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New Need for Black Cock

by BadLilGirl420©

After my weekend of being used so well by K and his brothers and their friends, I couldn't wait for my new friends to call me again. I had given my number to all the black men that had fucked me over that long, blissful weekend and told all of them to call me anytime they wanted to fuck me again. I was laying in the bathtub about a week later, drinking some wine and relaxing. My body took almost a week to recover from all those big black cocks fucking my every hole. As I lay in the bathtub I started thinking about how well those men used my young, white body, and the fact that men and women all over the world would see me fucking and sucking a bunch of black strangers and even another woman.

My nipples started to get hard as I lay in the warm, bubbly water thinking of all those strangers fucking me. I loved the feeling of three black cocks inside my white body at once. I let one soft hand trail down my wet skin to my breasts and starting pinching and pulling on my hard pink nipples one at a time. My other hand slid down my stomach to my freshly shaved cunt. I traced the vee of my thighs, and then lightly stroked my wet fingers down my slit. My fingers parted the slick folds of my pussy, I teased myself just dragging my fingernails on my pussylips. I moaned and played more with my tits as I got hotter, wishing that Klem, his brothers and their friends were there. It had only been a week but I missed their sweet black cocks fucking me.

I moved my hand from my tits to reach next to the bathtub for my favorite "friend". A nice, thick chocolate brown jelly waterproof vibrator. The ridges and veins on it reminded me of Klem's thick cock and I loved to fuck myself with it when I thought of him. All week I had fucked my pink pussy deep and hard with that fake black cock, all the time wishing it was a real one. I turned the toy on low and ran it all around my big breasts and hard nipples, loving the soft jelly head vibrating on my nipples. I moaned and slowly ran the toy under the bubbles, I used the hand that was playing with my aching cunt to turn the toy on a little faster before I slipped it under the water. I spread my thighs and placed the head of the fake black cock between the wet lips of my pussy, biting my lip because I wanted to fuck myself so badly but I needed to tease myself. I knew when Klem and his boys got a hold of me again they'd make me beg for their cocks, so I had to get used to it.

I slid the thick black jelly cock up and down the lips of my cunt, only slipping an inch in every once in awhile. Just when I couldn't take anymore and was about to slip the long black toy deep into my tight wet pussy the phone rang. I moaned in frustration but reached for the phone, still teasing my slit with my toy. "Hello" I said sexily into the phone, I couldn't help hoping it was a man. I needed more cock.

"Hey there darlin. How you feelin?" Klem's deep voice rumbled through the phone.

"Hmm, Better now that you're calling." I said softly in my throaty voice. "I was just thinking about you and your friends...I'm laying here in the bathtub, relaxing. " I told him trailing off when I slipped the head of my fake jelly cock into my wet cunt.

"That's good. We've been thinking about you too. Taking a bath huh? I like the thought of you laying there naked and wet. That tight pink pussy of yours wet?" Klem asked me roughly.

"Of course. I couldn't help but start to play with myself when I started thinking about all of those black cocks. Hmmm, in fact I never stopped playing with I'm glad you finally called me." I moaned softly as I slipped my vibrating dildo deep into my cunt.

"Me too baby. I need to get some more of that pussy of yours. You want some more black cock? Want to be my little white whore? You must since you're still playing with that tight young cunt." Klem laughed at me.

"Oh god, I'll do anything you want....just please come fuck me!" I moaned into the phone as I fucked my tight pussy with the fake black cock.

"You fucking yourself?" he asked me harshly.

"Yes. Wishing you and your brothers were fucking me." I moaned and fucked myself harder with the toy.

"You at your place? Where I dropped you off?" he asked me quickly, demanding.

"Hmmm, yes. Why?" I asked him softly, so close to cumming as I talked to him. Imagining his big black cock as I fucked myself.

"Cause I'm nearby. You got an extra key outside?" He laughed at me when I gasped at his words.

I moaned long and loud, my pussy creaming in an explosive orgasm at his words, "" I panted out as he laughed and hung up the phone.

I lay back in the tub, letting the fake black cock buzz away in my cunt and closing my eyes so that Klems' entrance would be a complete surprise. I couldn't wait to fuck just him, and then for him to share me again.

I slipped the toy out of my clenching pussy and turned it off, laying it next to the bathtub. I started playing with my breasts with one hand, pinching and pulling on my hard nipples and letting my other hand slide down my wet skin to my wetter cunt and fingered my clit. I was moaning loudly and slipping my clit between my fingers, pinching my nipple about to cum when I heard Klems voice.

"That's a sight I like to see, my slut wet and still playing with her little pussy, waiting for my cock." his deep voice vibrated out and I moaned even louder and opened my eyes. I sat up and smiled, still playing with my pussy.

"Hmmm, and there's a sight I love to see. A strong black man with a big pussy pleasin cock, just for me." I laughed and moaned as he unzipped his slacks to let his black monster free of his restraints.

"Oh is this what you want? This big, black cock?" Klem teased me, holding his cock out and shaking it at me. "If you want it then beg for it bitch. Beg to suck my cock. Beg for my cum like the slut I know you are. And then maybe I'll fuck you and then give you to some of my boys...or sell your white ass." He laughed at my loud moan and walked closer to the bathtub I was in.

"I want your cock. Please, sir, let me suck your cock. I'm a naughty girl and I need cock, please let me please you. I want your big, black cock fucking my mouth. I want to taste your cum again Klem, please let your slut suck on that dick. Please....I want to make you cum all over me. Treat me like your whore, let me suck that beautiful cock of yours and fuck me however you want and then sell me to your friends" I begged him, looking up at him from under my lashes and still playing with my pussy.

"Damn girl...." Klem moaned looking at me. He walked to the edge of the tub so that I could just sit up higher, kneeling in the bathtub to reach his long, thick, black cock. I put my hands up and pulled his slacks down a little bit so I could see his whole cock and his big, heavy black balls. I started slowly jacking off his shaft while I licked his balls. I squeezed his cock in my wet slippery hand as I slid it up and down his thick black shaft, loving the way my small white hand looked wrapped around his huge black cock. "Come on now...mmmm....suck it now sweetie. Get that sweet little mouth around my dick baby." Klem grunted out.

I pulled his shaft down a little bit and started sucking on his cock while playing with his heavy balls, rolling and squeezing them in my fingertips. I sucked the spongy, purple head of his black cock into my mouth and sucked hard, twirling my tongue around it. His thick cock was leaking yummy pre-cum into my receptive mouth as I sucked and teased the head of his cock. I lightly scratched at his tight balls while slowly sucking him deeper into my mouth.

"Hmmm, that's right boo. Suck my cock....such a good little cocksucker aren't you?" he moaned as I slowly deep-throated his cock, sucking hard as he slid into my throat. Klem reached down and began playing with my wet, hard nipples. Pinching and twisting the light pink buds in his thick black fingers, making me moan loud on his cock. He moaned and began thrusting his thick cock in and out of my wet, sucking mouth.

"Goddamn! Fuck...suck that black cock...that's a good girl...hmmm" Klem kept moaning and grunting as he fucked my mouth with his thick, black cock. I relaxed my throat completely, letting Klem fuck my mouth with his entire hard cock. I couldn't help moaning around his pulsing flesh as he stroked his cock in and out of my sucking mouth slowly. "You like that don't you baby? My baby girl likes the taste of this black cock, doesn't she?" He teased me as he started pulling his cock out of my mouth and then slowly sliding it back in my throat.

I moaned around his big cock and sucked hard, I wanted to taste his cum. "No, no, no doll. I want to fuck you before I cum." Klem teased me and pulled his tasty black cock from my sucking mouth. He stood in front of me and stopped playing with my tits, now he just stood there holding his cock in one hand. "You love this cock baby?" he asked me roughly, slapping his big black wet cock across my lips and cheeks. "You my black cock slut?" he asked me resting his thick cock on my lips.

"Yes Klem, God yes. I love your big black cock, I'm your cockslut. Please let me eat your cum, I need to taste it sir...then I can suck your dick hard again and you can fuck me. Hmm...please klem, pretty please?" I begged him softly, looking up at him from under my lashes, looking so innocent other than the black cock resting on my white skin. When I spoke I let the tip of my pink tongue slip out and lightly lick his cock.

"I love the way you look so sweet, but you're such a fucking whore. Get out of the tub now. I want to fuck that tight pussy of yours." Klem ordered me. He reached down and grabbed me by the arms, pulling me up and out of the tub and my wet, naked body flush against his. As soon as my legs cleared the bathtub Klem picked me up in his arms and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He walked closer to the wall until my back was up against the cold surface and then he leaned back from me and took his big black cock in his hand.

"You want this? You want this black cock to tear up that lil pink pussy you got?" He teased me softly, rubbing the head of his cock against my slippery pussy lips. I moaned low in my throat and tried to thrust my hips down to get his cock into me, but he laughed and wouldn't let me get what I wanted. "No, no, no little girl. You want me to fuck you? Then tell me. Tell me what you want." Klem told me softly, his rough voice vibrating inside me looking deep into my eyes.

"I want you inside me. I want you to fuck me. Please Klem...." I moaned softly at him, my body trembling with need.

"You're gonna have to do better than that if you want this cock baby." He teased me, letting just the head of his thick black cock slip into my tight, wet cunt.

"I want your cock. I want you to fuck me hard with that big black cock Klem, please just fuck me! I need your dick slamming into my pussy. I need that black dick!" I screamed, begging him to fuck me. I was so wet my juices were running down his cock.

"That's good baby. Now you can have what you want." Klem smiled at me and slowly started to push his thick cock into me. I moaned and moved my hips down as he moved his cock up to get more of it inside my aching cunt. "Oh so you really want it don't you? You just need to be fucked. Alright my little whore, I'll give you just what you want." he whispered roughly into my ear as he leaned in and thrust his long, thick, black cock all the way into my grasping pink pussy.

I screamed and came hard on his cock as he fucked me against the wall, just slamming his cock in and out of my pussy hard. I gripped his strong shoulders in my hands and put my heels on his back for leverage and started fucking myself on his cock. "That's right bitch, fuck yourself. Ride my cock."Klem moaned out as I raised all the way up on his cock, leaving just the head inside me.

I let myself slowly slide back down his thick cock, loving the way every inch stretched my cunt and his veins scraped the walls of my pussy. I couldn't stop moaning as I rode his hard dick. "Oh god, you feel so good. Your cock.....mmmm....oh god..." I screamed as I came hard again.

"Come on slut, ride my cock. Make your little whore cunt cum all over my black cock. You're so wet baby damn, I can't wait to sell your white ass." Klem growled at me as I rose all the way up on his cock, slowly letting him out of my tight cunt inch by inch. When he stopped talking I let go of his shoulders and slid all the way down on his long cock. I screamed as I came hard with his thick black cock balls deep inside my tight pink cunt.

Klem grunted and started thrusting his hips again, slamming his big dick in and out of my pussy furiously, banging me hard against the wall. My pussy kept creaming as he fucked me savagely, and I moaned and screamed as he pounded my body with that massive cock of his. "That's it girl, damn! Oh Fuck, take it bitch!" Klem yelled as he thrust into me one last time, slamming his cock deep into my tight cunt.

His big black cock pulsed inside my gripping walls as he spurted cum inside me, I moaned softly when I felt him start to cum. I could feel his juices and my own running down my thighs to his balls, we had really made a mess. "Damn sweetheart, you are one hell of a great fuck. You know how to work that lil pussy of yours. Hmmm... we need to get you cleaned up if I'm going get a decent price for your ass. Get back in the tub cunt, let's see how much money you can make me." Klem told me softly, grating into my ear as he lowered my legs to the ground and slipped his softening cock from my cunt.

I got back in the tub while Klem got in my shower. I washed myself well, cleaning Klem's cum from my cunt, no one wanted to buy a used whore. I couldn't wait for Klem to sell me off, I loved being his little whore. Once Klem had washed himself off and wrapped a towel around his waist he came over to the tub where I was still washing up, making sure I was soft and smelled nice. "You really want this honey? You don't have to fuck anyone you don't want to. You can just be mine. It's up to you." he told me softly stroking my hair. "I'd love to have you to myself, although I'd love to share you as well. I know we could make a lot of money selling you, not to mention pussy that great should be shared."

"I'll do whatever you like sir. I want to make you happy. Your cock is plenty to satisfy me, but I love to be shared. I love being your whore Klem. I like being your dirty little white slut, letting you sell me to other black men for their pleasure. I want to know what I'm worth as your whore." I said softly, looking up at Klem from beneath my lashes.

"That's good baby. Real good. You're worth a lot to me. Will you be my little slut? My fucktoy? I'll support you, pay your bills. You can pay me back by making money doing what you're good at. You can fuck all the black cocks you want. You just have to please me, whenever however, I want you to. Is that understood?"

"Yes sir. I will be your toy to do with whatever you please. I will do what you say when you say it. I'm yours." I told him seductively, rising from the bathtub.

Klem laughed and dragged me into my bedroom by the arm. There were a few boxes on my bed. "You pick out something to wear from these boxes. Make me proud. Then do your make-up, remember you are my whore and I want you to look like it. I'm going to call some friends and get a group together. We'll see how much we can get for you from a group of guys. How's that?" he smirked at my gasp.

"Sounds wonderful sir. You know I love to be shared among many. What color would you like me in sir?" I asked him quietly, wanting to be his perfect toy.

"Wear red or black. Good girl. You're going to be the perfect little whore for me." Klem laughed and reached out to twist my nipple. He pinched the pink bud between his black fingers and twisted while he squeezed it hard. I moaned and my pussy got wet all over again. "You're already such a good slut. Always ready aren't you?" he laughed and left the room to make his phone calls.

Written by: BadLilGirl420

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