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by SimonSays1©

You said you wouldn’t humiliate me. You promised you wouldn’t – and yet only two days after I agreed you could take a lover, I am forced to watch as he slams his massive cock into you from behind.

I am sat naked in the armchair in the corner of the bedroom – our bedroom. My hands are tied behind my back. My cock is painfully hard, painfully erect, throbbing in front of me. My cock that until a few days ago satisfied you, that was big enough for you, is no longer enough. Now you want something longer, thicker, harder, younger.

It had only really started an hour ago. You had tied my hands behind my back with one of your silk scarves, and led me the armchair. My ankles were tied to the short legs of the chair with your stockings. All the time you were doing this you had teased me, with your hands, your mouth, your body. Even before my hands were tied, you had kept out of my reach, your gorgeous pert body covered only by a see through mini dress and the tiniest of thongs.

And then the doorbell had rung. He had arrived. You left me and went to him, bringing him into our house. I heard you talking quietly, the sounds interrupted by silences as you kissed, the silences getting longer. Then I heard the rustle of clothing being removed, followed by gasps and groans, and the unmistakeable sounds of fucking. Was he taking you against the wall? Or on the floor? Or in the lounge? I didn’t know. I heard you cry out, urging him to fuck you harder, to make you come. I heard you cry out in that way you do as you come. And then the louder cry of him cumming, his spunk flooding into you.

The stairs creak as you bring your lover upstairs, into our bedroom. You are both naked, the clear signs of sex on your body. You lead with by the cock. You let go, as if to show him to me. His cock is already semi-hard again. Ignoring me you both go to the bed. You suck him, your lips stretched around his huge cock. He licks you and sucks you, before pulling you around onto to all fours.

I watch as he fucks you hard from behind, watch as your pert breasts swing around under you as you kneel on all fours taking his cock deep inside you. Your nipples are clearly erect, excited by your lust. Your back is arched, your bum positioned so that he can penetrate you as deep as possible. I watch as his huge balls slap against you. He deliberately pulls out, and turns slightly, showing me his cock, shiny with your juices.

I can see your gorgeous sweet ass, your tight puckered little hole winking at me, your pussy framed by your legs. Your lips are red and open where he has been fucking you, your juices running out of you. He laughs silently at me as he wanks his cock, stroking the length of his huge tool.

He places the head of his cock in your pussy. He slides it all in, until I can see his balls resting against you again. He pulls out, and pounds back into you. Fucking you. He slides a finger into your ass. You cry out as another orgasm hits you. You glance over your shoulder at me, relishing my humiliation, relishing the surges of pleasure running through you.

He pulls out again, and rolls you over onto your back. You stretch out, your hands above your head, your naked body perfectly on show. You do this because you know I love to see you in this position when we make love. Because you know what it does to me. I look at your breasts, your hard, brown nipples. Your chest is already flushed from sex, from the orgasms you have enjoyed. You move your arms down, and cup your breasts, rubbing your nipples. You deliberately pull your knees up, and open your legs. I can clearly see his cum spread on the inside of your wet thighs, cum that he fucked into you as soon as he arrived, the cum of a man you only met an hour a go.

I watch fascinated as pulls your legs up higher and drives into you again. He fucks you relentlessly, listening to you cry out as his monster cock impales you, his balls slapping against your ass. I watch as at last his buttocks clench as he cums, as he pumps his spunk into your wanton cunt.

You cry out as your own orgasm bursts over you. He collapses on top of you, both of you gasping for air in your excitement. You both look over at me, laughing, his cock still hard, still wet with your juices, his cum dribbling out of you.

You come over to me, and kneel in front of me. My cock is stood out straight from my body, begging for attention. I long for you to touch it, just as I had longed to wank as I watched you fucking. I long for the release of the cum boiling in my aching balls. You reach for my cock, and lean forward to lick the head, smearing my pre-cum around it with your tongue. You slide your hand down my length, pulling my foreskin back, just as I like it. I push my hips forward, urging you to continue.

A moan escapes my lips as your hand slides up and down my shaft. Your movements get faster, as you dip your head to suck me into your wet mouth, wanking me into your mouth. You feel my cum start to rise, my cock throbbing - and you twist my cock painfully at the base, my erection disappearing instantly. I cry out with frustration, with the humiliation.

You push me back in the chair, and then climb up next to me. You balance yourself with your feet each side of me, your pussy level with my mouth. You pull my head towards you, thrusting your cunt forward to meet my mouth. I eagerly try to push my tongue into your pussy, flicking it across your clit, sucking on you. You grind yourself against me, smearing your juices and his cum over my mouth and chin. The pressure of you against me forces his cum into my mouth; I taste it, taste both of you. But I still lick at you; trying to suck on your lips, fuck you with my tongue. But you push me away, increasing my frustration, my humiliation. I hear him laugh as he watches from the bed.

As you climb down, I sense him crossing the room. He stands next to the chair, his cock already standing out erect from his body. You watch as he stands beside me, and pulls me towards him. I hear you gasp as he presses his erection to my mouth, forcing himself inside me. I instinctively suck on him, drawing him deeper into me. I can taste your pussy juice on him. I lick at his huge cock, savouring your taste on him, savouring his taste. He pulls away, laughing again.

You undo the ties on my ankles, and pull me up from the chair. You lead me to the bed, and push me down, face first, my head to one side. My knees are under me, my ass sticking up into the air, my cock and balls hanging down. I can hear you whispering, but can’t catch what you say.

All is still, until rough hands – his hands – grab my ass, pulling the cheeks painfully apart. I cry out, and then gasp as I feel something cold and hard against me. I steal a glance in the mirror at the side of the room. It’s you – wearing a strap on dildo I’ve never seen before. You lean forward, pushing the obscenely thick tool into my virgin ass. He urges you on, and I cry out as you slide deeply inside me. Waves of pain wash over me, followed by pleasure as you begin to fuck my ass. My cock twitches, growing hard as it hangs beneath me.

As you fuck me, he comes to the side of the bed, and pushes his cock back into my mouth. He pushes in deeply. I seem to swallow him, before he pulls out and starts to fuck my wet mouth, his balls bouncing below my chin with each thrust. The pain and pleasure at both ends is intense, my cock so unbelievably hard, crying out for release.

As he fucks my mouth I suck on him, lick him, taste him. With a cry he cums yet again, waves of spunk gushing into my mouth. He pushes his cock in deeper, forcing me to suck on him, to swallow his cum. With a groan muffled by his cock I cum, my spunk pumping out onto the bed as I roll onto my side. You pull out of my ass, and take off the dildo. Laughing you throw it on the bed next to my pool of cum. You take your lover by the cock and lead him out of the room.

My humiliation is surely complete.

You go to the bedroom next door. The noises tell me that you are soon fucking again. I hear the squeak of the bed as you move, your cries of pleasure mixed with his. I see him in my mind taking your cute little body, your pert breasts, your shaven pussy, your tight ass. I imagine you sucking on that enormous cock, of it in your mouth, in your cunt, in your ass. I imagine his fingers inside you, his tongue, his cock.

I can still taste his cum in my mouth, and my ass burns were you fucked me. My cock twitches and hardens again, thinking of what you did to me, of what you are doing together. I groan in frustration, unable to touch or feel myself. You cry out, telling him to cum over you, in you, to fuck you.

At last it stops. I lay on the bed, still naked, still tied up, wondering what humiliation is still to come.

I stir, hearing the two of you whispering, moving downstairs. I hear you giggle, and then the unmistakeable sound of a zip being drawn down, followed by the equally unmistakeable sucking sounds of a wet, exciting blowjob. I imagine you kneeling in front of him, that long hard cock in your mouth, of you sucking on him, of his spunk pouring into your mouth.

The taste of his cum returns to my mouth, reminding me again of what went before. He cries out again as his cum fills your mouth. I can hear you murmuring appreciation at what he has given you, of you licking and sucking him clean.

At last you close the door behind him, and all is quiet.

You return to our bedroom. I look up. Your body is covered in the signs of sex. Your hair is tangled. He has bitten your nipple, leaving a mark. There is dried cum on your legs, on your pussy, on your breasts. You walk past me and go to the bathroom. I hear the bath being filled with water.

At last you return to me, and untie my wrists. You lead me to the bath. We both climb in, and you lean back against me, as I reach around and cup your breasts. We wash each other gently, and then return to the bedroom. Still wet, we make love – tenderly, lovingly. My cock is rigid as I pump into you, savouring the feel of you, the sensations running through my body. I cry out as I cum, the excitement of the last few hours pouring into you. I slump on top of you, exhausted. We kiss. You whisper to me.

“Thank you darling.”

I hold you tighter, loving you, reminding you.

“But I get to chose next time....”

Written by: SimonSays1

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