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The Secretary

by Gabbycat©

Kara had been working for Corbin for a week. He truly had been a little leery of hiring such a young beautiful woman as a secretary. Not that he didn't think she could do the job he needed, but he wasn't sure he wouldn't wind up in the middle of a sexual harassment suit. He watched her today as she bent over in front of him to file some paperwork. Her little skirt ridding up to expose green straps of a garter belt.

"Good God he thought, how am I supposed to concentrate when she does that?" He studied her long legs. The nude thigh highs she wore weren't really nude on her; her legs were white and creamy. The lace at the top of the hose made a wonderful contrast against her creamy white skin. He sat there drifting off into a daydream imagining what the rest of her body looked like without the skirt and shirt. His eyes swallowing in the sight of her little heart shaped ass as she bent over, imagining what that nice large rack looked like beneath that shirt.

"Wonder if her undies all match" He assured himself they did, why wouldn't they? His thoughts went too far his cock enlarged against the seam of his pants so quickly it was almost painful. Obviously the porn he watched every night wasn't enough. He had been without flesh for months. As she stood back up he sighed a breath of relief as she walked out of the room and he could adjust himself to a more comfortable position.

He looked back over the documents in his hand as he was trying to regain concentration. She walked back in again this time leaning over his desk her breasts bouncing off the edge and almost spilling out of the top of her shirt. She laid the documents in front of him he had requested she typed.

"All done boss do you mind if I go a bit early to lunch I've got some errands to run?" He looked into her eyes and his fantasies went beyond belief.

"Go ahead Kara I might take a long lunch myself, it is Friday after all." He bit back the need to tell her how beautiful those eyes were, not blue, not green, yet with this gold flake that made him want to study them for hours just to figure out what to call them. He had seen hazel eyes before but not like these. She smiled sweetly at him he noticed how her mouth was perfectly pouty, like Cupid's bow just waiting to be tasted. "Damn" he cursed his decision again. He never got work done with her around. He needed to see flesh he decided, he also needed lunch, trying to behave himself was giving him hunger pains for more than just food. There was a new strip club close that had been boasting a wonderful grill. Sounded like just what he needed today.

He walked in and a little blonde seated him near the stage. She smiled sweetly as she handed him his menu and took his drink order. He grinned at all the waitresses in the little French maid outfits. Very cleverly designed to show everything yet cover, perfectly sheer. He tipped his waitress a twenty when she came back with his drink sliding his hand over her firm rump and giving it a little squeeze she giggled for him and asked if he was ready to order. He resisted the temptation to ask if she was on the menu, instead he settled for a nice steak rare. She smiled and wiggled her ass for him as she sauntered off. "Yes" he thought "this is exactly where I should have lunch today."

He was intrigued when the announced the next girl as "The Secretary", then his jaw dropped it was Kara. She was in the same outfit she had teased his cock in at work this morning. He watched entranced as she seductively danced on stage while unbuttoning her shirt, flashing her tits then closing it coyishly He had fantasized something like this moments before to have it happening even with dozens of other men watching was driving him out of his mind. He watched her every move, he watched the skirt hit the floor exposing her garter belt and thong. When she swung around the dancers pole and turned upside down he almost lost it. He needed to jack off. He needed some relief. He needed her on his fucking lap. It almost pissed him off that she was working here. Really it pissed him off he hadn't came in sooner. The place had been open for weeks. Her dance ended and she disappeared. His balls ached.

"Fuck" he thought "I have to go back to work with her." He ate his steak, it wasn't what he wanted. He still felt hungry, he was not in a good mood when he returned from lunch. Kara was at her desk, she had changed clothes. She wore a summer dress that was low cut showing off her cleavage beautifully, when she smiled at him his cock pressed hard against his trousers again. He dropped something in front of her and headed into his office. A few seconds later she came in with tears in her eyes and the business card from the restaurant still in her hand.

"Does this mean I'm fired?" she asked sulking. He frowned this wasn't what he had hoped for. He never thought about her thinking it would make him fire her.

"No" he answered. She looked at him in disbelief. "It just means your duties may change a bit." He smiled at her a bit evilly.

She met his gaze and walked around the desk sitting on his lap thrusting her tits in his face. "What do you have in mind boss?"

He almost came. "Suck me, now" he pushed her off his lap grabbing a handful of her long brunette hair he pushed her face towards his cock as he released it with the other hand. She needed no other coaxing he moaned as her warm moist lips slid over the hard head, he thrust upwards shoving his bad boy down her throat. She gagged and he held her there.

"Yeah gag whore get over it" the tone in his voice surprised even him. This situation had sprung forth some emotions he didn't realize were becoming an issue. He kept thrusting upwards even if she gagged he pressed her head down harder. It wasn't long before he came. She swirled her tongue against the base of his cock and he let it loose. "Don't let it drip bitch or I'll punish that sweet little ass of yours." She greedily swallowed his jizz. She then continued to suck and lick even after he was done.

"You were a bad little whore Kara not telling me you were a stripper and teasing my cock for over a week with your slutty little outfits. Do you like to be watched Kara?" she just nodded her head yes. He knew she was hot he could smell her cunt juices as she stood up from her knees.

"Strip for me Kara now." She did as she was told stripping much the same manner as she had in the bar. "All the way whore" she continued down to nothing he licked his lips. She had a nicely trimmed little snatch, her tummy was flat and her tits were big and bouncy. He grabbed her wrists and pulled her to him pushing her over his lap face down.

"I told you, you were a bad little whore now I'm going to punish you, his hand came down on her ass. The cheek bounced and rippled beneath his fingers she moaned and tried to fight against him. This wiggling caused his cock to engorge again. He smiled and pinned her arms behind her, then proceeded to beat her gorgeous little ass end again. He laughed as she moaned and wiggled he beat her harder punishing her for the way she'd teased his cock. He felt her getting wetter by the second; her juices were dripping onto his pants he smiled.

"Bad little whore's cunt is getting my pants wet I think you're ready for another type of punishment. He roughly moved her to his desk her titties pressing against the cold wood and her ass bent over exposing its delights to him. He moved his cock to the entrance of her pussy still holding her hands behind her, he slammed into her, she was so wet now he slid in easily he gave her a few nice thrusts she was tight, he ground her cunt into the corner of his desk her body reacted sucking at his cock. He held his breath, he didn't want to come just yet. Her body sucked harder and she wiggled uncontrollably he kept pumping her letting the corner of the desk toy with her clit while he took her tight little snatch. When she finished her orgasm she started to get up, he slapped her ass and told her to lay back down. She did as she was told. He pulled his cock out of her pussy and pushed it against her little asshole. She started to protest so he started the ass beatings again.

"Don't say a word, I'm taking your ass one way or another." And with that he pushed his harded cock into her tight little hole. He loved anal so hot, so tight. She screamed he pushed harder she'd get used to it. He thrust himself into the base and leaned over her. He took two handfuls of those big titties and he squeezed them and made her wiggle her ass against him. As she got used to his large shaft in her ass he started to pump her still grinding her cunt against the edge of the desk he'd done this enough times he knew she'd come off again. He picked up the pace still torturing her huge titties with his hands.

"God you're beautiful," he whispered in her ear as she came again. She whimpered beneath him begging for more and he gave it. He finished in her ass his come dripping out. He told her she could get dressed. She kissed him as she got off his desk.

"I think I should go home early and shower Corbin," he smiled when she used his name instead of calling him "boss".

"Fine, Kara, just leave me the schedule to your other job."

She laughed as she left the room carrying her clothes out to her office.

Written by: Gabbycat

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