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by Ashson©

Our firm had a chance for a big deal with an interstate company. On paper the proposal looked good, really good, with a chance for decent profits for both companies. My boss put together a team and we flew interstate to spend a fortnight going over the whole proposal. The idea was that once we'd checked everything out we'd sign on the dotted line at the end of the fortnight.

Seeing that I was going to be out of the state for two weeks I arranged for the woman next door to keep an eye on the house. She'd take in the mail and put out the rubbish bins when they were due. Just a preventive to give the house an occupied look and less appealing to light-fingered types.

I was sitting on the plane when I finally got a chance to read the proposed contract. Not my fault. I was an afterthought to the team. My opinion was that the contract seemed too good to be true which meant that there had to be a hidden hook. I'm a sort of forensic accountant. It's my job to take the books apart and find out what's really happening.

My boss and his team met with their counterparts and I was turned loose on the company's public records and financial statements. I was already antsy because of that too nice a contract and so I was looking at the company's finances with a somewhat jaundiced eye. Again, they looked too good. If the company was doing this well, why give another company such a sweetheart of a deal?

The first chink in the pretty picture came when I started checking listed assets. I saw one of their warehouses and then asked a local Real Estate office what they estimated the value to be. There was a big difference between their price and the listed price in the company's reports. That was the first chink, but not the last.

I came to the conclusion that the reason we were getting the contract was because no local firms would touch it. On the Thursday night I explained to my boss that if we took this contract we'd wind up being taken to the cleaners. There was a very big chance that the company would go down the tubes and if we were tied to them by this contract then we'd go down with them. We were, to put it bluntly, being conned.

The company were very unhappy when we pulled the plug the next day. They strongly reminded us that everything that had been discussed was commercially confidential. My boss was quite offended and rather rude. In my role as peacemaker I quietly pointed out to my boss that someone, name unknown, had dropped an amended version of that company's financial report with the bank that held their loans. It was my understanding that the bank would be asking some very pointed questions. Nothing to do with our suggested contract, just about things that were in the public domain, however much some people might wish they weren't.

The upshot of this debacle was that we flew home a week early, getting there early Friday evening. I grabbed some dinner in town and then headed home. Arriving home I thought that it wouldn't hurt to drop in and let my neighbour know that I was back but their lights were off, so I didn't bother. On the other hand, the lights at my place were on. Most of them, anyway, with the various blinds pulled.

A nice little puzzle for me. I didn't leave the lights on or the blinds pulled and I'm sure my neighbour didn't either. Why would they? This indicated to me that I had the intrusion of an unknown third party into my house. The obvious answer was to call the police and let them check it out but I didn't want to call them and finish up looking like an idiot when a perfectly reasonable excuse presented itself. I decided to just quietly look things over.

I slid quietly in the back door, which was unlocked. I could hear music and laughter. Genuine laughter, not the canned product on TV. It was also female laughter. I couldn't hear any masculine tones. Encouraged by this, I could handle a girl easily enough, I went quietly through the house.

Standing in the hallway and looking into the front room I beheld a bevy of beauties playing around. They had one of my laptops connected to the TV and were using the camera to put themselves on TV. I suspected that this had started off as a harmless prank and escalated. The girls were naked and giving provocative poses, giggling their heads off with each new pose.

I paid a quick visit to my bedroom and then returned, walking into the front room with movie camera pointed.

"Good evening, ladies," I said. "To what do I owe this honour?"

I was slowly panning the camera back and forth, making sure that the girls knew they were all being filmed. I had instant panic in the room.

All the girls were trying to hide behind each other, none of them wanting to be in the front and on camera. They were also shrieking and yelling and carrying on, demanding I get out of there. I waited it out, letting them get past the initial fuss. Finally they settled down and a lovely young blonde managed to come up with a coherent question.

"What," she asked, "are you doing here? You're supposed to be interstate."

"Ah, Michelle," I said. "You have to excuse me but I didn't recognise you straight away. I'm not used to seeing so much of you. I'm here because this is my house. Our interstate deal finished early so we came home. These things happen. More to the point, what are you and your friends doing here? Not that I'm complaining, mind you."

From the food and drink scattered around it was easy to see that they'd been having a bit of a party. The question was, why at my place?

Instead of answering Michelle demanded that I stop filming.

"Oh, sorry," I murmured, pointing the camera down.

"Give me the SD card," demanded a well stacked brunette.

I looked her over and she was well worth looking at. A nice full bust with negligible sag, lovely curves, padded in all the right places with no excess padding.

"Why?" I asked.

"Because we didn't agree to you filming us naked," she snapped.

"I didn't ask you to be in my house, naked," I pointed out.

"Irrelevant," she said decisively. "The card, please."

Seeing she was holding out her hand expectantly I politely placed the camera on it. She fiddled for a moment and then popped open the battery and card slot.

"Where's the card?" she asked, sounding surprised.

I just spread my hands in a what-can-I-say gesture.

"I didn't bother to put one in," I explained. "I thought that it would be rude to take photos unasked so I just pointed the empty camera at you. Interesting reaction though."

"You weren't taking pictures?" asked another girl.

I ran my eyes over her in a rather blatant fashion.

"Only with my mind," I admitted. "I shall treasure the memory. Besides, if I'd had an SD card in the camera I'm quite sure that someone," looking pointedly at the brunette, "would have stolen or broken it. They cost money, you know."

Various young ladies directed killing looks my way but they also looked relieved. The mood in the room became a lot more relaxed. On their part. Hell, facing half a dozen naked and nubile young lovelies I could be excused for being a little tense. Certainly in some areas of my body.

"Somehow we seem to have got off topic," I pointed out. "I believe we were discussing the fact that this is my house and you were about to explain why you are all here."

I looked pointedly at Michelle, waiting for an answer. She just looked helplessly back at me. The brunette came to her rescue.

"We were just having a bit of a party," she explained. "We weren't hurting anything and we'd have tidied up before we left."

"I can see you were having a bit of a party. I can also see my bar is open. The question is, why are you having the party in my house? Are you not allowed to have lesbian love-ins at any of your own places?"

That little comment was met by a storm of denials and blushes. From the way one young lovely blushed and looked guilty I suspected that she, at least, was a lesbian, no matter what the others said.

"It's not like that." Michelle managed to speak over the top of the other girls. "We didn't have anywhere else to have a get together and I knew your place was empty and we figured that you'd never know."

"Uh-huh. I'd assume that I finished all my liquor stores while sleep drinking, I suppose. Ah, the decided lack of clothing, that I can't help noticing?"

"We only took one bottle," protested the brunette. "We'd have replaced it. We were doing some poses to see what we looked like on the telly and I guess things got a little out of hand."

"OK. Two bottles," she grumbled when I gave a pointed look at the two bottles sitting on my little bar.

"And I'm sure you'd have replaced them. Maybe. If you thought about it. Know anything about wine?"

"Ah, no. Not really," Michelle said, looking around at the other girls and only getting shakes of the head.

"Then you wouldn't have realised that those two bottles are expensive wines, costing in the order of fifteen hundred a bottle, assuming you can get any bottles."

There was dead silence from the girls, with a couple of them looking decidedly sick.

"You're kidding," said the brunette, sounding appalled.

"Yes, I am. They are just cooking wines, hardly worth drinking as wine but excellent for some recipes. Ten bucks a bottle which, I'm sure you'll concede, is somewhat cheaper."

I promptly received a battery of evil looks, although there was a bit of relief on their faces as well.

"I'm sorry to spoil your party but I would find it easier if you would all get dressed, excluding Michelle and you," indicating the brunette. "What's your name, by the way?"

"Karen. What do you mean all get dressed except Michelle and me?"

"I would have thought that was self-explanatory, Karen. It basically means that the other girls get their clothes on, while you and Michelle don't. A pity really because I quite enjoy the scenery but I suppose we must all make a sacrifice."

"I mean why not Michelle and me?"

"Penalties. I intend to paddle Michelle's tail for bringing you all in here and then I have another penalty where you're concerned."

"If you think I'm going to sleep with you, you're crazy. I can assure you that none of us are going to."

"I wouldn't expect you to. Why, apart from Michelle, none of you know me. I just thought that seeing all these naked girls are here I'd chance my arm and rape one of you. The others can watch to make sure I don't brutalise you."

"Are you mad? What makes you decide on me, anyway?"

"Process of elimination. It wouldn't be fair to Michelle to be both spanked and raped. I strongly suspect that one young lovely is a virgin and while she might finish up enjoying my attentions there'd still be a lot of weeping and wailing before we reached that point. My nerves couldn't stand that. Another young lady is probably a lesbian and that makes me of the wrong gender. It would be traumatic for her. From the behaviour of the other two girls they are not natural exhibitionists and would be highly embarrassed to be raped in front of their friends. That leaves you."

Karen stood there speechless, glaring at me. I saw her do a quick scan of the others trying to work out who I had flagged as virginal or Lesbian. She finally found her voice.

"What makes you think I'll stand for you raping me?" she shrieked.

"Um, you'll be lying down, actually, but I know what you mean. Think of it as penance for the group. You are entitled to try and fight me off. You might even succeed as I've already said that I won't brutalise you. Why don't you think it over while I deal with Michelle?"

"Just a goddamn moment," put in Michelle. "What makes you think I'm going to let you spank me? As for raping Karen, the idea's absurd. Just what do you think the others will be doing if you try that?"

"Answering your questions in order," I replied, "I either spank you or ask your parents some pointed questions as to why they gave you my key so you could hold a party here. I'd probably add a few words about your helping yourselves to my expensive wines."

Michelle spluttered a bit but didn't seem to have anything to say. Unlike Karen who gave an unladylike snort and muttered something about, "Expensive wines, my ass."

"As to what the rest of you will be doing while I wrestle with Karen, you would be jumping up and down holding your smarting bottom while the others would probably be watching with interest to see how Karen gets on. They may even be taking wagers on the outcome."

Both Michelle and Karen were now giving me nasty looks but I heroically ignored them. My skin can be remarkably thick at times.

"Um, Michelle," one of the other girls said, "If you don't get spanked and he tells your parents then they'll tell our mothers and we'll all be in trouble."

"It wasn't even my idea," protested Michelle.

"Maybe not, but you're the one who had the key," I pointed out. "That puts you in a position of responsibility. You let me down and you let your parents down. I think you're right. I'll forego the spanking and toss the whole thing over to your parents."


It seemed to me that most of the girls spoke together for that refusal, Michelle being one of them.

"No?" I asked, sitting down on the couch. "Does that mean you're all agreed that Michelle gets spanked?"

From the nods it seemed that they did, although I did notice Michelle didn't nod. Neither did she refuse. I beckoned her closer and she edged slowly over towards me, the prisoner on her way to the guillotine.

"While we are all on such agreeable terms, are we also all agreed that I'm entitled to molest Karen afterwards?"

There was a lot of giggling and Karen gave a refusal but everyone else abstained from voting. I'd have to wait and see what happened. I was also rather amused to see what wasn't happening. None of the girls had taken advantage of my permission to get dressed. Damned if I could see why they wanted to stand around naked but who was I to complain.

I took hold of Michelle's arm and eased her over my lap, bottom up. Her hands promptly went to cover said bottom.

"Oh, come on," I said scornfully. "You're not a baby. Move your hands."

She reluctantly moved her hands and I delivered her first spank. She gasped but stayed right where she was. Fair enough. If she wasn't going to try to get away I wouldn't need to hold her in place. Accordingly I slipped a hand under her to cup her breast, at the same time delivering another spank.

"What are you doing?" she wailed.

"Spanking you," I answered, puzzled.

"Not that. This," she said, pushing at the hand cupping her breast.

"Oh, this," I said, giving it a little squeeze. "This is just to help hold you in position." I delivered another firm spank. Unfortunately, Michelle had distracted me with her chattering, making the spank go astray slightly. Still, no harm done.

"That wasn't my bottom," came the inevitable complaint, accompanied by giggles from a couple of the girls.

"Sorry. Still, it was all nicely curved and, see, it fits my hand nicely, so no harm done." To demonstrate, I thoughtfully cupped her mound to show how well it fitted.

Some people have no appreciation for another's thoughtfulness. Michelle was quite rude in the way she told me to move my hand. Even ruder when I did start moving it.

"Be reasonable," I said. "If you meant move it away you should have said so. I'm not a mind reader."

I continued with the spanking. It seemed to me that while I was entertained by what I was doing the girls watching were even more so, with quite a bit of giggling and nudging each other taking place. I suspected some of them were even getting excited over it. If they weren't, their nipples were lying.

I guess I got a little careless towards the end. Why, I suspect that almost half the spanks were landing on poor Michelle's love mound rather than on her bottom. It was fortunate that those ones weren't as hard as the ones that landed on her bottom, as this meant that her pussy was livened up a little, but not really hurt.

Deciding enough was enough I swung her to her feet and she stood there, hands hovering near her bottom, determined not to cry, flushed and breathing hard. I winked at her and then turned to look thoughtfully at Karen. She was looking back at me but that wasn't thoughtfulness I saw on her face.

"Are you ready for your fun?" I politely asked.

"No. Why me?"

"Well, I guess it doesn't have to be you. Would you like me to take Michelle instead?"

She flashed a glance at Michelle, going slightly red.

"I didn't say that," she muttered.

A glance at Michelle from me had me wondering if Michelle was disappointed that she hadn't. She certainly had an odd expression on her face. I winked at her and addressed Karen once more.

"If not Michelle, which of the girls would you like me to choose?"

It was funny to see their reactions. Several of the girls were quite stimulated by the spanking and probably wouldn't have been averse to being forced but there was no way they'd be able to admit it. I just wished I'd had a camera going so I could catch their expressions for posterity.

Karen looked at the girls and then looked at me, shrugging helplessly. She couldn't really just point to someone else and fob the problem off onto her. I thought I'd better throw her a little incentive.

"I'll tell you what. If I can't get you pinned and unable to stop me within five minutes I'll concede that you've won and I won't, ah, molest you. Neither will I transfer my affections to any of the other girls. Deal?"

"I've just got to hold you off for five minutes? If I can, that's the end of it?"

"Absolutely," I agreed.

Her eyes flicked to the wall clock and it showed five minutes to the hour. I could see her mind calculating things. Five minutes isn't really very long, she was thinking. Finally she nodded.

I must have a very sick sense of humour. Why else would I want to laugh when a naked young lady agrees to let me have five minutes to try and rape her. There again, seeing she was agreeing, was it still rape? An interesting subject to ponder, but not right now.

Smiling I reached over and stroked her cheek lightly, trailing my hand down until her chin was resting against the heel of my hand. That accomplished without suspicion I placed my other hand at the back of her head and lifted slightly. Just like that I had control of her head and, to her immense surprise, wherever I placed her head the rest of her body naturally went.

Using that control I lowered her to the floor, leaving her stretched out, whereupon I released her and stood up. As I had totally expected she made a sharp sound of protest and kicked up at me. I caught her ankle and continued lifting, catching her other ankle when she tried to kick me away from her leg. With both ankles firmly held I just lifted them up and apart, bending her neatly in two, and she found herself helpless and looking at her own pussy. Time taken - less than one minute.

Karen was looking somewhat stunned, trying to work out how things had gone so wrong so fast. I was calmly dropping my trousers, only requiring one hand to keep her helplessly pinned. I was also pleased to see that her nipples hadn't been lying. Her pudenda was flushed and swollen, her inner lips all puffy and protruding, with what I could see of the insides glistening with moisture.

Our audience were giggling and muttering amongst themselves. They didn't seem particularly sympathetic towards Karen. I couldn't help but wonder if they were seeing themselves in the same position and wondering what it would be like. When my trousers dropped and my equipment was on display the giggling stopped but the chatter went up a notch.

Karen opened her eyes wide as I leaned forward towards her, my erection quickly threatening her mound. She opened her mouth and I thought she was about to protest but she closed her mouth again, choosing to swallow nervously instead. She didn't say a word, just watching, as my cock first pressed against her pouting lips, then pushed past them and into her.

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