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Dianne's First Threesome

by mav99©

Here's what happened a while back when I set my wife up for a threesome with another guy for the first time! This might of been my wife's first time, but it was the ultimate fantasy come true for me.

See my wife Dianne and I have discussed this for a very long time. We've been married for 16 years and have been talking about it since we've dated. We talk about it all the time, during sex, after sex and almost any time I can get her to talk about it. We've always fantasized about the two of us with other people, Dianne and another girl, the both of us with another couple, and my favorite Dianne and another guy. But for now , the one I wanted to try the most, was to watch my wife get fucked by another guy!

See we have a great marriage, we love each other very much and have sex frequently! Dianne is absolutely the ultimate fuck in bed! She gets totally into it. She's a very sexual woman. She loves dancing, stripping, dressing up and playing with her toys. When she's fucking , she loves to move. She'll buck, bounce , moves her hips like she's dancing on you. She's into moaning, screaming and talking dirty! She loves oral sex alot! She's very experienced at it,loves giving and also receiving. She's into anal play and anal sex as long as I am gentle and go slowly. She loves being on top, doggystyle and reverse cowgirl.

We frequently have sex in the shower, we actually custom built our shower for sex. The long bench, extra high and low shower heads. Our shower actually can fit about 6 people. I'm hoping to fulfill that fantasy sometime soon. So as you can see my wife's no angel. I knew someday that we'd be doing some crazy sexual situations. Dianne's awesome sometimes she takes sexy pictures for me, plays light tie up games with her love cuffs, dresses up almost always and even does the nasty dance stripper thing! But that one thing was missing, I really wanted to try swinging and other sexual ideas!

See my wife seems like a good girl , she works for a prestigious company, she's a mom, into our kids sports and is the sexy neighbor down the street! Dianne is a very sexy and active 37 year old looks about 28, she works out and walks every day with her best friend. She's tan all over(except the thong tan line) , has shoulder length sandy light Blonde hair, 36C's with perfect nipples, 125 lbs, 5'' 7", long legs , the tightest athletic ass and a pretty shaved pink pussy thats to die for! We both take very good care of ourselves, myself I'm 40 look 30 , 5' 10" 155lbs, also tan, professional , still have all my real dark brown color hair no gray, great shape and work out every day. We are not typical in any way. We love the finer things in life, travel, wine, good food and great sex!

Anyways one night about a month ago, we had an intense crazy sex night, you know the toys, videos, sexy oufit, high heels and of course the camera! Anyways, Dianne now dressed only in her white heels, I told her to get on all fours I have something I wanted to try. I got behind her , started fingering her slowly, inserting one, two then three fingers. I started licking her pussy and sucking on her clit. Dianne was moaning, moving her hips and ass. I turned on the vibrator and slowly played with her wet cunt just barely touching her with the vibrator. I then put in about seven inches of the vibrator which was on high. I then started fucking her with it, moving the vibrator in and out of her. About a few minutes of this I asked Dianne to hold the vibrator and play with herself. Dianne rocked back and forth with the vibrator in her , she was really enjoying the feeling. I then walked in front of her and put my cock in her mouth. My wife was started licking and sucking my hard cock! Dianne was wiggling her ass in a fucking motion.

She then looked up at me and said "So this is what it's like with two guys!

I then replied "Yeah, you like that baby?" I know you'd love to fuck a hot looking guy!"

"Oh you think so huh? I think I could handle it!" Dianne replied back.

Dianne and I laughed as she continued sucking my cock. Our sex was getting more intense that after about an hour of wild kinky sex and talking about her fucking another guy, Dianne started to cum.

Dianne now on top of me, wiggling,rubbing her wet pussy on me was screaming and yelling "I'M CUMMINNGGG" FUCK ME OH MICHAEL FUCK ME BABY" "OH OH OH OH UH UH UH UH , OOOOHHH YEAHHHH!!!" "OH YEAH OH FUCK ME FUCK ME BABY!"

I fucked her deeply, holding her ass as she bounced on me.Dianne's body just shuddered as she collapsed and just laid on me. She gave me a very sexy wet kiss and told me how much she loved me. We held each other tightly, I got up, Dianne layed on her side, I layed behind her.I held her close from behind. I put my wet cock between her legs but just outside her pussy gently rubbing her.

Dianne then said in a very concerning way "Honey let's say I agree to this, do you really think you can handle watching me with another guy?"

I said as I held her tightly. "Are you kidding me? I think about it all the time. I would love to watch your face while your getting fucked, having the best sex you ever had!"

"You know once you get us started in this, it's your idea. I might not want to stop! What if I like it and I want to try other guys or maybe be with more than just the two of you?"

"That's what I'm hoping for baby. You know I've wanted to try swinging for a long time."

"You just want to fuck other women don't you?"

"Well I have to say it I would be lying if I told you I didn't. It would be nice, but first we'll concentrate on you honey!"

"Well I guess that's fair if I'm fucking other guys, I might let you fuck other girls, but I get to pick them!" Dianne playfully laughed.

After awhile of talking ,I crawled under Dianne so we were in a 69 position her ass and pussy above my head and my cock sticking straight up in her face! So now I was fucking her with her 10 inch long and 4 and a half inch around in diameter wide soft jelly vibrating dildo and licking her pussy in a 69 position. I asked her how she liked sucking a cock and getting fucked at the same time.

She answered "I love it honey, shut up and keep fucking me with the vibrator, move it fast and deeper!!!"

As requested I took that dildo and shoved all ten inches into her wet wide open pussy, Dianne was screaming and yelling the fuck me's, oh fucks,ums and the ughs! As she got more intense and totally into it, I now was fucking her pussy fast and deep with the vibrator. I continued sucking her clit and fingering her ass at the same time.

I started telling her "Dianne see this is what it's like to have two guys!, oh babe you love it don't you?"

I then told her again that I would really love to see her with another guy and I want it to happen sooo bad.

Then to my surprise after years of waiting she pulled my cock out of her mouth and said "Honey if you find the right guy I'll do it!". "He better be hot, tall, muscular, young and hung!"

Then she laughed and continued to suck my cock and our sex got so intense that after about an hour of wild kinky sex , we just ended with her lying on her side as I held her close from behind and my limp, wet cock was still between her legs but just outside her pussy but gently rubbing her pussy.

Dianne then asked me again "Honey are you SURE you can handle me with another guy?"

I then told her "Babe I can handle it if you really want to do this, I love you and I would love to see you being turned on by someone else".

Dianne excited and in her playful voice told me "Oh Michael this will be so much fun and exciting, I love you so much, I promise it'll just be sex!" "I'll make you so horny, your not going to be able to just watch!" I

replied "Hey who said I was just going to watch? If this goes as planned your going to be a very busy woman! You'll be taking care of the both of us!"

Dianne then asked me "Baby your making me horny again, fuck me please. All this talk is making me wet again"

I kissed her back and continued to caress her ass. Then I slowly moved in and around her moist pussy till I got hard again. I put my hard wet cock back into her and fucked her slowly and gently from behind. After I came we stayed in that position as I held her tight and kissed, tickled and massaged her back again.

I asked her again and Dianne started telling me, "Honey I'll do it I promise", "I really want to do this." "I hope you don't think bad of me". "Tell you what you just find me the right guy and suprise me". "To be honest honey I've been thinking alot about it and I really did not know how to bring it up to you."" I really do if you want me to, but remember it's your idea!".

So Dianne turned around and we kissed and held each other and talked about it all night till about two in the morning. We talked about the jealousy thing, that it was my idea, that this was not going to be an everyday thing, that it did not mean I could be with other women. (which she also said maybe if she really liked this maybe we could hook up with another couple, but one thing at a time). She said no geeks or fat guys, she wanted a young very tall attractive young guy. She said she would definitely do it if I found the right guy!

I really wanted this to happen so the the next day I took the day off and looked everywhere on the net and even put a swinger ad at six different sites. I was on the computer all day and night. I went on the computer on a quest looking for a young stud! Sure enough after about a week, I found him. His name way Ray, we e-mailed each other and exchanged pics and phone numbers. Ray was perfect! A young 22 year old guy, 6ft 2inches 185 lbs excellent shape a five or six pack, the muscular tan MTV Spring Breaking kinda of guy and most of all what my wife wanted...10 and a 1/2 inches and about three inches thick! He lived about a half hour from us near the beach. My wife loves the beach!!!

We talked over the phone and had lunch the next day. I showed him a photo album I keep of my wife of sexy, nude and hot pictures. There alot of my wife in sexy outfits, very provocative poses,naked pics and even nasty pics of her fucking me and sucking my cock!. He was so excited!

He kept saying "Are you sure?", "Your wife doesn't look like the type" "Is she okay with this?"

I told him the deal and told him everything!! I told him I would get back to him as soon as possible. I was trying to find the right moment. The right moment came a week later when my wife told me that in a couple weeks she wated to have a birthday party for her friend Angela. So that evening I e-mailed Ray and invited him to my wife's girlfriend Angela's birthday party at our house and gave him the date. We stayed in touch by e-mail and I even called him a few times from work , discussing our plan of action. I told him there would be alot of people and my wife would not suspect anything. I later told my wife that I met a pretty cool new guy at work and we've become friends, and we really got along so I invited him to the party.

Dianne said "Great!" They'll be alot of people and maybe he'll meet a girl here! "

I just laughed my ass off when she left the room. So all that time prior to the party I e-mailed and called Ray and discussed the plan. I would go to bed every night just thinking of the possibilities. Well the weeks went by slow of course and FINALLY that Saturday arrived! We got up early took the kids to grandmas and spent the day preparing for the party and cleaning the house. My wife went upstairs to change in her cleaning clothes and when she came downstairs I almost flipped! Dianne was wearing her very tiny tight very low hip huggin cotton stretch white shorts which say "Sexy" on the ass. (she normally wears these just before we have sex or as a cover up at the beach!) and a short t-shirt that exposed her awesome tanned stomach. No bra or panties, she said she wore it just to tease me and to remind me that alot of guys will be watching her tonight so I better be nice to her or she'll find someone to take her back to their place! I wish! Luckily for me she was kidding. My wife was dancing sexy around the house and teasing me, I told her I'll never get work done now.

I asked her "How about dressing like that always?"

She answered "I'll definitely wear them next time we are on vacation okay?"

I said " I'll hold you to that promise!"

Every time I walked by her I'd start kissing her , grabbing her ass and tits, trying to finger her and rubbing her camel toe!

Dianne pulled away and finally said "Honey stop please, we'll never finish, wait till were done then when we take our showers I'll suck you off really good!"

How could I resist, so I cleaned the house like a motherfucker! I mean I cleaned fast and better than any maid we ever had! The house looked sparkling clean when I got done! After cleaning for almost all day we went upstairs, very quickly undressed and took a shower together. I watched my wife get all wet, then I pulled her close and started kissing her, we hugged and rubbed our bodies against each other, my hands on her ass and Dianne's arms around me. I sucked her tits, fingered her ass and moist wet pussy, Dianne had my cock in her hand and slowly stroked me. We cleaned and soaped off each other , I washed her hair, her ass, legs and feet! I then motioned to my wife Dianne to suck my cock, she then sat on our bench in the shower and as I stood in front of her , Dianne then took my cock in her hand and started stroking me and rubbing my balls with her other hand and now started licking and sucking my cock! She's always been a very good cocksucker ever since I met her! See she's always had alot of experience and growing up at a very young age, Dianne said she never fucked anyone till she met me, but she did alot of oral with all her ex-boyfriends and alot of guys she knew , met and dated. She would tell me stories that guys would call and come over, then her and the younger guys would usually walk down the street to the park. She would just kiss, let them grab her tits and give them handjobs. When she started going on car dates with older guys they would go alot further! Sometimes taking her back to their apartments, she was very young at the time and dating guys about 4-10 years older than her! Dianne said she would give them blowjobs, never fucking but letting them finger fuck her. They would go to the drive in , beach parking lots or even behind buildings! They would make out, alot of finger banging, handjobs and she would always end up sucking their cocks! I then watched as my wife sucked and swallowed all of of me! I must of cum about a quart! There was cum cumming out of the sides of her mouth and running down her chin! Dianne continued to lick all my cum up and started to suck my limp cock again and tease me rubbing my balls till I got hard again , she then jumped up and bent over on the bench on all fours with her ass up, shaking and wiggling her ass & pussy right in front of me.

Dianne very sexy told me "It's my turn baby" "Fuck me I want you!" "Take me from behind!" "I want you right here!".

I told her "Baby, No not now, Not now everyones coming soon and besides I want my tight little girl tonight and I want you brand new for me tonite. I have a surprise for you!"

I mean we had not fucked for about 10 days, we've both been busy and it was that time of the month last weekend. And besides that I really wanted her being her best for Ray! She was a little disappointed but said I was sweet and what was the surprise?

I said "Tell you later! "

We finished our shower and got dressed. Myself it was slacks and a dress shirt. My wife asked what she should wear and I told her something sexy for me! (I really meant for Ray!)

She said "After leaving me hot and bothered in the shower I should dress up for all the other guys that will be here!"

I said "Go ahead , you know I love it!".

She said "OK" and laughed.

Dianne then asked me what would I like her to wear. I told her a short skirt and a sexy top. She had her robe on did her hair (which seemed like forever!)

Then she dropped the robe walked over naked to her panty drawer and asked me "How do I like these?"

She was holding up her tiny white lace thong panties. I said awesome and told her to put on her short lower hip huggin white tight stretch material skirt. She went into her closet picked it out and put them on! She looked hot! She said that she didn't want to wear a bra tonite and put on her white blouse which she tied in front so that it revealed her pierced belly button and her tight stomach. That and she put on her white 4" platform heels! She was ready! The short skirt, the short top and her blonde hair! I just kept thinking what Ray would think!

We went downstairs, it was still early , I fixed us some drinks, margaritas for my wife , a very strong one. (I knew if she was drunk or even feeling good she'll do anything I want!) Myself it was Coronas and tequila shots, By the time anyone came my wife finished her margarita and took a couple tequila shots. It started!! She was feeling good, feeling sexy , dancing sexy around the house to the music we put on and acting like a stripper and was acting a little silly but in control, I knew if she kept drinking all night and having a great time this would work! The guests now started coming, alot of my wife's friends from work and neighbors came. My wife's girlfriends other close friends came and then the birthday girl, my wife's girlfriend Angela came. She's known Angela since 9th grade, a very awesome looking blonde that at 37 looks better than chicks half her age! She has that sort of club girl look! She's a sexually and sensually attractive woman, every guy growing up always thought she was the better of the two, myself I'm partial to Dianne. Angela is a just recently divorced hottie! I should say a very rich divorced woman. She took her ex for everything! Anyways she looked awesome in her veryahort tight white tank dress that barely covered her huge 36D's that kept riding up her thighs all night! Yeah I watched her! And what I saw of her ass I don't think she was wearing any panties! Yeah I've always wanted to fuck her also! My wife and I have even fantasized about the three of us! We said Happy Birthday and she gave my wife and I a big kiss, all in good taste.

Angela said "Hey you started partying already without me?"

My wife then took her by the hand and rushed into the kitchen to get her a drink! It was her birthday party and this party meant more to me than it did her! So the party started about 7:45pm, everyone was drinking, dancing and having a great time. Well it was about 8:30pm and a the doorbell rang, I went to answer it and sure enough it was Ray! He looked good also wearing slacks and a dress shirt, but it was tight showing off his muscles. We shook hands and I told him this is going to work if we stay cool and keep giving my wife drinks. I told him to meet me outside in a while and I'll tell him what I have planned. So I took Ray around introducing him to our friends , all the girls went gaga and asking where he came from. Then came the moment I've been waiting for...I introduced Ray to Dianne, they shook hands and Dianne asked how he like working with me/

Ray responded "Everythings working out great so far".

Dianne then said to me "You didn't tell me how great looking Ray was".

We all laughed and then I told Dianne to show Ray around and introduce him to everyone while I made more drinks and see whats up with the food and stuff. So Dianne took Ray by the hand and showed him around. About an hour later Dianne was feeling pretty good (I kept her drinking strong margaritas all nite), she kept huggin on me, hugging Angela and yes she was even hugging and hanging on Ray!

I later saw Dianne, Angela and Ray all holding hands going upstairs to our bedroom. Ray later told me that my wife told him she had to go to the bathroom and also wanted to show him the house upstairs! Ray also told me that when she went into the bathroom she left the door opened and he said he saw Dianne lift up her skirt and saw her thong and ass as she walked into the bathroom. He said he was sitting on the edge of the bed and the birthday girl, Angela my wife's girlfriend kissed him and gave him her phone number. After my wife was done they all came back downstairs.

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