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The First Threesome

by Misslostinnocence©

It's time. We've convinced her to come and have some fun with us, and I'm driving to your place to meet up with you both. I've never done anything like this, would have never even considered it if it hadn't been for you.

You said to me once, as I was on my knees for you, sucking your cock, that you wished the men with whom I work could see me. The implication being that you think I'm probably a very good girl in my "real" life. You hit the nail on the head, of course. I can say without any shadow of hesitation that most people who know me would be shocked to the core at my urges and desires and some of the things I've done. But there's still a part of me who IS a good girl, and that part is bleeding through right now and making me almost frantic with nerves.

I turn onto your street and remember the first time I made this turn, several months ago. A memorable day. I don't think I ever told you, but as I got closer to your house that day, I pulled the car over to the curb and just sat for a couple of minutes, breathing hard, trying to buck up my courage. Not that I'm afraid of you...not precisely...not quite. You are sexy, and experienced, confident, sensual, oh so dominant, and frankly...overwhelming. All significant reasons for me to be a little shaky and unsure of myself around you, anyway, even if it weren't for the fact that I am so new to all of this. I'm learning, and God knows I try, but I have no illusions that I come off as polished in any way, shape, or form. But this way, at least you know that any response which you coax from me is the genuine article. I'm not jaded enough to have discovered artifice.

And now we're bringing a woman into the mix. I barely know how to be around you, and now another woman? How do I feel about this? I'm not attracted to women, but I also don't think that it would be difficult to be sexual with one. And although I love the hard, clean lines of a man's form, aesthetically speaking, I think women are beautiful to look at. To touch? Maybe.

I pull up to your place and you gesture me in the side door once again. I'm the first to arrive. I walk in, and feel your eyes speculatively on my tits. As usual, I'm wearing a dress, cut low across the chest so you can see what I'm freely offering. I can feel my nipples go hard under your gaze. You cross your arms and lean against the wall, asking me if I want anything. 'A stiff drink?' I think to myself. But no, I want my mind to be clear for this. 'A stiff cock?' I stifle the somewhat panicked urge to laugh. Judging from the way your pants are already tented away from your crotch, I have one in store for me.

"Yeah, some water would be good." You get some for me. I watch you. I like the way you move. Casual. Assured. As a Dom, you have to be. But I'm still impressed that no trace of nerves is visible even though you're imminently going to fuck me in front of another person. Talk about performance anxiety. But you don't seem to have any.

Before we can exchange too many words, the doorbell rings. You move to answer it, and I follow you, curious to see her arrival. And there she is. Amanda. She's pretty. Older than you or I, experienced in threesomes, self-assured and sexy. She has on a short skirt and a white button down blouse. You greet her and invite her in, and we all say hello and introduce ourselves. As if we're preparing for high tea, or something. As if she hasn't seen my tits, ass, and pussy. As if this is your everyday meet and greet.

Amanda likes trim. That much was very evident from her emails, and she proves it now by stepping past you to hug me, a hug which tightens and turns into a kiss, and I feel her tongue nudging my lips. I'm taken aback, just a little, but I meet your eyes as her tongue takes a more firm stance on entering my mouth, and I see naked lust there. I let myself go and open up, feeling her push past my lips and start to caress my tongue. It feels...a little foreign. But very good. And suddenly I find myself thinking that what they say must be true. No one knows how to eat pussy like another woman. With that thought, my cunt goes liquid.

I open my eyes a little and find you standing next to us. I reach out and touch the front of your pants and am rewarded by a warm, firm bulge, which I start to gently manipulate, caressing you up and down. Your breath sighs out, and you reach out in turn and grab a handful of my tit, roughly, as is your wont, thumbing my nipple through the fabric of my dress and bra. I gasp against Amanda's mouth, and she responds by taking her lips off mine and kissing and licking her way down the side of my face and onto my neck. You look like you want to touch Amanda, too, but she hasn't given the go ahead to you quite yet, so I do it for you...taking my hand off your hard cock and moving it slowly up Amanda's side onto her left breast as she tongues me. I cup it and then squeeze gently. She stops nibbling my neck long enough to look at me, raising her eyebrows and laughing. "Do you like it?" I smile and nod, squeezing a little more firmly before circling my open palm against her nipple. The fabric of her blouse and bra is thin, flimsy, and I can clearly feel the heat and firmness under my hand as I rub.

We both turn to look at you, wanting to see the effect that some mild girl on girl action is having on you. You have a wicked grin on your face as you say, "You girls are making me fucking hard. Let's go downstairs."

You lead the way, Amanda and I trailing behind. It's a familiar scene, blankets and pillows strewn on the floor, a toy or two and some lube on the side table. You gesture Amanda over to the couch, the consummate gentleman when you want to be. She takes a seat, and you sit next to her. For a moment, I feel at loose ends, but then you give me a look, a commanding look, and I remember what you told me on a previous night. You have very clear expectations as to what I'm supposed to do while you make Amanda feel comfortable.

Obediently, I approach you and kneel at your feet. "Sir, can I suck your cock?" I think you had instructed me to call you 'Master', but that just feels too clumsy and unnatural. You give me a sharp look, and I hope you're not upset. You nod at me, tersely, and I undo your belt buckle, then unbutton your pants and open your zipper. Your cock is bulging the fabric of your boxers, and I part the opening at the front, setting it loose. I spit on my hand and start to rub it into your dick, getting you wet before leaning forward and licking you up and down, from the base to the tip of your cock, on every portion that I can reach.

Meanwhile, you're chatting with Amanda, asking her how she is, if she's comfortable, what she hopes to get out of the evening. You are very collected, just like the time I sucked your dick while you were on a business call. No one hearing your voice would ever suspect that you were being orally serviced. Amanda seems very amused at the proceedings, and answers all of your questions with a glint in her eye, watching my every move. The only allusion she makes to the fact that I'm performing some eager fellatio is one point when she stops and says, "She sucks a good dick." You allow that I'm not bad. The conversation progresses.

You lean back and flex your hips forward a little, so I can ease your boxers and pants to the floor, allowing me full access to that beautiful hard dick. I lean in to continue sucking, but you grab my chin hard, focusing your full attention on me for a moment to snap, "Why are your tits still in your dress?" I blush crimson because I know better. I reach in for one, then the other, pulling them out and resting them on top of the underwire of my bra, propping them up so my nipples are pointing straight ahead. "That's better," you say, and then ask Amanda if she wants to help you. You tweak the nipple on my left tit, rolling it between your fingers and pulling while Amanda reaches forward and massages my right tit. The difference between your touches, yours rough and demanding, hers soft and caressing...I don't know which is more intense. I moan softly. And then you both lean forward and take a nipple each into your mouths, sucking and tonguing. Jesus...oh Jesus Christ...the sensation is almost too much for me. My head lolls back and I moan.

The moment is over far too soon, as you go back to your conversation almost as if nothing happened. Amanda meets my eye and smiles as I try to gain some control of my breathing again. "Sir," I gasp, "May I lick your balls now?" You nod yes, and I do. Engulfing your scrotum in my mouth and sucking gently, licking and lifting your balls with my tongue, toying with them until I judge that you want me to get back to your dick. I spit again, and a slick spot of saliva lands on the head of your cock. I ease my lips over you and start to suck, not too intensely, just enough to feel really fucking good as my head bobs up and down, trying to take as much as I can down my throat. I try not to gag, but there's just too much of you to handle and I retch, strings of spit stretching from my mouth to your cock as I sit back for a moment and try to get control.

You slap me casually across the face, and I see Amanda's eyes widen. But she can't mistake the look on my face for anything other than what it is. My pupils are dilated and I'm panting with need. She knows I like the way you handle me, and she relaxes again.

"I know you want to eat out my ass like a dirty little slut," you tell me, "but you'll just have to wait. We'll get to that later. Amanda, it's up to you, now. You tell me...what do you want to see? What do you want me to do to her?" The question is directed to Amanda, but you keep eye contact with me. My tits are heaving, and I just wait on my knees for whatever comes next. You stick two fingers in my mouth and allow me to suck them before fish-hooking my cheek and whispering, "You be a good slut, now, and do everything that Amanda tells you to."

"Oh, that's easy. I want to see this girl get a good, hard fucking. But maybe I better see if she's ready. Turn around for me and get on your hands and knees." I do, and I feel Amanda come up behind me. I bite back a gasp as her hand smacks against my ass before she reaches for the hem of my skirt and starts to raise it. I can feel myself start to blush again, hot shame mixed with desire that I'm being exposed this way. Without any warning, I feel her finger plunge into my waiting pussy. She flexes the finger with a come hither motion, rubbing up against my G-spot before cruelly taking it away. I look back over my shoulder and see her offer the finger for you to look at. It's creamy and slick with my wetness, and she locks eyes with you as she slowly raises the finger to her mouth and sucks.... "Mmmm...she's sweet. And so fucking tight and juicy. I want you to fuck her for me."

She sits back on the couch and gives us directions, telling me to turn so my left side is to her, so she has a good view of both our faces and all the action. As I shortly come to realize, this position has the added bonus that we can both see her as well. My pussy aches and throbs while we get into the position that she wants us to be in. Fuck...I need your hard cock so bad. And you know it. You can't help but see the moisture beading on my pussy, or the way it contracts whenever I think about the imminent fucking I'm going to get.

Finally, you're in position behind me and I feel your hand on my ass. With a quick motion, you spank me, hard, first one ass cheek, then the other and before I have time to recover, your throbbing hard dick is stretching open my wet pussy and I'm crying out with the suddenness of it.

You take me, slowly at first, giving me a moment to get used to your hardness inside me, but then faster, harder, deeper, making me gasp and moan. You're leaning across my back, hands on my shoulders for leverage, and my big tits are swinging with every hard thrust, body rocking forward. I try to brace myself, to lean back into you, but your cock is relentless. My tight, wet pussy is stretched completely open, slick walls clenching down on you. "Peter..." I groan, "Oh fuck, Peter...Jesus, slow down a little..." But Amanda interrupts and commands, "No! That's how I want it. Keep abusing that tight little pussy until you make her squirt. Or me."

I look over at Amanda, and realize it's no wonder your throbbing dick is using me so hard while you watch her. Her blouse is open, tits out, and her skirt is pushed up above her thighs. She has black silky panties which are around her calves, and her legs are spread wide, giving us a good view of her pink, throbbing and wet. She has one hand on a tit, pinching and pulling the hard nipple, and one hand between her legs. She's dipping into her swollen pussy with two fingers, fucking herself in front of us, slowly and deeply, watching us screw. As I watch, she takes her fingers out and spreads the wetness around her clit, rubbing it in and moaning.

She pauses her play for a moment to give us more instruction. "On second thought, let's give that pussy a break for a moment. Rachel, your ass is just begging to be fucked, isn't it? Tell us how much you want it. Go ahead. Convince us that Peter should fuck your tight asshole, and maybe I'll let him."

I have a moment of panic. No one and nothing has been in my ass since the last time you fucked it. I haven't been training it like I should. And that initial penetration...oh fuck, it hurts. I don't know if I want this. But I feel your cock slip out of my pussy and there's an almost physical pain. I need you. And if I want you, I'm going to take it up the ass like a good girl.

"I want it. I want your cock in my ass," I say, tentatively.

Nothing is happening, and I see Amanda shaking her head sadly. Not good enough. I start to stammer. "Please? I...I want it, bad. I want to feel your dick in my tight asshole. Please give it to me. Please! I need it! Penetrate my tight fucking asshole with your thick cock!" By the end I'm practically begging, and I don't have to wait long for a response.

I feel something cold and wet slither down my asshole and onto my pussy. You pull my head back by the hair and tell me what a good slut I am as your dick nudges against my sphincter. You start to push, and much as I try to control it, I just end up clenching down. I feel a moment of searing pain as you, impatient with my inability to control my muscles, surge inside with your full length all in one thrust. I suck in a mouthful of air and slam a fist against the floor...holy fuck...But the moment is gone. It still hurts, a bit, but not badly. And it starts to feel better as I get used to it. You take your time, unable to fuck my ass hard like you'd like to. Slow, deep thrusts.

And all the while, Amanda watches. And toys with her pussy. Fingers getting faster, breathing getting heavier. Both our sets of eyes are on her as she punishes her pussy, getting closer and closer. No more rubbing her clit, two fingers, now three, fucking into her wet hole over and over and over... You start matching the rhythm of your thrusts to Amanda's probing fingers, and soon I can feel you getting close, your cock swelling and getting impossibly harder as you're on the verge of spraying your hot load so deep into my ass. Amanda fucking fucking my asshole...fingers frantic...your cock frenzied...all of us moaning so hard and fast...and then I bring it to a close! With all my control, I tighten my muscles down on your aching cock and I feel you give a convulsive few more thrusts before going completely still and emptying your throbbing dick into me. Spurt after spurt of hot cum. Amanda can't take it anymore and she explodes, pussy convulsing and squirting, body shuddering wildly as she climaxes. In a shaky voice, she commands me to clean you off.

I turn around and gently take your sensitive dick in my mouth, being very careful, sucking softly, enjoying the taste of the cum still oozing from you, cleaning off your still-hard cock. I want you to cum again and you know it. You watch my face as I attend to you, and then you turn to Amanda.

"You think my slut sucks a good dick? Maybe you should join her and see what else she can do..."

Amanda smiles and slithers off the couch. "I was just waiting for an invitation." She joins me on her knees in front of you and pulls my face away from your cock for a moment. Cum dribbling from my lips, she kisses me deep, sharing the taste of you. After several long seconds of thoroughly plundering my mouth, she releases me and we both turn our attention to you. Her mouth closes around your balls while I continue to suck you like a pacifier, gently and slowly, alternating between licking and kissing up and down your shaft. Amanda joins me on your cock, and we both lick in unison, tongues occasionally meeting and tangling. When I hear you start to breath deeper and faster, I think you're ready for a bit more.

I leave Amanda on your cock, sucking away, while I get behind you and spread your ass. I spit on your asshole, getting it well lubed in my saliva, and then get my face nice and deep. Burrowing in between your ass cheeks, sucking and licking for all I'm worth. Pleasuring your asshole, burying my tongue deep inside you. Amanda and I just enjoy your pleasure, attending to you while you stand there and watch two girls on their knees for you. You reach down occasionally to handle Amanda's tits or mine. You have an incredible amount of control over when you cum. Otherwise I don't know how you could tolerate this.

This goes on for quite some time...10, 15 minutes, and I think you might be ready to explode again. I wonder if you'll allow yourself to cum like this, or...but I don't have time to complete that thought.

Amanda sits back on her heels, jerking your wet cock with her hand while she muses. "I came so hard watching you. And you came so hard in Rachel's ass. But poor Rachel...she's been such a good little slut today. She hasn't cum. Do you want to fuck me while I make her, Peter?" You agree. And Amanda tells me to get on my back.

I'm so painfully turned on that I don't really care that it's a woman who's going to go down on me. I may not be into women sexually, but one tongue is much like another when it comes to eating out my pussy...any way it happens, it's going to feel fucking great.

I sink onto my back, legs spread, and watch you get into position behind Amanda. She's on her elbows and knees, and as soon as you enter her, she is jolted forward against my waiting pussy. As soon as her tongue touches me, I start to moan and writhe. Tongue up against my sensitive clit, sucking it between her lips, rolling it around and making wet circles around it. Tongue fucking my pussy as deep as she can go. Slow, agonizing laps over my whole pussy and exposed asshole. Oh fuck...oh won't take me long like this. Holy fucking God, it feels so good. My eyes are closed and I'm lost in my own little world. Until I happen to open them just a slit and see you.

You're fucking Amanda steadily, hands on her hips, and watching her eat me out. I can't see clearly, of course, what's going on. Just the motions of your hips and Amanda's body. But imagining how good your cock feels inside Amanda...and feeling how good Amanda's mouth feels on my cunt...My pussy starts to gush fluid as Amanda licks it up. I watch you watch my pussy getting eaten, and you glance up for a moment and lock eyes with me. That's it. It's all over for me. The orgasm rolls through me and I can't...stop...cumming. Body writhing, pussy spasming, my hands clenched and digging into the blankets on either side of me. My head strains backward and I scream...!

When I gain some control of myself, although I'm still shaking in the grip of the aftermath, I look up in time to watch you pull out of Amanda and shoot cum all over her ass.

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