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Blondie Balls My Black Boss

by raven2222©

She had applied a heavy coat of hot pink lipstick and gone well outside her lip line, making that already delectable mouth even more luscious; I smiled, knowing what she intended to do with it. It occurred to me that my alluring wife looked good enough to be a Penthouse centerfold. This was quite a prize I was giving my black boss tonight; I sincerely hoped he’d show me some appreciation in the future.

Moving across the room, Blondie picked up the tempo from the radio and began to dance just for Beau, who was sitting in the other chair with his hard dick in his hand. Untying the silk belt of her negligee, Blondie pulled back the lace fabric and let him see it all, erect, pink nipples and the dark shadow of her pubic mound through her sheer, black panties, as she maintained her gentle bumps and grinds. I marveled that here I was, watching my beautiful wife dance nearly naked for my boss while he masturbated; I pondered the thought that very few men had ever had an employment experience like this.

Watching Beau stroke his growing cock, Blondie turned to me, giving me a pouting smile, as if to say, “Oooooh!” indicating her anticipation of getting that big dick inside her. As she moved about in the small area between the table and the entryway, strutting her stuff for this very aroused black man, she slipped the negligee off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor, now dancing for him in panties, garter belt, hose and shelf bra. Her nipples were distended with excitement and as hard and pink as pencil erasers.

After a couple of songs, she began moving in closer to him, reaching out and taking his right hand. Guiding it to her damp crotch, she let out a moan when his long middle finger slid inside her. Hunching against his finger in time to the music, she cupped her breasts and massaged her nipples with her thumbs. Looking down at him through slitted eyes, she cooed,

"Oh yessss, Baby, oh yeeaass, that feels so good," as she humped his hand faster and faster.

Pushing in even closer between his legs, she pressed harder and harder against his hand until he leaned forward and put his face in her crotch. Pulling her panties down to her ankles, he grasped her buttocks with both big black hands and began licking her pussy. Blondie stepped out of her panties, smiled knowingly at me then suddenly responded explosively. Grabbing his head in both her small, white hands, she ground her cunt into his face, her hips thrusting at him spastically for the next several minutes until she suddenly threw her head back and wailed loud enough to be heard in the next room,

"Oh yes, Baby, oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, I'm cumming, Baby, I'm cumming, Oh God yes I'm cumming. Don't stop, Baby, don't stop. Make me cum, Lover, oh God yes make me cum, Beau, make my sweet little white pussy cum, you big, black stud!"

I was thrilled to death; Beau was already making my wife cum and the night was just getting started. I knew she was now putty in his hands, game for whatever he wanted her to do. He'd done a very smart thing making her cum right away. Now he could play her like a fiddle. He didn't know it yet, but I did, from past experience with other black studs, I knew my boss had just made my wife his white whore, his for whatever he wanted her to do to him or for him. When she finally stopped shaking and moaning from her orgasm, Blondie backed away from Beau, gave me a wobbly, smirking smile, licked her fabulous lips, and said in a sultry drawl,

"Now, I told you this was going to be a special situation, didn't I, Dickie boy?"

Pulling Beau up from the chair, Blondie dropped to her knees in front of him. His semi-hard cock was hanging out the front of his shorts and Blondie gave it a quick kiss on the head. With both hands, she grasped the waistband of his red jockeys and pulled them down to his ankles; as she lifted each foot to remove them, she pulled off his long socks. What a sight that was, watching my wife, on her knees, stripping my boss while his big, black, semi-erect cock bobbed just inches from her face. Setting his clothes aside, she took his cock in her hands, looked up at him and said huskily,

"Yum, yum. Your turn, Lover, your turn."

Jacking him off vigorously now, Blondie turned to me, licked those luscious lips again, gave me a devastatingly wicked smile and teased,

"Oh yeah, Dickie boy, look what mama’s got to play with! I told Beau you’d want to see me give him more than a hand job, and you do, don’t you, Rick? You want to see your wife give your boss a blowjob, don’t you, Baby, hunh? You do want me to suck this big ol’ black dick, don’t you, Sugar? Come on and tell me, Dickie boy, do you want me to suck it?"

I tore my eyes from hers and glanced up at Beau who was watching me intently. I smiled at him and said,

“Yeah, Baby, you go for it; you suck that big black dick, Baby, suck it good! Make Beau feel good, Honey, suck his dick!”

It was the first really good look I'd had of his penis; it looked to be about ten plus inches long and it was thick; it was also uncircumcised and very black. It looked to be about the same length as Tommy’s, the first black guy she’d fucked, but it was definitely thicker. It was a true horsecock. Adding her other hand, my wife began to stroke it two-handed as she licked and kissed the big purple head emerging from the foreskin. When she began to actually suck it, Beau let out a groan and looked over at me rather guiltily. I just grinned at him and motioned for him to hold her blond hair back so I could see the action. Pulling back her platinum tresses, he looked down at her intently and murmured,

"You are one beautiful, sexy, surprising woman, you know that?" Blondie paused in her blowjob and smiled up at him, her hot pink lipstick smeared,

"And you have a beautiful cock, Baby, you know that? God, and you can’t believe how badly I wanted to do this in Colorado; I’ll bet if I had you’d have been down here to work with my husband long before now."

Beau smiled and groaned,

"Oh yeah, Baby, you better know it! Oh fuck yeah!"

A few minutes later, Blondie complained that the hard, commercial carpet was hurting her knees. Getting to her feet, she sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled Beau over to stand in front of her. Grasping that huge black dick in both hands she resumed the blowjob, but picked up the tempo, both with her mouth and her hands. Beau was standing legs spread, one hand holding back her hair for my benefit, the other on one hip; he was moving his hips back and forth in response to Blondie's ministrations to his cock. In fact, he was literally fucking her mouth; I was sitting here watching my black boss fuck my beautiful blond wife in her very receptive mouth. What an unbelievable scene and it was about to get better!

When Beau began a steady low moaning, Blondie paused and looked up at him, asking,

"Do you wanna cum like this, Baby?"

When he confirmed that with a moaned, “Oh yeah, Baby,” she looked over at me while continuing to jack him off, then smiled a devilish smile and asked innocently,

"Want me to let him cum in my mouth, Dickie boy? After all, he is your boss and a wife should be nice to her husband's boss, shouldn't she? I’ll bet you’d love to see your boss cum in my mouth, Baby, wouldn't you?"

I nodded my agreement. Looking up at Beau, Blondie grinned and said,

"My husband wants me to be real nice to you, Big Boss Man, and let you cum in my mouth while he watches. That OK with you, Boss Man?"

As those full, hot-pink lips engulfed the head of his cock again, Beau moaned,

"Oh yeah, Baby, oh yeah, oh fuck yeah!"

With a look of concern, Blondie asked him,

“If I do it, will you still be able to cum in my pussy later, Baby?”

Beau grinned wickedly and gasped, “Oh yeah, Baby, Oh yeah!”

With that reassurance Blondie resumed her enthused sucking until suddenly Beau made a sound like "Aahhrrgg!" and began bucking his hips into her face, fucking her mouth with a fury. Immediately, a small bloom of pearly liquid erupted from the corner of my wife's luscious mouth. She made a loud slurping noise and a large, white dollop of semen escaped over her full bottom lip onto the bedspread between her legs and down to the carpet between his feet. I realized that in his orgasmic frenzy, Beau was pushing that big dick so far into my wife's mouth he was gagging her and she couldn't swallow his cum fast enough. I said forcefully,

"Back off, Beau. You're choking her!"

Startled, he jerked back so abruptly, that the head of his cock popped from Blondie's mouth, still pumping out streamers of hot semen. In rapid succession he fired multiple jets of his seed onto her face and neck and into her hair. I sat fascinated as my beautiful blond wife held that throbbing, black cock in both hands, aimed at her face, willingly accepting the diminishing spurts of hot liquid she had milked from this black man with her succulent mouth.

I had never seen a man cum on my wife’s face before. I had watched guys pull out at the last minute when fucking her and shoot their loads on her belly or her tits, but never her face. Nor had I ever seen a man cum in such quantity; Blondie was a total mess, bathed in semen, but she was smiling as she lovingly rubbed that huge, softening, black cock all over her face and neck. She licked and kissed it and took the head back into her mouth and rolled her tongue around it, evoking more groans from her lover.

I got up and got a damp washcloth and a towel from the bathroom. I handed them to Beau. He bent down and began to gently wipe Blondie's face, neck and the tops of her breasts. Bending down beside her, he kissed her softly and said,

"Thank you for that incredible experience, Blondie; I've never had a woman do that before; I'm sorry if I choked you; I couldn't help myself; that was the most mind-boggling climax I've ever had. I just lost it there for a second; I’m sorry, OK?"

He had said exactly the right thing; as she stood up, my wife just melted into his arms and began kissing him with undisguised affection. Watching, I realized happily that this show was just getting started; they'd both cum already and they hadn't even fucked yet.

As if reading my mind, Blondie broke away from their kissing and looked at me, smiling lewdly as she said,

"I told you we’d put on a hot show for you, didn’t I, Dickie boy?”

Grinning at Beau, she murmured, “And we’re just getting started aren’t we Darlin?”

When he didn’t immediately respond, she asked with gentle concern,

“Hey, Baby, that wasn't it for the night was it? You said you’ll cum inside me; you promised."

Pulling him close, she kissed him affectionately then murmured

"Oh yessss, I want you to make love to me, Baby; I want to feel that big, black dick inside me and I want you to cum in me. Can you cum again, Beau? I definitely want you to cum in me, OK, Lover?"

Beau smiled at her straightforwardness and reassured her that, given a little recovery time he could still perform. Hefting his soft cock in her hand, she licked his mouth sensuously and said,

"You'd better, you stud; I’m not leaving here tonight until you cum in me, Baby. I’ve been imagining for two months how good it would feel to let you cum in me and tonight you’re going to do it, Lover, OK?”

Pulling away from him, she glanced in the dresser mirror and reacted with exaggerated horror,

“Good lord, Boss Man, you really did a number on me! You really hadn’t cum for a month, had you? My word, you sure made a mess of this ol’ girl!”

Giving him a quick kiss, she grinned and said, “But she loved every minute of it, Darlin. Now you rest up, Lover, while I go repair the damages, OK?”

With that, she went into the bathroom to fix herself up. I followed, telling Beau I had to pee. Blondie was standing in front of the mirror using a hairbrush and a washcloth to get the remnants of semen out of her hair. Closing the door behind me, I said,

"Boy, that was exciting!"

She grinned and replied softly, "My first all-the-way-blowjob with a black guy. I've offered to let Victor do it but he always gets so carried away, he just has to cum in my pussy and ends up fucking me, instead. Next time we get together with him, I'm going to make him let me blow him till he cums. You're right, that is hot; you know, I almost came again when he did without anyone even touching my pussy."

Eyeing me in the mirror as she fixed her hair, she said very quietly,

"Well, was I right about your boss or not, hmmm? Didn’t I tell you he’d go along with it? I knew he had the hots for me; I could tell he did out in Colorado, you know?”

I just grinned at her in the mirror and she continued somewhat smugly,

“Tell me, am I taking good enough care of your boss, hmmm, Dickie boy?

Again I just grinned and her lovely flushed face took on a more thoughtful expression as she whispered,

“You know, he seems like a nice guy, basically; I mean, I know you two have had your differences, but, for sure, he's the highest quality black guy I've ever been in bed with. I like him; he's gentle and yet strong and I really like him, you know, Rick?”

She paused then murmured, “God, I can’t wait for him to fuck me, Sugar. I want to make that big ol’ black dick cum in me."

She was silent as she made a generous application of glossy hot-pink lipstick on her full lips. Turning from the mirror, she slipped into my arms, kissed me lightly on the mouth and briefly slipped her tongue between my lips and ran it around my teeth; pulling back, she looked intently into my eyes and teased,

“Taste that cum, Dickie boy; taste what your sweet little ol’ wife just sucked outta your big ol’ black boss’s dick.”

Sure enough, her mouth had a residual saltiness of semen. She lifted her eyebrows and asked in a mocking tone,

“Maybe you’d like a little better taste of that, hmmm? Maybe my big ol’ stud husband would like a little taste of creampie when his boss gets through fuckin’ his wife, hmmm?”

I smiled and replied, “Maybe so, but I’m not so sure I want him knowing all of our little tricks, you know?”

Blondie grinned wickedly and murmured,

"Sugar, he already knows you like to watch other men fuck me, so what’s the big deal if you like to eat a little creampie hmmm?”

I said weakly, “I don’t know; it’s a guy thing, I guess.”

Turning back to the mirror to repair her smeared lipstick, Blondie smiled and purred,

“I think fucking your boss is just about the sexiest thing we've ever done, don't you? When we talked about it in Colorado, I never really thought we'd ever actually get a chance to do it, did you? My God, think about it, Richard; I just gave your boss a blowjob and I'm about to go back in there and fuck him; your boss, Honey, I'm going in there and get on that bed and fuck your big-dicked, black boss.”

She grinned evilly and said, “And my little ol’ pussy is getting all wet and tingly just thinking about it. It's the wildest thing we've ever done but I'm glad we did it; he has a beautiful cock and I want it in me, Rick; I want to feel it cumming inside me!”

Kissing me lightly again, she murmured,

“I'm betting he knows how to use it really well if he can fuck as good as he kisses. I want to make him cum again, cum inside me; and I'm going to if we have to stay here all night! You are going to get a show, Baby, cause your sweet little ol’ horny, white wife is ready to go back in there and give your big, black boss the screwing of his life."

Pushing her ass back against me, Blondie winked at me mischievously and took my hand guiding it around to her groin. She whispered,

"Feel my pussy, Dickie boy; you think your wife’s not ready for some black dick?” I did and she was lubricating copiously. She smiled naughtily and murmured,

“I don't suppose you’d like to help would you, Dickie boy? How would you like to put his cock in me? That would be so deliciously decadent, you putting your boss’s black dick in your wife’s pussy, wouldn’t it, now, Baby?”

I just smiled and as I left the room, told her over my shoulder that Beau and I would be waiting.

Written by: raven2222

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