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Seducing the Shrink Ch. 06

by edenfairbanks©

Bad Girl

Session 4

Ava traced her bottom lip with her fingers. She could still taste Madison on them. She lost herself in the memory of the wet heat of Maddie's sweet pussy dancing on her tongue.

She bit her lip hard and sucked the last juices off, closing her eyes and savouring the taste. When she opened them again, she found Dr. Prescott watching her from the doorway of her office. She looked different today; she had paired a cream, off-the-shoulder sweater with her standard slate grey trousers.

The Doctor waited in the doorway as Ava stood and tugged the legs of her black short shorts into place. She collected her belongings and followed the Doctor into her office.

Their last session had been awkward and uncomfortable. She had stopped talking about Cynthia altogether after the Doctor had threatened to cut her off. This was despite the fact that they had broken up the night that the Doctor had seen them at the party. When the party ended, Cynthia had broken it off. She told Ava that she was afraid of the person she was becoming, and Ava didn't have the strength or will to argue. So that was it; it was over, and she couldn't even talk about it.

In truth, Ava hadn't known what to talk about during their last session, what was safe. She ended up talking about her mother and the pressure that she had felt to conform when she was growing up. There was truth in her words, but they still felt artificial and strained. By the end of the session, she had felt more hollow and empty than she ever had before, as if she had twisted herself into something that she wasn't in order to be accepted by the Doctor and to be permitted to keep seeing her.

Sex and sensuality had always been her craft, something that made her feel safe and powerful. There was nothing more satisfying than bringing a woman to a toe-curling, mind-blowing orgasm. Sex was a language that she intuitively understood and could easily converse in, one that allowed her access to worlds where she would never have been permitted entry otherwise.

The Doctor broke through Ava's inner dialogue, "Good afternoon Ava, how are you?"

"Fine." Ava paused, "Good actually. I spent the last three days with Madison, and it's been pretty amazing." There was a sharpness in her tone, like she was challenging the Doctor to shut down the conversation.

Dr. Prescott sat back in her chair, flinching briefly in discomfort. She nodded to signal to Ava that she was ready to continue.

"I feel like I'm discovering a new part of myself with her, like she is opening something up inside me."

"Let's explore that." The Doctor said, briefing looking down to write something in the notepad that sat in her lap.

"What effect has this relationship had on you?"

Ava slipped her low-heeled shoes off and pushed her legs backward, tucking her feet beside her on the chair.

"I've played with domination before. The classic vanilla kind of power play. But Maddie, she's different. She wants to dive into it in a way that I have never explored before. It's like giving me all the power in the bedroom gives her permission to completely surrender herself to the sensation like I've never experienced."

Ava traced her lips with her fingers and paused, not bothering to look up at the Doctor. She knew that she had her undivided attention the moment that she'd mentioned Maddie's name, and she knew that she would have it until she walked out of the room.

She let her finger rest between her slightly parted lips as she pictured the night before.

"It's been a journey. I've seen her at least five times since the first time I met her. But last night was different; it was taking things to a higher level. I feel like I walked into a brand new world, one that I didn't know existed. I'm not sure if I'm drawn to it or terrified of it. Regardless, I never would've expected that Madison would be the one who handed me the key."

Ava looked up at the Doctor's face. Her brown hair was tucked behind her ears, and her expression was curious, pensive, almost timid, but she was clearly interested.

"It's always been just the two of us. Well, there have been times where she has wanted me to touch her in public, or taste her in public. But even when others were watching, they weren't really a part of what was going on. They were an audience but never part of the actual show.

Something happened to change all of that. Earlier this week, I spent the night at her place. It's a very modern condo right near the park. It's not like me to spend the night, but we were up all night having sex, and I was too exhausted to pry myself out of bed until the morning. Anyway, we woke up, and I reached over to trace her perfect nipples with my fingers.

I love to watch them spring to attention.

Anyway...She grabbed my hand and stopped me, which is not at all like her.

She asked me to leave. She was gentle about it, but I was a bit taken aback. I've never stuck around long enough to be asked to leave. I got up and got dressed and was about to leave when a key turned in the door. Someone else was there. I wasn't sure what I should do. So I looked to Madison, who was still in bed propped up on her elbow, facing the door. She looked full of anticipation and excitement.

The door swung open, and an older woman entered the room. She was an East Indian woman in her late forties. Her dark black hair and thick eyebrows had sprinkles of grey in them. Her brown eyes studied me with an unnerving intensity.

"Who is this?" She asked, ignoring me and looking directly at Madison.

"She was just leaving," Maddie said with a smirk that screamed challenge and defiance.

"Have you been a bad girl?" The East Indian woman asked, in a wispy voice. But there was also a hint of judgement braided together with her obvious desire.

Maddie smiled and nodded as she came onto her knees. The movement caused the blanket to slide off her and expose her breasts. Even from across the room, I could see that her nipples were rock hard, and despite the severity in the woman's voice, Maddie didn't seem scared or uncomfortable at all.

"Get where you belong, right now!" the woman ordered, her voice harsh and demanding.

Maddie smiled, then looked down. She crawled off the bed and onto the floor and when she reached the woman, she stopped, but she stayed on all fours at her feet.

"You're a bad little slut, aren't you?" the woman asked in that same soft breathy whisper.

"You know what's going to happen now? Don't you?" she said, as she reached down and palmed Maddie's ass.

Maddie kept her head lowered, looking to the floor.

"Yes, Mistress." She whimpered.

The woman looked at me, but continued to direct her comments to Maddie. "Tell her who I am, and tell her who you are."

Maddie moaned. It was low and primal; it was a sound that I'd never managed to pull from her, and I thought that I'd had her every way imaginable.

"You are my Mistress. I am your slut." Maddie said, strangely there was pride and excitement in her voice.

The woman gently padded Maddie on the ass and looked directly at me.

"You can call me Ms. Ambani. Or perhaps we should be on a first name basis given that you've been fucking my girlfriend."

I didn't know what to say, or do, for that matter. I felt totally out of control and scared but in a way that was strangely erotic. There was something about Ms. Ambani, something primal and dangerous, and I knew that I wasn't ready to leave yet.

I didn't know what it was that I wanted from her. What I did know, though, is that Maddie's act in the bar the night I'd met her, wasn't about me. She was looking for a toy, something to play with and someone to bring into her fantasy world. Basically, I was just fresh meat."

Ava paused. Dr. Prescott was breathing much too quickly and shallowly to hide it. She remained silent but was clearly searching for something to say.

Ava had to admit she took a bit of pleasure at stopping her stories right before the good part and watching the Doctor struggle to string together a response through the haze of desire. Although, if she was honest with herself, she didn't know why she enjoyed it. Maybe she just needed to feel that the Doctor was affected by her words. Somehow it meant that she wasn't quite so alone.

"How did it make you feel to know that you were being used, that you were a 'toy' as you describe it?" Dr. Prescott asked. She was straining to keep her professional demeanour, but her voice cracked twice in that one sentence.

Ava studied the Doctor. She was still leaning back in her chair with her legs crossed. Her sweater had slipped further off her shoulder, and one of her collar bones was exposed. Her skin was creamy white but sparkled with light freckles across her chest. Ava momentarily pictured herself tracing them with her tongue, and her mouth watered with a thirst that threatened to overcome her. She blinked away the image.

She sat back, genuinely trying to come up with a real thought on the subject.

"I guess I was conflicted. On the one hand, I was so turned on that every cell in my body was humming with desire. On the other hand, I resented being a toy. It's not the first time someone has used me. Let's be honest, this is who I am. It's who I've always been. The difference is that Maddie is more honest about what she wants than most people."

The Doctor leaned to one side and studied Ava, her eyes filled with compassion and a softness that made Ava feel unsettled.

"Do you really believe that, that this is all anyone wants from you?" the Doctor asked softly.

Ava rolled her eyes, "Can I finish my story now? I was just getting to the good part."

"Okay, but let's look deeper at what just came up for you. It doesn't have to be right now, but I think it's important to explore this."

Ava nodded impatiently as Dr. Prescott made a note in the writing pad on her lap.

"So, where was I? Right, Ms. Ambani had just introduced herself. So, there was Maddie on the floor on all fours and Ms. Ambani hovering above her and watching me.

'Was she good, my Madison? Did she make you cum?' Ms. Ambani said never taking her eyes off of Madison.

I stuttered but told her that she had.

Ms. Ambani's eyes filled with pride. "Get on the bed right now!" she commanded firmly.

Maddie stood up and walked towards the bed. She climbed in and laid on her back with her legs slightly parted, just enough to give us a glimpse of her soft, pink pussy."

Ava's eyes sparkled with laughter as the Doctor inadvertently licked her lips and settled back in her chair.

"Ms. Ambani curled one finger, calling me over. I moved towards her cautiously.

'She's mine, you know, and if you're going to play with her, you better learn how to do it right!' Her expression was hard, but there was a trace of humour and play in her voice. It was like she wasn't going to break character, but she knew that we were all playing a game. She knew that Maddie was the one who was really in control; we were just characters scripted to get her off.

As I reached Ms. Ambani, she hooked her finger in one of my belt loops and pulled me towards her. Hard. I lunged forward until I was inches away from her. She reached her other hand up and stroked my face.

'Don't be scared. Nothing is going to happen here that you don't want to happen,' she said in an uncharacteristically gentle whisper.

Then she kissed me, hard. Bruisingly. But just when I was starting to disappear into the kiss, she pulled away and shook her finger at me.

'Bad girl. Go sit over there on the edge of the bed.'

I did as ordered. I climbed onto the bed beside Maddie. She didn't pull the covers up or try to hide; I could see every curve of her body. Her nipples and clit had hardened in anticipation of what was to come.

I watched Ms. Ambani move to the opposite side of the bed. I think I forgot to breathe because I remember feeling lightheaded.

Ms. Ambani leaned down and kissed Maddie, but it was different than the way that she had kissed me. It wasn't hesitant, and it wasn't hard. It was a promise of the pleasure to come.

I watched their lips twist together and felt strangely awkward. Well, I suppose it wasn't strange that I felt awkward, but there was something strange about the kind of awkwardness I felt. I felt like a virgin again, like I wanted to be part of what was happening but I had no idea what my role was or how to do it.

So I watch as they kissed and kept my hands at my sides, although it was almost painful to keep still.

The kiss broke and Ms. Ambani pushed two fingers into Maddie's mouth getting them nice and wet. Then she pulled them out and immediately slid them between Maddie's legs, thrusting them inside her.

Maddie's eyes flung wide open, and she let out a high pitched moan.

'Dirty little slut, you're nice and wet aren't you?' Ms. Ambani questioned in a thick, barely audible whisper.

She pulled her fingers out of Maddie's pussy and thrust them back into her mouth.

'I bet you want to cum, don't you? But you've been a bad girl, and if you want to cum, you are going to have to earn it.'

'Yes Mistress,' Maddie muttered, but the sound was muted because Ms. Ambani's fingers were still resting on her tongue.

Then, she looked at me, 'What's your name?'

I laughed awkwardly, then told her.

She cleared her throat, 'Well Ava, you should know that Maddie here has been a bad girl. You see, she's not supposed to cum until I tell her to.'

I smiled a bit. Maddie came easier than any woman I have ever been with. Basically, you breathe on her, and she gets off. It must have been difficult for her to hold herself back.

Ms. Ambani took one of Maddie's pretty pink nipples between her teeth and sucked hard until Maddie's back arched up in pleasure.

Oh god how I love that. Clearly, though, Ms. Ambani doesn't share my appreciation. She stopped what she was doing right when the first moan slipped from Maddie's lips.

'Your turn. I like to watch, don't I Maddie?'

'Um hum,' Maddie mumbled, as I took her hard nipple into my mouth and twisted my tongue around it.

I can't even tell you Doc, it took every bit of will power I had not to dive my tongue into her and finish her right there."

The Doctor coughed hard, looked down into her lap, and started jotting down a note. Ava laughed so hard she almost fell out of her chair.

Dr. Prescott started to laugh; her face was beat red, and she couldn't hold back. From the first session, Ava had picked up that taking notes was her way of creating distance, and as a result it wasn't a tool that she could use anymore. Or, at the very least, she was going to have to find another way to use it.

Ava raised her eyebrow mockingly at the Doctor and continued,

"So I wrapped my tongue around Maddie's nipple, and she started to moan pretty hard as I grazed it with my teeth.

Then, all of a sudden, I felt a swift swat on my ass. I flung myself backwards away from Maddie and realized that Ms Ambani had spanked me, hard, and she looked like she'd really enjoyed it.

"Bad girl. I told you she has to earn the right to cum."

I smiled; I couldn't help myself. Then I asked the million dollar question, 'How is she supposed to earn it?'

'By being a good girl. She can cum when I'm ready. Don't worry, I won't make her wait too long.'

With that, Ms. Ambani pinched the nipple I had been sucking between her fingers and slid her other hand down Maddie's body. And again, she reached between her legs and thrust two fingers inside of her, pumping a few times until Maddie whimpered and closed her eyes.

"She has a beautiful cunt. Have you tasted it?" Ms Ambani asked.

I nodded yes, scared to say the words out loud.

Maddie smiled, reached out, and touched my arm. She didn't want to break the spell, but the touch was a gentle reassurance.

Ms. Ambani smiled, 'Should I let you cum in that pretty little mouth of hers, Slut?'

Maddie gave multiple exaggerated nods, 'Please, Mistress. May I?'

'Are you going to be a bad girl again?'

Maddie smiled, 'Yes, Mistress, but next time you can watch.'

Ms. Ambani pinched Maddie's nipple hard between her fingers and leaned down to kiss her on the lips. When she released it, she soothed it by gently sucking it into her mouth and blanketing it with kisses.

'Ava?' she asked, but it was more of an order than a question. She gestured to Maddie's body; her legs were opening and her knees were bending, inviting me to lay between them.

I leaned in and kissed Ms Ambani. This time the kiss was gentle, soft, and kind of an exploration. Then, I climbed between Maddie's legs and took a moment to just admire that beautiful pussy of hers. It was soft and pink and very wet. It was begging to be fucked, hard.

I leaned down and slid my tongue between her wet pussy lips, savouring the taste of her in my mouth. I started moving upward to her hard clit, and I felt Ms. Ambani move behind me. She grabbed my ass and ran her hand between my legs. I was wearing these shorts, so she didn't have full access, but the material is thin, and I could feel her fingers through them. I pushed myself back into her as I trailed my way up to Maddie's hard clit.

'Is she a good cunt licker, Slut?' Ms Ambani asked in a raspy voice.

I sucked hard at her clit and felt her shiver into my mouth. She started to moan and her breath became heavy. Ms. Ambani pressed hard against my clit and used her palm to create waves of pleasure.

I sucked harder at Maddie.

'She likes it when you fuck her with your tongue.'

I obeyed and thrust my tongue into Maddie's wet pussy. She started to scream. The moans filled the room, and my pussy started to pulse into Ms. Ambani's outstretched palm.

I drank the orgasm from Maddie's hot pussy, and Ms Ambani leaned in and whispered into my ear, 'Poor girl, you deserve to be fucked too, don't you? I bet you would taste amazing, but you're going to have to earn it.'"

Ava sighed and buried her face into her hands. The frustration was curling through her entire body, and she needed so badly to get fucked.

Dr. Prescott couldn't speak. She knew that she had to say something, but the words just wouldn't come. She couldn't breathe. She just watched, involuntarily resting her gaze between Ava's legs. She couldn't help but think about what she looked like, what she tasted like, and how good it would feel to have her satin skin dance on her tongue or fingers.

"Same time, next week?" Ava enquired, standing to leave.

Written by: edenfairbanks

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