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A Cup of Joe

by Magickalgirl©

Today was my first day! I had found a part-time job at a local car insurance agency. I was just answering phones and basically people moving, but it was perfect while I took classes at the community college to get my AA. I was only 19 and wanted to look more mature so I decided to wear boots and a smart, knee-length sweater dress since the weather was cold and windy. After I put on the finishing touches and misted myself with my favorite perfume, I headed out.

When I arrived, the front door was unlocked, but the office was dark. I saw some ambient light in the main staff room, where the desks and cubicles were arranged. It looked like it was coming from around the corner. I walked through the large dark room, towards the light and when I got closer I saw an open door around the corner where the light came from.

I pushed the door open and found an older man sitting at the table, drinking coffee and reading a newspaper. I gasped and he jerked his arm up while the coffee was in his hand, spilling a good amount into his lap and on the table in front of him. I gasped again and apologized while I rushed to the sink to wet a few paper towels. I got to the startled stranger and without thinking, started wiping his upper leg with the towels. I immediately realized the awkward situation I had put both of us in and handed him the towels and backed away.

The man just smirked as he wiped his lap and the table clean. He threw the towels with a hole-in-one into the wastebasket and said good morning. I laughed and said good morning back and introduced myself, telling him my name is Jenny, and that it was my first day.

He was a handsome man, much older than me, but still his gray eyes and silver hair were very attractive along with his wide, strong jaw.

The gentleman was looking me up and down as I was talking and I found myself stammering a bit. He stood up and I looked up at him and bit my bottom lip waiting for his response. He just stared at me for a few seconds, smiled and introduced himself as Joe, the owner and operator of the company. He was happy to see me so eager and ready to go and offered me a cup of 'joe.' Soon after the other employees came in and one by one I met everyone and was sitting at my desk by 8:45, ready for the day.

As the day progressed I had noticed a real cutie pie, probably about my age, maybe a bit older, twenty two tops. He was in and out of the office all day and each time we would both stare a bit longer than the last. In fact, this entire routine, coffee in the morning with Joe and then stealing glances and trading stares with the office runner, whom I was developing a bit of a crush on became the high points of my day.

Finally, late Thursday, I asked a friendly coworker who he was? She was older, and married with children, but when she cocked her head at me and smiled in response to my question, I knew she had an opinion to the 'kid' I was referring too. She said he was fairly new, been with them for only a few months, but seems to have his act together. She also mentioned how easy on the eyes he was, and that if she were 20 years younger... Blah blah blah. His name was Sean and he was Joe's nephew.

Friday morning came around I I wore another tight fitting dress and my boots. There were snow flurries and I was looking forward to my coffee with Joe. When I arrived at the office and got to the break room, Joe wasn't there, Sean was. He was stocking the supplies and jumped when I walked in already removing my coat and purse.

I said hello, recognizing him instantly. He smiled and introduced himself, I told him my name and smiled. He said he already knew my name was Jenny, that he had already asked about me. He got closer to me and said that he thought I was real pretty and loved when I wore my boots. He said he was new in town and would really like to take me out after work, that he was sick of eating dinner alone. I smiled and told him that I would love to go to dinner with him. He just stared at me for a minute and the next thing I know, we were kissing. Slow, soft, tender kisses at first... That quickly turned into long, passionate kisses that I kept breaking off in fear of losing myself.

Sean was hard and strong against me and soon I was backed up against the break room wall and he was firmly and roughly kneading my tits as he kissed me. As he started to push his lower body into me, I pushed out my one leg and he made use of that by turning my body slightly and crushing his very hard cock into my hip. Ok then. Can't do anything about that, we are at work and our manager is probably lurking out in the office somewhere.

I started to back off and Sean became more insistent. He lifted my dress and clasped his hand on my mound and then began gently grinding his palm into my clit. I could feel the wet heat in my panties, and I knew Sean could too! I protested saying that Joe could come in at any moment and we had to stop. He stopped and ran to the door, closing and locking it. When he walked back to me, I was already smoothing my dress back down, but Sean was having none of that. He was begging and pleading,

"...please Jenny, don't make me work with my cock hard like this all day. I've wanted you all week. I've been fantasizing about this moment since I first saw you on Monday."

Sean lifted my dress and this time pulled my panties aside and easily found my engorged clit. He slid his fingertips to the entrance of my hole and back to my clit several times until his fingers and my clit were very wet. Sean then proceeded to rub my clit in small circular motions.

I could do nothing at this point, I was frozen, the pleasure overwhelming, his fingers gently teasing my clit over and over again until I fell against the wall, my legs feeling to weak to stand. He found exactly the right pressure and rhythm and I began sweating and panting, I hadn't been touched this way before and it was electrifying.

Sean pulled my dress up over my head, and threw it on the table. He grabbed my bra and pulled the straps up over my head. I wanted to cover my breasts until I looked up at Sean, he just stared at my tits for a minute before firmly grabbing one in each of his hands.

I giggled nervously and he thrust himself onto me. He just sucked and kneaded my tits for about five minutes, while he ground his cock into me. I realized that if I rubbed myself up and down on his hard length, that it felt really good. He became more demanding and began using his teeth a bit as he sucked my nipples into hard little nubs.

It felt so good having my clit teased while my tits were being sucked. Sean was enjoying nibbling the hard little nubs while he moaned and ground himself into me even harder. I was moving my hips to the rhythm of his teasing, my hands and arms reaching under his shirt, lightly scratching his back and then reaching up to grab his hair, pulling it gently.

Sean moaned deep and low, grabbing my ass with both hands and grinding me into his escaping hard on. He did this for a few minutes and started playing with my tits again when I saw the tip of his cock peeking out from his waistband.

Seeing his cock was just enough to suddenly get me really close to something, it was urgent and rough and I couldn't get him close enough to me. I rubbed and humped against him until I came hard right into my panties. I was so shocked that I just stood there, leaning my back against the wall, panting and embarrassed.

Sean smiled and said that now it was his turn. I didn't realize what he meant until he unzipped his jeans and let them drop to his ankles, then he sat down displaying his long, thick dick in all its glory. Wow! It was at least 8 inches, my breath caught and my mouth watered as I gazed at it.

Ok, he wanted me to suck his cock. I hadn't really ever done that at any length, but I wanted this session to end and was getting increasingly nervous about where ol' Joe was and what he was up to. So, I bent over and started sucking his hard, long cock.

Sean took my hair and gently pulled on it as he guided my mouth up and down on his dick. The little bit of pain he raised from pulling my hair just seemed to intensify everything and I was getting turned on all over again. Sean was saying my name and whispering to me.

"Suck it, oh yeah. Jenny, suck my big cock. Your mouth feels so good, lick my balls. Oh yeah."

I could tell he was getting close, and I was getting so turned on and close all over again. I loved hearing the sounds Sean made and I started squeezing my walls tight and bouncing my ass a bit as I sucked, feeling myself getting hot and close all over again. I reached down to touch my clit as I sloppily sucked Sean's cock one handed, when all of a sudden, I hear keys jingling. The break room door opens and Joe bursts into the room.

"What the hell is going on here, don't move, either one of you!"

I stood up a bit, trying to cover my ample tits, while Sean was grabbing for his pants. Joe glared at us and yelled, "I said, don't move." He started yelling about how this was his business and his job and did we want to lose our jobs. While he was yelling he was staring at me and started roughly grabbing himself a bit through his pants. I could make out a very large bulge in Joe's pants.

Then Joe looked at Sean and threatened to tell Sean's mother what an incompetent worker he was, what a waste he was unless we both listened and followed his instructions. He looked at me and asked if I thought my parents would like to know what I was doing during my first week at the job? I was tearing up by now and Sean was defiantly staring at his uncle and boss. Joe grabbed a chair and carried it over to the other side of the room, sitting down after facing it towards us.

After a minute he spoke, "I'll tell you what I want you both to do... This is it kiddos, continue doing what you were doing and just let me watch. Can you manage that? No one has to know and this doesn't have to go any further."

I looked at Sean and he grabbed my hand and pulled me down. Joe urged me on, "That's it, Jenny, bend over and suck his dick." Sean took my head in his hands once again and was gently guiding me up and down on his cock. I was in shock and really just had my mouth open, not interacting in any other way... I was freaking out. I looked up at Sean and he closed his eyes and pulled my hair a bit.

Joe was commenting in growls, "Suck it, Jenny, I wanna hear you slurping his cock. God you look beautiful from here. Your ass is perfect!"

I started to feel a bit turned on and it excited me to think of Joe watching me from behind and getting hard while he watched. I started to realize what his perspective was as I continued to suck his nephew's cock. Joe could see my ass and pussy hole as I was bent over his nephew with my head bobbing up and down, my tits were still exposed. I began to get turned on thinking of Joe behind me watching me bent over his nephew and started moaning and swaying my hips a bit as I felt myself getting hot and wet all over again.

Then all of a sudden I felt a hard sting on my ass! Joe had smacked my ass with his large, open hand. He proceeded to rub it a bit where he smacked me and then did it again. He kept grunting and growling my name.

"Rrrr Jenny, rrr."

I stopped and started to pick my head up a bit, but Joe was having none of that. He smacked my bare ass hard three times and angrily growled "Get back down and suck that cock, you're not done until my nephew cums down your throat." Then he arrogantly proceeded to pull aside my panties and sink two of his fingers into my pussy a couple inches.

"You are so wet, your dripping, Jenny."

He moved his fingers in and out of me as I sucked Sean's cock. "You like that don't you?"

I stopped sucking Sean's cock and just got still and I didn't know how I felt about the intrusion of Joes fingers moving inside of me. It felt so good, like I was getting fucked and I started to feel an urgent need building inside me. Joe pushed down hard on my back with the heel of his palm and demanded I continue to pleasure his nephew. My eyes filled with tears as Sean's cock hit the back of my throat but I began to once again suck Sean's rock hard cock.

Joe continued to finger my rhythmically and also teased my clit with his other hand. Before I realized what I was doing I had started to back into his fingers to the rhythm. He said he loved how wet and tight I was and kneeled down and spread my legs roughly as he lifted up on my hips. Joe then roughly licked my hole and clit prompting me to moan and pant while I continued to enthusiastically suck Sean's cock.

Joe's tongue moved in and out of me quickly and I began moving, my pussy searching for more. He stuck his fingers into me once more, but just held them still as he sucked on my clit. Then sensation of the pulling on my clit while his fingers were inside me just enough to tease me so close to cumming I became crazed, bobbing up and down on Joes fingers slurping and drooling all over Sean's cock as I did.

Joe stood up, panting, and began to finger me pushing his fingers in a bit deeper.

"You are so wet and tight, I want to fuck your tight pussy Jenny."

I responded by groaning and shaking my head no, but it was no use, I was now on the verge of orgasm. I was just about to cum all over Joes fingers when he pulled his fingers out of my pussy and pushed up against me from behind. Wrapping his arms around me he grabbed my tits in both hands.

His large rough hands felt so good kneading my titties and I moaned as he pinched and rolled my hard nipples between his fingertips. I was pushing back and rubbing on Joe's hardness as he pinched and kneaded my tits. Joe released my tits and stepped away and I heard the sound of his belt buckle loosening up. I could feel Sean tense up, but when I looked up his eyes were still closed as I continued sucking on his large, still rock hard cock.

After a few seconds I felt Joes dick pushing at me, prodding at my hole. He was hot and hard and relentless and I could feel how wet I was as he easily sunk his cock into me a few inches. I tightened up my walls squeezing Joe's cock and he groaned and just left his cock there for a minute, not moving. I stopped moving too, shocked by Joe's brazen entry and after a minute I continued to suck Sean's cock.

As I moved my mouth up and down Sean's long, stiff cock, I found myself unwittingly moving up and down on Joe's unmoving, thick hard cock. After a while it began to feel so good, just feeling the head of Joes cock tapping into my hot, wet hole over and over again. I wanted more, I wanted his cock inside me.

I began to push back into Joe more and more until he was fully inside me. He stood still as I squeezed his cock with my pussy and began to thrust onto his cock faster and faster, now taking his entire length with each thrust. After a few minutes, it seemed Joe couldn't take it anymore as he groaned and began to push into me hard and fast.

Joe rubbed my clit with one hand as he pumped his cock into my tight, wet pussy. Sean was beginning to get into it more and he grabbed my head and began pushing his cock into my mouth with the same rhythm that his uncle was fucking me to. Joe was gasping and growling and telling me what a tight pussy I had and then he smacked my ass, growled, and then smacked my ass again.

It felt so good, and hearing Joe growling and panting and feeling his excitement as he grabbed and smacked my ass was getting to me, I got close to cumming and began to moan out loud and push back on Joes hard cock harder and faster.

Joe then grabbed my ass with his open hand and just started kneading it and smacking it over and over again while he rammed my pussy, it was electrifying.

Feeling Joe's thick cock fill me up and Sean's rock hard cock in my mouth... The sting of Joes hand just made everything feel so intense. I came, I came so hard, and when I came I gripped Joes cock with my pussy and he screamed and started to bang up against my ass as he fucked me.

Sean moaned and grabbed my head and held it as he came in my mouth. I swallowed Sean's load, surprisingly, and then I licked him clean. After Sean was clean I tried to stand a bit, but was still bent over, but Joe wasn't done with me yet.

Joe grabbed my hips and fucked me so hard and fast I could feel my tits jerking up and down as Sean watched. Joe screamed and grabbed my titties as he thrust in and out me spilling his load inside, grunting as he did. He then pulled his dick out and wiped his cock off on my ass, walked over to the sink with his pants still around his ankles and washed his dick off.

He dried himself off with some paper towels, threw them away with a hole-in-one, pulled up his pants and left as he was buckling his belt. As he was leaving he turned to us and reminded us that office policy stated no one within the company should be dating but that he would like to see me in his office after work today, and to expect another cup of Joe.

Written by: Magickalgirl

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