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My Sister's perfect ass!

by Uncle Pervey©

Have you ever seen, such a grand,
Gorgeous yummy ass by Damn!
My Sister has an ass so grand,
It's sight makes my mouth water, and?
It's firm and round cheeks pooching out,
Would make a blind man sing and shout!
And when my hands and fingers feel,
That silky skin, my mind will reel!
My fingers slide inside her crack,
They softly stroke from front to back.
Then I'll drop down, and kiss her cheeks,
And spread them wide, and start my feast!
She bends over on a chair,
And offers me her "love hole" there.
I kiss, and lick her pussy well,
Then lick on higher to her shell!
My lips and tongue caress her hole,
My cock grows hard just like a pole!
My lips press tightly to her skin,
Around her Anus, I begin.
I lick, and probe, and suck, and lick,
And my tongue enters, inside, so slick!
And grabs my tongue, I hear her plea,
"Oh Johnny Johnny, stick it in!
Oh Johnny Johnny, in again!
Now lick and suck my crack just right,
And you'll get, MY ass- tonight!"
Her plea's, are music to my ear,
And I suck "hickies," on her rear.
I ream her asshole, more, and more,
And urge her down upon the floor.
She gets down on knees, and breast,
Her scrumptious ass is high at rest.
She groans "Oh Johnny Johnny Dear,
Fuck my ass right in my rear!
Take your hot cock and push it in,
And fuck my ass, again, again!"
I put my cock against her hole,
And push it in, but do it slow.
Now I'm inside her, all the way,
I'm fucking her now, and I say,
"Oh Baby, Baby, your sweet hole,
Has got a death-grip on my pole!
You feel so hot, so wet, so tight,
I'm fucking your sweet ass tonight!"
My cock slides in, my cock slides out,
I'm traveling that backdoor route.
"Your shit-hole's hot and steaming now,"
And on I fuck, and deep I plow.
And as I fuck your precious tail,
I hear you moan, and cry, and wail.
"Oh fuck, oh fuck, come deep inside,
Oh Johnny fuck me, Johnny ride!"
I feel my cock, grow harder still,
And shove it deep, as my cum spills.
My cock is jumping, spurting cum,
"I love your ass, your scrumptious bum!
Your asshole's sucking my cock dry!"
My heart beats wildly, as I cry,
"Oh Baby, Baby, Baby shit!
Don't let me stop, don't let me quit!
Your sweet tight ass, is draining me,
My cum is filling you, Baby!"
My Sister's climax, starts to fire,
And she cries out, "Oh please don't tire!
Oh please don't stop, and don't slow down,
I'm cumming, cumming, cumming now!
Oh fuck me Johnny! fuck me deep!
Oh fuck me Johnny! Til I weep!"
I wrap my arms, around her tight,
And hold it in, with all my might.
My cock is buried, all the way,
In Baby's ass, I hope, I pray.
That when we're rested, feeling right,
I'll fuck her ass again tonight.
My Sister Tootsie, where she lay,
Gasped "Johnny fuck me more today!
I rolled us over, on our sides,
And held her lovingly, inside.
"Oh yes my Angel, yes my Dear,
I'll keep my cock, inside your rear!!

Written by: Uncle Pervey

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Category: Erotic Poetry Submissions