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Kristin Continued

by Carole99©

Note: I wrote this in admiration of the story "Kidnapped Kristin," posted by Sarpedom, who says the author is unknown. I highly recommend reading the original story — consisting of 15 short chapters — to understand the references. If you prefer to get right into the action, start at Ch. 7. You will also learn how the five girls received their crude names. I have tried to capture the Trainer's sarcasm and thorough contempt for women. Unlike my others stories, this is rude and crude. If this is well-received, I will write more. It's fiction, people, fantasy. My fantasy.


Kristin spent her night sobbing in shame and guilt. In a few short days, she had morphed from a happy, college-bound young woman to an abject, groveling slave girl. From choosing a sorority to begging a man to take her ass. In another world, she was obsessed with shopping and gossip. This night, she would give anything just to be able to rub herself to an orgasm. But the cameras had given her away that other night, and she couldn't risk another pussy whipping. "Yes, she thought, it's my pussy, not my Cunt. Not my drippy hole."

But it was a little drippy. In the slowest way possible, she rubbed her thighs together, keeping hands outside the blanket. She tried to clench, and twist, but it wasn't enough. She fell asleep in frustrated tears. She had a vague dream about ripping her trainer's clothes off. He kept pushing her away...

The buzzer startled the girls awake. They wolfed the usual protein bar and water in the allotted time. Bare toes touched the tape as the second buzzer sounded. The woman from the day before smiled. "Good girls! All arms boxed! Move to line!"

In a moment, the five girls were at arm's length, facing the exit. The woman waved a short quirt. "No cuff today! You walk. Left foot. Go!" Kristin stepped out on her left foot, but Minou didn't, causing a minor backup. Lilly almost tripped. Tits put her hand on Kristin's shoulder to keep her balance. They all stopped and looked around, resembling sheep in a chute.

The quirt came down hard on Minou's ass. She screamed. The quirt arched down and slashed her foot. "This left foot, you cow."

The trainer's voice sounded out from the speaker. "You sluts can't even walk down the hall? I'm disappointed. Half of your breakfast just disappeared. Last chance. If you can't manage simple walking, you won't eat today. Am I clear, slaves?"

"Yes, Sir!"

The yoga workout pushed their endurance to the limit. Kristin's leg muscles nearly gave out. The woman demanded quickness and symmetry. Cunt and Lilly each received a slash for slowness.

In the shower room, the woman lightly pushed Minou and Lilly toward the first of a row of commodes on the opposite wall. She positioned Cunt and Tits in front of the second commode. Kristin faced the third one.

"Today training require enemy." She passed large bottles among the slaves. The bottles had a long, slim tip. "You give partner enemy." The realisation caused a great sigh among the girls. She pointed at Kristin. "You my partner. Down." She positioned Doll with her arms across the industrial toilet seat and moved her legs apart with her shoe. The humiliation was unbearable. Kristin's tears dripped into the water.

"You, you, down!" Lilly and Tits hesitated only a few seconds before complying. The woman pulled the cap from the bottle. "Spit on! Put in slow." Kristin felt the strange object begin to slide in. The feeling, not painful, was peculiar. She could not recall having anything in her ass before. The woman glanced around. "Now squeeze. Empty all slow."

The slick, room temperature liquid felt cold. Kristin felt a hand on her abdomen, squeezing and kneading. "You see what I do? You do." In a moment, the other crouching girls felt the sloshing massage of their bellies. Lilly drew a gasping breath as the nozzle made contact. Tits made a series of desperate grunts. There was nothing sexual about an "enemy."

Cunt and Minou kept it up until the woman withdrew the bottle and her hand. "Now sit!"

In complete embarrassment, three women emptied their guts in a great gush of sound and smell. Kristin waited on her knees on the wet floor while the other two endured their cleansing. "Now you shower. You clean ass good. You show me!"

Before drying off, each one had to bend over and show off her clean hole.

Back in the training room, the women hunched over their breakfast, faces poised inches above the bowl. Kristin recalled a friend training his dogs like this. "Wait." The half-bowl of oatmeal was cold and there was no milk or fruit. The trainer had commanded them to bend over the bowl and wait for his cue. "Sluts, we will not have a repeat of yesterday's mistake. You will all move as one. You have three minutes to lick your bowl clean. Wait." Each one began trembling at the strain of holding her pose. "Wait! Minou, hold still. Doll, you're shaking. Are you hungry?"

"Yes, Sir."


Five tongues plunged at once. The cold cereal was stiff. They had to bite at it to break off clumps. "Time!" He sat on the floor facing the women. "Very good, girls. Your bowls are passably tidy, but your faces are a mess. Turn to your partner and lick her clean. Doll, crawl up here. I'm your partner. Lilly, are you waiting for something?"

"N-no, Sir." She began running her tongue around Minou's chin.

Kristin felt a wave travel from her chest down to her crotch. Halfway to her trainer, her nipples were already stiffening. Why did this happen? She saw an image in her mind of him flipping her on her back and... "Put your knees outside of mine." She broke out of her reverie and parted her legs around his. "Hands behind your back." He wiped a finger across her upper lip and slipped it in her mouth. She licked and sucked at it until he forcibly pulled it out.

"Doll, you are the most responsive slave I've seen in a long time. You are enjoying this, aren't you?" He said this while his finger swirled in her mouth for the third time.

"Mmmm... mmm..."

"You don't have to answer that, Doll. I have other ways of knowing." He dipped his other hand down to her slit and slithered it up and down in the wetness. Kristen reared up, still stuck to his finger.


"That's what I thought, Doll. Now, hold still. I have to finish my job." He took her face in his hands and began licking all around her mouth and chin. Kristin was on fire, trembling and sweating. She wanted to jump on him and rip his clothes off. "Oh, my dream..." She felt a throbbing between her legs, and inched forward to touch herself on his knee...

"OK, Doll, back to your place." As she crawled away, her blush covered her whole upper body. "Ladies, will you look at this. Doll is all undressed and nowhere to go!" Kristin took her place and hung her head. "Don't be embarrassed, Doll. This is your job description now. Always hot to trot! You are hot aren't you?"

"Y-y-yes, Sir," she stammered. She wanted to sink into the floor. How could he mistreat her so?

"Look me in the eyes, Doll. Are you hot?"

She forced her head up. "Yes, Sir, this slave is h-hot."

"Good. One of these days, I'll cool you off. But for now, that drippy little hole will have to wait. Today's training will break in another hole. Almost at once, five heads dropped lower. They began to fidget.

He smiled. "OK, everyone, display position." It took a few seconds before the women started parting knees and lacing fingers behind necks. "Now, perfect your position." Each one straightened her back, moved her elbows back, and thrust her chest forward. He waited.

"Girls, I have not used the word 'excellent' before, but look around at each other's posture right now. Lilly's back is ramrod straight. Minou's knees are well apart. Almost painful, eh mon chère?"

"Oui, Monsieur."

"Look at Tits. Your tits have never looked better. They're practically saluting. Right, Doll? I've seen you admiring them."

"Um, yes, Sir."

"I'm proud of you. Each of you will remember this day, the day you transformed from clumsy, spoiled brats to graceful specimens of womanhood." The slaves were starting to feel the strain from their "perfect" posture. But each one felt a strange measure of pride. He noticed a faint smile on Lilly's lips.

"Because of your great progress, I have a surprise for you." He nodded to the side. The woman brought forth a tray of fruit, cookies, and water bottles. "Sit cross-legged around the tray. You still may not speak unless spoken to, but enjoy your treat."

The five slaves made a circle around the tray and soon became lost in the food and the break. With smiles and gestures, they tried to communicate. Eyebrows bobbed and heads tilted as they tried to show sympathy and concern, without great success.

The trainer sat back and smiled. He watched five naked women, pear juice dripping on chins, try to helplessly communicate with each other. What a good metaphor for their situation here. Like good pets, they loved a little treat, but they would only perform at his command. He let them finish the tray. They would need the energy for the day's training.

"OK, use the napkin to wipe your faces and line up at attention facing that wall. Remember, you are a statue." His assistant placed a blindfold on each one. They heard noises and low talking, but they each remained still as instructed. Though the day wasn't even half over, they were all tired. Kristin thought of the morning's events. They had to march like soldiers to a strenuous workout, they almost fell, and they had forfeited half of their meal. They had to purge their intestines in front of each other. She had to suck his finger over and over while he felt her up. She began to feel the heat again.

He had forced her to admit her arousal in front of everyone, but, of course, for the second time in two days, denied her any crumb of relief. That was one of the cruelest parts of this ordeal: He could inflame her with a touch, and just leave her panting. A thought formed: "I love him."

"Sluts, remove your blindfolds and remain still." Five small rubber penises sprouted from a board set low on the wall. Below each one stood a black boot. "When you walk, you will sway your hips slightly, and move in smaller steps. Your purpose is not just getting there, but enticing your Master. Now, you're going to put your book back on your head, walk up to Mr. Johnson, and assume the worship position like your life depended on it." Minou started walking, prompting Tits to step out as well.

"Did I say to move?" he yelled. They stepped back. "Who is in control here, Minou?"

"You are, Sir. I'm sorry, um, this slave is sorry."

"You already have a stripe on your ass. Want some more?"

"N-no, Sir!" Her words came out as a squeak.

"Tits, did I give the command to move?"

"No, Sir."

"I'll deal with both of you later. Now, move!"

Five left feet stepped out more or less in unison. They tried to walk as he wanted. "Tits, you're doing well for someone who is so top heavy. Lilly, we'll work on it. Cunt, your book fell off. It's Gone with the Wind."

"Minou, relax. You look like you have a stick up your ass. Doll, you're still blushing. Focus. You have a job to do." As she approached the wall, Kristin noticed the obscene-looking dildos. The size of a large cigar, they had bulbous heads and realistic veins running down their length. Red, blue, purple, green. Hers was pink.

"Ready to worship?" The trainer chuckled out loud when Minou reached up to remove her imaginary book. "What's the name of that book, 'The Airhead?' Wake up!"

"Sorry, Sir."

"OK, you're going to do this with pride and devotion, sluts. Reach out and touch the boot. Go."

Kristin placed her cheek on the cold floor and stretched herself toward the wall. They all held their position for long moments. "That boot's not gonna clean itself, ladies." As five bootlickers practiced their noble craft, the assistant walked along, dropping a squeeze tube by each girl's head.

The trainer strolled down the row, taking in the amazing scene: Five naked bodies straining to please a plastic cock. Five inviting bottoms trembling before his inspection. Bare toes gripping the floor, seemingly trying to gain traction on the concrete.

"Display!" The command took a moment to sink in, but each slave moved to lace her fingers and spread her knees. "Lilly, a little slow. Do you have a hearing problem?"

"No, Sir."

"Now, each of you, in the sweetest possible way, ask Mr. Johnson how you may serve him. Use your own words. Lilly, you first."

"Umm. Hi, Mr. Johnson. How may this slave serve you?"

"A little weak, but it's a start. Cunt."

"How may this slave please you, Mr. Johnson?"

"Good words, no enthusiasm. He might turn you down. Crawl up there and rub yourself on him and beg. Go."

With a great sigh, she inched forward and lifted her breasts around the penis. "Please, Sir! Let this slave serve you! Please."

"That'll do it. I think he's going to accept your offer. Lean back. Minou, can you say it like the classy ladies in Quebec do?"

"Yes, Sir. Monsieur Johnson, comment puis-je vous servir?" He was always pleasantly surprised at how compliant and servile a girl could become in just a few days.

"Merci! You'll get your answer in the language that all females understand. Tits, let's hear that great Georgia accent. Don't let Mr. Johnson get away!"

She took a deep breath. Trying to sound desperate, she whispered, "Please, Sir, take this slave for your pleasure."

"Not bad. Lean in and give him a nice wet kiss, while Doll tries her best."

While a tearful girl slobbered on the purple knob, Kristin took a risk and lifted her breasts to within an inch of her pink "gentleman." "Please, Sir, have this slave any way you like." She rubbed one nipple over the tip. "Anything." She ran the other nipple across and leaned back.

"Damn, Doll! You'd like to take that thing to bed with you tonight, wouldn't you?"

Reddening again, she whispered, "Umm, y-yes, Sir."

"Not gonna happen, sweetheart! Save yourself for me." Once again he had taken her up the roller coaster and right back down. She made a little sound and looked at the floor. But at this point, she would do anything for him, and take any abuse. Tears of frustration tumbled to the floor.

"All right, now that you have his interest, let's make it worth his while. Pick up the tube I gave you. Lilly, read the label."

"Umm, it's called 'Adam & Eve,' Sir."

"Good. You can read, not that you'll be reading much where you're going. Minou, Cunt, and Doll, Present!"

The commands raced through Kristin's mind. "Oh, not that." She bent down and moved her hands to spread her cheeks. It had to be the most humiliating position a woman could be instructed to take. "Ladies, you wouldn't go on a date with Mr. Johnson without some lubrication, would you?"

"Uh, ah, no, Sir."

"Take that tube and grease up that little hole for your partner, and then trade places. Doll, are you the odd girl out again? I guess I'll have to be your lube buddy."

From her awkward position, she sensed him behind her. "No, not again...he's right there...this can't be happening...Oh!" His hand was on her ass.

"We need to stop meeting this way, Doll. But it's good to see you. I do believe this is your best side!" His voice lowered. "Now get all your fingers in there and open up for me." The first touch of the lube made her buck. "Hold still! Do you want to do this dry?"

"N-n-no, S-sir!"

"Well, if you want my help, you'll have to ask nicely."

"Uh...ahh, please, Sir."

"Please what, slut?"

"Please lube my ass, Sir! I mean this slave's ass, Sir."

"Of course. I guess somebody has to do it." He started working a big glob into her. He noticed the others had already changed places. "I think we're almost ready." He wiped his fingers on her thigh, taking one slow slide along her slit. Another buck. Not ever leaving well enough alone, he squirted more lube on his middle finger and moved in for a few more swipes, putting her in another slow burn.

"All right, all fours!" They quickly assumed the position, only slightly less mortifying. "Minou, how does that feel?"

"Strange, Sir."


"It's cold, Sir.

"Wait, I thought Doll loved it. Didn't you, baby?"

Kristen, still smoldering, choked out, "Y-y-yes, th-this slave loved it, Sir."

"Now you are ready for your date. Mr. J is not the type who takes you to dinner first. He likes to get to home plate right away, if you get my drift. Take your lube tube and move your face right up close." No one moved. They had learned. "Go, sluts."

Kristin's nose stopped close enough to smell a faint plastic odor. "Now, introduce yourself. Whisper sweet nothings to him while you lube him up. Begin. I'm listening." He strained to hear the mingled words.

"Hello, I'm Tits," she whispered. "I have something for you."

"Hi, Sir, My name is Lilly. Oh! You're so big!"

"Bonjour, vous êtes si viril. Je suis Minou."

Kristin pressed the clear gel into her hand and began to fondle her pink date. "Hi, b-big guy. I'm Doll. Lovely to meet you."

"OK, sluts! Turn around and offer yourself to him. I hope you prepared your Adam well, because you are his Eve. Ask him to fuck your ass. I guarantee he will say 'Yes.' Move slowly on to him. Go."

"Sir, please fuck my ass." Lilly backed toward her target.

Minou squeaked, "S'il vous plaît, baiser mon cul." Apparently Mr. J understood French, because the couple quickly resembled two dogs.

At this point, Kristin would have fucked a broomstick. She moved her puckered hole onto the penis. "Ohh!. Mmmm. Oh, Mr. Johnson!"

The room filled with gasps and mewls. "Sluts, all the way in, out, in. Keep moving." Again, he took in the sight. Five naked, rutting females sounding off in surprise, pain, and fake passion. He knew from experience that the lube would not last very long, so it was time for their first-timers' reward.

"Ok, my little ass-whores, stop. Stay on him and freeze." He walked between two girls, planted a hand on each ass, and said, "Move." With little grunts and squeaks, Minou and Tits resumed their anal deflowering. He slapped Minou's ass. "Squeeze, honey! Try to pull it off the wall. All of you. Clench those muscles!"

Sighs and sobs accompanied this new effort. They were getting tired. "Stop. Now pull out almost all the way and freeze. I'm going to squirt more lube in there for your special surprise." As he moved from ass to ass, he commented. "Mr. Johnson tells me that each of you has been the perfect date, well-mannered and graceful. He thinks you deserve something sweet. Lilly, do you like dessert?"

Lilly, still stuck on a blue stogie: "Uh, y-yes, Sir."

"All right, you're going to put some lube on your good hand and grind one out of your drippy hole. This could be your last chance for a long time, so I want to see movement and I want to hear some noise! Go, you horny sluts!"

The command started a near frenzy of familiar motion. No young woman needs a lesson in rubbing her slick clit. The rising noise level reminded him of animals in a zoo.

"Ahhh...mmm...mmm..uh...uhh...uh." Doll came first, no surprise to the trainer. He had been floating her boat all day. "Ohhh...ohhh...oh...oh, god...ahhh."

Kristin's groans triggered Cunt. Before long, all but Minou lay curled up on the floor, panting.

"Minou, rapide, rapide!" He knelt down and reached under her to help. She came in a French frenzy, entwined in his fingers. "Mon Dieu! Ahh! Mon Dieu!"

"Kneel up! Display!" As ten knees parted, he could see the moisture and lube starting to drip in little strings. "My, my, you sluts have been nasty. Clean those filthy fingers off!" As each one slurped on her right hand, he said, "You earned it today. Get used to letting a stranger up your ass. He might be nice and get you off, but your purpose in life is to get him off. Anything else is frosting.

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