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Our Final Night Pt. 02

by _Lexilicious_©

Note: This story contains brief flashbacks, the start and end of which are indicated by a

" ~~~~~~~~~~~~ "

This is part 2 of the story. And picks up exactly where part 1 left off. If you haven't done so already, read pt.1

Her rhythm is poor to start with; perhaps it's the nerves again, perhaps it's the conflicting desire to both punish and make love to me, perhaps it's the fact that the strap on is bigger than my tight ass is used to. Fuck it, it doesn't matter, she will figure it out soon enough. I moan, partly forced to try and offer her encouragement, the rest from the feeling of having my ass stretched. She takes the hand from my back and her rhythm improves; she's probably holding the strap on now, keeping it straight and not letting it bend. With each thrust from her the thick plastic cock pushes a little deeper.

"Mmph!" I moan around the panties in my mouth, as inch by inch my ass swallows the cock, breathing heavily through my nose.

She slaps my ass, hard. "You like it, huh?" she spits. "You like being a slutty anal bitch?" She twists my arms and pulls on them sharply as she rams harder into me, pulling me back onto her cock in the process. She leans over me, grabbing a fistful of my hair, yanking my head back, straining my shoulders. "You like being punished do you? You fucking like being treated like a dog?"

I realise now that it wasn't nerves. It may not have been the tightness of my ass, and certainly wasn't conflicting desires. Her rhythm was just her anger dictating her movements. My shoulders and neck hurt, I want to ask her to stop, but I can't. I try to spit out the makeshift gag, but it isn't possible. My scalp burns as she tugs harder on my hair, my arms feeling like they are being wrenched from their sockets. I want her to let go, but I've no way of telling her. I guess I deserve this, though, so I will let her do what she has to.

Harder, deeper, faster she thrusts, pounding my ass, giving me every inch of her cock. The pain in my shoulders and neck and head worsens, but the pleasure in my ass is overwhelming. My cries are muffled; cries of pain, pleasure, ecstasy, confusion, pleasure, fear, pleasure, hate, love, pleasure... She hears them, but either she only hears the pleasure or she just doesn't give a fuck that she is hurting me, or maybe she even loves the fact she is causing me so much pain. I can't take any more. Not the pain, not the hate or the love or all the other feelings; I can cope with all of that. I can't take any more of her incessant pounding, and the incredible feeling.

I orgasm a second time, shaking uncontrollably, legs buckling, struggling to breathe, feeling faint. I cum, juices running out of me, down my trembling thighs. She lets go of my hair and wrists, shoving two fingers into my gushing cunt, grabbing me around my throat. She chokes me out, I gag, almost throw up, I can't breathe now as she doesn't let up in my ass, ferociously fingering my pussy. I squirm, hammering my hands on my back, trying to scream, fading...

Finally she realises. She releases my throat and pulls the sodden panties from my now parched mouth. I cough and splutter. "FUCKK! I fucking hate you!" I cry, tears streaming, my voice hoarse. She slows a little, strokes my cheek, fingers me more gently.

"Sshh, I know, baby," she says calmly, seemingly trying to comfort me and mock me simultaneously.


"I know, baby," is code. It means "I know you don't mean that" or "I know you're lying but I will just let you do this."

It's a Sunday, late May. Early morning, a little after six o'clock. We haven't slept yet, just been fucking right through the night. We are exhausted, I'm grouchy because we've been trying to sleep for an hour or so, but it's too hot. The windows are open, the covers are off; we are laying there on the bed, naked, exposed. But it's still too fucking hot. Abby wants to cuddle, I just want to sleep. She keeps trying to put her arms around me, I keep tossing and turning.

She kisses my neck. "Just lay still, baby."

I roll over, push her away. "I'm fucking trying, Abby!" I shout at her.

"Babe, please don't shout at me," she says calmly, though I can hear she is upset. I don't care though.

"You just think it's so easy to just be so calm all the time!" It's the heat and exhaustion getting to me, but I can't help it. "All you do is wind me up, then tell me to calm down!" I get off the bed, grab my pillows and throw them at her. "I fucking hate you sometimes, Abby... I fucking hate you!" I fall to the floor, crying.

She gets off the bed and crouches in front of me, her face level with mine. My head is bowed, my eyes shut in a vain attempt to stop the flow of tears. I sob, my hands on the back of my head, body trembling. I think she is crying too, inwardly, remaining strong and calm to my eyes. Because she knows that if I sees her cry, it will break my heart to know that I hurt her again.


She pulls the strap on from my ass and her fingers from my pussy. I hear her moan a little and a soft sucking sound, probably tasting my juices on her hand. She moves back around to my front, I open my mouth and she shoves the cock in mouth once again. I gag as it hits the back of my throat, but suck it, tasting my ass on it, running my tongue over it. I won't lie, as bad as it can taste sometimes, ass to mouth is still one of my kinks. Yes, this is why I have flavoured lube, but I still love sucking on a dildo or a cock after it's been shoved up there.

She fucks my mouth, forcing down my throat, making me lick and suck the strap on clean. Each time I gag or cough or whimper, she slaps me; not with her palm, but her fingers, clawing my face with her nails. It stings but, fuck! pain is such a turn on sometimes. She pulls out, crouches and kisses me, her tongue entering my mouth, as we share the tastes of my two holes. Our tongues entwine, eyes are shut (or mine are at least), moaning, barely breathing, enjoying this brief moment of passion in the midst of the fury.

She has one hand on the back of my head, playing with my hair. I don't know where the other is. "Keep your eyes shut," she whispers, breaking the kiss.

"Yes m-mistress," I nod, a little apprehensively. She stuffs the panties back in my mouth, and then a few seconds later she puts the blindfold on me. I hear her giggle, almost cackle, wickedly and evilly, but it just makes me excited. Well, more excited. Why do I love Bitch Abby so much? I fucking adore my sweet, gentle, so fucking wonderful Abby, but this new side to her is just insanely hot, even if I hate her as well.

"Unngmph!" I grunt as I suddenly feel the buttplug jammed back in my ass. "Mmhhmm," I moan as I feel the strap on enter my pussy. Then she leaves the room... so that's where her other hand was, just removing that. She darts up the stairs, and I am left wondering what she is up to. Strength returns to my legs, but laying bent over the arm of the couch is really hurting my stomach. My neck and shoulders ache and the blindness now makes me a little disorientated. The bitter taste of my ass, mixes with the salty sweetness of my pussy, added to by the remnants of the dry fruitiness of the wine. I'm feeling a little hungry, too. And nauseous. And still so fucking horny.

I try to adjust my feet, get a little more comfortable. The laminate flooring through is wet from my juices and I slip, falling sideways off the sofa, landing on the floor with a thud. I cry out in pain, but the sound is still muffled. My left arm and shoulder are in agony, so is my hip. I hear footsteps coming back down the stairs, approaching the living room. A gasp...

"Oh my god, Lexi," Abby shouts, hurrying to me, avoiding the wet part of the floor. She hovers over me, takes off the handcuffs and the blindfold, removes the panties from my mouth. She sits, picks me up, rests my head in her lap. She strokes my hair. "I'm so sorry, baby. I'm so sorry." She's crying, she can't hide her upset at seeing me hurt like this.

"It-it's okay, hunnie," I whimper softly. I have my eyes shut, but I can smell her wetness. Her scent enters me, consumes me, makes me even wetter. I still have the toys in me. We remain like this for so long. I think it is one of the nicest moments we have ever shared. So loving, so tender. And then she ends it.

The blindfold it back on. She checks I'm okay then cuffs me again, this time with my hands in front of me. She helps me onto the sofa, laying me down on my back. She grabs my hands and makes me take hold of the dildo in my pussy.

"Now, start fucking yourself," she orders me. "Don't stop unless I tell you to."

"Y-yes m-mistress," I respond as I start to fuck my pussy with the plastic cock. She leans down and kisses me softly, playing with my tits, teasing my nipples. She moves her lips to my chin, my neck, my collar, over my chest, onto my right breast, kissing and licking. She takes my nipple in her mouth, giving it a gentle bite, moving her left hand to my mouth and letting me suck on her fingers. I moan as she swirls her tongue over my nipple, biting it a little harder, teasing my left nipple with her fight hand. I moan, I love biting and being bitten, and Abby responds to my moans with harder bites. She her teeth clamp firmly around my nipple, pulling it, stretching my tit until I squeal in pain and enjoyment, then she releases, repeating the cycle.

Four, five, six times she does this, more, biting more firmly and pulling harder each time. Then she stops. "Can you stop fucking yourself please?" she asks. I do. She "Bad doggy!" she yells, slapping my left tit. "I didn't TELL you to stop!" I cry around her fingers, and start fucking myself again. She slaps me again. "I didn't tell you to start again though, stupid bitch!" I'm confused. Am I meant to stop? She didn't tell me to stop, so do I continue? I keep going. She rolls my left nipple between her thumb and finger, giving my right nipple a kiss. "Good doggy. You are learning."

She pulls away from me, I think she is standing now. Her hands and mouth leave my body, and I can't feel the warmth of her breath on me. I feel her hands on my shoulders now, repositioning me. Then her arm... no, her leg, next to me, her calf against my cheek. Oh yes, finally! I giggle, and she giggles too. If there is one thing I love more than getting my pussy licked or my ass fucked, it is eating pussy. I am one of the best; granted, I have had a lot of practice, but I was always good at tit. I just fucking love eating pussy. And Abby knows it, and she loves it when I eat hers.

I smell her again as her left leg rests against my right cheek. I can't see, but I know she is straddling me. I open my mouth, stick out my tongue, waiting for her to lower onto me. My hands keep moving the cock in and out of my cunt as I thirstily await the taste of hers. I grow impatient, she is torturing me. Last time she denied me like this I threw a tantrum and stormed out of the house, semi-naked.


Saturday, mid-August. Me and Abby are bored, just making out in the garden, in our bikinis. We make a bet, to spice things up; we take turns making the other cum, while they have a number of ice cubes on them, then we see who can make the other the hottest and horniest, and make them melt the fastest.

It is so much fun. Abby goes at me first, hard. She makes me cum three times before the ice is all melted. It takes just over twenty minutes. It's a tough time to beat; Abby is a literal ice queen. She controls her orgasms and reactions so well. It's probably why she's never been angry with me. She is just always so calm, she can't get angry. I go for it, doing all the things I know she loves. But she is too good, too calm, too cold. I make her cum, three, four five times. But she stays cool. Thirty minutes go by, and still there remains some ice on her.

So, Abby wins. Her prize? She just wants to tease me. And I have to let her. So we go inside and she sits on the couch. She tells me to get between her legs, so I do. She starts to tease her already soaking pussy. I go to lick her, but she pushes my head back. I frown, she giggles and tells me to stay where I am. She lets me touch myself, but I'm not allowed to lick her, kiss her, finger her. I have to stay there on my knees, watching hungrily as she fingers her cunt, cumming again... I can't bare it.

I beg her, she tells me to wait. I stand, angry. I grab my shorts that were on the coffee table, and my bikini top, and storm out the house. Abby hurriedly throws some clothes on and runs after me. We stand in the street, I'm shouting at her, crying. She's asking me to calm down, apologising. Yes, she is the one apologising, after I do wrong again... I don't deserve her.


I have to stay calm, for once. I mustn't ruin this by getting angry. She is in charge, and this is what I've always wanted. She is finally treating me like I deserve. I take my frustration out on myself, pummelling my pussy with the dildo. She's rubbing herself, fingering herself. I know those moans she is letting out, I've heard them often enough. I know exactly what she is doing from her moans. Something drips onto my cheek, then my nose. My cheek again. It tickles, I want to get rid of it, but I can't. Another drop, this time on my waiting tongue. I know that taste! Her breathing gets heavier, louder... her moans are louder and more intense, faster...

She makes herself orgasm, she cums, her pussy just a few inches away from me. Her juices runs down her thighs to my cheeks, they drip down into my mouth and over my face. She keeps rubbing herself, her cum spraying. Then she drops onto me, her pussy on my mouth, my tongue slipping eagerly between her swollen lips.

I'm not even thinking about the dildo I'm meant to be fucking myself with anymore. Her taste is all I know. She presses down on my face, her wet lips spreading on mine, my tongue reaching inside her. I know her sacred cavern so well, I've been here so many times before. I know just where to go, where to touch. She reaches her hands down, slides them under my head, and pulls me tighter against her.

I suck on her lips, I can feel her quivering. I feast on her, slurping her juices, my tongue pushing deeper. Her clit tickles my nose, my head filling in her scent as I breathe heavily. I moan into her, she moans too, grinding on my face, her legs clamped tight around my head.

I shake too, trembling, unconsciously increasing the speed of my hands, furiously pounding my pussy. I tighten, my ass clenches around the plug, her taste and smell pushing me over the edge. I climax, cumming hard, tensing, crying into Abby. I bite impulsively, on my tongue and her pussy lips. She loves to be bitten; not as much as I do, but she loves it. She squirms on me as I suck harder, her pussy sore from my teeth, my tongue lapping at her.

"FUUUUCCKKK!!" she screams, another orgasm ripping through her, cumming over my tongue, into my mouth. I still don't stop the assault on my own pussy, as I happily drink from hers. She keeps cumming, keeps shaking. "I love you, baby," she moans, trying to get control of herself again. "I love you, I hate you, I LOVE you..."

I can hear the pain in her voice, the confusion. She doesn't know what she wants. Or rather, she does, but she knows she can't have it all. She wants me, but she wants me to be hers and hers alone. She wants me; the tender me, the loving me, the master chef me, the physically-perfect-in-every-way me, the I-will-be-the-best-fuck-of-your-life-that's-a-guarantee me. I think she still wants the angry, volatile, impossibly demanding me. But she doesn't want the I'm-going-to-fuck-and-cheat-and-lie-and-not-really-give-a-fuck-about-it me.

I remember the first time I ever heard her sounding so confused by her feelings.


Me and Abby have been fucking for about six weeks. Not non-stop, obviously, that would be tiring. Every other weekend, and typically once during the week. I love this woman; I'm not in love, but I may just be falling for her.

We're lying in my bed, cuddling, naked. We've just had possibly our best fuck so far. She wraps her arms around me and nuzzles my right breast, kissing it softly.

"I love you, Lexi."

...That is the first time she has said that to me. Well, okay, that isn't true. She's screamed it plenty of times while I eat her cunt. But never before when we are not having sex.

"I love you too..." I reply, not even realising until after I say it. I look down at her beautiful face, she looks up at me with her twinkling eyes, that deep blue mesmerizing me.

"Do you really love me? I don't want you just to be saying that." Genuine concern shows on her face.

"I love you, Abby. I really do love you." I don't think I love her as much as maybe I am letting her think I do, but I don't want her to suddenly tell me she can't see me anymore. I know that's what she will do if she thinks it's all just sex to me. I close my eyes and stroke her hair.

"I'm going to leave her this weekend. I love her too, but I just don't see her." She holds me tighter, and I can feel the damp warmth of her tears. Her voice trembles; she sounds torn, scared, confused. "I've wanted to be with you since our first night, Lexi. I've pushed her away to get close to you."

My heart is racing. Lexi doesn't do relationships... but Abby is so wonderful. And I do love her. But can I be faithful? Don't be silly, Lexi! Of course I can't. But I can lie, I'm good at that. And I love her, and don't want to break her heart. She is leaving her to be with me. I can't push her away. Not now, not when she is in my bed, naked, pressed against me...

Maybe I'll fuck her again now, sleep, fuck her all of tomorrow, then make a decision once she's gone...


I didn't want to break her heart, so I lied. For more than six months I lied, and ended up breaking her heart more than I would have back then. And I'm confused, too. Because I love her now, in the moment, more than I have ever loved her before; she is so raw, so open, so vulnerable. I know I could hurt her more than I could ever imagine right now. But I also hate her, because she isn't the Abby I have known for eight months. She is a lie, she isn't the 'real' Abby.

She slows down her rocking on my face, taking her hands from under my head, opening her legs a little again. My head drops, but I continue to lap her wet cunt, still savouring her taste. She reaches a hand back and grabs my wrists.

"Stop, Lexi... stop now..." she sighs. I stop fucking myself, letting go of the dildo. She takes it in her hand and pulls it from me. She shuffles backwards, over my chest, my stomach, my arms and hands. I hear sucking; she's tasting me again, she can't get enough of me. Then something warm and wet and hard is pressing on my lips. I open wide, and Abby forces the dildo into my mouth, letting me taste my own juices again. She fucks my mouth as I suck it, licking it clean.

"Mmmffmm," I moan around a mouthful of plastic and cum. She leans down, her stomach on my hands, her breasts on mine. She pulls the dildo from my mouth, then kisses me, her tongue wrestling with mine. She strokes my hair, I caress her stomach. We kiss, harder, more passionately, perhaps than ever before. I can feel the emotion in the kiss, taste it...

Time no longer matters. I don't know how long we lay there for, but by the time Abby finally rolls off of me and kneels on the floor beside the couch, my legs are numb.

"I'll be right back, baby," she whispers in my ear, removing the handcuffs from me, and giving my cheek a kiss. "Keep the blindfold on though."

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