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The Invitation

by newpaulman©

One way to get sex when you're just desperate for something, whatever it might be, is to answer an ad for a practice you don't particularly fancy, and just see what happens. Couples seeking another man, for instance. What's in it for the guy, you might wonder. Just wanting to watch someone else fucking his wife? Or does he want to do things with you too?

I was in Trinidad, where there are lots of people of Indian descent, and many of these MMF-seekers were Indian. That suited me, as I am very partial to a bit of south Asian.

I contacted Indicpl and exchanged messages with Atish, who seemed like a nice guy and said he just got a kick out of being there while his wife sucked someone else's dick, plus other things. As we got to know each other, I felt confident enough to want to meet them, so we arranged to meet in a bar not far from their home, to see how we got along.

When I got there they were waiting, smartly dressed, she in a light, flowing cotton dress and he in short sleeved shirt and chinos. We chatted quite comfortably for half an hour and so I said, "So you live nearby?"

"Two minutes' walk," said Atish, pointing. He looked at his wife and she smiled gently, so they stood up and we walked to their place. It was quite a big house, expensively furnished in an ornate Asian way, all swirly patterns and carved wood.

Atish led the way into a bedroom with a huge bed behind which towered a headboard like the Taj Mahal. Norah disappeared into a side room and Atish gestured to me to sit on the bed. Across the room was a camera on a tripod, which Atish started to fiddle with.

"Let me just get the angle and stuff," he said. "Can you take off your clothes please?"

I wasn't expecting this, but it looked like I was going to be having sex with Norah, and if this was part of the deal, so be it.

I quickly undressed and lay on the bed, facing the camera.

"Yeah, fine," Atish said, then slipped out of his clothes and climbed on the bed. We lay facing each other and I didn't have a hardon, but Atish did. He was slim and fit, toned, which is not necessarily what I like in a body. I like them a bit fuller, meatier, chunkier. There was something a bit feminine about him. But he definitely had male equipment. From his shaven crotch poked a good-sized brown cock that clearly fancied me.

I was just wondering if something was going to happen when Norah came in, wearing a white bathrobe. Her shortish, silky black hair was pulled back into a little pony tail. She walked casually to the bed, let the gown fall and stood there for me to adore. She had darker skin than Atish, nice neat breasts with big areolas and, to my surprise, a big garden of pubic hair. This was so unfashionable that it must mean either that she had no idea about these things or that she knew what she was doing and was proud of her natural bush. I could see by her confidence that it was the latter.

Atish got off the bed and went over to the camera, while Norah lay next to me.

"Rolling," said Atish, like a director. "Kiss her," he said to me impatiently. I leaned over and did as he said. This man watched as I kissed his naked wife and my sudden erection rubbed against her thigh. I took her arms, raised them above her head and pinned them there as I licked her neck.

"Kiss," she said urgently, so I moved back to her beautiful face and obliged. She kissed tenderly. I got the feeling that she wanted to put her arms around me and do it lovingly, so I let them go and she did just that; she kissed me like I was her new love. Her arms roamed my back, grazed my buttocks and her right hand found my cock. She held it gently but firmly. Then she pushed me off, onto my back, and took the initiative. She slid expertly down my body eagerly put my cock in her mouth.

Atish let out a low moan as she licked me up the underside and round the head, her tongue wanting to examine everything I had. Then she swallowed it again and sucked me deeply and devouringly.

After a while Norah decide it was time to move on, so she came back up and lay beside me again. I quickly reverted to plan B. Having established that she liked me and would permit me to do just about anything, I took her hands and pinned her arms above her head again so she couldn't move them. Then I put my face in her armpit, smooth and fragrant with just a trace of herself there. I licked her there and she moaned softly. I licked her some more and she wriggled. I moved further down and licked up her side and back into the pleasure zone.

"Fuck, that's heaven," she whispered. Having reached the stage of acquiescence, she relaxed and her body invited me, silently, to be its guest. I moved down to her garden and ran my nose through her hair, deeper and deeper until it touched her clitoris. I rubbed it sideways, still with my nose, before putting my tongue into the valley below it and working it through her lips and into her vagina. I licked her juices and her husband watched me feast on his wife's cunt.

She was warm and wonderful, fragrant and delicious, soft and hairy, mellow and liquid. I licked further down, loved the sides of her crotch and then whispered to her to turn over.

She did so swiftly and elegantly. She even looked elegant when I pulled her hips up and she was kneeling with her arse in the air.

Atish watched and recorded as I put his wife into this unambiguous position. I could feel him staring, enraptured, as I licked his wife's arse. Norah was beautiful there too. I felt I was falling in love with her as I lost myself in her cleft, my tongue making sweet promises of eternal devotion as long as she would allow me to lick her arse every day.

"Fuck me," she whispered.

"Like this?" I asked softly.

"Yes," she said. Atish appeared with a condom and unrolled it skillfully onto my cock. Then he gave her his own erection and she sucked him briefly before he went back to his station.

Atish zoomed in as my cock zoomed into his wife's vagina. I held her breasts as I pumped her divine, delirious body. She muttered quietly to herself and to me:

"Fuck. Shit. Yes. Oh God. I upped the tempo and the force of my strokes and she spoke more loudly.

"I love your cock inside me. I want you to make me cum, but lying on my back."

"One moment," I breathed in her ear. I went back down to rim her once more.

"Oh God yes," Norah moaned. "No one has ever made me feel like that before. Atish, why have you never licked my bottom?"

Atish said nothing. He was masturbating.

I licked Norah's arse until I could feel she was on the verge of cumming, then I flipped her over and fell between her legs. She raised her knees to allow me full access to her furry paradise and I plunged my cock into her pussy again.

She came almost immediately, a squealing, writhing, exultant orgasm, and I became aware of Atish on the bed with us. He placed two tissues on her chest and ejaculated onto them. His semen pooled in the brown hollow of her chest and he fell onto the bed, panting. Then in a swift movement he grabbed some more tissues and wiped his spunk up, before I collapsed on top of Norah.

"That was the best," she said happily, smiling over at me.

"It was pretty fucking horny," her husband agreed.

Written by: newpaulman

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