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Alternative Discipline

by Nyaeve©

In my life I have always been close to education. One of the fantasies I have had ever since I taught a few classes a couple of years back concerns young couples.

An upper sixth form class say, that would be kids of 18 plus years old. Imagine a class of hormone-ridden kids, I am their teacher and whilst I do nothing to really provoke them I know that they call me Ms Horny and things like that. In school I normally wear fairly tight knee-length skirts and blouses or sweaters, nothing that would drive anybody wild but I guess sexuality shows. In my form there are the usual bunch of young people, all of them forming couples and then breaking up again after only a couple of weeks - all of them except one couple. This is the couple formed by Sara and Robert. They are the beautiful people of my form. She is fairly tall, slim, long dark hair with green eyes and very pretty. He is the typical blonde, blue-eyed football player who knows he is gorgeous. They are also the exception, as they have been going out steadily for almost two years. Perhaps one of the reasons for this is, as I know, he is very jealous and Sara is always with him or one of his friends, happily... or at least I thought so.

Then one day I find Sara alone after school near the staff car park crying. She finally tells me that she is with Robert because she loves him, but she knows that he is always cheating on her. I pack her into my car and take her home. On the journey she also confesses that she has now started full sex with him because he said that was what was missing for him and if she did this he would never look at another girl. Of course that wasn't true, as she had just found out, as he had gone back to Luisa, the class bike. At her home I arrange for her to come to my office after school the next day and we will have a talk with Robert about his behaviour.

In school the next day I make up an offence and put Robert in detention after school, he has to present himself in my office at the end of classes. The day drags by and finally the final bell rings. Our school is an inner London school and so we have classes and offices in a sort of tower block. My office is at the top of one of these blocks on the fifth floor, great view and no one around after school. Sara is there first and I get her to come in and to wait in the adjoining office for Robert to arrive. She looks really cute in her school uniform. When Robert arrives he is all cocky and full of himself. I tell him to come in and shut and then lock the door after him. He sits himself down in one of the chairs in front of my desk without my permission and lounges there watching me as I move around the room.

I start to berate him about the invented offence I have made up to get him there and he is obviously unimpressed. I have deliberately left a couple more buttons open on my blouse than normal and I can quickly see that he has seen this and is trying to get a glimpse of my chest. I come round the desk and sit on it in front of him. As we talk I sit back onto the desk and my knees are at his eye level. He sits up a little straighter and his eyes flick from my face, to my chest, to my crossed knees. I start to cross and uncross my legs whilst I am talking and I can see how his eyes follow every movement and slide up my thighs as far as he can possibly see. Maybe he can see the top of the stockings that I am wearing especially for today, or maybe not. To make sure, I cross them once again and I stop in the middle of the action. His eyes are riveted on what must be the tiniest triangle of the material of my underwear that I have exposed. "Are you listening to me, Robert?" I demand of him in a loud voice and I firmly cross my legs again.

His eyes snap back to my face but although he is obviously affected, he is also unrepentent. He smiles at me, or rather he sort of leers at me. I ask him what he is smiling about and of course he gives the stock answer of "Nothing."

"Have you been looking at me?" I insist.

"Naaaaaaah," he replies.

"What have you been trying to look at, Robert? I know you have been looking down my front. What were you trying to look at just now?

He looks down, that's good at least, but then looks back up and says with a grin, "I wanted to see if you were wearing knickers or not, didn't I, lots of the guys reckon you don't."

No timidity there. I stare right back at him and say, as I slowly uncross and open my legs, "Well have a good look then." My knees slowly start to open and his eyes remain on my face until I can see that the curiosity is too much for him and he lets them fall down to my knees. They then race up my thigh, linger only a fraction of a second on the tops of my stockings, and then devour the sight of the black lace of my underwear. "Would you like to see more, Robert?" I ask him. This does set him back a little, obviously at this point he thinks this is just a lark or a prank, something to boast about to his mates, but a concrete offer of more makes him just a little nervous.

"Yeah go on then, if you wanna," he drawls back at me. I smile in my turn at him but then explain that if he wants to see more he has to promise to keep our secret, something with which he readily agrees - having, of course, no intention of keeping any secrets. He must think me some sort of desperate spinster, a young man's wet dream made reality.

"There is a condition," I explain to him. "I am not having you jump all over me. If you want to see more, I am going to tie you to that chair."

He thinks no further than what he has half seen and also agrees rapidly to this. I slide off the desk and go round to behind it, from where I produce several stockings with which I quickly tie his wrists to the arms of the chair. He is smiling inanely now and obviously thinks he can break the stockings or will be able to slide his hands out. I sail a bit at the weekends and I know how to tie knots, and nylon is a real bitch to break, so I know his confidence is misplaced. Then I hunch down to tie his ankles to the legs of the chair and he gets a good look down my blouse to my quarter cup bra that lets him see part of the dark aereola of my nipples. I also get a good chance to caress him a bit and I can appreciate that he is all muscle and sinew, a fine specimen.

Now he is tied up, I go back to sitting on the desk. I slip my right foot out of my heels and place it on his left knee. My skirt is taut over my thighs, and whilst he can see things, he can't see much. I use my hands to pull it up higher. Now he can see all of my stockings, the tanned flesh of where they finish and part of my tanga. His gaze is not idle now but avid, he is flushed and starting to breathe heavily, I can see how he has gone from semi hard to full erection and that at this rate it is going to be hurting him soon. I run my hands up my thighs and up the sides of my tanga.

"You wanted to see this, didn't you, Robert?" I sigh at him. He nods dumbly. I move my hands onto my chest and cup my breasts through my blouse. "Do you want to see these too?" I enquire almost innocently. Again he nods vigorously and runs his tongue over his lips. I drop my foot back to my shoe and stand up, only to lean forward with my cleavage inches from his face. Again I cup my breasts and I can feel his hot breath on my skin. Undoing another button I show him my bra, which, being quarter cup, only partly covers my nipples. He is rabid now and is pulling at his wrists, surely thinking he should be able to loosen his hands and touch me.

Suddenly I change tactic. I stand up and go back round to sit down behind my desk and looking at him levelly I start to ask him about Sara, how long they have been going out and things like that. He answers me impatiently, obviously wanting to get back to where we were before.

"Have you seen Sara's breasts, Robert?" I want to know. He says yes. "And have you touched them too, what are they like?" He says yes, yes, but she is nothing but a girl compared to me. "What else have you done with Sara," I ask. "Have you done more things?"

"I am not a virgin, if that is what you want to know," he replies, "I've done it with Sara but she is only a girl, nothing like you, you are a real woman, really sexy." Again he tries to get me back to what he wants. "Anyway," he continues, "I am gonna dump Sara, she is a real prude. We done it once only and now she thinks she owns me. I just wanna have fun and she is no fun."

Now it is my turn to smile. "No fun? That I find hard to believe. I think Sara is a lot of fun."

Things have gone perfectly, he is sat there sweating, red in the face with an erection that looks like it will last him a lifetime and we have arrived at exactly the point I wanted to get to. I stand up and cross to the adjoining door where Sara is waiting in my secretary's office. Opening it abruptly, I can see how his jaw drops as he sees that Sara has been listening to him and then how his jaw drops as he sees how she is dressed. I had asked Sara to wear her uniform but with a little imagination. All the kids love a South American series called "Rebeldes" and she has taken the hint and is in uniform but styled like the girls in the series. Her uniform skirt is hitched up like a mini or rather micro skirt. She has her blouse knotted at the front and she hasn't buttoned it at all. Her hair is elegantly styled in a wave falling over one half of her face and she has applied makeup to make her look at least 19 and very sexy with it. Her white knee socks and pumps round off this stunning image.

"Come in, Sara," I invite her. "I hope you have heard all that Robert has said?" She smiles at me and stalks into the room, walking every bit like a top catwalk model.

"I have heard everything, Miss," she says. "I am no fun, apparently."

This part of my staged production I hadn't been able to really plan. I knew I could get Robert panting and I had been able to persuade Sara to dress to kill, but what would happen now would be anyone's guess. I had dropped hints about a passionate reconciliation but after what he said, I have no idea what Sara is about to do.

I close the door and move back to sit propped against the desk in front of Robert, Sara on my right side. Robert's erection just won't go away, and with the sight of Sara I am not surprised. He starts to mutter some sort of excuse but she cuts across him.

"So I am boring, am I Rob? Do I look boring to you now? Maybe I don't dress this way all the time like some I know around here, but do I look boring to you now?"

He just shakes his head dumbly. Suddenly Sara moves up to me and takes hold of my hand. She places it on her breast and rubs my hand over it. I look down at her, I am a good hand taller than her, and she looks up at me, she tilts her head back and I automatically lower mine to kiss her on her beautiful, full, red lips. As we are kissing and her tongue is shyly playing with the tip of mine, I reach for her hand and guide it inside my blouse and onto my breast. Playing with Robert has tittilated me, but this gorgeous young girl kissing me and caressing my breast makes me horny real fast. We continue kissing, her tongue becomes bolder and bolder, and as we are doing so I pull at the knot of her blouse to get at her breasts as well. Her blouse comes apart and I pull her towards me. Breaking off the kiss, I stoop to kiss her cleavage and trace the edge of the cup of her bra with the tip of my tongue. She throws her head back and slides her hand inside my bra and cups the fullness of my breast. Now she can feel the hardness of my hot nipple against the palm of her hand. Still lapping at her skin, I pull the straps of her bra down and the cups fall away to allow her firm, taut breasts to bounce into view. Not for long, though, as I grasp them hungrily and caress them feverishly with my tongue. Her nipples are also hard, small buds of passion that respond eagerly to my caresses. I can hear her panting heavily and giving little moans of pleasure. My bra has a front fastening clip and she loses no time in popping it and pushes me away so she can in her turn devour my nipples. Now the moans are mine as thrills of pleasure run all over me.

We have completely forgotten Robert sitting tied to the chair watching us. I look up and he is sat there straining at his bonds, hot, his face shining and with the most enormous tent in his trousers. There is actually a string of saliva hanging from his open mouth as he stares at us in total astonishment.

I sit myself back on the desk and push Sara down onto her knees. As she drops down she bends first at the waist and gives her boyfriend a memorable view of her ass under her tiny skirt. On her knees in front of me I pull her hands up onto my thighs where the tops of my stockings are. I pull my skirt up higher and she takes the hint and moves her hands up to grasp the elastic at the top of my tanga. With a quick glance over her shoulder she starts to tug them down with tantalising slowness.

"Still bored, Rob?" she murmurs at him.

A hint of my pubic hair slides into view, the start of my Brazilian strip. By the time my knickers have reached my knees and I have to step out of them, Rob is giving small hops on the chair in his efforts to get free. He even starts to plead with us. Sara licks my skin at the top of my thighs with her head on one side, looking at him out of the corner of her eye. I edge back a little more on the desk and move my legs apart, which gives access to Sara to all of my pussy and means Rob actually starts swearing at us. My pussy is hot and wet and my sex lips are swollen and red. Rob`s eyes are fixed on it, Sara's too. I can tell that for her at least this is a first, she is obviously reluctant to take the next step, but in my sexual heat I am in no mood for her hesitation. I twist my hand into her long, lustrous hair and push her mouth towards my sex. Her mouth opens automatically and I close my eyes in ecstacy as I feel her tongue wash over me. Her inexperience is obvious but she soon makes up for this with her youthful enthusiasm. I have to direct her in how to flick her tongue over my hot clit as well as over my wet lips. I am not about to come but the feeling is out of this world, my excitement doubled at watching Rob really putting my ability in knots to the test. As Sara pleasures me I can see how he is actually suffering acutely with the rock-hard penis he has inside his restrictive trousers. After some minutes of Sara's eager tongue I pull her away from me. She looks at him hard as she licks my juices from around her mouth. To compound his misery, I pull her up to me and kiss her hard, running my tongue over the parts of her face that are wet with my excitement.

Now I place her hands on the desk and get her to stick her ass out at him once again. Her wonderful, long, slim legs are locked straight and she flattens her back. I fold her skirt up, which is hard as it is so short if falls down, and caress the cheeks of her ass through the cotton of her regulation panties. (What is it with guys and girlie white panties?) Standing to the side of her, I start to edge them down bit by bit. Rob is squirming and I think I can see a stain on the material of his trousers. With her panties at mid cheek I stop.

"Maybe we are being unfair," I comment to Sara, "I think he is suffering."

He agrees vigorously and she smiles and nods as well. Leaving Sara in position, I reach down to him and to the flies on his trousers. He breaks out in a great smile of anticipation and is hopping with excitement as I pull down his flies (though that's not easy) and his hard-on springs out inside the material of his shorts.

"Is that better?" I ask him.

The buttons on the front of his shorts are also straining and look as if they are about to pop off. I carefully undo one of them. I can feel the heat of his flesh through the cotton. With difficulty the button pops undone and his hard penis jumps out at me. He is uncircumcised but that can't be appreciated, so excited is he that he has no foreskin left to play with. The head of his penis is engorged, silky smooth and flushed with blood. His veins are throbbing and his erection bobs up and down in response to the beating of his heart. It is a magnificent tool. From the end of his glans his precum is erotically oozing out. Just looking at it I am dying to possess it and him. His eyes are closed and he heaves an enormous sigh of relief. I am, however, careful not to touch it. It is swaying only inches from my lips but I resist the temptation to take him into my mouth.

I go back to Sara, who is also greedily eyeing Rob's hot penis. I smack her smarly on her right cheek and she drags her eyes back to me. Smiling to reassure her, I slowly continue to pull her knickers down. Rob has also gone back to riveting his gaze on us and our antics. Her panties slide smoothly down her slim thighs and between them, just under her fantastic ass. We can see the lips of her sex swollen out towards us, squeezed together by her clenched thighs. I pull her panties off her completely and pull her legs so that she is standing with them straddled apart. She is still leaning with her body on the desk so Rob's eyes (and mine) are fixed on her sex. Now the lips of her pussy are nicely pouting, slick with her own liquids. I pass one arm under her so that I have a hand on either side of her to caress her with. I pull apart the lips of her sex and I can see she is dripping, her sex awash with her need. I run a finger over it and it comes away wet, bathed. I do it again and she shudders with the feeling of it. I look over at Rob as I slide a finger slowly and easily inside her, it disappearing completely.

I slide it out again and replace it this time with two, they slip easily in and out a couple of times. He is groaning and thrusting with his hips, making his hard-on sway in front of him. There is no hair on her at all and I suspect she has little and that she removes. I rub my hand over her and then her cheeks and she is immediately glistening as if I had oiled her. Moving back to her hot little pussy, I delicately use a finger to lightly massage her hard little clit. She jumps a lot at each touch and moans again. I think this is the first time someone has caressed her clit directly. I can feel her pushing back against my hand. Using both hands, I start to frig her pussy, caressing her g-spot inside her at the same time as I slide a wet finger repeatedly over her pussy. In no time at all I can tell I am about to give her her first orgasm. When it comes, she shakes and contorts herself around my questing hands. She moans and cries out and breathes in great sobs. I release her from my grip and she falls into a sexy heap onto my carpet. Her legs all awry, her pussy hot and gaping, her breasts flushed and her nipples like stones, she has her eyes closed and seems to almost have fainted. A great first orgasm.

Rob's eyes are jumping from her to me, from her sexually satiated body to my sexually frustrated one. I stand up and his eyes follow me. I stip off my skirt and blouse and shrug my breasts out of my bra. My breasts are not small, taut and youthful like Sara's, but firm and full. I run my hands over my body, caressing and pinching my nipples, sliding over my flat stomach to my pussy. I run a finger slickly between my pussy lips and then slip it quickly into my mouth to suck on it. His penis gives little starts and a gobbet of come jets out of it. I reach down to curl my fingers around it, touching his skin for the first time, holding it firmly.

"Don't finish before we have started," I whisper to him.

He nods feverishly with a beatific smile on his face. He know what is coming, or he thinks he does. Letting go of him, I stalk round to the other side of my desk and open a drawer. I have more surprises for him. I take out a large, gaudy, pink vibrator in the form of an enormous swollen penis. As I move back round to in front of him, Sara has now gotten up off the floor and sits on the edge of the desk as I was before. I can see in his eyes the anticipation of seeing me slide this hot piece of erotic latex deep inside me. What he doesn't expect is the flash of my digi cam as I quickly take a pic of him sat there with his cum dribbling down over his erect penis, tied to the chair with stockings.

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