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Checking on the Neighbors Pt. 01

by Cockhole©

This is a work of interracial erotica that details the adulterous relationship between a married white woman and black men. If this sort of story does not appeal to you, please find something that does.


Liz posted the ad on the neighborhood website: "Female running partner wanted to run 3-5 times per week in the mornings or early evenings. Females only, please."

Liz knew it was time to get in shape. Actually, it was past time. She had really let herself go.

When she'd married Matt about fifteen years ago, Liz had been in the best shape of her life. Now, at 35, Liz had fallen out of shape by her standards. Her once tight, muscular ass was far more round and thick than she would like it to be and her 36D breasts had grown a full cup size larger with her weight gain.

Still, there were no two ways about it. Liz was hot. Built like Jordan Carver, she still drew the eye and sexual attention of every straight man that saw her, including her husband. Matt, thought she was the sexiest thing on earth. He often complimented her by telling her she was like a tall, blonde porn star. He enjoyed having sex with her on a regular basis. Her desire to please him was the reason she was trying to lose weight in the first place, despite his compliments.

Liz and Matt lived in an affluent suburb in North Texas and enjoyed the lifestyle that Matt's law firm afforded them. Their beautiful home was on a secluded street that was largely private. Most their neighbors kept to themselves and allowed the couple, who had never had children in their fifteen years of marriage, to live peacefully and quietly alone in their large home.

The biggest news of the neighborhood was its latest addition: Roger Harris the second-string quarterback for the Cowboys. He, his wife, and two boys moved into the home two houses down from Liz and Matt.

The move had caused a stir in the all-white neighborhood mostly because Roger and his family were black.

This was also a problem for Liz specifically, as she was a self-described racist and disliked black men in particular. She detested, what in her mind, was the arrogance and lack of physical restraint they demonstrated toward women the most. There were several times in her life when she had felt objectified by black men. In fact, when Matt had tried to watch an interracial video not too long ago, all she could think about was how dirty their penises looked and how much their facial features resembled apes. Although Matt didn't share in her prejudices, he knew enough not to be confrontational and never requested interracial porn when they did choose to view it together.

Liz was quite content with her sexual relationship with her husband and satisfied with Matt's more-than-ample penis size. Having only had a few boyfriends in college, Matt was the best and most well-endowed lover she had in her experience. They would typically have sex about three to four times per week. Liz loved to have sex with her husband. Privately, she realized that sex was the most important part of her life.

Liz received one response that interested her. It was from a woman who lived on her street named Mandy. Liz responded to the email immediately:

"Hello Mandy,

I live on 55 Torrent. I'm not a fast runner, so please keep that in mind. We will have to go slow for a little while until I get back in shape. I hope that's alright!



Mandy replied about ten minutes later and the two agreed to meet at Liz's place at nine o'clock the next morning.

Liz couldn't wait until Matt came home to tell him the news that she had finally found a running partner. That afternoon she went to the mall and picked up some new shoes, running shorts and a few athletic tops to wear for her new hobby.

She knew she had to find apparel that would suitably cover and support her curvy body, especially during exercise. This was something she always kept in the back of her mind. The shorts needed to be relatively small around her waist, but long enough to actually cover her oversized butt. She settled for some that were a little too big around the waist, but at least made it to the curve where her legs met her cheeks; as long as she didn't bend over at all.

Then there were the tops, almost exclusively sports bras. Her enormous E cup breasts spilled out over the tops and sides of the first few she tried. Some even failed to cover her large pink areolas. After asking for help from the attendant, she was finally able to find the small section of the store where she could find something in her size.

The next day, after Matt had left for work, Liz dressed for her running date. At 9:00 am exactly, she heard the doorbell ring. There was a small, hooded figure waiting, head down. When the woman turned her face up, Liz could see she was black. "Oh shit!" Liz thought. She put her hand on the knob, debating. Ultimately, she convinced herself that being seen with an affluent black female wouldn't be so bad. Perhaps this might work out after all.

"Liz? Hi, how are you? I'm Mandy Harris. My husband and our boys moved in two houses down a few weeks ago. I'm ready to run!" She took a few jogs-in-place, smiling broadly.

"Oh, hi, Mandy! I was about to walk down and introduce myself to you, but I have been so busy lately. How do you like the neighborhood?" She lied but figured no harm, no foul since Mandy would never find out about it. Liz put her most cheerful face on in an effort to be as nice as possible to her new running buddy.

Mandy answered "We love it! It is quiet and everyone minds their own business. My two boys are a little bored, but they won't be in the house much longer."

"You have two kids?" Liz inquired.

"Yes, twin boys. They turned eighteen last week and will be starting their senior year in high school in the fall. My husband, Roger, is gone most of the day in the summer, and most of the time during football season, so the boys can get a little restless. I work too. I'm an attorney with Smith and Levy."

Liz's eyes lit up.

"I know that firm! My husband is friends with Vincent Smith! Small world!"

Mandy smiled. "Vince is a great guy. Luckily, my boys are responsible and old enough to take care of themselves when I work at the office, about two-to-three times per week."

After a brief show of her home, Liz and Mandy took off for a three-mile jog. They hit it off immediately and found out they had a lot in common. The two jogged at a comfortable pace and ended at Mandy's home.

"Come on in and have some cold water." Mandy offered.

"Sounds great!" Liz followed behind. She couldn't help but notice that Mandy was already in amazing shape and marveled silently over her tight bubble butt.

The Harris home was decorated nicely. New furniture, Southwestern motif. It was cold in the home as the AC was definitely set low. Liz's nipples began to become very hard under her sweaty sports bra and shirt. She felt them drag against the wet fabric. She hadn't thought of this in the store. Liz made a mental note not to wear this light colored top in public if she was going to get sweaty.

Mandy poured Liz a cold glass of water and cried out "Robbie? Ray? Can you come down here for a minute?"

Liz wanted to avoid seeing anyone after she had been running in the summer heat and was sweaty. She was a little self-conscious about her top, too. "Oh, that's ok, we can meet later."

"Nonsense! They are probably sleeping in because I was supposed to be at work today."

After some scuffling from the second floor, Liz saw two, tall, dark, muscular young black men saunter down the open staircase. They looked nearly identical- if it weren't for the fact that they wore their hair differently. Robbie had his cut so short, he looked bald, and Ray kept his in a short afro style. The two were wearing nothing but tight boxer-briefs as they didn't know they had a guest waiting downstairs.

"Boys, get some clothes on!" Mandy demanded.

The two did an about-face back up the stairs to change, but not before Liz was able to see two very huge erections through their underwear. The boys must have awakened with "morning wood" because they had serious bulges.

A slight gasp of shock slipped out as she watched the boys ascend. Both boys bounded up the stairs, both with very huge packages jutting out from their groins. Liz realized that their penises must be giant, like something completely different from any penis she'd ever experienced. Seeing the boys in this state had a profound effect on her. The sexy image seemed to be seared into her mind. Liz forced her attention back to Mandy who shook her head and rolled her eyes. "Those two!"

Liz and Mandy exchanged small talk as Liz's mind reeled. She couldn't process the size of the boys' bulges she'd seen. After about five minutes, the twins returned wearing baggy shorts and T-shirts.

Liz regained her composure as Mandy made the introductions. "Robbie, Ray, this is our neighbor from two houses down, Liz."

The two took turns shaking Liz's hand and introduced themselves politely. They presented themselves as perfect gentlemen and Liz returned their greeting. Mandy went to place the water glasses in the sink and, while she was still in the vicinity with Liz and the boys, Liz was left feeling rather alone with Robbie and Ray in the large, open kitchen.

Liz could feel something unspoken between herself and the boys. She looked at Robbie and Ray, then gave them a pleasant smile. As she did, she noticed that both of their gazes were fixed upon her breasts. Looking down she realized that her nipples were hard and visibly poking up through her top. The boys looked up to her face and smiled unashamedly.

"Nice meeting you, Ray and Robbie. Mandy, I have to get going."

Mandy escorted Liz out of the home and Liz walked the short distance back to her house.

"Typical black men. Always on the prowl. How stereotypical." She scowled.

Once home, Liz showered, dressed in a T-shirt and panties, and lay down to take a nap. Although she was tired after her first morning run, Liz struggled to fall asleep. Her mind was buzzing. Liz's thoughts were focused on big penises. Black penises. She shook her head with annoyance at the persistence of these thoughts. Two teenage boys with hard-ons that resembled large, slightly bent cucumbers walking toward her. The hefty weight of their erections slowly bobbing up and down...she managed to drift off to sleep with the images still in her mind.

Matt came home around seven o'clock and Liz was full of news. She described her run and how nice Mandy was, that she worked at Smith and Levy, her two sons, and how nice the Harris home was. She skipped the part about seeing the bulges for now. After a relaxing dinner and swim in their pool the couple set out for bed.

"Let's look at some porn tonight, honey!" Liz was unusually horny, which Matt enjoyed immensely.

"Porn? What has gotten into you, Lizzy?" Okay! Get your laptop and let's go!"

Matt was enthusiastic and looked forward to having sex after the porn. It always got his wife extra turned on when they watched porn together. As he lay back against the headboard of their bed, he was surprised to see Liz had searched for interracial porn. She had been dead against it in the past, now she started a clip that looked like a threesome titled "White Wife Gets Pounded- MMF"

"Interracial, huh? Are you turning over a new leaf?" Matt asked.

"Oh, I wasn't even thinking about that," lied Liz. "I just remembered I selected the last clip and I know how you like interracial porn so I thought I would play what you wanted."

Honestly, Liz hoped Matt would forget her objections to interracial. For some reason her thoughts today embarrassed her and she didn't want anyone to find out, especially Matt, that she was thinking about those humongous black penises she saw earlier. Matt was the only person who knew how she felt about black men and she didn't know how to go about revealing to him that she had been fantasizing about young, thick black dicks all day.

Matt and Liz watched a few videos online and had great sex. Matt was a talented lover. She really had no complaints at all. This is why thinking about someone else confused Liz so much. That night, Liz had three back-to-back orgasms. Each one more intense than the next. All were based on fantasies involving black cocks. She hated herself for this.

The next morning, Liz dressed in her new running shorts, shoes, and a tight-fitting white top. She was going to her new friend Mandy's house for another run.

Mandy's pace was a little slow, something that Liz appreciated after yesterday's run. After the third mile they jogged back to Mandy's home again and Liz went inside to chat for a bit. She secretly hoped to have another visual of Mandy's sons. She wasn't disappointed. The twins welcomed the women as they entered the kitchen. Liz noticed they were wearing basketball shorts, the shorter kind and that their semi-erect penises were creating long protrusions in the fabric. She shook her head to get out of the daze she was in and tried to focus on Mandy.

"How about a dip in the hot tub?" Mandy offered. "We can wear our running shorts and top. No need to change."

Liz blurted out, "Sure!" before realizing it might not be the best idea. Her sports bra was a smaller, lower-cut variety and she was afraid she'd be showing too much skin.

The hot tub was through the French doors in the kitchen area and near the pool toward a lower part of the yard. The pool was luxurious; Olympic size, complete with its own covered barbeque area and small cabana house that held a bar and restrooms.

They were out of the view of any windows so Liz took her top off, leaving on her bra and removed her shorts and got into the tub in her underwear.

The hot water was soothing and relaxing. The two women talked about their run and what their target distances and times would be for the next few weeks. Mandy shared about being a professional, working woman and the wife of a professional athlete. Liz talked about her history with Matt. After about ten minutes, the two decided it would be nice to cool off in the pool. They exited the pool together, but just as they were about to return to the hot tub, Mandy got a call on her cell phone.

"Sorry, Liz. I have to take this. Go ahead and get in. This shouldn't take more than a few minutes." Mandy walked to the other side of the pool deck as she spoke on her phone.

Liz was easing into the water when one of the twins, Ray came running down and jumped rather hastily into the hot tub.

"What's up, Liz?" He asked playfully.

"Oh! Hello, Ray." Liz smiled politely.

The tub could seat about twelve people. So there was plenty of room. Ray dipped himself under the water and hoisted his body up so that he was sitting opposite of Liz with his feet dangling in the water while the rest of him was out of the tub. His shorts were wet and clung like a second skin to his body.

Liz was still wearing sunglasses from her run. Her eyes were drawn to the gigantic log in Ray's shorts. She looked over at Mandy, still talking on the phone, pacing slowly back and forth on the pool deck, then continued her ogling of the 18-year-old boy.

'What would be the harm in trying to see more of whatever was lurking in Ray's wet shorts?' She thought as she moved her eyes to the thick tube running down the inside of Ray's thigh, figuring she'd be fine staring at him behind the glasses.

"So how do you like Torrent Street, Ray?" Liz asked. She studied the length and thickness of the young man's concealed penis, so strange and different to her.

"It's cool. Fine...boring, but I'm okay with that." He looked at her chest as he spoke to her.

After a beat, he continued. "My mom seems to like you. She needs more friends. You should definitely stop by whenever you can." Ray beamed a smile that warmed the heart. His gaze rose to her face, drawing her eyes to meet his. Liz saw something very intense behind his eyes. Sexy.

"How nice of you to offer, Ray. Something tells me I will like hanging out with you all." Suddenly, Liz felt flush, hot. She had some sort of physical, chemical attraction to this young man. Something she was not very familiar with.

She glanced at her body and saw that her nipples were again partially visible through the material of her white bra. Just then, a strange mood came over Liz. She suddenly stood up out of the water and stretched her arms above her head causing her full, heavy breasts to move together creating a sexy view of her cleavage for Ray. Her reddish-brown, erect nipples squeezed their way to the edges of the bra's cup and nearly came out as she lowered her arms back down to her sides. Ray was staring directly at her.

Ray smiled as he watched. His hand casually ran up and down the inside of his thigh. Liz realized he was stroking his cock over the wet fabric. There was nothing accidental about his movement. He stared at Liz's breasts, she stared at his cock. She estimated that in its semi-erect state it must be a fat, nine inches. Her husband, Matt, was just over eight inches and this was bigger than his and was still soft. Her heart began beating fast.

In the sexually charged silence, the two continued to stare at one another for several seconds. Liz was dazed. She could feel her excitement growing like a burning ember in her core. She was getting wet.

Then she noticed Ray's shorts starting to lift. He was growing, becoming hard. Very hard. The tip of Ray's penis jumped off his thigh. It was almost at his knee.

At that moment, Liz began to overheat. She felt her pussy flutter when the extent of Ray's length became obvious. She was too close to him, too close to his...It was time to head back to the pool. Ray would have to wait. She can't allow herself to faint, which was going to happen if she stayed in the hot tub.

"See ya, Liz."

The show was over and Ray got out of the hot tub and ran back up to the house. His erection bouncing obscenely as he made his way to the back door. Liz watched as the black Adonis ran back up and out of view. She felt as though she was under some sort of spell. She splashed the cool water from the pool on her face to snap herself out of it.

While Liz was cooling off in the pool, Mandy approached her.

"Sorry, Liz. That call took longer than I thought. Listen, I'm going to have to go into work every day for the rest of the week. I have a huge favor to ask of you. Please don't hesitate to say no."

Liz looked intently at Mandy as she continued.

"Before we moved here the twins got into a little trouble. Nothing illegal, mind you, they are actually very respectful toward law enforcement. Their trouble was having girls and friends over without permission, and this created some problems with the parents."

Liz was imagining exactly what trouble these two well-endowed young men were stirring up. She imagined some very concerned parents having serious reservations about their daughters spending time with these two!

Mandy continued, "I was hoping that you wouldn't mind checking in on them a couple of times during the day when I am at work? It wouldn't involve much, just popping your head in and asking if they need anything, that sort of thing. Mostly making sure they aren't having any friends over, or sleeping all day, you know. I am going to be in court most of the time and I won't be able to access my cell phone. I need someone to keep an eye out for me."

Liz couldn't believe Mandy asked her for such a favor. To say "no" could end their budding friendship. To say "yes," well, that was quite a commitment.

"Um, well, Mandy, I don't know. I mean, how could I be of any help?" Liz was a little confused about what exactly needed to be done.

Mandy continued. "I would feel better knowing that someone was available to check in on them, that's all. They are old enough to take care of themselves, but I still worry. They do have a mischievous side." Mandy smiled and reached out to take Liz's hand.

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