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Sick In Bed

by complicity©

Some time ago when I was in my early twenties. I was incapacitated for a short while by the simplest of things, an ear infection albeit a very severer one, but an ear infection none the less! This left me bed ridden for about a month and a half while my balance returned as I had started to fall over with frightening regularity. Combine that, the pain, and the fact that I couldn’t drink I was starting to feel pretty sorry for myself. To cap it all it happened just at the time my fiancé Jane had left for the States on a three month contract. We’d talked about this before she left and had decided for better or worse that she should take the job, which was a once in a life time opportunity, and could lead to bigger things for her. So off she went to New York one sunny day in June for pastures new. Already I was missing her. Not just her friendship but sexually too. We had a really healthy sexual relationship, apart from that and she could suck cock for England driving me wild with lust at the flick of her tongue! But that was all in the past for a few months at least. I could last without sex that long, and had every intention of being faithful until she returned. Jane had suggested that I take some nude photos of her to keep me going in her absence, what an angel I was going to be married to! They turned out to be quite graphic shots of her and the two of us together, (aren’t timers a wonderful invention?) So if push came to shove, I could play with myself to my hearts content and still feast my eyes on those luscious tits and her glistening pussy. One shot of which actually had cum dribbling from her honey pot.

But here we are one week into her absence and I get bedridden, with more time on my hands than I care to think about. Not even allowed to go to the bathroom unaided for fear of falling over and cracking my swede on the toilet bowl, so standing in the shower was definitely out!

I was allowed to stay at home by the doctor on the proviso that a nurse would come in every so often and someone could stay more permanently on a day to day basis. That’s when mum stepped into the breach again as mothers so often do and offered to live at my apartment in the spare room for the two to three weeks that the doctors had predicted.

My father had left my mother some years before for another woman, who having realised the realities and pitfalls of a long term relationship had promptly dumped him! Mum bless her had refused to take him back, maintaining that he had made his bed and he was “fucking well going to lie in it!” I think were the words she used! I’d never heard her swear before, I was quite proud of her! He was doing ok though, shortly after that he took another job doing offshore. Rig work I think! It was good money and solved his short term accommodation problem!

Mom picked up her career in nursing again, having left three years ago because they moved house to be closer to my dads then work place. I suppose she wanted a break, because she didn’t seem in too big a hurry to find another nursing job in the area, and any way dad was earning good money so why shouldn’t she enjoy life a little? She started going to the gym with Stacy (my sister) at first, and then later on her own and generally working out and looking after herself as opposed to looking after the rest of us. She even started going on the sun beds twice a week. Some of my mates had noticed that she was looking good as well. One of them called Dave even remarked to me “how fit she was!” At first I wasn’t sure how to take it, but after I’d thought it through I was quite proud of my not so old mum! At the time it never occurred to me that she was relatively young. She had me and Stace whilst still in her late teens, much to the consternation of my grand parents. So now we were all grown up and had flown the coop she was going to spend some time to herself. All in all she was starting to feel pretty good about life and looking good too. Then dad dropped the bombshell that he was leaving. That really knocked her for six, and it was left to me to pick up the pieces as best I could. But at the end of the day I was always there for her when she needed a shoulder to cry on, and now this was her way of saying thank-you. That and it was probably the last chance she would get to mother her little boy.

Once over the initial stages I started to regain my strength but was still confined to bed, as my balance still hadn’t returned. The pain in my ears subsided but returned from time to time. But the painkillers soon took care of that, so generally speaking, apart from the fact that I was falling over a lot, I wasn’t feeling too bad. It was getting close to the end of the second week, the sun was shining through the window and I was reading a porn magazine which had two shots of Jane’s cum streaked pussy inside the pages for good measure. Well there’s only so much daytime TV you can watch isn’t there? Closing my eyes I started to stroke my cock and imagine Jane’s mouth working its magic down my rigid length. I was really getting into it pulling at my nipples and about to shoot my load, when I heard mum coming down the corridor towards my room! (Wooden flooring’s great isn’t it?) I’d got just enough time to put the magazine under my bedside table and switch on the TV when mom knocked on the door and immediately entered the room. She was wearing an overly large wedgwood blue shirt which was buttoned up to just below her ample cleavage which looked a bit like an artists smock, and a pair of Lycra (spandex) tri-shorts. She wore the whole ensemble for practicality and comfort. Particularly as she was having to tend to my needs during the day.

“Hey sweetheart how you feeling, still got ear ache?”

“No, I feel fine thanks. The pain killers seem to be doing the trick!” I said as I raised my knee a little to hide my hard on beneath the sheets.

“Are you sure hon’, you look a little flushed?” mom persisted.

“No, no I’m fine honest! When the sun shines through the window like that it gets a little warm in here, that’s all.”

“Oh ok if your sure.” She thought for a moment and then continued, “Listen honey you’re going to hate this but seeing as you mentioned the temperature in here.” She pause, “…….well the fact is that you haven’t had a shower in nearly two weeks, and to be quite honest, you’re starting to whiff a little!” She made fun at the last comment to soften the news, but she was right I was starting to stink!

“It’s not my fault, I just cant get to the shower can I?” I pleaded in my defence.

“I know, I know I wasn’t blaming you, just making an observation!” another pause, “Nick, can I make a suggestion? Why don’t you let me give you a bed bath? It wouldn’t take long and you’d feel fresher for it.”

“What?” I said in astonished,

“Look I am a nurse you know, and I’ve seen it all before I’m your mother!” she said pointing to my waist, my hard on not so hard any more.

“Exactly!” I said “What about the proper nurse?”

“I am a proper nurse you idiot!”

“No I mean the one that’s not my mother!”

“She won’t be in for another couple of days, and quite frankly I don’t think I can stand the odour you’re giving off for much longer!”

I knew she was right. I’d gotten a whiff of myself earlier and it wasn’t pleasant,

“OK,” I relented and sighed resigning myself to the inevitable embarrassment of what was about to happen. “But don’t make a meal of it, please mom. I’m twenty-two years of age!”

She smiled at me and said, “Don’t worry honey, I’ll be a model of professionalism, a credit to the nursing sisterhood!” She said laying on the piety with a trowel, and we both laughed at the situation as she left the room to get the things she’d need. As she left I raised the covers to see my flaccid cock now in its dormant state. That was too close!

After about ten to fifteen minutes the door opened and in walked mom, carrying a bowl of soapy water, some warm towels from the bathroom, wearing her nurses uniform. Blue smock white belt the works. I laughed as she entered the room and placed the bowl on the table beside the bed.

“There was no need to go to all that trouble!” I said as she sat on the edge of the bed.

“No trouble at all for my favourite patient,” She said smiling, “and any way it’s abit more practical. Now ……….. are you going to get your kit off or shall I do it for you?” She motioned towards me with her hands, and I grasped the covers to me.

“It’s ok, I’ll do thanks!” I said defensively.

It’s not like you’ve got a lot to take off is it?” She said knowing full well that

All I had on was a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, which were for her benefit really whilst she stayed with me. I wouldn’t normally wear anything to bed! I took off the shirt throwing it onto a nearby chair, and then reached under the covers for my shorts, whilst still holding the sheet in one hand.

“Can you peel an orange in your pocket with one hand too?” she asked smiling.

“Don’t it’s not funny!” I whined.

“I know, I know sweetheart, I’m sorry.” Her tone softened a little. I actually think she was feeling sorry for me. I discarded the shorts to the chair with the t-shirt.

“OK……………….just lie on you stomach and relax you may even enjoy being pampered! Some people pay good money for treatment like this.” I rolled over and felt the bed covers come off me exposing my buttocks.

“You always did have a cute ass!”

“Aww…………mom!” I said as the warm sponge descended on my body. The warm water felt good on my back and I closed my eyes, actually enjoying the wash down. The sponge left my back momentarily and returned to my buttocks, its warmth and soap replenished. I squirmed inwardly, but very soon relaxed under the expert hands of my mother, my nurse, as she massaged away aches and pains. I felt her part my bum cheeks and I instinctively tensed.

“Relax …………………. I have to wash every where, other wise what’s the point!” I relaxed and felt the sponge wipe between my legs and then back up my arse, pausing briefly at my ring where I thought I felt a little more pressure being applied to my sphincter, which made my stomach flutter a little. The sponge left my body again and returned a third time with warmer soapy solution which this time was applied to my legs and inner thighs. I was starting to forget who was washing me down, and with my eyes closed enjoyed the sensation of being totally pampered, albeit on a sick bed .When she’d finished washing me down from the rear. She playfully patted my ass once and said, “wake up, its time to do your front!”

“I wasn’t asleep!” I replied,

“Hmm ………….. I know, but admit it, your enjoying being pampered aren’t you?” I had to admit that it was, and wasn’t as bothered about mom washing my front as I was ten minutes ago. But I still pulled a warm towel over me to cover my modesty. Mom quickly applied more soapy water and gently started to wash down my body. Starting at my neck and shoulders, she skilfully worked down my torso over my thighs and to my legs, replenishing with warm soapy water as she needed it. It was obvious that she had avoided all contact with my groin area deliberately up until now. She took the corner of the warm towel that was draped over me and started to slide the sponge underneath. I thought about stopping her and doing it myself. But what the hell, I was enjoying being pampered, and she was a professional nurse after all, and that’s who was giving me my bed bath today! The warm sponge moved about my thighs, cleaning away the stale sweat from the last few days. She was firm but gentle in her actions, with practiced hands that had probably done this to many patients over the last few years. She picked up my cock without so much as a by your leave and washed my ball sack gently caressing ………yes, caressing my balls. The warm soapy water trickled down the crack in my arse, all the while working by touch beneath the large bath towel. Then she did some thing that took me by surprise. She gently pulled back my foreskin and rubbed the head of my cock, and beneath the helmet. The action only took seconds, but it was enough. To my horror my cock started to rise of its own accord, creating its own tent beneath the bath towel.

“Hello, you are feeling better aren’t you?” said mom, who had obviously seen this reaction before in patients in her care.

“Oh shit mom, I’m sorry really I’ didn’t mean any …………………..”

“Don’t worry, you’re not the first and I hope you wont be the last! Hell lets be philosophical about this. If I can accidentally turn my own son on, there’s hope for me yet!” She smiled at me, and added, “Not a bad size either! Jane’s a lucky girl.” I was dumfounded. Did my own mother just compliment me on the size of my cock?

“Don’t look so shocked honey. I’m flesh and blood too you know.”

“But you’re my mother.” I said breathlessly, sitting up.

“…..and you are a good-looking young man, whom I am proud to call my son.”

I felt my face flush, my hard on not subsiding.

“Normally patients are left to there own devices in situations like this,” She smiled at me. “Don’t worry honey; I won’t leave you high and dry, I wouldn’t even do that to the dog! Any way I owe you one.” She saw the puzzled look on my face, and I asked what she meant.

“I could tell by the guilty look on your face that I’d interrupted you…………..shall we say, mid stroke?” I felt myself color up.

“Don’t be embarrassed. Hell I’d be worried if you weren’t a healthy young man!” She reached beneath the towel and gently took me in her warm hand. I reached down to stop her still unsure of how to react. I was turned on, but this was my mom! She looked me in the eyes as if reading my mind,

“You were there for me when I needed a shoulder to cry on. That meant more to me than you’ll ever know. Look honey if it makes you feel any better I’m a nurse think of it as physio!”

“But you’re my mom!” I said pointing out the obvious. “It’s not right. It’s not legal!”

“Oh don’t be such a prude, Your sister never made this much fuss when I helped her out” My cock gave an involuntary twitch, “Oh, you like the idea of me playing with your sister’s pussy do you? There’s hope for you yet! Now, just lie back, close your eyes baby. There’s a good boy.”

I relented, and closed my eyes. My mind was reeling. Mom and Stacy? Why not? It’s not as far fetched as mom making me cum! I felt a gentle hand caress my head and run fingers through my hair.


“Yes baby?”

“You and Stace…………….”

“How did it happen?” she anticipated,

“Mm.” I acknowlaged.

“It was at the gym. We were alone in the showers, and she came to my cubical complaining of a pain in her thigh after we’d played squash, and asked me to look at it. I’ve always had wandering hands, and she has such a sexy body your sister, had you noticed?”

“I …………I suppose so!” I admitted, surprised at my own response.

“Anyway, I was massaging her thigh and one thing lead to another. Before we knew what was happening, we’d gone into the sauna and were making love.” She let the sentence hang in the air. She continued to stroke my aching cock. “Are you shocked?”

“No.” I answered now a little breathlessly. “Have you since?” I heard myself say.

“Mmm…………quite a few times!” I felt movement around the bed, but didn’t dare open my eyes for fear of breaking some magical spell that had been cast. I felt the towel being lifted. A feeling of total pleasure engulfed me as my own mothers lips wrapped themselves around my aching member. Her tongue swirling around my flesh.

“Oooooooooh ……………………mom! This can’t be right?”

She slurped off my cock, “I’ll stop if your not happy sweetheart.” She said as she continued to stroke my now slippery member with her hand. “It’s only right if we both want to.” I knew what I wanted now more than anything else.

“Make me cum mom ………………please make me cum!” I whispered. She leaned to my face and slid her tongue in my mouth in a warm wet lingering kiss, and then returned her attentions to my aching cock. My balls felt like bursting, as they were ready to shoot their load for the second time today, only this time I hoped they’d sucseed. I opened my eyes to see mom open the front of her uniform, revealing a burgundy lace matching bra and panties. She unclipped the bra from its clasp at the front, her firm but ample breasts spilled out swaying slightly in rhythm with her body. Her nipples were hard an erect and I longed to suck on one.

She took some body lotion from the pocket of her uniform, and leaned over the bed. She smiled at me her own face a little flushed now, and poured some lotion onto my cock, a lot more than was needed for the job in hand. She leaned across me and trapped my cock between her tits. The feeling was exquisite. She pressed the two mounds of succulent flesh together, forcing my cock between them, as she motioned back wards and forwards. My cock was sliding in and out of her tits. On one occasion she licked the tip of my cock as it came up to meet her lips.

“Are you alright?” She said in a soft voice.

“Oooh yes mom, ………….please…………..that’s so good, aaaaahh!”

I raised my hips to meet her body as she slid down my cock with her ample bosom. The eroticism of the moment and the sight of what my own mother was doing to me was too much for me to bare and could contain myself no longer.

“Oooooooh god! Mom,…………….……………..I’m………………gonna ……………..cum!......... Mom .......ooooohhhh…………………aghhh!”

“If you need to cum, just relax and cum, I’ll take care of it.” She said to me softly. I raised my hips slightly off the bed. I pulled at my nipples, feeling the little electric shocks shoot through me.

“My you are horny baby aren’t you? Let’s see what we can do to help you out.” She shifted position again, “There .” she said as she pressed her tits closer together, increasing the pressure on her cock sandwich. The pleasure this caused was indescribable. I fucked her tits harder, and she licked the head occasionally taking it briefly in her mouth. The taste of the lotion obviously not bothering her. I raised my hips off the bed again, forcing my cock further out of her cleavage just as I came. Wave after wave of hot creamy cum splashed against my mothers breasts and up her chin. She continued to milk my cock spreading my cum all over her chest.

“Poor baby,……………. “ She cooed, “when was the last time you came, you must’ve just emptied a months load of cum on me. Does that feel better?”

She took the towel and wiped my cock dry, and then she gave it a little suck followed by a kiss, as my cock began to return to its flaccid state. Then she turned her attention to herself. My cum was mingling with the lotion, which made her look as though she’d been involved in an orgy, in which several men’s had pleasured themselves on her ample bosm. My seed dripped down her body to her navel. She examined the cocktail of love juice and lotion on her breasts and smiled. “I’ve often wondered what you would do if the right moment presented itself.” She looked at me and smiled again. Move over a bit, I don’t want to drip cum over the floor,………….do you mind if I clean up here?” Before I could answer she was peeling off her bra and uniform. She leaned over the edge of the bed. Looking at me she massaged the lotion and my cum into her tits for a while as if admiring her handy work.

“No point letting all that lotion go to waste.” Rubbing the cum / lotion mixture in one last time. Eventually she took the sponge from the bowl of soapy water and wiped the viscous juice that remained elsewhere lower down her body with the wet sponge that she’d used on me earlier. After she’d cleaned herself up and dried herself she did up her bra, and fastened her uniform up so that her bra was still showing. “Don’t go thinking I give that treatment out to just any patient by the way.” She said as she walked to the door with the bowl of water in her hands, “….just the horny ones!” She winked and left he room, Her heels tapping loudly at the wooden floor, leaving me to ponder what had just occurred. Just then the phone in the hall rang.

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