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Lessons in Lust

by indy_pop©

Sam looked form behind the door, his son’s cock slicing into his beautiful wife’s cunt. He watched in amazement as her cunt lips swallowed the whole length of Kevin’s cock. He pumped his cock faster.

Rebecca enjoyed the feel of a new cock, belonged to her son, inside her pussy. Clenching her muscles, she tried to grip it and began to thump her cunt up and down his shaft. Kevin also took the clue and began pumping her pussy with his massive rod.

“That’s the way baby…that’s it.” She moaned as se felt his cock move in and out of her scorching pussy. She lifted her legs high in air and scissored his back between her thighs. “Fuck me Kevin…fuck me…oh god…your cock feel so good...tear my cunt with you thick cock.”

Kevin lay flat on her chest, pumping her pussy with fervor. He could feel his mother’s huge tits pressing against his chest, her hard erect nipples poking into him, turning him on to a greater extent. He pounded her mother’s cunt harder and harder.

Rebecca was in seventh heaven. Never did she know that fucking her own son would be so wonderful…so exciting. She gyrated her hips in wanton abandon, feeling his massive cock moving in and out of her burning cunt. She thanked her husband for giving her this opportunity.

The elated husband was watching the whole episode, sitting beside the door, his eyes continuously glued to the crease in the door. He incredulously observed Kevin’s cock appearing and then again disappearing inside his horny wife’s wet twat and with every thrust his hairy sack slapping against Rebecca’s ass. He beat his cock harder and harder, well aware that any time his cock could begin shooting now. He muttered all his strength to hold his ejaculation. He at least wanted to wait until the horny scene in the room was on.

Kevin was fucking her with alternating his rhythm…sometimes slow…sometimes fast, but Rebecca was wild with lust pumping her cunt up and down his cock at a much faster pace. Therefore, he had no other option than to match her pace. He began pounding her cunt with a wild ferocity.

“Harder…harder.” Rebecca squealed with delight; feeling his increased tempo she too accelerated her speed. She pulled his face down to her heaving tits; Kevin grabbed her nipple between his lips and sucked it fervently while he pumped her pussy again and again. Mother and son fucked together trying to match each other rhythms.

Rebecca enjoyed the fuck of her lifetime, feeling another orgasm approaching very fast. Her pussy tired to milk his hammering cock within the soft fold of her cunt lips. She was happy that Kevin was doing so well, even though it was his first time, not counting his fucks with Samantha.

“Ohhhhhh…god…it feels soooo good.” She muttered huskily.

Vaguely aware about his mother’s lewd thoughts, and totally unaware about his father’s presence behind the door, Kevin continued plundering her pussy with rapid strokes, ramming in and out, deeper and harder with every forceful thrust. He could now feel the beginning of the familiar tingling at the base of his cock. He squeezed his anus inside stressing his lower muscles; soon he realized the ticklish feeling disappear.

“I did it…! Mommy I did it…!” He cried triumphantly.

“Yes honey…I felt it too.”

He looked at his mother proudly, however, he was in no mood to relent. He again began plundering Rebecca’s pussy harder and faster. And he did it again and again, squeezing his pc muscle every time he felt the tingling at the base of his cock; and he continued ravishing his mother’s horny pussy with all his might. Soon Rebecca was begging…longing to feel his cum deep inside her sweltering pussy.

“Ohhhhhhh…Kevin… I’m commmmmmmiiinngg.” She was at the verge of her lust driven ecstasy. Her mind reeling with rapture, she drew his body closer to her and lifted her ass off the bed to let him bore inside her to a deeper depth. “Please don’t hold it now…fill my pussy with your juice.”

“You want it mommy…you want me cum inside you.”

“Yes…honey…mommy is dying to feel it. Give it to me baby…don’t hold it now…give it to me…fill my pussy with your seed.”

“Take it mom…take it…” He groaned, sweat pouring out of his body. The ticklish feeling at the base of his cock was back; he didn’t tried to hold it this time. “I’m coming too.”

“Give it to me…baby. Give mommy all your juice, fill my pussy with your hot juice.” She dug her fingernails into his back, feeling his cock swell inside her scorching burrow.

“Here it comes…” He yelled and rammed his cock deep into her cunt. Rebecca’s body twisted with the agony of lust, her ass yanked upwards to meet his final thrust. Her fingernails almost tore the bare skin of her son’s back.

Kevin’s cock exploded inside her, flooding the smoldering wall of her pussy, driving her crazy with passion. She moaned loudly, without bothering that her husband would hear her cries of passion. Kevin’s cock spurted again and again inside her willing snatch depositing its most precious pearls. Her cunt muscles throbbed uncontrollably around his shooting shaft trying to suck the every drop out of his heavenly cock.

She also came again and again, violently as Kevin continued erupting his juice inside her.

Outside the door, Sam was fumbling with his shooting cock, trying to hold unsuccessfully the erupting cum with his hanky. For the second time in a day, his fingers were messed with his own cum. He wiped the cum off his cock and fingers, and looked back into the room.

Mother and son were lying still in the room, their bodies motionless but the heaving unsteadily due to heavy breathing were quite evident of things which had happened in the room moments ago. From his position, he could see his son’s cock still buried inside Rebecca’s pussy, and he could also see a drop of cum oozing out of her stuffed pussy, along the crack of her ass. He felt another thrill running through his body.

Rebecca pushed her son off her body. His cock came out of her cunt with a mild sound and he rolled off to her side. They lay side by side trying to overcome the rapturous feeling of their first incestuous fuck.

“That was fantastic son…simply superb.” She kissed him lightly on his lips. “Samantha must’ve been very stupid.”

“Thanks mother…it was all because of you. After all you’re my professor.”

“Okay dear student, next time when you meet Samantha make sure that she should never forget that fuck for her entire life.”

“I will mom…I will.” He replied triumphantly. “But I cant say whether I’d like to fuck her anymore. Yours is the most loveliest, hottest pussy of all. I don’t need another girl now.”

“I’m always yours honey.” She grinned. “But you must think about your poor dad also; he must also gets his share and anyway, I don’t mind you balling other girls as long as you come back to me.”

She sat on the bed and took his flaccid cock between her fingers. She massaged it gently.

“As you wish mom…” He laughed loudly.

“Before you decide to give few lessons to Samantha, you must clear one final test.” She spoke lewdly.

Kevin looked at his mother with puzzled expression on his face.

“You got to test your cock inside a tight hole, mush tighter than a cunt. That will be the real test of your holding power.”

“I…I…don’t understand. What’s that?”

“It’s right here honey. Mom’s got one.” With a wicked grin she took his hand and placed it over her arse.

Kevin felt an electric shock run through his body. Blood rushed to his loins and he was again aroused. He gently bored his finger into his mother’s tight sphincter.

“Do you…you want me to ball your ass?”

“Yes baby…I want you to fuck my ass, the same way you fucked my cunt; now get going.”

She rose from her position and straddled his chest. Kevin watched as she slowly lowered her pussy over his face. She didn’t lowered completely but stopped midway giving Kevin an unhindered view of her cum soaked pussy…his own cum oozing out of her pussy. She grabbed her ass cheeks and exposed her puckered hole to her son.

“Lick my cunt…lick my arse honey.”

“Your arse…” he asked with little apprehension.

“Yes baby…put your tongue there, believe me…you gonna like it. Don’t bother that it’s your mother’s shit hole. Just enjoy your feast.”

She lowered her ass further. Kevin smelled the strong overpowering smell of the mixture of their juices, then his tongue touched her cum coated labia. He lost all his inhibitions and sucked her labia hard, licking the yummy mix of cum juices off his mother’s dripping pussy.

“You like it baby?” She asked feeling his tongue licking her cuntlips.

Kevin didn’t reply and continued drinking the mix of juices. He sucked every possible drop of cum out of her pussy. He could feel his cock getting back to full erection.

Rebecca began moaning from her mounting position. She bent her body forward supporting her weight of her palms, her huge tits swung erotically above his head.

“Suck my ass baby.” She cried again.

Kevin withdrew his tongue out of her pussy and attacked her puckered hole. He could feel his mother’s body twitch as his tongue touched her anus. He realized that there was nothing dirty about it, rather he liked he smell and the taste. Never did he know that a woman’s ass could be equally tasty as her cunt. He bored his tongue into her ass forcibly and lapped it harder.

“Yes…baby…yes…that’s it…lick it harder.” She was howling continuously, urging him to suck her ass with more passion and force.

Behind the door, Sam Woods was again supporting a huge hard on. His eyes glued to the opening, he began pumping his meat again.

Kevin ran his tongue in a longer stroke. Starting from Rebecca’s cuntlips, to the narrow ridge between her cunt and ass and then to her arse hole. This way Rebecca was getting alternate licks at her cunt and anus. She realized that if she didn’t stop him she would die of pleasure.

“Okay honey you may stop now.” She asked him.

Kevin withdrew his tongue very reluctantly and watched his mother move away. Rebecca repositioned herself on all fours and looked back at her son.

“Mom’s ready son.” She smiled lasciviously.

Kevin positioned himself between her legs, guided his cock head at her anal opening.

“Don’t we need any lubrication? It might hurt.”

“Just wet your cock with my cunt juice and ram it there. Don’t worry…I’ve done it before, and I love to feel my arse stuffed with a thick cock.”

Kevin eased his cock into her cunt from behind, gently forcing it in and out. Moments later, he withdrew his cock out of her pussy. The cock was smeared with his mother’s slick cunt juice.

With left hand he spread her ass cheeks while with his right hand he guided the bulbous tip of his cock at her anal entrance. The wrinkled opening was tight; he forced again; nothing happened.

He firmly gripped his cock between his fingers and thrust the head into her rectum. Her sphincter gave way, the tight outer muscles slowly opened up, and his cock head moved inside.

It was an incredible feeling. He could feel that his mother’s arse was much tighter than her cunt, and there was no natural lubrication that a cunt produces while it takes a cock. Still her mother cunt juices helped. He forced his cock again and his cock length began to disappear inside her rectum.

“Ahhhhh…yessssss…!” Rebecca moaned with ecstasy and mild discomfort when her son’s massive hard on tore open her anal resistance.

Kevin pressed slowly, moving inside inch by inch, until his entire cock length was buried inside her mom’s bunghole. He then relaxed a bit, feeling the vice like grip over his cock.

He slowly began to move his cock in and out of her arse. It was amazing to see that how tightly her mother’s ass was gripping to his hardness. He found it little difficult to pump her ass initially, therefore he began slowly, but after few stokes her sphincter muscles relaxed and he was able to move with ease.

“Oh honey your cock feel so good inside my ass. I feel so stuffed. Oh…please fuck my ass.” She begged.

Kevin began fucking her harder, his cock now moving swiftly sawing though her rear chute.

Rebecca could feel her body was trembling again. She supported her head on bed and reveled in the terrific feeling of being buggered with the handsome cock of her son. Her all wishes were fulfilled today, her whole body swept away with a strange excitement. She waited for another orgasm to shake her body.

Kevin was busy ramming his cock and again into her arse. He soon realized the difference between a cunt and an arse. The friction against the movement of his cock was much higher, and soon he realized that it would be difficult for him to repeat the same level of performance.

“You so tight mom. Don’t think I’d last much.” He groaned while continuing to ram his hardness into her tight sheath.

“Don’t bother about that. You are doing perfectly fine. Fuck it…harder…harder…oh…yeah…that’s it.

Kevin increased his tempo, pounding her ass even harder. Beads of sweats tickled down his body, down to his ass. The overwhelming feel of tightness around his cock was slowly taking its toll and he could feel the violent churning inside his balls, a prelude to a massive eruption.

“I’m coming mom. Do you want me to hold it?”

“Nah…honey…no…mommy is ready. Fill my ass with your hot juice.”

“…I’m coming. I’m gonna fill you sweet horny ass with my cum.” He babbled incoherently.

He fucked her harder and harder. His balls began to ache but he tried to hold his eruption and pounded her arse with fervor. With every thrust, his balls banged against her bushy cunt lips. Rebecca was also in no better position; she could feel her juices dribbling down to her thighs.

“Here it comes…ahhhhhhhhhhhhh…” Kevin yelled loudly, bore his cock deep inside her rectum and shot his load inside her, triggering her own orgasm.

Gush after gush, he emptied his balls inside his mother’s arse. She enjoyed every drop of hot cum spilling inside her. Finally there was nothing left; Kevin reluctantly withdrew his cock out of her puckered hole and slumped on her side.

From his hidden position, Sam woods saw her wife’s wide agape anus, slowly contracting to its original state. He pumped his cock for the final time and let go his wild canons out of his piss hole.

Both, mother and son relaxed side by side trying to catch their erratic breathing.

After a while, Rebecca opened her eyes and looked at her son. They smiled at each other.

“Thanks honey.” She spoke between labored breathing. “You made mommy very happy today. I love you son.”

“I love you too, more than anything in the world.” He replied.

He looked at his beautiful mother. Suddenly, he was proud that such a beautiful woman was lying next to him, completely naked and he had twice fucked her.

“What’re you thinking?” She interrupted suddenly.

“Nothing…did I pass the test?” As if he recalled something.

“You got an A in everything.” She winked at him.

“Thanks mom…” He was pleased with her praise. “Can I ask you something?”


“Where did you learn all these things?”

She laughed loudly.

“Your dad taught me…your dad.” Then she looked at the door and sighed. “Poor dad.”

Kevin eyes followed her gaze. He stared at the locked door and then looked back at her. There was a strange glint in her eyes. He stared at is mother suspiciously.

Little did he knew, his poor dad was struggling down the stairs, his balls completely drained, his hanky and fingers completely drenched with his own cum. Sam Woods had had the most exotic experience of his life time and his mind was reeling under the after effect.

Ten minutes later, Rebecca retired to her room, leaving Kevin dozing in his room. Sam was eagerly waiting for her. As she locked the bedroom doors from inside, he grabbed her and almost tore open her nightie. Rebecca lay excitedly in her bed and watched as her husband jumped between her naked thighs and sucked the Kevin’s cum sticking to her cunt and ass.

While he feasted on his quota of cream pie, Rebecca watched his cock swelling back to massive proportions. She looked at her hardness lustily, realizing that night was not over for her yet. First her son, then her husband…it was going to be all night fun.


Someone lightly tapped on the bedroom door. Rebecca straightened in her bed. Sam Woods immediately turned in another direction, pulled the covers and pretended to be fast asleep.

“You may come in honey.”

Door opened lightly and Kevin entered in the room. He looked at his father. Satisfied that he was sleeping, he tiptoed near the bed and sat on the edge near Rebecca.

“Is he sleeping?”

“As good as dead.” She felt her pulse quickening. “What happened today? You had a date with Samantha.”

Kevin smiled lecherously and placed his palm over her thighs, gently stroking the mound between her thighs tough her nightie.

“I fucked that whore…hard. She was begging mom…begging…to pump my load in her pussy. She just could not believe that I was the same person. ”

“Congratulations…you deserved it.” She felt little jealous, but she also knew that her son loved her more than that slut called Samantha. “If I know her correctly…by weekend every girl in the neighborhood will be knowing about you. You’re going to be a star.”

“Thanks mom…but I don’t want those girls.” He ran his finger along her slit. He could feel the dampness of her cloth. “I want only you.”

She was pleased.

“Are you sure dad’s not going to wake up?”


He looked at her mother lustfully.

“I wanted to discuss my date with you, things that happened today and probably would like to sought your advice on some issues.” He smiled lecherously.

“You’re a bad boy…Kevin…very bad boy.” She smiled back; her eyes gleamed with excitement. “Anyway you go to your room. I’ll be there in a minute.”

“Please don’t make me waiting.” He stroked her wet pussy for the final time and went of the room, gently closing the doors behind him.

Rebecca waited for a minute or so. Then climbed down from her bed. She walked up to the door.

Before opening it, she turned and looked at her husband.

Sam’s eyes were wide open. He was looking at her, smiling. He winked at her.

Rebecca smiled back at him, opened the bedroom doors and went out, gently shutting the doors behind her.


Written by: indy_pop

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