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My Sister in Law Visits

by allnitediner©

This story reads perfectly well on its own, but if you want some background color, read 'Nude Hikes on the Beach' then 'Our Friend Gets an Eyefull' first. These stories are part of series of memoires about Gina and I. Everything happened pretty much as I have written, but who can remember every word and detail. Please enjoy this little peak into our past. As always, many thanks to barefootgirl69 for her thoughtful editing of this story.


It was Saturday afternoon and I had just finished cutting the lawn. This was a particularly difficult task on my property because we lived in a heritage area; our lawn was natural with lots of trees and uneven grades. All that translated to a long, hard slog on a hot summer day.

After putting the equipment away, I headed inside to put on some swim trunks. I couldn't wait for my well-earned dip in the pool. As I walked through the kitchen on my way to the back door, I said good morning to my wife, Gina, and her sister, Jenny. Jenny was visiting alone with us for a week and the two of them were very close. I kissed Gina and waved to Jenny.

"That's nice," Jenny said, "a wave, that's all I get."

I walked over and planted a big sloppy wet kiss on her lips.

"RICK!" Gina almost shrieked.

"That's OK," Jenny laughed, "I deserved that, maybe not that much, but I enjoyed it just the same. Your hubby's a good kisser."

"Get out of here before I smack you!" Gina laughed as she raised her hand.

"Yes, ma'am!" I answered, and I ran, exiting the door onto the deck.

The weather was truly gorgeous, not too hot with just a light breeze. I walked over to the edge of the pool and checked out the crystal clear water. I was pleased I wouldn't need to clean up this morning.

I jumped in with a cannonball that splashed the water everywhere. I began to swim around the pool enjoying the cool water on my skin as I inspected the walls, jets and skimmer. Finally, I slipped off my trunks and deposited them on the deck next to the ladder. Our back yard was well sheltered by trees and very private. I usually swam in the nude and I thought nothing more of it that morning.

After a short while, the women came out to the deck to enjoy the sun. As they sat and talked, I splashed around the pool and continued to enjoy myself.

Jenny kept looking over and watching me until she finally asked, "Rick, are you naked in there?"

"As the day I was born," I answered.

"Rick!" Gina scolded, "Not when we have company!"

"What's the difference, you're not in here and I'll put my trunks back on before I get back out," I responded.

Jenny looked around as we talked and caught sight of my swimsuit at the edge of the pool. She got up, walked over and snatched it up in her hand.

"These trunks?" she giggled, "I think they should be in a safer place, like over on the table, with us."

While she talked she was obviously trying to get a better look at me in the water. I waded to the shallow end and jumped up out of the water to help her.

"Better?" I asked.

"Not much," she said, "but I'll see more when you get out."

"That, you will, Jenny," I answered, "that, you will."

"Does he do that often?" Jenny asked Gina.

"All the time, he even takes long walks at the nude beach every week. He's quite the exhibitionist, don't temp him." She turned her attention to the pool. "Rick, it's time to start up the barbeque for lunch."

Gina reached for my swim trunks but Jenny put her hand down on them and smiled.

"Let's make him squirm a little, shall we?" She said.

"Oh, there'll be squirming all right, but it won't be him," Gina said. "You really don't know what turns him on, besides me, but you're about to."

"Now what do you mean by that?" Jenny asked.

Before Gina could answer, I climbed the ladder and walked directly to Jenny, I was aroused at the thought of being naked in front of her. A look of shock came over her as she tried not to stare at my swollen cock. I moved to where it was within a foot from her face and she shied away.

"Is this what you wanted to see?" I asked.

"That's enough, Rick, you're embarrassing her," Gina said. "I knew he was going to do this."

I went down the stairs in the raw and started up the barbeque. When I looked back up to the deck I saw both women, leaning on the railing with their eyes glued to me.

"OK, I'm over it now," Jenny said. "Now I can enjoy this."

My cock was at full erection now and I swayed my hips to make it bounce and dance for her.

"Aren't you the least bit embarrassed?" Jenny asked.

"Are you kidding," Gina answered for me, "look at him, he's loving every second. This is a major turn-on for him."

"Alright, then, if that's the case get your ass back up here in front of me," Jenny ordered.

I climbed back up the stairs and stood facing her very closely. She leaned in and examined my cock right up close and then looked down and examined my balls.

"OK, Jen, this is going too far," Gina objected.

"Just a couple more minutes please, I'm really enjoying this."

Gina just waved her off.

"OK, now turn around and bend over," she ordered. "Spread your legs, I want to see your nuts hang down." She giggled.

I complied and, then, I spread my ass cheeks as a bonus.

"Mmm, nice pink little bud. OK, I'm done," Jenny said, "can't take any more, I'm dripping wet, you bugger."

I looked over to Gina. "Would you be really pissed if I finished?"

"Oh, go ahead, you fucking freak, I'm just as horny as her now. Finish the show."

I took my cock in my hand and began to masturbate as I fondled my balls with the other hand.

"Oh, my God, you can't be serious. You're going to jerk off right in front of me?" Jenny cried.

But she soon settled down and began to enjoy the show. "OK, so lets see you cum now, big boy," she said, "show me some jiz."

The cheerleading was more than I could stand and my arousal was over the top from putting on the show. I came very hard and my spray caught Jenny more than once as she squealed and shook her arms and hands. Her dark brown hair flew around side to side as she shook her head and laughed.

The light blouse she was wearing clung to her skin with all her excitement and the heat of the day. Her round, full breasts heaved out against the material and I was treated to a clear view of her deep cleavage. Both women had similar figures, but I always felt Jenny was just a little more voluptuous. I wished there were some way I could see that body naked.

"Oh fuck, I've never watched a guy do that before," Jenny said, "that was too much, I don't know what to say."

She scooped a glob from her cheek with a finger and stuck it in her mouth.

"Alright, that's it, we're done here," Gina began to raise her voice. So I turned away and headed into the house to shower and get dressed.

That evening, I tried to apologize to Jenny for my brazen behavior but she wasn't having any of it. She said she wasn't upset at all and, in fact, she would cherish the memory. She nevertheless warned me not to do it again, especially if her husband was around.

Later, when Gina and I were in bed, she was concerned about what had happened.

"Why did you have to do that today?" she said. "I don't want Jen knowing what we're up to now."

"I'm sorry, hon, but didn't she kind of start it? I mean, she was trying to see me in the pool and, then, she held on to my swim trunks."

"I know all that, just show a little restraint from now on. Okay? She said.

"Let's get the bed creaking now and make her jealous down in the basement," I said. Then, I put my hand on her breast and tweaked her nipple.

"Your incorrigible," she said, "what am I supposed to do with you?

"A little fuck might be nice, we don't actually have to make the bed creak."

But it did creak, and loudly, as we both got a little carried away in our lovemaking.

The next morning I went down to the basement as Jenny was emerging from her morning shower. I said good morning as I passed but, instead of responding, she flashed me a coy smile and looked me in the eyes. She let the towel that was covering her fall to the floor, leaving her quite naked. I was stunned at her slender, yet still curvy body. She had distinct tan marks high up her hips, up her sides and across the upper half of her breasts. She always wore an unusual one-piece swimsuit and her skin was creamy white and delicate where the suit covered her.

Like Gina, she had a gorgeous body and I drank in every inch of it with my eyes. Her beautiful plump tits were just a bit bigger than Gina's 34Cs. Her hips were full and round and she had a neatly trimmed mound in the shape of a 'V'. Her nipples were erect and one of her areolas was bigger than the other, but they were both lovely and large.

She turned to show me her full round ass and bent over. She reached back between her legs and glanced her hand over her pussy, drawing my attention to it. Then, she gathered up the towel and stood upright again.

"Wow, I'm almost speechless, you and your sister are just so incredibly gorgeous," I said. "You're a knock-out, Jenny, and I've always been a little curious about how you looked, but now I know. Thank you so much for doing that."

She didn't say a word but just winked at me and I continued on my way.

At breakfast, we talked about our plans for the day. I intended to do some repairs out back while the women planned on taking some sun and simply enjoying Jen's last day with us.

Outside, I set out my tools by the deck and began work on the pool filter system. It was a warm clear day and the sun wasn't at its full intensity yet.

The women came out in their bathing suits and Jenny was wearing her usual one-piece, with the sides cut up high to her hips, accentuating her long supple legs. There were openings up both sides to show a little more skin and give the suit a sexy touch. Now that I'd seen her naked, though, my mind began to fill in the blanks as I looked her over.

Gina wore one of her skimpiest string bikinis. The top was nothing more than two triangular kind of shapes, and they barely supported her plump 'C' cup breasts. With only two tiny strings, one that attached behind her back and the other behind her neck, it was a wonder how it stayed on at all.

"Rick, your really checking Jenny out this morning. Something you need a hand with?" And I snapped out of my trance.

"There's a good boy," she chuckled. "Now look over here, where your bread gets buttered."

She pulled on the string behind her neck releasing her delicious boobs to the warm morning air. Her nipples were erect and commanding, just begging to be sucked.

Jenny laughed, "Oh, come on, Gina, I gave him a little show this morning in the basement and now he's probably trying to remember what everything looked like. By the way, you have an admirer next door in the window."

"Oh, that's just our neighbour, Richard, he's a sweet old man who lost his wife years back." She pulled the other string on her top and removed it altogether, and then she turned to face the man in the window and wave. "He's so sweet, and just he loves to watch me. I love giving him a little treat every now and then." She turned her head to face us while keeping her breasts exposed to Richard. "Now, what's this about a little show?"

"Well, nothing really," Jenny answered. "Rick was passing by as I came out from the shower. I dropped my towel and gave him a peak, it was the least I could do after yesterday."

"Hm, a little peak at your bod can be pretty memorable. What would you say, Rick?" Gina looked down at me from the deck.

"Don't get me involved in this," I raised my hands in surrender. "This discussion is full of land mines, keep me out of it." I ducked in under the deck and started to bang on things just to get me out of the line of fire.

"Oh, you can be such a pussy at times," Gina laughed at me.

Meanwhile, our neighbour had begun to move a little as he watched Gina.

"Don't look now," Jenny said, "but I think your admirer is jerking off now."

"Really?" Gina said as her face lit up with a smile. "Let's get into the pool, we can wander over closer and see him better."

"Yeah, right," Jenny said, "and he'll see you a lot better too. I'm starting to get an idea about you, honey. What's going on here? First Rick yesterday, now you today?"

"Oh, I don't know what you mean, it's just innocent fun."

"Innocent, my ass. You're really turned on right now, and you want to show that guy more. I can see it in your face."

Gina, realizing she'd been caught, bent down and picked up her top and put it back on. Then, she went over to her towel to lie down on the deck. She didn't say another word.

"Okay, have it your way," Jenny said as she too moved to her towel. "But sooner or later you'll confess to me, little sister, you can't hold back forever."

"OH ALL RIGHT!" Gina blurted out, "I like being watched, I'm an exhibitionist. Happy now?"

"And how long has this been going on?"

"A while, ever since we started going to the nude beach," Gina said.

"Holy cow! You've been naked in public? I can't believe this is you."

"I know," Gina said, "I can't believe it either sometimes. There have been times on the beach when I've been stark naked and surrounded by ten or fifteen naked guys, all raping me with their eyes. I'm getting all wet just telling you about it."

"Please tell me Rick was with you?" Jenney asked.

"Of course he was, he was naked as well."

"Where is this place?" Jenny asked again.

"It's only five minutes by car and I really can't get enough of it. We go there often now and, along with being watched by everyone, there's all the naked guys there as well."

"Now I know I'm going to regret this, but show me. I've got to see this for myself. Besides, I want to picture it the next time we talk and you fill me in. Can we go today?"

"Sure, I guess so," Gina said. "What do you say, Rick, I know you've been listening under the deck."

She was right, of course, and I crawled out to answer.

I shrugged my shoulders. "Yeah, sure, why not?"

After lunch the three of us drove to the beach. It was mid week and the parking lot wasn't full at all, a good sign that the beach wouldn't be very occupied. This wasn't a sanctioned clothing optional beach. It was down at the base of fifty-foot high bluffs. These bluffs were as challenging to descend as they were to climb back out of again, a fact that severely limited access. This tended to reduce the crowds and especially families with young children, making it a fine spot for a nude beach. We scaled down the steep hillside and, when we arrived, I asked Gina if we were going to strip down.

"Sure, let's give Jenny the whole show, she wanted to see everything, so that means us as well."

"Hold on, are you guys going to strip naked?"

"Yes, indeed, just like we always do. You might as well get the whole picture now that you're here," I said. "Besides, I've been dying to strip off for you again."

"Yeah, I kind of figured that, but I did ask you not to, though."

"Sorry," I said, "you're the one who wanted to see all this and me being naked is part of it. Want to join us?"

"Don't get ahead of yourself," Gina stared at me. "You've seen the only show you're going to see for now."

"OOoo, can't take the competition, little sister?" Jenny chuckled.

"Call it what you want, just keep your clothes on for now."

"Don't worry, I have no intention of stripping out here in public."

Jenny watched in amazement as we both skinned down to our birthday suits and stuffed our few clothes into my backpack. Jenny was wearing loose fitting, high-cut shorts and a tube top.

We set out westward to what was usually the most populated part of the beach and quickly encountered a number of guys lying around in the sun. Everyone was naked, as tends to happen during the week. On weekends you get the mixed crowds with more partially clothed individuals.

Jenny was dumbfounded at all the man meat. Much like Gina's first time, she kept averting her eyes and trying not to look at all the skin. But that only became more and more difficult as Gina and I would stop and talk to friends. Eventually, Jenny became more complacent and began to look more openly at everyone.

We finally stopped in an area with a few couples and a number of guys. We set out our towels and lay down to enjoy the afternoon sun. Jenny stayed propped up on her elbows to keep an eye on everything, especially all the juicy cocks, tight asses and six-packs around us.

"I can't believe I'm lying here on a nude beach, looking at all these dicks. Do you see that one over there, my God, he's actually masturbating."

"You can go right up for better look," Gina said. "I know him, he'd love you to. Come on, let's go together?"

"Are you crazy?" Jenny said. "You just stay where you are and I will too. Rick, what have you done to this girl?"

"I'll take the rap for introducing her to this," I said. "But what you see right now is self-made. I just try to make sure she doesn't get in too deep."

"Fine, suit yourself," Gina said, "I'm going to cool off in the water. Want to come for that?"

"Sure," Jenny said, as they both got up and strolled to the water's edge.

Gina waded in up to her knees and cupped handfuls of water onto her naked form. She rubbed her breasts sensually, then slid her hands down to her crotch and rubbed more coolness in as her head dropped back in appreciation. She parted her legs some more and bent over again, splashing water up in between her legs to her pussy and her ass.

"Gina, this is too much," Jenny said, "you're not just cooling off, you're putting on a sex show for the whole beach. How can you do that? And why does Rick let you?"

"Because we both love it, or haven't you figured that out yet. I'd love to do more, much more, but I can't to go that far. Not yet, anyway."

"I don't know who you are. You're certainly not the shy girl I grew up with."

"Please don't be too upset with me. I've discovered something about myself and I really need this now, it's a part of me. Please try to understand."

Jenny's legs swished through the water as she approached Gina. She wrapped her arms around her and gave her a great big hug.

"You'll need to do far worse than this for me to be that upset with you. Far worse. A part of me envy's your nerve."

The two strolled back to the towels and lay down again. The three of us stayed there for another hour or so as more and more guys dialed in to see Gina lying there in all her naked glory. Although Jenny did tuck in and pull down her top a bit, a little more skin was as far as it got. Soon the sun and humidity became just unbearable and we decided to call it a day. All the way out, Jenny spied on all the naked guys and snuck peeks at people who were necking or petting as we passed.

When we got back home, Gina stripped down and ran out to the back to jump into the pool. Jenny looked over at me.

"What, keeping your clothes on this time?"

I smiled and slid down my shorts and underwear, then kicked them aside.

"Better?" I asked.

"Much," she answered.

We went out to the pool and I jumped in to join Gina. Jenny looked at us both and then jumped in herself, clothes and all. We all, splashed around getting cooled off when Jenny saw Richard our neighbour at his window again.

"Your admirer is back," she said.

Gina bounced and turned in his direction, then waved. His reaction was immediate as he smiled and waved back.

"Come on, Jen, show him your tits. Your top is soaked and falling off, anyway. Give the old guy a thrill."

"Oh, what the hell," Jenny said as she pulled her tube top over her head and waved to him also.

The two of them waded over the edge of the pool, closest to the window, and jiggled their tits in their hands like offerings to him. It was as if a bright light had been turned on in his face as Richard was obviously playing with himself below the windowsill. Both women laughed and giggled for quite a while until Richard probably came. After blowing them both a kiss, he walked away from the window.

Category: Exhibitionist & Voyeur Stories