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Home Invasion

by Gsrz©

Alexa ran a hand through her short blonde hair and glanced at the clock on her office wall in frustration. "Damn, only 4:28!" she thought to herself. Exactly 32 minutes until she could leave for the day, and there was nothing left for her to do. Well, there was one thing she could do, but it wasn't exactly "work-related". She had been super horny all day, and was sure the men around the office had noticed that her nipples were hard for almost the entire afternoon. Alexa hated their leering, but at the same time was somewhat turned on by it, which only exacerbated the problem. Normally she would try her hardest to save her sexual energy for her Fiancée, Chris, but today her hungry pussy couldn't be denied any longer. Checking her office door to make sure it was locked, (she didn't want a repeat of the time Tom from purchasing had walked in on her and she had to pretend that she was looking for a pen she had dropped) Alexa hiked up her skirt, slid an immaculately-manicured hand into her panties, and moaned softly.

It was nearly 7 o' clock by the time Alexa got home. Rush hour had been murder, especially with a pair of wet panties, and she had cursed herself the entire 2-hour ride home for not thinking to bring an extra pair. She noticed that Chris' Mercedes wasn't parked in the garage as she pulled in and sighed; she was still a little turned on. As if by command her phone vibrated: it was a text message from Chris:

Honey, working with a client tonight

Won't be home 'til late

Alexa sighed again, knowing that Chris wouldn't be back until at least midnight. Lately, she had begun to suspect that there was another woman, but she tried to trust her Fiancée and push those thoughts to the back of her mind. Besides, there were other matters to attend to. If Chris wouldn't be home soon, she would just have to take care of her now drooling pussy herself.

Although Alexa had came pretty hard at the office, it was much nicer to masturbate at home, to be able to really drag it out and enjoy it, and not have to resort to furiously rubbing her clit underneath the desk like a schoolgirl in heat. Here she had all her tools: her vibrator, her anal beads, and her 8-inch rubber dildo. She planned to use them all. She pulled the vibrator from her underwear drawer first, switching it on and running it along the crotch of her silk panties slowly. "Fuck, that feels good." Alexa muttered to herself as she crossed the room and lay on the edge of the bed, spreading her long legs and pulling down her undergarment. She began running the vibrator along her bare clit, getting wetter by the second. With a low moan, she inserted her middle finger into her hungry hole, making an audible squish as she buried it inside her and began pushing it in and out, in and out. She was well on her way to orgasm when suddenly - the constant low hum and vibration against her sopping clit stopped. "Goddamnit!" - The vibrator had run out of batteries. Quickly slipping on her panties in case a window was open, Alexa grabbed a flashlight from the nearby dresser and headed downstairs to find some double-As.

As she crossed the threshold of the kitchen, she heard a loud banging coming from outside - and then the sound of glass breaking. Stifling a gasp, Alexa flicked off her flashlight and ducked behind the counter, terrified. She could hear two male voices coming from near the front door, one low and gruff, and the other high-pitched and clearly exasperated.

"What the fuck did you need to do that for? I was this close to picking the lock!" the high-pitched one whined

"Because I didn't want to have the goddamn homeowner roll up on us while you spent another thirty minutes finger-fucking the lock, alright Larry? Besides, I cased the place earlier this week, there ain't no security system, So shut the fuck up."

Alexa risked a glance from her hiding spot. She saw two figures silhouetted in the open doorway, one looked to be about 5' 9' and the other was huge, close to 7 feet tall, and they were coming towards the kitchen. She took a furtive glance at the phone next to the sink; there was no way she'd reach it before the intruders made it into the kitchen. Her best bet was to crouch low and hope that they didn't notice her. The footsteps drew closer as she ducked lower. Only then noticing the small puddle between her legs, the blonde began to wish the two intruders had picked a better time to break in.

"Hold up, do you hear something?" the shorter man hissed.

"I think so, shut the fuck up for a second"

The footsteps got louder, and Alexa heard what sounded like the cocking of a gun. She tightened her grip around the flashlight, ready to use it as a weapon if need be, and put a hand over her mouth to quiet her breathing. The combination of sheer terror and the fact that she was still a little turned on made every breath sound louder than an atom bomb. She felt cold steel caress the back of her head, and let out a shriek as two strong hands grabbed her by her shoulders and pulled her up. In her shock she dropped the flashlight and it rolled uselessly on the floor. Struggling against the arms restraining her, Alexa was spun around to face the larger attacker.

"Well well, who do we have here?" he rasped, reaching over to flick on the kitchen light with his gun still pointed at her. In the light she could make out both attackers' features clearly, trying to commit their looks to memory in case she survived the night. The one with the gun pointed on her had dark ebony skin, and a well-muscled body that looked like it was made for violence. He had short cornrows and a large scar on his chin. All she could make out about the one restraining her was that he was white, with red hair and a strength that belied his wiry build.

"Bitch, I asked you a question!" the one with the gun yelled.

The blonde raised her gaze to meet his, and spit at him, aiming for his scar. Her head snapped back when the back of his hand met her face, and the redhead tightened his grip on her. The black man rubbed the spittle off his chin scowling, "if you do that again, I'mma fucking kill you".

Alexa met his gaze again, scowling right back. She felt slight pressure on the small of her back; did the other one have a goddamn erection?

"Otis calm the fuck down, we can't afford to make all that noise, besides, it would be a shame to blow away such a nice piece of ass."

Now Alexa could definitely feel a stiff cock pressing firmly against her backside, and she wished like hell that she had something other than a cami and a pair of soaked panties to protect her. Otis took a step back, looking her over, and his scowl further contorted into a leer.

"Shit, you are a looker, baby. I suppose there's another way we could punish you."

"Please, don't! I'll give you anything you want! The TV, the car, I'll even show you where Chris keeps his weed, just let me go!"

"Lady, we're obviously gonna take that shit anyway!" the white guy, Larry retorted, and proceeded to run his tongue along her exposed shoulder, leaving a trail of hot and sticky saliva and making Alexa flinch in disgust.

"Sho' nuff, and if I was this Chris guy, the only thing I'd need to get high is those huge tits"

Alexa suddenly became very self-conscious, had her nipples been THIS hard the entire time, or her pussy this wet? She willed them to go down, to no avail, and saw that Otis was removing his jeans to reveal a humongous bulge that looked like it would break free from his boxers at any moment. She also noticed the small knife in his left hand and seized up again with fear. At that exact moment, she felt her panties be moved over from behind, and before she even had a chance to squirm, Larry was inside her, his cock plugging up her leaking pussy.

"No, stop!" she squealed, but the redhead clearly had no intentions of stopping, pushing his stiff member further and further inside her with each stroke, and she let out a cry of pain when he reached her cervix, pushing her belly-first onto the counter. His cock was so much bigger than Chris', and though she was mortified, Alexa had never felt this full before, and her pussy was leaking onto the countertop. She felt like she was going to be split in two by his rod.

"You fucking like that, bitch?" Larry sneered, momentarily pulling out as precum oozed from the head of his bulging unit. The blonde looked down, horrified at what her own hand was doing. Almost subconsciously, she had begun fingering her throbbing cunt. Her attacker plunged his cock back inside, making a loud squishing sound.

"Little whore seems to like it" Otis remarked, his cock in hand while still clutching the knife. Alexa let out a low moan as her cunt was set ablaze. She seized up, her pussy tightening around Larry's cock as she came hard and fast, squirting all over the countertop and kitchen floor.

"Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkk!" Alexa screamed. She needed to catch her breath, but couldn't with the redheads cock still thrusting relentlessly between her legs. In a few seconds she felt the thrusting stop, replaced by a twitching deep inside of her "noooooooooooo doooooooon't cummmmmmm in meeeeeee" she moaned, as her insides were bathed with hot sticky spunk. She collapsed on the kitchen counter panting, covered in sweat, with her pussy throbbing from the fucking it had just received. Larry's arms grasped her again, pulling her around to face him.

"Now clean me off, bitch." He leered, pushing her down to her knees and jabbing his cum-covered cock into her mouth before she had a chance to close it. It rammed the back of her throat mercilessly. She gagged on his member, tasting the mixture of both their fluids. Why did it taste so good?

She began to suck his cock in earnest, running her mouth over every pulsing vein, her head bobbing hungrily as she tried to suck up every last drop. As she was doing this the blonde looked down to see Larry's cum leaking out of her pussy, through her panties and onto the linoleum floor. The sight was repulsive and incredibly fucking hot at the same time. She soon found herself rubbing her clit again, causing more sperm to leak out.

"Shit Larry, hurry the fuck up would you? You ain't the only one trying to blow a load in this cum-bucket!"

"You'll get your turn, ya big baby."

"Shut the fuck up before I cut you, man!"

"Alright, alright, - oh god- I'm wrapping it up, just calm the fuck down!"

Larry slid his penis out Alexa's mouth, a thin strand of cum stretched between the tip of his cock and her filthy tongue. She continued fingering her pussy as she prepared to spit out their mingling juices. Just then she felt cold metal against her head again. Otis was standing to her left, with the gun in one hand and his dick in the other.

"Don't you dare spit, you fucking slut. You're our personal cum dumpster tonight, and we're gonna fill you to the goddamn brim."

The blonde swallowed obediently, feeling the warm cum slide down her throat and into her stomach as she continued pleasuring herself.

"Now stand up," Otis commanded, tossing the gun to Larry and producing a knife "and let's get you out of those dirty panties." Alexa trembled as he pushed her hand out of her clit, and cut her panties off with one swift slice to the side, the blade not even grazing her tender flesh. Oh well, between all the squirting and cum, that pair was ruined anyways. Otis pushed her onto her back on the kitchen countertop and pulled off his boxers, revealing a behemoth cock. Alexa's trembling intensified, partially from lust, but mostly out of fear because she knew that monster would be inside her any minute. She had no idea if she could handle it all without being split open, she had barely been able to handle the other one's dick. Otis didn't give her much time to ponder, though. She let out a gasp.

"God, you're fucking tight," the black man remarked, pushing his head in between her pussy lips "I've fucked virgins that were looser than you, I'm gonna have fun destroying your cunt."

"Please no, don't cum in my pussy"

His cock pushed further inside of her, slowly.

"Oh, I don't plan on cumming in your pussy, bitch. I'mma just use that to get warmed up."

Now at least 4 inches of his dick were inside of her, and she already felt as if she was going to pass out. There were still at least 5 inches left to take and she couldn't imagine how that would feel in her virgin ass. She had never so much as stuck a finger up there. Her best bet was to fuck him as hard as possible, until he had no choice but to drain his balls in her pussy and have no energy left to tear up her poor asshole. Steeling her resolve Alexa fought the pain, thrusting her pelvis further onto Otis' cock, taking the shaft with her right hand and pushing it inside her drooling cave, her left hand working across her clit in a circular motion as her attackers' balls began slapping wetly against her bare skin.

"Hey Otis, I think she's starting to like it!"

"Yeah that's cuz I actually know how to fuck a bitch the right way."

Otis brandished the knife again as he pounded away, pulling up Alexa's cami and cutting it down the middle, revealing her ample breasts and swollen nipples. He leaned in close and began sucking and biting on her left tit.

Alexa could feel herself getting close, and she began rocking her hips back and forth to meet his thrusts. Maybe a well-timed orgasm combined with some dirty talk would get this creep to blow his load.

"Oh yeeeeeeeeeeah, I'm your fucking slut, I want you to fill me with you nasty fuckiiiing cu-cu-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hhhhhhhh!"

every cell of Alexa's body was on fire as her pussy clenched around Otis' gigantic dick, undulating with pure ecstasy. By now the surface of the countertop resembled a small lake from all the mingled cum and pussy secretions. She tried to fight for control against the waves of pleasure, making feeble attempts at pushing the big black cock further inside of her to make him cum, but Otis was having none of it. Too weak to struggle, Alexa found herself on her stomach, her asscheeks spread wide. Without a word, Otis pulled his cock out of her, swirled his index finger around in her gaping hole until the finger was coated in pussy juice and semen and plunged it straight into her anus.

"Bastard!" Alexa yelled, still coming down from her orgasm. Out of the corner of her eye she could see that Larry was hard again, and stroking his cock furiously. But she didn't have too much time to worry about that because she felt the head of Otis' dick stretching the lining of her asshole. The pain was unbearable; the pleasure even more so. Maybe it was the fact that she and Chris had never tried any sort of ass-play, or maybe it was just the sight of more cum leaking from inside her with each thrust, but the blonde could feel herself approaching another orgasm. She began fingering herself again, thrusting her middle finger up inside whenever the black cock would pull back.

"Hold up, Otis, let me get in on this!"

"Alright, let's see if this fucking slut can handle two dicks!"

Alexa was super close, but obediently got down her hands and knees on the kitchen floor, lowering herself onto Larry's rock-hard cock while Otis continued to pound away at her backside. She could feel the redhead's cock sloshing and spreading the cum from earlier deep inside her womb. The sensation of having her ass and pussy fucked at the same time was about to drive her over the edge when-

"What the fuck are you two doing?"

Alexa looked up to see a short, dark haired woman standing in the kitchen entrance, her arms crossed. The rhythmic undulations of the two cocks inside her began to slow.

"We were just having some fun is all."

"Fun?! If by 'fun' you mean leaving me in the goddamn van for 40 minutes waiting on you dipshits while you're in here leaving DNA evidence" the woman gestured to the filthy countertop "all over the fucking house we're trying to rob, then yeah, you're having some goddamn fun all right!"

"Relax, this bitch came twice, no one will believe we raped her."

Alexa was getting impatient with this whole conversation. She didn't care what happened after this was over, she didn't care about the thieves' personal issues, the only thing she wanted at the moment was to cum, and she was so fucking close. She started thrusting against Larry's cock again, leaving a thick trail of ooze up and down the shaft. Otis resumed his plowing again as well, pushing further into her rectum.

"Just let us fill this slut, Margot. You can grab the lighter shit, and we'll help you with the TV in a minute."

"Fuck that, after all the trouble you two have put me through, I deserve to have a little fun of my own," Margot replied, bitterly.

Unzipping her jeans, she walked up to Alexa's side, her nipples hardening as she watched her associates fuck the blonde's brains out. She grabbed Alexa's chin and looked her right in the eye.

"Larry and Otis tell me you're a slut. Is that true?" she asked.

Alexa nodded, still riding the two cocks as if her life depended on it, burning with desire for release.

"Have you ever eaten a pussy before?"

Alexa shook her head.

"Would you like to eat a pussy?" Margot inquired, pulling down her jeans and revealing a black thong.

Alexa nodded again. At this point, she would agree to anything, just so long as she got to cum. Her asshole and pussy were throbbing in tandem, and she felt like she might explode.

Margot pulled down her thong, revealing a tight shaved cunt, and buried Alexa's face in it. The blonde began licking her clit rapidly. Alexa had never had the urge to taste even her own pussy juice before, but now she couldn't get enough of the stuff, her tongue lapping it up greedily like a dehydrated dog. She felt Otis' cock twitch, and then it burst inside her, showering her rectum with thick hot cum. "Ohhhhfucckkkkkkkfuckkkfuckkkk" she managed to moan, in-between licks. She felt the walls of her vagina tighten as she came, too. Every nerve and every cell was ablaze, and her eyes rolled back. Her greedy asshole milked the black cock for every last drop, and as it was doing so, Larry shot another steaming load of gooey spunk in her ruined pussy. Margot's moans grew loader, and Alexa dedicated what little energy she had left to her furious licking of the other woman's clitoris. Margot grabbed a fistful of the blonde's hair as she came. Squirting all over Alexa's forehead until some ran into her eyes.

"Oohh that's it you little slut, you made me fucking cummm"

Alexa gave a whimper and collapsed in the rapidly pooling puddle of semen, sweat, and pussy juice, her legs shaking. Thick cum poured out of her ass and pussy, and she wanted nothing more than to sit in the puddle forever, to drown in it. Margot looked down at her derisively, while the other two wiped off their cocks on Alexa's back and began to put on their clothes.

"Y'know boys, I think this is the best thing we've taken in this neighborhood."

Chris Harper pulled into his driveway around 2 am, making sure to wipe the lipstick trace off of his cheek. He stared in shock at the open front door and the broken glass strewn around it. He rushed inside, calling out his Fiancées name while dialing 911. He found Alexa unconscious in the kitchen, completely naked and lying on her back in a puddle of what appeared to be semen and blood, with a slight smile on her face as more of the stuff oozed out of her vagina, mouth, and ass.

Written by: Gsrz

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