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She used to be Innocent Ch. 02

by LiangMuCheng©

William laid on the bed with Lilly in his arms. Several times he wanted to wake her. She was so animated and sensitive, he couldn't wait to feel what it was like to be inside of her. He reminded himself of the squeezing he felt on his finger as she finished, her hips stirring impatiently, her fingers in his hair, urging him on, and imagined how exquisite it would feel once he had his shaft buried deep inside of her.

He laid there, completely still, reading the expression on her face as she was sleeping. She looked peaceful, but her mouth was slightly open. He pondered what kind of acts she would like, if she was more traditional, or if she would be willing to put his cock in her mouth. It wouldn't have mattered anywhere, he pondered to himself, as he could just take her. The thought of her lips on his skin was too much for him, and he couldn't hold out any longer.

Taking her hand, he positioned it on his shaft. Her fingers instinctively grasped on to it, her hands clutching it lightly. He groaned, wishing her awake so that he may see her large and innocent eyes once again. He had been so patient, waiting for her to touch him, that he convinced himself that he earned a reward.

"Lilly..." he whispered, but she didn't stir. He wanted another taste of her and he knew that she enjoyed what he did to her, so he slid down and opened her folds. He placed his tongue lightly there, and he could already taste her wetness. She stirred a bit in her sleep, moaning. She opened her legs wider, encouraging him to continue, and he stuck his finger in again. He enjoyed licking and tasting her, and he felt possessive of her. He knew that he would be the only one to touch her here, and that did not trouble him in the least, however selfish taking her body for his own may have been.

When Lilly woke up, she thought she was still dreaming. She didn't know why she still felt something inside of her so vividly, but it felt good, and she didn't want the dream to finish. There is no shame in a vision. She was heated in her core, enjoying the feeling, when she finally comprehended that it wasn't a dream. She looked down and saw William on top of her, licking her in that place, and she arched her back, her toes curling. "I shouldn't", she repeated over and over in her mind, telling herself that she loathed what he was doing to her.

William got up to take off his garments. She watched, curiously, as he unfastened the tie on his pants and threw them carelessly onto the floor. His shaft had already gotten hard, and was posing in front of her. She didn't believe that it would fit inside of her with how thick and long that it was. She didn't understand how he thought that it would, but he positioned it at her entrance.

"Please don't," she said. "It won't fit. And I don't want to do this." He laughed, and she tried to back away. She was terrified of the pain, she heard from her friends how awful the first time was. She wished that maybe he might show some compassion, but his dangerous grin made it clear that she was his and that he would have her. He allowed her to feel a glimmer of hope that she might get away. He watched her back slowly out of his reach, just slightly enough to where he had to bend forward in front of him, before he grabbed onto her ankles and dragged her closer to him.

"You said that yesterday. Do you remember the pleasure I gave you?" She sat there, recalling her body's betrayal. She didn't want it to happen again, she wanted to go back to her room and sleep, but she felt her body give in instantly as her wetness dripped down her folds and onto the sheets. "Now, this will only hurt a little. But you'll grow accustomed to it. In fact, you'll start to enjoy it, even crave it." He smiled a devious smile. "I will dominate you," he said. "And you'll soon enjoy every single thing that I intend to do to you."

More tears escaped her eyes. She told herself that she just had to get through this until he left the castle. He couldn't possibly hurt her when he wasn't around. If she just got through today, and a few more long was he staying again? She shut her eyes so that she wouldn't have to watch. She anticipated the agony as he glided his thick tip up and down her slit. He positioned himself at her dewy entrance and he pushed in, and she gasped, feeling herself stretching. It felt like more of a rip, like her insides were breaking, like she was being branded as his. She screamed and whimpered as he slowly pushed himself deeper, ripping through every barrier that guarded her from his full possession, displaying no mercy as he thrust fully inside of her, his large cock claiming her from her entrance to the hilt of her pussy.

William couldn't believe how tight and warm she felt. He resisted the desire to thrust quickly in and out of her. He wanted her to enjoy the feeling, so he paused inside of her once he was completely in. He waited until she started to relax before he slowly pulled out and pushed back in.

Lilly couldn't help but squeal. It felt like it was reaching her throat. His arms lifted her up slightly, allowing a pillow to be put under her. It helped the pain a little, but it still hurt. He increased speed, and she slowly started to feel a small amount of pleasure laced with the pain.

William could hardly hold out very much longer. He had been ready for hours, not giving himself much of a chance to last very long. His thrusts turned to pounding as she wrapped her arms around his neck. He watched her face as she bit her lip and moaned. He grabbed her breast, molding it to the shape of his hand. She felt so damn good. He was about to burst inside of her. He placed his hand back on her hips, holding onto her tightly. His nails dug into her skin, causing her to cringe in pleasure. She quietly admitted to herself that she liked that kind of pain before she shook her thoughts away from her, trying to throw away every animalistic urge.

Lilly relished the feeling of being so full. She wanted him to stay inside of her, however pained her pussy was. The familiar feeling kept building inside of her as she wanted this pleasure to keep going. She wondered how she could feel so good when her pussy felt ripped, but she couldn't think too much as she slowly lost herself to the rhythm of his cock. Her climax was just around the corner, and though she wanted to resist, it kept getting closer. She tried to outlast it, but she couldn't hold on any longer. She released, her sexy screams filling the room. As William heard this, he couldn't help but release as well, his cum filling her up. She felt it coat her on the inside. It was a strange, comforting feeling. She decided that she treasured that feeling, a smile displayed on her face. He exited her, and his cum dripped out of her, overfilling her. She felt her pussy sorely throb, reminding her of the agony when it first started, and she came out of her trance. Her smile turned into a frown, and her eyes filled with tears.

Pushing him away, she quickly stood up from the bed. She searched for clothes, only to remember that she didn't have any. She desperately looked around the chamber and grabbed her ripped dress, but she couldn't focus on fixing it. She already missed his cock inside of her. He had filled her up more than she could endure, and she felt empty without him inside of her. She hated him for doing this to her, for turning her into this.

"Would you like me to get some for you?" He asked, breathless. He genuinely felt bad for ripping her clothes, especially since he knew she would have to confess what happened to ask for a new work dress. He assumed that she would appreciate gowns that were tailored to her, but she looked at him rebelliously with tears in her eyes.

"I liked the clothes that I had," she said coldly. "Give them back. Or at least give me a needle and thread so that I may mend them," She couldn't find the word to call him. There was no word that she knew of that accurately described how much she hated him. "You monster!" she yelled, glaring into his eyes. She kept weeping, and soon her tears were blocking her vision, blocking her from seeing the remorseful look William had given her. He hadn't thought of her at all, and he felt guilty. He couldn't identify the feeling that washed over him. As possessive as he was, he didn't want to hurt her, and he had never experienced that kind of emotion before. He quickly decided that he wouldn't go after her until she begged him on her own, and he confidently looked up at her, watching her tears escape her cheeks and drop to the floor. She started walking towards the door, hoping to get out of there. She felt like she would be ill.

"Where do you think you're going at this hour?" He asked. Lilly looked at the window and noticed that it was still dark. "And without clothes, at that. If you want everyone to know, be my guest. But if you think that they won't, I would proceed with caution. It's quite noticeable. You're bare, and you reek of sex." She paused, looking down. She wanted to sleep in her own cot. She wanted to forget that it ever happened, that she ever felt that kind of pleasure from him. It was incredible, and she wanted to feel it again, but she was so ashamed that she wanted nothing to do with it ever again. She wanted to take it all back.

"Come here," he said with a flick of his finger, as if he wanted to remind her of the feelings he could bring her. She stood timidly, staring at him.

"I don't want to." She whimpered. The look on his face as she said this terrified her, but she really didn't want to. She wanted to go wash up, to brush her long hair that had gotten tangled in the midst of their fucking. She didn't want to comply, and she wanted him to understand. "What kind of person does what you did to me?" She shouted. His eyes gave her a warning. He may have felt sorry for what he had done, but he would not tolerate being yelled at.

"Remember," he started, a dangerous tone to his voice. "I can reward you in ways you could never dream of, and I can punish you tenfold. Though I expect you to tell me if you are displeased, yelling is where I draw the line. I will let it slide this once, but this once only. Now come." Lilly's shoulders slumped. She knew she had lost. She did as he said, submissively walking towards him. He softly took her wrist in his hand, and she winced. They were bruised from him holding her down. In fact, there were bruises in quite a few places that he had held her down. She hadn't noticed it until then, but it made her miserable as she studied the bruises. It was undeniable proof that this was not a dream. He quickly inspected the rest of her body and found that he might have played with her a little too roughly. There were red scratches where he had dug his nails into her skin. The inside of her thighs had a mixture of blood and cum. Her face looked pale, her cheeks were stained with dried tears, and her once beautiful and expressive eyes were red and glossed over.

"Lay back down," he said to her. She almost told him to go fuck himself, but she spotted a slight caring manner in his voice. "Do not leave this room." She did as he said, sliding under the sheets. They were warm and soft, enveloping her. He left the chamber, leaving her to her thoughts, and she curled up, finally feeling safe, or at least safe enough to not worry. He was gone. She feared for the moment of when he might return, but her fatigue got the better of her, and she fell into a dreamless sleep.

William returned with soaps and brushes. Everything a woman could possibly need, or so the maid he sent out to retrieve them had said. He really wished that Lord Steele, the lord of the castle, hadn't found him roaming around to find a maid. Though he wanted to boast about his triumph, he cared about Lilly, and didn't want her to be found out. Lord Steele was clueless, but he somehow, annoyingly, came to the truthful conclusion that William had taken a woman to bed that night. What a state he would have been in had he found out who it was. He shook the thoughts out of his head as he opened the door and reentered the room, finding that Lilly was no longer asleep.

She was sitting on the bed looking towards the garden, the bedsheets covering her like a gown. She decided that if she couldn't get her clothes back, she wouldn't just sit there naked. She would make her own. Since she didn't have a needle and thread, she resorted to tying the bedsheets around her. She rather liked the look, and she thought the color looked great on her. It was nice to forget about what happened and pretend that this room was hers. The only thing she didn't like was the fact that she couldn't leave, or even brush her matted hair.

Lilly turned around when she heard the door creak open, and got off the bed swiftly. She retreated to the corner. She had a plan to escape, but she needed proper attire first. She wouldn't dare run out naked, or wrapped in bedding, and risk running into someone. She would need to look presentable.

Much to her surprise, William didn't come to her. He just carried a large wooden box into the bathroom and closed the door. It must have been a full half hour before he returned, steam exiting the room as he got out. He strode over to her, which worried her a bit, but all he did was take her hand. She looked at him, confused, as he gazed at her repentantly. For a split second, she believed she saw a sincere human soul behind that face, instead of seeing the beast she had understood him to be. Before she could object, he lifted her up in his arms and brought her into the bathroom, letting the bedsheets fall to the floor. He looked at her intensely before setting her into the warm water.

"It's not too hot, is it?" He asked, stepping away from her.

"," she said. "It's perfect. Though, I've never had a bath like this before." William tilted his head to the side.

"Truly?" He asked, as though he had never met a peasant before.

"Truly," she answered. "My baths have always been quite cold. Though I have drawn warm baths before, they were not for me." He looked at her, concerned, but then offered her a rag and looked away.

They talked for a few moments while she washed, and Lilly found that she was quite fond of his company. She couldn't get over what he had done to her, but she felt as though, at that moment, she was allowed to trust that he wouldn't try anything. There was a vast difference in his demeanor when he wasn't wanting her body. She felt as though he returned to his original courteous self, caring about her wishes.

"I will come back in a few hours," he said. "Finish cleaning yourself up. The vanity has all that you'll need, and your dress is hanging there." He looked at her anxiously, his stormy eyes intimately observing hers. For a moment, she was caught in his gaze, unable to look away. "Don't leave this room," he commanded again. "I plan on taking you somewhere when you are through." He stood up and left, again leaving her to her thoughts.

"Unlikely," she whispered quietly. "You don't know how much I truly hate you." She refused to go anywhere with him. When she finished bathing, she would surely leave this room and tell Lord Steele what William had done to her. She debated what his reaction would be. She thought at first that maybe he would be angry. As a lord, he should feel dishonored that one of his workers be violated, but on the other hand, he owed Lord William money, and lots of it. She wondered how much it could have been if he wasn't able to pay it off straight away. This castle was the biggest she had seen, with many workers. Lord Steele was by no means living a modest life, or so she thought. How much money did Lord William have? She looked at the dress hanging on the edge of a cupboard and her mouth hung open. She had never once seen such a stunning dress. She exited the bath, the water escaping her feet and pooling out, leaving small footprints. She slowly walked to the dress and felt the silky fabric, unable to understand why he would buy such expensive cloth for a woman that he didn't care about.

"This is for me?"

Written by: LiangMuCheng

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