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Babysitter Returns to Mr. Rochester

by redlippedsub©

Note: this is better to read after the first part, "Babysitter Gets Caught and Spanked". This also could have gone into BDSM or Fetish as well as NonCon, but since the first part was NonCon I just decided to keep this in the same section. If I write anymore of Rachel and Mr. Rochester it will probably be in Fetish or Erotic Couplings.


She didn't know what to wear. Last time he had seemed to like the jeans, but walking home without panties had been uncomfortable. Turns out denim and a sore pussy rubbing together can hurt. Something her more sexually active friends hadn't told her.

She hadn't told any of her friends about what had happened two nights ago. Logically, she knew that Mr. Rochester had raped her. She knew what he had done was wrong, and that last thing she should be doing is going back.

Standing in front of her closet, naked, she wondered if she was making a terrible decision. She had looked it up afterwards. It was definitely rape. But then that had led her to reading fiction stories, erotic stories, about rape, and after only two her hands had traveled down her body to her now slick vagina and she had imagined Mr. Rochester bending her over the table and yanking her jeans off, pulling her ponytail as he fucked her from behind. And her orgasm from her memories was nowhere close to the orgasm he had given her with his fingers.

Her room was chilly, and she was psyching herself out. Without letting herself mentally debate it, she grabbed her knee length blue dress and shut the wardrobe door.


He really hoped she wasn't wearing panties under that cotton blue dress. Or maybe he wanted her to be. He had had fun with her panties last time. He had surveyed her body as soon as he opened the door for her, and let her walk in ahead of him, watching her hips sway under the sundress. He could see her bra straps, navy this time, but he wondered what else she had under that dress. She swayed ahead of him to the living room, and then paused and turned and looked at him.

Fuck. He had no idea how to start this. He was still stunned this was happening. Last time it had started so organically, and now she was ready for him. He had plans for the night, but they all started when she was already naked, sweaty and begging for him. Not clothed and waiting. Fuck fuck fuck. And she was definitely waiting for him to start.

"Do you want a glass of wine?" he asked her. Great start, he scolded himself. Really dominant.

"Yes please, sir," she said quietly. He felt his cock jump when she called him sir.

"Stay here," he ordered her. He went to the kitchen, and grabbed the first open bottle of red wine, pouring two very full glasses, and then headed back to the living room. She held out her hands for the glass, and he suddenly knew how to proceed.

"No. You have to earn this."

He saw a flash of doubt flit across her face. He sat down on the couch, facing her, and sipped his wine. His ex wife had given him the bottle, right before she made a bitchy comment about his lack of sex life. He liked drinking it with the sexy 23 year old. He mentally flipped off his ex wife, and put Rachel's wine glass on the coffee table.

"Earn it?" Rachel asked.

"Strip." He ordered. He took another sip of wine, watching her.

Rachel hesitated, and then her hands went to the bottom of her dress, and she slowly peeled it off, throwing it on the ground next to her. She was wearing panties.

"And the rest," he said softly when she paused again. "Before I rip if off of you and spank you for moving so slowly. I want you naked now, not in twenty minutes."

The bra and panties were stripped quickly, and she stood nude in front of him, her nipples hard. He didn't move, just stared at her lustfully. She felt like he was eating her alive with his eyes.

"Come here," he finally said. She moved toward him, bouncing everywhere with every step. His cock was fighting against the confinement of his pants now. She stood in front of him, and he ran his hand down her body, feeling her soft skin and curves.

"Did it turn you on when I made you strip for me?" he asked her. "Did your cunt get wet when you thought about getting naked for me?"

She nodded.

"Show me."

She was confused.

"Sit on the coffee table, spread your little whore legs, and show me your little whore cunt and how wet it is for me," he ordered.

She flushed, but she sat. She slowly spread her legs, showing him the liquid gathering between her legs.

"Touch it." His voice was getting almost raspy. His cock was throbbing, and there was a spot of pre-cum soaking through his boxers. "Fuck yourself for me."

Her face turned bright red. The idea of doing that, it was humiliating.


"Are you arguing with me?" he demanded. "Do you want to see what happens when you argue with me?"

She flushed even more. Yes, she did. He knew that. The spanking he had given her last time had been one of the most erotic moments of her young life, and she wanted a repeat.

"There are different ways to punish you," he reminded her. "Not just tame games like light spankings. I can teach you all of them, and more, and that can start right now if I don't see your fingers in that pussy right now."

She hesitated again, but her hands went to her pussy. One finger found her tight pussy, and another found her hard little clit. He leaned back on the couch, taking another sip of wine, watching the sexy 23 year old masturbate herself for his entertainment. He was so hard it almost hurt, and watching her thin finger plunge in and out of her dripping hole, he needed some relief.

He unzipped and pushed down his pants, freeing his hard cock. He absently wrapped his hand around it, lazily jerking himself as he watched her finger rub her clit. Her chest was starting to heave.

"Do you want to cum?" he asked her. "Do you want to cum on your own fingers while I watch, little slut?"

"Yes," she told him. Her fingers started to slow.

"Don't slow down," he snapped at her. "And tell me what you are."


"What are you, little slut?"

"I'm a slut," she moaned. His cock jerked in his hand. "I'm a whore. I'm your whore."

That was too much.

Without even thinking about it, he grabbed her. He pulled her off the table and onto the floor, onto her knees, and grabbed her hair. Roughly, he pulled her head down, and forced his hard cock into her mouth.

She choked as he began to fuck her hot little mouth, and somewhere in the back of his mind he realized that she didn't know what she was doing. She had never done this before.

But more than that he thought about how hot her mouth was, how wet, how good it felt when his throbbing cock touched the back of her throat, her gagging sending vibrations down the entire shaft.

Two more thrusts, and he felt his balls tighten. Cum erupted from the tip of his cock, currently deep in his mouth, and he groaned as he came. She gagged, cum trickling from the side of her mouth.

"Swallow, slut," he ordered. "Little whores are also cocksuckers, and the best cocksuckers swallow. You want to be a bad cocksucker? Or do you want to make me happy?"

She swallowed. He felt her swallow around his cock, and groaned again. He kept her head down and her lips around his cock as he started to go flaccid, his hand still tangled in her hair. Without being told to, she sucked on him again, pulling the rest of the cum out of his shrinking cock, and he groaned at the feeling.

He finally pushed her off. She was panting, and there was cum on her chin, which he wiped off with his finger and pushed into her mouth.

"Here," he told her as she sucked his finger. He handed her his glass of wine. "You've earned it."

He watched her take a long sip, holding the good red in her mouth and swishing slightly to get rid of the taste of cum. She took another sip, and then looked at his soft cock. She looked almost disappointed.

"Finish your wine," he told her. "Trust me, we are nowhere near done. Stay where you are. I like you on your knees."

He stood, and headed for the bedroom. He had gone on a little shopping trip that day, and it was time to pull out some of his toys.


Rachel was frustrated. He hadn't let her cum on her fingers, and then had face fucked her, cum himself and gone soft, and she was still shaking with her need of an orgasm. And her knees were starting to hurt.

It was her first blowjob, and she didn't know if she liked them. But she did like the wine.

And then he was back, and sitting down in front of her on the couch. He was completely naked now, his clothing left in the bedroom.

She looked up at him as he sat down, and he grabbed her chin. His eyes probed hers.

"Do you trust me?"

What? Slowly, she nodded.

His hands tightened on her chin, and he pulled her mouth open, and shoved a rubber ball in, one that had straps attached that were buckled around her head. He took the wine away, and pulled on the straps holding her gag in place to make sure they were secure.

"Turn around and bend over the table," he ordered her.

It was a low table, so she was still on her knees when she obeyed him. He leaned over, and to her surprise, forced a pillow under her knees to make her more comfortable.

"Spread your arms and grab the legs of the table," he told her. She did so. "Now spread your legs as far as you can."

Again, she obeyed.

He sipped her wine, and looked at her, bent over right in front of him. He slid off the couch to sit on the floor behind her, leaning against the couch. He could see her pussy and ass perfectly.

He reached out, and ran his finger down her wet slit. She squirmed, and he laughed.

"Do you want me to touch you, slut?" he teased. One finger teased the entrance to her pussy, but he didn't enter it, just circled her sensitive entrance. Watched her squirm, feeling her juices on his finger, his cock started to stir again.

"Do you want my cock inside of your whore cunt?" he asked. She was starting to sweat, squirming to get closer to his finger, but he still just teased her. Her juice ran down his finger, and he was tempted to bring it to his mouth, but he had another plan. His wet finger went higher, trailing the short distance to her tiny asshole. He touched it lightly.

Even though he had fingered her ass last time, Rachel still panicked when he touched it again. She had liked the one finger last time, but she was terrified that he was going to fuck it. She started to rise off the table, only to get slapped hard across the ass.

"Stay still or I will tie you down!" his voice was harsh.

She tried to beg him not to fuck her ass, but the gag was in the way. She started to reach for the buckle behind her head.

And screamed through the gag when he spanked her again, harder than he had last time.

"How dare you try to touch something I put on you?" he said quietly. "Did I say you could take off the gag?"

He put down the wineglass, and got onto his knees. Another slap on her ass, and he shoved her down on the table.

"Grab the fucking table legs. Now."

She did.

She heard rustling behind her, and then he got up, walking around so she could see him. And see the tape he was using to attach her hands.

"Bondage tape," he told her. "Only sticks to itself." He wrapped her wrists securely to legs, and then grabbed her chin again.

"I'm not going to hurt you," he told her seriously. "Everything I do will be for both of our pleasure. But if you question me again, I will beat your ass until sitting down hurts for a week. Got it? I will only hurt you when you disobey. Nod if you understand."

She nodded. She tested the tape, but it was strong. She was completely attached to the table.

And he was behind her again, forcing her legs even further apart. His finger went back to her pussy, and this time he pushed three fingers inside of her, and she moaned through the gag as he began to roughly finger fuck her.

"As long are you are in my house," he told her over her moans. "This is my cunt, my ass, and my mouth. And I'll do with them what I want. You told me yourself. You're my little whore-" his fingers twisted inside of her, scraping her g-spot, and he smirked when she screamed. "-And that means I do to my little whore whatever the fuck I want to do."

She began to shudder, and he used his other hand to find her tight nub and pinch it.

"Want to cum, slut?" he asked. His finger circled her clit. "Do you want to cum while you're tied up helpless? On the fingers of a man twenty years older than you? Cum for me, fuck pig. I want to feel you cum knowing what a huge slut you are. I raped you and you came back for more, you whore. Cum for me, show my what a massive slut you are."

With that she let out a scream, and her cunt clenched on his fingers as she came, hard.

"It's almost amazing how much that dirty talk turns you on," he said, almost conversationally as he pulled out his fingers. "This is the wettest you have ever been with me."

She was panting, hard, through her gag. And now his cock was at full attention again, and he wanted to just sit up and fuck her, but she needed a minute first. Besides, he has something else for her.

His fingers, still wet, found her ass again, and this time she didn't complain. She was still recovering from her orgasm.

But she did stiffen in surprise when instead of his fingers; she felt his tongue on her tiny hole, getting it wet.

She moaned through the gag, and the moan turned into a small shriek when a finger was slowly inserted. It didn't get far before he pulled it out, and she shrieked again when she felt cold lube squirted directly onto her tiny hole. His finger slipped in more easily now, and he gently finger fucked her ass, watching her muscles cling to his finger. But he didn't want his finger in her ass; he just had to relax her a little.

She screamed when she felt the cold metal pressing against her tight hole, but he didn't stop. The metal plug was slowly pushed in, and she almost cried as the pear shaped steel was shoved inside of her.

"Relax," he ordered her. And then suddenly it was over. She could feel it inside of her, but the widest part was inside of her, and now it didn't hurt. She couldn't see it, but he could, the jewel sticking out of her ass. He slapped her ass, and watched the jewel bounce as she jumped. He did it again.

He was rock hard now, and the sight of the jewel sticking out of her ass right above her soaked pussy was making him lose his mind. He raised himself on his knees, and got right behind her bent over body.

They both groaned as he shoved his cock into her dripped hole, and for just a second they were still, just feeling the way their bodies were connected. He held her hips so hard it was almost painful, and he was pressed so deeply into her that he was applying pressure against the jewel, forcing the butt plug even further into her anal cavity.

Then he pulled out, almost all the way, and shoved himself back in.

He continued to fuck her like this, in hard, long strokes, watching his cock disappear inside of her. Sweat was glistening on her spine, and he was tempted to lean over and lick it off. Instead, he leaned over and unbuckled her gag, pulling it roughly out of her mouth.

"Tell me how good I feel inside your slutty cunt," he demanded.

"You feel so good," she moaned. She was panting, and her voice was breathy. Hearing her voice while his cock was so deep inside of her turned him on even more. He began to sweat with the effort of not cumming deep inside of her, and was grateful he had already cum in her mouth. If he hadn't, he would have exploded as soon as he heard her words.

He began to speed up, his hands still clutching her hips.

"What are you?" he panted.

"I'm a whore, I'm your whore," she moaned.

Even faster and harder now.

"Tell me what you want, whore," he ordered. Sweated dripped into his eyes, and they were at risk of tipping the table over, he was pounding into her so hard and fast.

"I want you to fuck me," she gasped. "I want you to fuck my slutty cunt, I want you to make your whore cum."

He barely made it out of her in time. Jizz exploded out of his cock, and splattered on her sweaty back, and he was shaking from the force of his orgasm.

She almost screamed in frustration, she was so close, but she should have known he wouldn't leave her like that. His fingers, shaking slightly, found her clit, and it was only a couple seconds before she was also groaning and shaking, the jewel in her ass moving as all of her muscles contracted in a powerful orgasm.

He knew that he should go get a towel, but he wasn't sure he could stand yet, so they both stayed where they were. Sweaty, panting and fully satisfied.


It was five minutes before he stood, stumbling towards the kitchen to get a towel, pair of scissors and a glass of water. He wiped the cum and sweat off of her back, gently wiped her very wet pussy, and then cut the tape and helped her sit on the couch. She was still shaky, and her legs were feeling behind on her knees for so long. He handed her the glass of water and she sipped it as she watched him wipe off his cock.

"You can take the plug out in the bathroom," he told her huskily. "But finish the water first."

She nodded, finished the glass, and then carefully made her way to the bathroom where she pulled out and washed the butt plug. When she came back out, feeling used and empty, he was picking up her clothes for her. He was wearing sweatpants, but no shirt, and despite the marathon sex they had just had, she still felt a flash of lust at the sight of his toned chest and flat stomach.

He smiled at her as he handed her the clothing.

"Are you hungry?" he asked. "I have some steaks in the fridge that I could fry up real quick."

She was shocked to realize that she was starving. She had been too nervous to eat before. She nodded.

"'Did I hurt you?" he asked a couple minutes later, as she watched him start to heat the pan. He had refilled her wine glass.

"No," she reassured him.

"Good." And to her surprise, he caught her chin and kissed her deeply. "And if you ever want to have non-kinky sex..."

"Why would I want to do that?" she asked. He smiled at her. "In fact, I did some research, and I have a couple ideas for the future."

"Yeah? Like what?" his tone was teasing as he dropped the first steak into the pan.

"What would you think of hogtying me?" He choked on his wine, and she laughed. "Or putting a leash on me? I'm also curious about nipple clamps. Do they hurt?"

His answer was just to kiss her again, tasting the wine on her tongue. He could imagine a lot of fun Monday nights in the future. And from the way she kissed him back, she must have been thinking the same thing.

Written by: redlippedsub

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