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An Eye-Opening Game

by MuyLargo1©

A group of us had been playing a monthly poker game for about three years now, generally with a $100 buy-in. There are eight of us in the group, but generally only five or six make it to any given game. Even so, that is a good number for poker, and pretty good consistency for a group of guys. We rotate hosting duties, so that no one person has sole responsibility to keep things going. I mean, how hard is it to host a poker game once or twice a year?

It was Saturday evening. As luck would have it, it was my night to host. I ran to the store and bought plenty of cold beer and chips. I returned home, and began setting up for the game.

My wife Lilly and I bought our house about five years ago, just after we were first married. It's a smaller house, but perfect for the two of us. It has a dining room, large living room, kitchen, bathroom, and den on the main level, with the den on the main level somewhat separated from the rest of the house. That's where we would be playing tonight. The large master bedroom and bath, a guest bedroom, and a small bonus room sit upstairs.

Lilly and I have been married for five fantastic years. Lilly is fun, enthusiastic, energetic, athletic, and loves to try new things. She has encouraged me in my work and really helped me excel. It's been an amazing adventure so far, with plenty of time left to continue to experience life together.

Lilly is 29, blonde, and a 5'8 former college volleyball player, Lilly stays in great shape, as she and I enjoy outdoor activities like biking and hiking and also play together on a rec league volleyball team. She has kept her athletic physique, with toned legs and a flat stomach. She is on the lighter side color wise - classic blonde hair, blue eyes, and milky white skin.

When I first met her, aside from being attracted to her body, which was plenty sexy, I was truly taken by the beautiful features of her heart-shaped face. Her soft, almost porcelain skin is contrasted by full lips and a beautiful smile. Her cute nose is slightly on the small side, and slightly pointed. She has beautiful blue oval eyes that sparkle with emotion. I always tell her I can read her emotions through her eyes. Her rounded cheek bones accentuate her lips and nose. And her sexy shoulder-length blonde hair completes the picture. She is the whole package.

As for myself, my name is Randy. I am 33 years old, four years older than Lilly. A hair under 6'0, I have somewhat kept my athletic build by keeping up with Lilly and also playing rec league basketball (having played basketball through D-II college). It certainly wouldn't hurt me to lose five or ten pounds, but Lilly says I'm just perfect.

As I arrived back home I put the beers in the fridge in the kitchen, and grabbed our poker chips and cards from the hall closet. I then went to the den to set up the fancy round poker table Lilly had gotten me for Christmas last year.

As I entered the den, I realized that Lilly was still seated on the brown leather couch on the edge of the room. As was often the case when she wasn't running around, her nose was in a book. She was dressed in jeans and a baggy white t-shirt. It being Saturday, she had put on very little, if any, makeup all day. Of course, she was still gorgeous. Just stating facts. (That's a good save by the husband, isn't it? Ha!)

"Hey babe. Not sure if you remembered, but the guys are coming to play poker tonight. It's our monthly game, and it's my turn to host."

"Oh shoot, I forgot about that. I didn't really make any plans for tonight. Do you mind if I just stay home and veg? I can go up to our room if you need 'guy time.'" Lilly answered.

"No worries. You're welcome to stay right there and read. No one will care, just wanted to give you a heads-up, as I think Nick is here."

Sure enough, Nick was at the door, along with Kevin. I work with both Nick and Kevin at my consulting firm. Nick's about 5'10, dark haired, a little geeky, but in a good way. A great friend. I haven't known Kevin as long as I have Nick, but we have gotten to know each other through work too. Kevin joined our game about six months back, and has proven to be a good fit. He's 6'1, average build, looks Irish (red hair and all). I let both guys in through the front door and led them to the den, where the table was set up. As we walked in, Lilly looked up.

"Hey Kevin. Hey Nick. I hope you don't mind but I'm kind of lame tonight and forgot to make plans. I was going to sit here and read, but if you guys don't want any estrogen around I'm happy to go upstairs."

They laughed. "What do you think we do at these games anyway? It's just scratching and swearing. A little drinking. Your presence isn't going to change that," Nick joked.

We all laughed. "All right, thanks guys." Lilly answered. "Just ignore me. Have fun." She turned back to the book.

While all that was going on, Matt and Mike arrived separately. I met Matt playing basketball, and he is now the best player on my rec league basketball team. Probably mid-30s, Matt is 6'4 and black - a former college basketball player at a small D-1 school. He and I hit it off fast about two years ago in an open gym, and I invited him to join my rec league team and our monthly poker game a couple months after that. He wasn't a regular attender, but always added life to the party when he came.

Mike is an old friend of mine, the oldest of the group, pushing 40. He's similar height to me, but with quite a few more pounds. Black hair with a beard, we call him our lumberjack.

I showed Mike and Matt to the den, where they exchanged similar pleasantries with Lilly. Mike even noted during their back and forth that Lilly would add a bit of class that was often missing when I was involved. He and Lilly laughed uproariously over his joke.

Finally, Eric arrived to complete our group. Eric is the youngest of the bunch, probably only 27. He moved into the house down the street with his wife about three years ago, and joined our poker game within the year. Eric is a little soft-spoken and shy, on the smaller side, maybe only 5'7, with blonde hair. He is quiet, but quite good at cards. I had learned to watch him closely.

I had pre-stocked the table with a beer for each, so we pretty much jumped straight in. With everyone seated, I started the game. "Alright guys, playing five card draw tonight. Double limits on the raises so we don't lose Matt on the first hand." I paused as everyone but Matt laughed. "I'll deal, and we'll get started." We were seated around my circular poker table. I was in the chair facing the couch. Matt was to my right, and Mike next to him. Nick was basically seated across from me, his back to the couch where Lilly sat. Kevin sat next to Nick, and Eric between Kevin and me. The table was quite comfortable for six, we probably could have fit eight or more.

As we began, we started slow and felt each other out. We've played enough together to know that we can't use the same strategy each time or we're toast. Matt won the first hand, and Mike won the second. The game play continued. Eric won a hand, then Mike took another. We played for about an hour that way, with limited conversation. Lilly sat quietly on the couch, reading.

After an hour, there was a break in the action. Mike and Matt were out to a pretty strong early chip lead. Mike started to stand, noting that he was going to grab a drink.

At that, Lilly looked up. "Sit down Mike, I'll grab you a drink. I'm not doing anything else here anyway. Anyone else need anything?" We all responded affirmatively.

"Got it, six beers. I'll be back in a jiffy."

Mike sat down and play continued. Eric won the next hand, and Lilly reentered as Matt dealt. She walked to the table and delivered our drinks, each of us graciously thanking her for the service.

"No need to thank me. I'm really just reading. Actually, I might as well get your drinks whenever you need them. Just let me know when you need another round." She chuckled as she went on, "you can just refer to me as waitress."

"Man, Randy," Mike ribbed me. "You really are classing up the game this week. Adding a cocktail waitress and everything."

Lilly laughed. "Right on Mike! I've been telling Randy he needs to add some class to his life for a while now. I bet that if I weren't here you'd be sitting on the floor and drinking stale beer. That settles it, I'll be your cocktail waitress."

Taking the good natured ribbing in stride, I joked back, "Yeah, you sure are a purty cocktail waitress. Of course I've never seen a cocktail waitress dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, but I guess in a pinch you'll do." I laughed. "I mean, even a Waffle House waitress is usually wearing a little makeup."

Lilly looked at me with a look of mock indignation. "Well, I never..." she said in her most exaggerated exasperated voice, then laughed herself. "I'm more than happy to just get back on the couch and read my book, if that's the response my kind act gets."

"I certainly don't mean to offend. I gratefully accept your kind offer." I responded.

"Yeah, don't listen to this blowhard, Lilly" piped up Mike. "He's just ticked that he's behind. We'd love to have your company, and I'm more than happy to drink your beer."

Lilly smiled. "Well, since at least Mike is being a gentleman, my offer stands. Just let me know when you need a refill and I'll run and grab something more." Lilly then sat back on the couch, but instead of picking up her book, kept up the dialogue with the table, asking about work, rec league basketball, and an assortment of other topics. It was certainly a change from our normal games, which really did generally consist of drinking, swearing, and mocking each other over bad bets and bad beats, but little in the way of conversation.

After about thirty minutes, the conversation died down, and the intensity picked up with a particularly competitive hand. "Yes!" yelled Matt. "My full house beats your flush!" Nick was crestfallen, losing a significant portion of his already meager chip stack.

Lilly stood up, "It looks like you guys' drinks are getting a little low. I'll be back in a few." And with that, she jumped up and scooted out of the room.

Play continued, with Mike and Matt leading the way, and Nick and me bringing up the rear. However, I was able to win a small pot in the next hand, and Nick a slightly larger pot with the following, so that things were again heating up. After a couple more hands, we were all locked into the game, doing our best to read our opponents and bluff our way to the top of the chip count.

Lilly walked in the door. "Is this more suitable cocktail waitress attire, Randy?"

I looked up and did a double take. Lilly was dressed in a short red dress that fit in all the right places. A tight little number that we had picked out together about three months back, but that Lilly had only had the opportunity to wear once before, on a date about three weeks ago. I had basically spent the entire night with a hard-on, as the dress accentuated the flare of her hips, her perky little ass, her taught stomach, and of course, plenty of cleavage from her C cup breasts. It had one inch straps on the shoulder, came down to a plunging V over her breasts, and also left the majority of her back bare, a part of the female anatomy that I find entirely underrated. (Just resting my hand on the bare skin of the small of Lilly's back drives me wild) The hem of the dress fell about five or six inches above her knees, begging the question of whether it might be too short if positioned wrong.

I have to admit, when she wore this baby last time, I didn't exactly display a great amount of stamina when we got home and got to fucking, after the night long excitement that it gave me.

Lilly had also applied a fresh layer of makeup to accentuate her dress and her soft white skin tone. The light layer of dark eye shadow and mascara truly flattered her eyes, and she had added a pop of color on her lips with a bright red lipstick that matched her dress and stood out in contrast to her soft white hew. Her blonde hair was still pulled back in a ponytail, making prominent her soft, round cheek bones.

Lilly walked into the room expertly balancing a tray of beers in her palm. As she walked, I noted that she was wearing some cute black one inch heels, which gave her tight ass a slight rise and accentuated her sexy legs. She smirked at my flabbergasted look.

I couldn't let her get a leg up on me, so I quickly responded: "I guess... I mean, are those even heels? What are they, an inch? It seems to me that a really excellent cocktail waitress would wear something a little more daring."

She scowled, and stopped momentarily. I could see that she was not happy with my response, even though it was clearly in jest.

"Don't listen to him Lilly" piped up Kevin. "You are one hot number. I'm certainly not going to turn away a beer from you."

"Yeah," echoed Nick. "As you can tell, Mr. Crotchety is still losing."

Lilly smiled and proceeded forward. I caught her eye and winked. "You know I'm kidding babe. I think this is great. Maybe I'll be able to catch up a little here with you distracting the other hound dogs like this."

She proceeded around the table, handing out the beers. As she placed the last in front of me, she turned and walked to the couch where she sat down. She adjusted her dress, and crossed her left leg over top of her right. Just about the entirety of her legs were visible. She then put each hand to her side, on the couch, and leaned forward slightly, making her cleavage quite prominent.

"So, who's winning?" She asked.

"Eh," Mike replied. "Hard to say. Looks like Matt and I still have the most chips, but it's still anyone's game."

"Sounds good. Just let me know when you need something else. I'm here to serve, even if my ungrateful hubby doesn't recognize my effort or think my attire is "daring" enough for a top tier cocktail witness." She smiled at me with a wry smile.

"I'm grateful. Just joking, babe. You know me, can't let you show me up."

"Harrumph. I bet all five of these guys treat their wives better, but I'll survive." She laughed.

The game picked up again, and Lilly started up another conversation. The guys kept taking furtive glances at her, as she was quite sexy in that tight red dress, sitting there with her beautiful smooth legs crossed in front of her.

Lilly related a story about a manager at work that she and her friends all hated. As she did, she gestured with her hands and arms, as is her norm. Of course, as she got more animated her breasts bounced and swayed, accentuating her cleavage. The guys cast more and more glances her way.

Eventually she stood, and approached the table. "Are you guys even playing poker? You're just sitting there." She was right, we had all gotten caught watching her and had let the game sit for at least thirty seconds. She crossed her arms (pushing up her breasts and further accentuating her cleavage) and stared down at us. "You better start playing or I'm retiring from waitressing," she threatened.

Nick dealt. We could all smell the faint scent of Lilly's perfume as she watched us, arms crossed. The betting started, and we got back to the game, although there were still constant glances to check out Lilly's cleavage, her beautiful face, and her sexy legs. They were just a little more surreptitious.

I won two of the next four hands, with Matt and Mike each winning one each. Lilly looked on approvingly, a smile back on her face. I could tell she was thinking of something, but she didn't let on what it was. I assume she was happily thinking she was helping me win.

"Hey Lilly, I think I need a refill" said Nick.

"Yeah, I could use one too" Kevin echoed. The rest of us likewise chimed in.

"At your service, I'll be back in a jiffy." She left the room.

"Man Randy," Eric spoke up. "You are one lucky dude. Lilly can waitress our poker game any time."

I certainly didn't disagree. Over the last twenty minutes or so, with the constant attention from the others focused on Lilly, I had made up some ground in our little game.

We continued playing. I lost a hand, then another. It seemed like Lilly had been gone for longer than it should have taken to get six beers, but I only vaguely noticed as I was again engrossed in the game, unhappily hemorrhaging chips.

"Holy shit!" exclaimed Eric next to me, breaking my focus from the cards in front of me. I turned to my left to see what he was looking at. There, standing maybe two feet inside the doorway to the room, stood Lilly, with another tray of beers balanced in the palm of her right hand, her left hand behind her back.

Of course, that's not what drew my attention, nor is it what drew the expletive from normally mild-mannered Eric. What drew our attention was the fact that she was naked. She had let her beautiful blonde hair down, which fell to her shoulders, just above her supple breasts. She has fantastic breasts, still perky and not so large as to sag when freed from the confines of a bra. Those breasts were now prominently displayed for the entire table, with her pink, quarter-sized areola pointed just slightly to the sides, as her breasts normally fell. Her taught stomach and belly button were visible just above her totally shaved mound, which protruded just slightly between her hips, leading to the cleft of her pussy. Her hourglass shape and sexy legs were totally bare.

Her face was flushed, and she stood silent. I could tell she was getting a rush from the mixture of excitement at this exposure and embarrassment at being seen naked by all these men. We had talked before about exhibitionism, but she had never acted on it, at least not like this. Her most exhibitionist moment before had been stepping out on our date in the tight little red dress she had worn earlier, but even in that she was always a little shy, being extra careful when sitting at the bar or getting out of a car. I practically had to beg her to remove her underwear on the car ride home. But now, here she was, totally nude and displaying herself to five of my friends.

No one spoke for at least twenty seconds, as the guys just stared. Finally, I saw something change in her countenance, as she appeared to make up her mind. A look of determination came to her face, and she stepped forward. It was not a smooth step, it was a little awkward in fact, but it was a step nonetheless. It wasn't until this point that I noticed that she was still wearing heels. Of course, she was no longer wearing one inch heels. Instead, she had put on her tallest heels, a red strappy shoe that had at least a three-inch heel, maybe more. I had on numerous times previously made fun of her for even owning these heels, as I had never seen her wear them.

As she walked to the table she noticed that I was looking at her feet with a slightly bemused look. She opened her mouth to speak. When she spoke, her voice had an obvious tremor to it, further evidencing her combined state of excitement and nervousness. "I changed my heels babe. I hope this outfit is daring enough for you. Especially the shoes. I know how much those matter to you. I'd hate to underperform as your cocktail waitress by wearing improper attire."

Obviously, she had rehearsed that line. I laughed. "Lilly, I can find absolutely nothing to complain about in this outfit. It's perhaps my favorite ever."

"Good." She retorted. "I was beginning to think I couldn't do anything to satisfy your high standards. Everyone else at the table good?"

All five guys answered over each other. "Yeah, you know it." "Fine by me." "Good here." All Eric could do is repeat "Holy Shit."

Lilly started to circle the table with the beer. "Well that's good to hear. I'd just hate to ruin your game." The guys laughed quietly, still in shock at what was before them, their eyes following Lilly as she circled the table.

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