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by glibly©

Face Down.

The thought trickled into her consciousness. She was warm. Comfortable. Asleep.

Face Down.


Again. Ah, I was asleep. Did I dream? So tired.

Time passed.

Face Down.

... Oh, again, I'm asleep. Wake up silly!

"What?", a muffled question could be heard. Her face was, in fact, face down in the unusual carpet. Gaining a foothold in reality she rolled over and opened her eyes. She could only see white as if she'd woken on a cloud. Hot! She felt in a daze, confused.

No you are not in bed.

A voice. In her head. Was it her own voice? Did she imagine it?

You did not.

Confusion still, but now with a touch of panic. "Where am I?"

You will learn.

"What? What the fuck is going on? Who are you? WHERE AM I?" Panic was tightening its grip deep in her belly. Looking around she saw no walls. No ceiling. No floor. It was all white. She knelt and felt the 'floor'. It was there. It felt like a soft carpet, but it was so white it couldn't be distinguished from anything.

You will learn. I will return.


The last had the force of command.

"Look, whoever you are. This isn't funny. I'm scared. Let me out of this ... this ... room?" Spinning around she inspected all four points of the compass. White, white, white, white. "Come on! Stop it!" Her breathing began to quicken as the impossibility of her situation sank in. HOT! More questions ... who? ... why? ... where? WHERE? ... Finally, she broke down. Falling to her knees, she began to sob as feelings of panic and lonliness washed over her.

It ran its course. She could only panic for so long. As her mind returned to her she began to notice more.

The first and most dramatic thing she noticed was that she didn't know who she was. "Where?" suddenly seemed such a small matter. Concentrating intensely, she tried to recall everything she remembered. She had full memories of everything that you'd expect to find in an encyclopedia, but nothing personal. No parents, no friends, no home, no past.


Strangely, this lack of personal memories worried her less that her current predicament.


She assumed she'd suffered from some form of mental trauma and all that personal stuff would come back as her mind ...


... processed whatever had caused the problem in the first place.

She decided that exploration was a good starting point. First, she needed to ...


... she finally listened. shutting her eyes she realized that she was actually burning. On fire. Tears came to her eyes as she imagined her skin blistering and charring. How had she ignored this unimaginable pain? How had she let herself catch on fire?

Opening her eyes, she looked down and saw that she was wearing Jeans and a T-shirt and wasn't in fact on fire.


Her skin told her otherwise. Only her arms seemed to be immune to the invisible flame. She lifted her shirt to see if she could detect what was causing the problem and instantly the fire on her exposed belly stopped. Pulling off her shirt, the pain left completely, except for her breasts and back which still screamed in pain. Reaching back she removed her bra and with it the remainder of her upper body pain.

She realized that the palms of her hand burned fiercely where she was in contact with her shirt and bra. She let them drop and immediately lay down to remove her pants, socks and panties.

Liyng there completely nude with none of her clothing touching her and without any pain was the most blissful feeling she could imagine.

"OK fucktard, you clearly want me naked. Now what? Why am I here? WHO AM I?"

Learn more.

"Right. 'Learn more.' Fucking dipshit."

Lying there, naked, she contemplated her next move.


She could stay here and sulk. She could wander and see there was anything other that 'white' out there. Were there any other choices?


Hearing the message more quickly this time, she realized that the whole back of her body, where it touched the carpet, was starting to feel pain. Understanding that the pain she'd felt earlier left no physical damage and feeling quite angry by now at the absurdity and hopelessness of her predicament, she didn't move.


The pain was getting intense. She could imagine blisters forming and again and felt fear. Maybe this time, it wasn't an illusion.


"FUUUUUCK!", she really didn't want to give in ... but the pain! The pain was blinding. The pain became her world.



was too much. She rolled over and again felt cool bliss. The absence of pain was almost as intense as the pain had been.


"What?" a sob escaped her. She could hear the message clearly and instantly now, and was appalled as heat and pain began on the font of her body as she lay there, face down, enjoying the short reprieve.

"Learn right?" sighing in resignation, "I guess I stand." Getting to her hands and knees she felt the stirrings of pain dissipate. As she stood up, an odd thing happened. She began to feel heavy.

By the time she was fully erect, she was struggling to keep her head from dropping forward. As she tried to support her head with her hands, she realized that her arms were in fact, much to heavy to lift. What was worse was that she seemed to be getting heavier.

Within a few seconds her legs began to tremble and her shoulders began to ache. Dropping to her knees, she felt much of the weight disappear, but her head and arms still continued to increase. Heavier and heavier, until she finally gave in and collapsed down to her hands and knees, head hanging low in submission and defeat.

Now she felt fine. At least she did until she tried to look up and realized her head still weighed a tonne. Oddly though, she discovered that as long as she let it droop, it felt fine. Looking left and right were virtually impossible and looking up was out of the question. But she felt fine as long as she kept her head face down.

Face down ... She knew she was being taught. "Learn" the voice had said, and now it was teaching her. But what? And why?

After wandering around for some time she'd learned that as long as she was naked, on all fours and kept her head down, she was free to go and do what she wanted. After a few hours of trying to cover herself in various ways or trying to move about in a more dignified manner, she'd given up.

Hand and knees. Naked. Face down.

Fair enough. She decided she'd head out and see what the horizon (if there was one) held.


She stopped dead. She'd heard it. She knew what it meant, particularly because she could feel the heat in her face, lips, nipples and pussy. She could literally see her breasts swelling and her nipples contracting to hard points ... pointing ... down.

"No. Please? Why? No no no. Please stop."



Involuntarily, her pussy began to throb and clench. She tried to ignore it. She tried to crawl around but as each moment passed, the throbbing and clenching grew more and more intense.

Realizing that this would follow the same course as the earlier pain, she decided to give in and put her head on the carpet and reached back to her pussy. She reached back, but couldn't reach. As her hand approached her now constantly throbbing hole it became heavier and heavier, dropping to the ground no matter how hard she tried to lift it.

She tried desperately for a minute or two to no avail. She felt her juices dripping down her thighs. She realized that she'd been making involuntary grunts and moans and they were getting increasingly loud and desperate.

Spreading her legs wide and laying her belly flat she tried rubbing her clit on the carpet. Not only was it unfulfilling, as soon as her belly touched the ground, she heard:


and her belly flared in pain.

The urge to be touched, licked, fingered or fucked was becoming overwhelming.

Kneeling there, on her hands and knees now, unable to touch herself. Unable to find release. "Jesus Jesus Jesus ... Fuck ... uh .. uh .. what do I do? What? Help me ... PLEASE!! uh ... uuuuunnngggh HELP ME ... OH GOD PLEASE!" She was desperate and lost and impossibly horny.

"oooooooh. PLEAAAASSE!"

Then she felt it.

Something was moving under her hand Moving her hand aside, she saw a small lump in the carpet. It grew to be a small nub a couple inches high. In her current state, all she saw was opportunity. She immediately crawled forward and squatted on the lump, rubbing it on her clit and forcing it into her hole.

She had no idea how long she sat there fucking the little lump of nothing. She couldn't stop. It didn't bring her to the orgasm she needed, but it gave her something to focus her lust on. She was sweating and incredibly sore and the lump was covered in a puddle of her pussy juice when she heard.


She screamed as the orgasm overtook her. And she screamed again. Over and over the waves of pleasure took her. The release from the constant passion was almost too much for her mind to bear. She was lost in ecstasy. Lost.

When she finally came back to herself, she got back on her hands and knees. Her thighs and bush were covered in layers of mucus and slime that her cunt had been pouring out for hours. The lump was still there, covered as well in her uncontrollable spillage.


"Not a fucking chance." She said it before she thought.

The lump disappeared.


"Oh god." She was sore and ever so tired ... but her pussy began to throb as her breasts began to swell. "I'm sorry! I'm SORRY! I'll clean. Really!" rushing to the puddle where the lump used to be she began to clean up the mess the only way she could, with her tongue. The whole time she was getting hotter and hornier and her pussy had begun dribbling down the inside of her thigh again.

Once she had cleaned the mess as best she could she pleaded "Ok ... ok ... make it stop .. I'm sorry ... unnnnnngghh .. give me back the lump. Let me touch myslef ... un .. unh ... unh ... please? whimper Please?"

Like before she knelt there, on her hands and knees, face down and panted and pleaded for release. Like before it was hours before she felt the lump. Like before she fucked it with abandon until she came in an intense mind numbing orgasm and like before when she was done, she heard.


And this time, without hesitation, she did. The sucking and licking went on for some time.


"Oh god" was all she said before she drifted off.

When she woke, rested it only took her a few seconds to realized that her situation was the same. On her hands and knees, face down, she waited.


And so it went.

Did it go on for days? For certain. Months? Probably. Years? Yes. She endured. She endured a lifetime of it. She endured another and another. Two, three hundred years? She endured, for she had no other option. She endured ... and she learned.

Then something changed.

She woke up and could feel the pillow below her head. In a panic, she got to her hands and knees and pulled off the blankets and her panties, which had been the only thing she was wearing. Head down, she waited.

An hour passed before she felt the sheets rustle and realized her husband was in bed next to her. She didn't look at him. Doing so would have necessitated moving her head from its 'face down!' position.

"What's up Hun? You look like you are getting ready for a little 'from behind' action." Her husband said, half asleep, half amused.

Suck his cock.

Without hesitation, she turned, pulled his cock out of his underwear and began giving him a blowjob, the likes of which he'd never experienced before. It didn't take long. He came in her mouth ... but she didn't stop ... she just kept blowing him. His cock lost its form and surprisingly she heard him snoring.

She didn't stop working on his soft flaccid cock, his spent semen pooling around the base of his cock and wetting her cheeks and nose each time she took him deep in her mouth.



Years later, when her admiring fans asked her where she found her motivation in spite of all the challenges thrown her way, she was heard to answer:

"I listen to myself. I can be quite convincing".

Written by: glibly

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