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My Boat Slave

by CaptJess©

Chapter 1: acquisition

I was sitting in the cockpit of my sailboat, drinking coffee and watching the sun rise over the horizon. It was such a beautiful morning and I was planning on setting sail on the high tide. I was thinking about my plans to sail to the Bahamas later that day. High tide would be here in about 3 hours, so I could leave in about 2 hours and catch slack tide in the bay as I headed out on the Gulf of Mexico. Not many of the residents here at the marina were stirring yet. Still a bit early for most of them after the big party last night. We had a big blow out party on the beach with a bonfire, BBQ, and lots of drinking. I didn't stay too late, for I am leaving today on my trip.

"Jess, permission to board", I hear from behind me. I look back and see Jim standing at the railing of my sailboat. He is an older man who also lives on his boat. He owns a 38ft Cabin Cruiser Power Boat. Where, I love sailing, so I own a 43ft Irwin Staysail Ketch Sailboat. One of the big differences is the amount of fuel you have to buy to get the same distance. I use very little fuel in the course of a month, and Jim uses many gallons to go the same distance. Needless to say, Jim very seldom takes his boat out on the Gulf or Oceans. I spend about a week or more each month sailing all over the place.

"Come aboard Jim. Want some coffee? I just made a pot." I respond.

Jim unhooks the railing cable and climbs aboard and steps over to sit across from me in the cockpit. He has a stern look on his face as he sits down. "Sounds good. I can use a cup now." He says. I get up and go down below into the cabin. I take a cup off the rack and fill it. Then hand it out to him. As I climb back up the stairs he is sipping it lightly.

"Jess, I know your leaving today, but I need to ask a favor?" he asks.

"Sure. What do you need? "I respond

"You remember my nephew. He is in a little bit of trouble right now and I need your help to go get him. ", Jim says. Looking at him I see there is worry across his face.

"Alright Jim. What kind of trouble is he in? ", I ask

"He is on a Power Boat returning from Mexico, and it broke down about 20 miles out in the Gulf from here. He needs for someone to go get him and his cargo, and get them to the rendezvous place on time. ", He tell me.

I think, his cargo to a rendezvous point. Something doesn't sit to well with that statement. "You know my boat isn't fast like a Powerboat. Sailboats are slow. But I told you I would help, and I will." I reply to him.

He says, "I wouldn't ask, but one of my engines is tore down right now and I cannot take my boat out. I'll go with you. I am sure my Nephew will compensate you for your time!"

"Alright, get the bow lines and I'll get the stern lines." I tell him. He stands and goes to the front of my boat, and starts untying the dock line. I reach back and undo the stern line then turn back to the cockpit and start the motor. It fires right up. Once it is running smoothly, I shift into gear and the boat slowly starts moving out of my slip into the open area of the marina. Jim comes back and joins me in the cockpit and sips at his coffee, while I steer my boat out of the marina and into the bay. Once we got out to the bay, I told Jim to take over the wheel. He kept it on the heading I had it on. I climbed up on deck to the main mast, where I started undoing to fasteners on the mainsail cover. I removed the cover and dropped it down on the deck. Next I started pulling the main halyard rope raising the mainsail. Once I got it up, I tied it off to the cleat on the mast. I then went back to the cockpit and adjusted the mainsheet, so the sail caught the wind at the right angle and we picked up speed.

Jim. Kill the motor." I said, as I started pulling on the Genoa sheet. As I pulled it, the Genoa unfurled at the bow. Once it was unfurled all the way, I let the sheet slide back out of my hands a little. Once enough of the sail had played out to the right angle, I cleated it off. With the sails now set, we headed out of the bay at a good 6 knots of speed.

Now I turned to Jim and asked, "Were is he now? Do you have his quadrants?" I turned on my chart plotter and waited for it to grab the gps fix.

"I do not have them. All he said was he was tied up to an oil rig about 20 miles off shore. I have an idea of where he is.", He replied.

"The helm is yours. Get us there." I stated. I looked at the chart plotter and navigation instruments. About 30 minutes later we passed the out buoy marker for the bay. Jim kept us on a straight course out into the Gulf of Mexico. I kept an eye on the wind indicator and the tell tells on the sails. We were heeling about 3 degrees off and doing well at 6 knots of speed.

Jim said, "We need to turn about 15 degrees south now. This should put us on course to intercept his location."

I checked the plotter, and wind indicator. "Ease it over, Jim." I replied. I loosened the Genoa sheet a little as he changed the heading. Once I got it set, I then eased the mainsheet. We didn't even slow down. About 2 hours later we came into view of the oil platform. This was one of the abandoned one, and there was his nephew's boat. As we got close and could see them on the deck, I furled the Genoa in and let off the mainsheet. My sailboat slowed to a crawl as we pulled up alongside the powerboat.

Jim called across to the other boat, "Chris. We've come to get you." Jim hung the fender alongside my boat as we pulled in next to the other boat. Jim then tossed the bow line across and I tossed the stern line across. When the boats were secured to each other, then we started with pleasantries.

"Uncle Jim. It's great to see you. Thanks for coming so quickly. This is Travis." he said indicating the other guy. The other guy didn't look to savory of a fellow.

"This is Capt. Jess. Let's get everything transferred and get out of here." Jim said. With the boats secured together now it was easy to step from one to the other. Next thing I know there are young women coming out of the powerboat. They seemed to be Latino girls. We helped them across and I told them to go below. Chris repeated what I said in Spanish. They went below one at a time and Chris went back inside his powerboat. When he reemerged, he was holding the arm of an Asian woman. I went to help her across and Chris moved to stop me and he held her as they crossed to my boat. He took her below and a few minutes later returned back up in the cockpit.

"Travis. I'll send out another boat to tow you back in. just stand tight here." He said.

Travis looked annoyed but replied, "don't take too long."

Jim and Chris untied the lines holding both boats together, and I eased the mainsheets back in. I caught the wind and we started to pull away sharply. Once we had a little distance between us, I had Jim take over the helm and I unfurled the Genoa. We were soon making about 4 knots of speed. I settled back to relax. About 30 minutes later the wind dropped off a little and our speed dropped to 2 knots.

Chris seemed a little on edge and asked, "Can this boat go any faster? I need to get to the rendezvous place by a certain time."

"I told your Uncle this is a sailboat, and it isn't fast", I responded, looking at the wind indicator and chart plotter. . I grabbed the genoa furler rope and furled it back in, then I reached up and pulled on the staysail sheet and unfurled it. I then let out the sheet a little to set it to the right angle on the wind. I then turned around and reached up and started removing the cover on the mizzen sail. Once I got it off, I pulled the mizzen halyard and raised the mizzen sail. I tied it off and let out the mizzen sheet until it was at the correct angle to the wind. Looking back at the speed indicator, we were now up to 7 knots of speed. The boat was heeling up a bit more than before. As it heeled up, the girls down below screamed. Chris moved to the companionway door and called down for them to be quiet, this is normal for a sailboat.

He settled back down in the cockpit with us. Watching the horizon and my sails, we were soon up to 11 knots of speed. We were flying now. I had our heading set for Tampa area. In about 2 hours we were in sight of land and the outer islands near Tampa.

Looking over at Chris I say, "Where are we headed for the rendezvous?"

Chris gets on his cell phone and starts taking on it. I wait patiently until he is finished. He states, "We will be going up the Bay past the main bridge to Wilson creek inlet. Can you get us in there?"

I lean over the pedestal steering station and check the map plotter. At mean tide I can just get my boat in there. Looking at my watch, I figure we will be arriving at slack tide. I reply, "I am sure we can squeeze in there as long as we don't have to go too far up the creek?"

"No. Just past the first bend in the creek. There is a dock on the right side behind a huge white house." He states.

About 2 hours later, with Jims help, we pull up to the dock, and tie off the lines. Just as we get settled in snug to the dock, 3 big savory fellows come walking out to meet us. They are all wearing suits. Chris jumps off the boat and approaches and talks with them. He then comes back with one and says they are ready for the girls now. Jim goes below and brings up the Latino girls, one by one. The girls were then taken to the house by the big man. Chris boarded the boat and I stopped him.

"About my compensation?" I ask.

Jim speaks up, "I kind of promised him he would be well compensated for doing this for me."

Chris looked at me, "what is it you want?"

"I know what it is your doing here, so I will take the Asian girl for compensation!" I responded.

The look on his face was priceless. "That is just too much. I bought her with my own money in Mexico."

"I figured as much. So I want her.", I stated. I had the look of determination on my face. He stared at me for a moment then said, "alright uncle. You did promise him." He left the boat and stalked off up to the house. Jim and I untied the boat and let it drift backwards into the creek and when we emerged from it, I turned on the motor and within 30 minutes we were tying back up to the dock in our marina. I said goodnight to Jim. He thanked me for doing him the favor, and apologized for getting me into his nephew's situation today.

I replied, "Friends help friends. It was a pleasure to help you. Besides I just got an interesting compensation package."

"Yes you did. And it could be a hornet's nest too. Goodbye Jess." He waved as he departed.

I watched him leave and walk down the dock toward his own boat. I thought he could be right. She could be nothing but trouble. I know Chris works for some unsavory people. He said he got the girls in Mexico. Just what is an Asian girl doing in a slave auction in Mexico? This may prove to be very interesting indeed. The tide is out and the current would be flowing into the bay. I would have to wait until tomorrow to start on my sailing vacation. I checked all the dock lines to make sure they were secure and arranged just like I wanted them. I plugged in the electric line and water hose to my boat. Then I checked the deck to make sure everything was ready for sea. I shut down the electronics at the helm station, and made sure the dinghy was secure. I then headed down into the cabin. Now to deal with my compensation package!!

I turned on the lights over the galley and turned into the room where she was laying on the bed. Chris has put her in the guest stateroom on the bed. I turned on the light and looked at her. She turned her head to look at me. Her hands were tied behind her back and she had a gag in her mouth, but still she looked damn sexy all helpless and all. She was skinny in the waist and nice sized tits. Very sexy legs, and a beautiful face. Looking into her eyes, she did not have anger or fear, she just looked frightened a little. I reached down and pulled her up by her arm to a sitting position. I knelt down in front of her and reached up and brushed her hair from her face. She truly is a very beautiful woman. I paused for a moment just looking into her face.

It has been some time since I owned a slave girl. My last slave girl had betrayed me and broken my most sacred rule. I had subsequently sold her to another Master. Until now I had not even considered getting another slave girl, but when I saw her laying there tied and helpless. I could really enjoy having her as my slave. I reached back and untied the gag in her mouth and slowly removed it. She worked her mouth open and closed a few times. Her jaw was a little sore I guess from the gag. The dress she was in was Mexican summer dress. Not very appealing to her figure. I helped her to stand, then pulled out my pocket knife. She winced when the knife blade clicked open. I then cut the straps on the dress and let it fall to the floor around her feet. She was now standing naked before me. I slowly turned her around so I could get a good look at her. She is truly a beautiful woman, and now my slave girl.

I reached down and untied her hands. At which she put in front of her and rubbed her wrists. She did not even try and hide her boobs or pussy from my view. She just stood there rubbing her wrists and looking down. I reached down to her chin and pulled it up, making her look at me. I asked, "Do you speak English?"

"Yes Sir." She stated.

I asked, "What is your name?"

"Miya Yakamoto. Sir!" she responded

"Nice to meet you Miya. I am Master Jess, your new owner. I purchased you from your last Master who brought you from Mexico. Do you understand?" I said in a firm voice.

She said, "Yes Master. I am your slave girl"

I asked, "Are you hungry, Miya?"

"Yes Master."

"Go sit at the table there. I will fix us something to eat." I replied pointing to the dining area. She walked past me over to the table and sat down there. She kept her head bowed as I busied myself in the galley cooking some food for us. I made steamed rice, fried some sausage, fried green beans, and hot tea. I served it to her on the table and presented her with chop sticks. She looked at it, then to me, then back to the food. She just sat there looking at it. I got my food and sat opposite her at the table. I also used chop sticks to make her feel more relaxed while she ate. But she didn't eat, she just sat there looking down at the food.

"Eat up my dear. Your food will get cold if you don't." I replied and dug into my food. I too was hungry and I started eating. She sat there a moment, then dug in and ate ravenously. I watched her eat. When she was finished, I told her to clean the dishes and stack them in the strainer. The dish soap is under the sink and so is the scrubbing pad. Once she finished that task, I told her to come with me. We entered the front V-birth stateroom. I turned and opened a door leading into the bathroom. Looking at her, I pointed into it. She stepped inside. I showed her the shower controls, where the soap, shampoo, washcloths and towels were and left her to it. I backed out and shut the door. As I stepped away, I heard the door open just ever so slightly. I smiled at that. She was checking to see if I had locked her in or not. I left her to shower, and I went to the navigation station. I looked over the chart plotter and tide charts. I made sure everything was ready for our departure tomorrow morning.

I heard the door open a little later and she stepped out. She was drying her hair with a towel and nothing else was on her body. I smiled at her, and she returned a smile to me. I stepped up to her and reached past her for another towel and proceeded to dry the rest of her body. Looking at her body, she is truly a very beautiful woman. When I finished drying her off, I pointed to the bed and said, "This is my bed. When you are a good slave, you will sleep with me in it. When you are a bad slave, I will restrain you and leave you to sleep on the floor. Understand?"

"Yes Master", she replied bowing her head.

"Bad girls also get punished severely too. I expect you to follow my rules and obey all my commands. Understand?"

"Yes Master", she replied.

"Is my slave girl good or bad tonight?" I asked looking at her body and lusting for it.

"I can only hope my Master believes I am good slave girl. I will try to always be a good slave girl for my Master." she responds to me. She is shaking a little. I am not sure if it is from nervousness or fear of what will come next.

"Tonight you have been good so far, so into bed with you."

She climbs into the bed and I soon follow her. I reach over and carefully pull her to me and she snuggles in next to me. WOW I think. Someone has already trained her to be a slave girl. I brush her hair back out of her face and look down into her eyes. She has been watching me. She has the prettiest dark green eyes I have ever seen. Wait a minute, an Asian girl with green eyes. I ask her and she tells me that it is rare but a few are born with green jade eyes and are sought after for marriage for their legendary connection to the gods. It makes sense in a society steeped with tradition, honor, and devotion to the gods. I lean down and kiss her deeply. She responds by kissing me back.

I pull the blanket back to expose her body to me. I am very lucky to have her for my slave girl. I start by playing with her boobs. Once her nipples have stood up firmly for me I start pinching them and rubbing them. It doesn't take long and a moan escapes her lips. I move to the other boob and soon have that nipple trapped between my fingers as I pinch it and rub it. Again she moans. I lean down ad start licking her nipples and sucking them into my mouth. I suck hard on them and she moans a little louder this time and arches her back, pushing her nipples further into my mouth. I reach down with my free hand a slide it across her pussy lips and she spreads her legs a little for me. I continue sucking her nipple, and rubbing her pussy lips up and down and she moans louder this time.

About this time I slide a finger into her pussy. Shoving it deep into her. She spreads her legs even further apart for me, and moans again. She is keeping her head turned away and her hands above her head as I do this. I keep pumping my finger in and out of her pussy, as I slide over and start licking her other boob. Once her nipple is standing up hard I suck it into my mouth and start sucking hard on it. She is starting to pant now and moan more, so I speed up on finger fucking her pussy. It doesn't take long and she slams her legs shut on my hand and starts shaking all over as her orgasms. I hold her to me and she trembles and comes down off her orgasm. When she relaxes enough and release my hand, she clings to me hard. I can hear her sobbing against me, and I hold her for a little while.

When she stops sobbing, I pull her head up so I can see her. She has 2 steaks from her tears going down her cheeks, I carefully wipe them away, and smile at her. She smiles back. Holding her by her hair, I force her down to my cock. When I have her face in front of my cock, she takes hold of it and licks the head. Before long she has her mouth over my cock sucking it in. She uses her tongue on the underside of it. She can suck cock. She starts bobbing her head up and down on my cock sucking hard on it. She uses her other hand to cup and play with my balls. Does this girl have some skills? Someone has taught her a lot. Soon she starts using her hand on my cock, like an extension of her mouth. When she pulls up on my cock, her hand follows her mouth, then she plunges back down. Oh my. She is good. I reach down and pull her ass up and around to me. I place her straddling my face and I reach up with my tongue and slide it along her slit. I head a gasp from her. She continues to suck on my cock and bob up and down. I start sliding my tongue along and into her pussy lips. She is squirming over me now trying to get away, but I put my arm over her waist and hold her in place as I assault her pussy with my tongue. She is getting wet fast on my tongue. Her juices are sweet tasting. And her aroma is intoxicating. She is having a hard time keeping up the blowjob she is giving me, as I lick and probe her pussy with my tongue. She is gasping more and more as I delve deeper into her pussy with my tongue. Before she tries to slam her legs closed on me and she starts shaking uncontrollably as she has her 2nd orgasm. I keep licking and probing her pussy with my tongue and soon she orgasms again even stronger than the last. At this point when she stops shaking, she collapses onto my chest to lay there panting hard.

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