hair as he drove her into the mattress or tie her to the bed and have his way with her four hours on end.

Now that he stood before Reyna with the power to let all his fantasies come true he didn't really know what to do. It was a lot harder to let his fantasies of taking her become reality than fantasizing about it. He couldn't just walk over to her and tear her dress off.

Then there was also the fact that despite already being nineteen he had never been with a woman before. All the other female slaves in the house were either to old, to unattractive, or of limits as well. Aegeus knew that once he had had her he would become a man.

"Ahm yeah." he greeted the slave.

"I was told you wanted a massage?" Reyna half asked.

Aegeus took a deep breath and squared his shoulders. He shouldn't be this awkward around his property.

"I did," he confirmed and joined the Persian beauty on his bed.

"Would you remove your tunic and lie down on your stomach?" Reyna asked. His earlier bravado gone he tossed his earlier plans aside and did as she told him.

"Wait for a moment," Reyna said left the bed. A few seconds later she sat back down next to him and he felt her delicate hands slide over his skin as she spread out the warm oil. Then she started to kneed his muscles.

"I'm sorry about your father," she finally said, probably wanting to break the silence.

"Yeah thanks," Aegeus grunted. He didn't want her to think about his father when she was sitting in bed next to him. Without being able to muster the courage to take what he really wanted he just lay there as Reyna worked on his back.

"So, we've never really talked." Reyna said as her fingers worked their way down his spine.

"My fath-" "-never allowed it," she finished.

He didn't answer and Reyna laughed softly. "I know, shouldn't have told him I thought you were cute."

This threw of off again? Cute? Was that what she thought of him? He lay there in silence, his eyes closed, not able to muster the courage to take the step he really wanted to take.

"Should I stop?" she asked. When he didn't answer she continued for another few minutes until her hands disappeared from his back. Reyna rubber the oil off with a cloth.

As she worked, he dozed off slightly until he felt Reyna stop massaging him and then dry off the oil with a piece of cloth. When she started to slide off the bed and he realized that he was about to spend the night on his own did he manage to shake of his drowsiness. Aegeus grabbed her wrist just as she started to get to her feet. The young woman looked down at him slightly surprised.

"Where do you think you're going?" he asked, sounding a lot more demanding and confident than he felt.

"Forgive me master, I thought you had fallen asleep."

Determined not to let his owns nervousness stop him from getting what he wanted, what he even deserved he got his act together. "So, I didn't tell you to leave. Did I?" he demanded, keeping his voice steady.

Aegeus sat up, mustered all his courage laid his hand on her knee. When the ground didn't swallow him or something similarly dramatic happened he grew bolder and pushed the shoulder straps of her dress down her shoulders. The dress smoothly slid down her body and piled up around her waist, reveling the young woman's smooth torso and breasts. They were bigger than he had imagined him to. Not huge but big enough to be a good handful.

Reyna didn't even seem fazed or embarrassed as he admired the view. His gaze swept over her back and spotted fading red scrapes from where someone had introduced her skin to a whip. This displeased him. Who would want to damage such a work of art?

"What happened there?" he asked curiously.

"Your father was displeased with me," she explained simply.

"You spent the last few years warming my fathers bed and now I want you to serve me in the same way," Aegeus announced.

She looked at him slightly amused. "You know, you really are cute. Especially when you're trying to play braver than you really are. Still, boys will be boys and I suppose I have no other choice."

He frowned slightly, realizing that that beautiful girl that was also his property had just called him a boy. Fortunately Reyna chose just that moment to kiss him on the lips, whipping his mind clean of any coherent thoughts. His entire universe narrowed down to her warm, sweet scent and the soft lips pressing against his. It was over before he knew it and his blue eyes met her honey colored ones.

"That-," Reyna pressed her index finger on his lips, silencing him.

"Words ruin it," she whispered and slid onto his lap, straddling him. Her hands found his shoulders and pushed him down on his back.

He felt a bit helpless as Reyna took control in a very feminine way. Her heavy braid fell down over her shoulder as her face hovered inches above his. She kissed him again, this time harder. Aegeus wrapped his arms around her torso and pulled her closer, one hand coming to rest between her shoulders, the other over the small of her back.

He felt Reyna's breasts pressing against his chest. Finally Reyna broke away from the kiss and wandered down his body. He felt her pull down his leg dress. When she also pulled down his under garments he looked down slightly surprise. Largely thanks to Reyna his manhood was already semi hard.

Reyna glanced up at him and raised an eyebrow. "Not bad," she commented before her delicate fingers closed around his length and gently squeezed it. Aegeus groaned but unfortunately Reyna let go and slid back on top of him.

"Just relax."

"Easier said than-"

Reyna silenced him with a kiss. "Don't speak."

The slave straddled Aegeus and smiled down at him. She grabbed both his hands and guided them up to her breasts. Aegeus gently squeezed both mounds and admired how soft and warm they felt.

"I sure like these."

His slave laughed softly and then raised herself up a bit to position his length in her entrance. Aegeus closed his eyes and groaned softly when Reyna sank back down onto him, her warm body engulfing his rock hard manhood. She was warm, moist, and tight.

Aegeus opened his eyes again and smirked up at the goddess, his hands still holding her breasts. Reyna rolled her eyes and started moving, her hips gently rocking back and forth.

Once again Reyna seemed to take charge in a very feminine way, her simplistic movements drawing groans from his lips. His hands slid down to where her dress was still piled up at her waist. Her skin was warm and with each moment her tight warm embrace if his manhood let him groan even louder.

Much to early did Reyna have Aegeus on edge. She was experienced, very experienced and was more than capable to finish a guy like him off quickly.

Aegeus grunted loud, and found release. His warm seeds erupted into her waiting cunt and when Reyna finally stopped moving he was panting under her.

Aegeus tried to come up with of something that he could say but couldn't think of anything before Reyna leaned down and him on the lips. When she broke away he found himself grinning stupidly.

Reyna stroked his cheek and moved off his length and slid of him. "I assume you don't wish me to leave?" she asked.

Aegeus shook his head and Reyna lay down next to him. After a mine or so he turned to face his slave. She didn't look spent at all. Her cheeks were slightly flushed but that was about it.

Reyna met his gaze and raised an eyebrow. "So, did you enjoy your first time with a woman?"

Aegeus only managed a "Yeah."

The girl next to him chuckled softly. "I sure hope so."

Finally his pounding heart calmed down and he realized that he had to admit to himself that he hadn't taken her. She had taken him.

"I have to admit, you're much more fun than your father," she whispered, her fingers trailed the outline of his very visible chest muscles.

"Your pretty good at this," he noted.

Reyna snorted, "Comes with experience. Don't worry, something tells me I'll be giving you plenty of lessons."

Aegeus grinned and sat up. "So, how about you get rid of that dress and let me have a proper look at you?"

Reyna rolled her eyes but kicked the rest of the dress away and lay down on her back, her hands at her side. She closed her eyes while he admired the body for a few moments. Now that she was just lieing there he could see faint bruises all over her rib cage. At least they looked older.

Aegeus knew that he wanted her again. Not tomorrow or even later. No, he wanted her again tonight and this time he wanted to make her his.

He was also eager to do some exploring. It was easier to take the initiative this time. Aegeus let his hand slide over the slaves body and was pleased to find that Reyna didn't even try to discourage him.

He let his hand slide back down to the moist region between her legs. Only when he pushed two fingers into her warm, moist cunt did she tense. Aegeus started to pump his finger the slave and after a few seconds he seemed to find a good angle because Reyna moaned softly.

Feeling pleased with himself he increased his efforts. Reyna's slender form flexed and tensed and she bit her hand to silence herself. He felt her get wetter and wetter by the second. Unfortunately his finger cramped much too early but at least sweat was coating her brow by the time he pulled his fingers out.

Reyna opened her eyes slightly and gazed up at him, her pupils wide and dilated. "You liked that," Aegeus noticed feeling pleased with himself.

"I appreciate your efforts," Reyna replied softly.

Encouraged by her response and eager to take charge he moved of Reyna and kissed her on the lips, all the time very aware of her breasts rubbing against his chest. Argues felt one of Reyna's hands sliding over his back, the other coming to rest at the base of his skull.

Although he knew that his kissed were clumsy at best he tried his best and sure enough the close proximity to the nearly perfect body let his member grow hard again.

Reyna let him push his tongue into her mouth and explore until she engaged it with her own. He felt her lay her arms loosely around her neck and broke away from the kiss and started down at her.

She smiled up at him and nodded slightly, inviting him to continue. Aegeus accepted the invitation and hungrily kissed the girls smooth neck. Again he seemed to find a sensitive spot because Reyna's breath caught and she fenced slightly. Aegeus sucked on her soft skin for a moment until he wandered down even further.

Aegeus that this wasn't how you usually had your first night with your slave and if others found out they would laugh at him but for some reason the prospect of sully exploring Reyna's willing body and hearing her moans had a huge appeal to him.

He trailed kissed over her collar bone and the proceeded down to her breast. His lips wandered up the left mound, the right one he captured with his hand. He let his tongue dance around the dark brown nipple and even sucked on it like a child. Her flesh tasted delicious and apparently he wasn't the only one enjoying the ministrations because Reyna soft moans filled the air. He changed breasts and went for the other one until her nipples were hard.

For a moment he considered heading down even further but chose against it. There would be more time for that later. He returned his attention to her lips.

Mid kiss Aegeus pushed Reyna's legs apart so that his manhood slipped down between her smooth thighs. Finally he broke the kiss, spread her legs even further and moved upright so that he was kneeling between her legs.

There she lay in front of him, in all her glory. Her heavy black braid lay over her shoulder ran down between her breasts were it ended over her belly button.

"So, like what you are seeing?" she asked, her honey colored eyes warm.

"Yeah, I don't know if I'll ever let you get dressed again," he teased her.

She cracked a smile and Aegeus positioned his hard length and pushed into Aegeus tight virgina. The Persian girl bit her lip as Aegeus buried his entire length in her and when he was inside her she folded her hands behind her head and closed her eyes.

Aegeus started to move his hips and groaned as he thrusted through the girls body. The sound of skin slapping against skin joined the moans and this time it wasn't only his moans. Reyna's toned body twisted and flexed under him.

Feeling immensely pleased with himself his strokes becoming stronger and faster. Aegeus grabbed both of Reyna's breasts and squeezed then tightly. Reyna grabbed his wrists and closed her eyes.

She simply felt great. Her tight, wet folds hugged his length as he pushed into her. Reyna gently pulled Aegeus back down to her and their lips met again, muffling their groans. She wrapped her arms around his torso and pulled him closer.

Finally his hips bucked and he came, still buried inside the body under him.

When the climax finally past Aegeus collapsed onto Reyna and slid off her. Sweaty and out of breath and rolled onto his back, a broad grin on his face.

After a few seconds he glanced at Reyna who was also lying on her back. The slave was breathing deeply and her caramel skin was shining with sweat. As if sensing his gaze she looked at him and smiled.

"Not bad kid," she teased him. Aegeus rolled on his side and pulled Reyna closer until her warm body was nestled against his. Aegeus was pleasantly surprised when Reyna rested her head on his chest and also tangled her legs with his.

"You didn't climax," he noticed.

Reyna laughed and to him it sounded like ringing bells. "Well, I can't claim that I know much about good sex but this is definably the first time I enjoyed myself."

Aegeus stroked Reyna down her spine. "Your joking, right."

Reyna closed her eyes for a moment and then sighed. "Like everyone your father had certain preferences and his didn't require me enjoying myself. The opposite was the case..."

"Ohh," Aegeus muttered feeling slightly bad. "Well, I'll try to be nicer," he promised.

When Aegeus frowned slightly Reyna raised an eyebrow. "What's on your mind?" she asked.

"I just realized...well getting your pregnant might be a bad idea," he noted.

Reyna chuckled, "That's one thing you don't need to worry about."

"Why?" he asked curiously.

"I don't think I can get pregnant. If I could I'm sure I would have by now," Reyna explained.

"Ohh, okay," Aegeus mumbled slightly relieved. He could have her as often as he wanted.

Reyna smiled up at him and a moment later he felt her delicate had closing around his still semi hard length and squeezed slightly.

"Honesty, I'm a bit surprised. I thought you'd be keeping me up all night and you look as if you are about to fall asleep," she playfully jabbed. Aegeus pushed Reyna off him and sat up. When he slid back the head of the bed so that his back was pressed against the stone wall she sat down next to him.

"You sound disappointed," Aegeus countered.

"Ohh, I'm not. I wouldn't mind going to bed now and not have sex for the next few months. Still, it's a nice change not being choked or beaten while doing it and I think you might be quite good at this with some practice."

"I'll take that as a compliment," Aegeus said and pulled Reyna back into his lap. After a few minute she pulled the leather bad that was holding her braid together off and shook her head. The braid loosened but her hair was so thick and long that it didn't dissolve.

"You have a really long braid," he whispered in her ear.

"Hey, Aegeus?" Reyna asked after a moment.

"Yes?" he asked and wrapped his arms around her torso.

"I've also had a long day so I wouldn't mind going to sleep. If you wish to have me again that's your choice but I'd be sure to make it worth your while tomorrow if you do let me off," she said suggestively.

Aegeus knew that he was being stupid. He owned Reyna so why was he striking deals with her? He could have her as often as he wanted tonight and then continue on tomorrow morning but for some reason he couldn't say no to those warm, honey colored yes.

The fire had nearly burned down and it was nearly dark. Still, her eyes seemed to glow slightly. Earlier, when Reyna had taken the initiative she had seemed strong an confident but suddenly she seemed small and fragile. Perhaps earlier had been an act and this is how she really felt.

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