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A Demon's Monologue

by ErosinaScarlett©

**Author's Note: First Non-Erotic story. Just a monologue from the perspective of a demon.


I suppose if you see a demon with our long curved horns, sharp teeth, glowing eyes, and pale or red skin all gnarled and animal-like you would think us evil creatures. Who decided Demons were evil and Humans were good? I'll tell you who: Humans.

Such sad, hypocritical, often very confusing creatures that God created because He was bored one day or because He wanted a creature able to vocalize complete sentences enough to praise Him in all His pride and vainglory (and you thought the Son of Morning was proud).

Didn't work out that well if you ask me, but then again who the hell knows what God wants. He's a puzzle wrapped in an enigma stuffed into a rubix cube inside a woman (the greatest mystery of all, so much that not even women understand themselves). Damn.

God made Lilith and Adam and that was the first bad marriage of humanity as well as the first nasty divorce. All because Adam wanted to be on top. If Man was made in God's image it explains men's pomposity a lot.

So there you go. The first mistake God made: an independent woman and a moron. Yin and Yang my ass. They say opposites attract well not in this case of course the polarizing facts of that relationship was arrogance vs idiocy or vice versa.

Once Lilith ditched Adam she damned herself in the process. Idiocy or genius? Perhaps both. Lilith could do whatever she wanted but at the same time was shunned from God's good graces and that's like being thrown out into a blizzard butt ass naked.

God should have made Adam and Eve without genitals in my opinion or even without free thought. You have to wonder at some point whether God planned the entire debacle. If He didn't want Adam and Eve to eat from the Tree of Knowledge then why put it there at all?

Well as they say when God rolls, the dice are loaded. Perhaps the game was fixed against humans in the beginning. Which prompts me again to think that God was a bored deity in need of some dolls to screw with.

Hmmm But in any case, Humans...

Yet I have to say the males are worse than the females. Not to say women can't be evil. More often they're more diabolical and heartless than the men.

Yet men are more often spineless, which makes them worse. When God demanded to know what happened with the fruit Adam didn't hesitate in pointing the finger at Eve. Funny, I don't remember her forcing it down his throat.

No wonder Lilith left Adam's pathetic controlling ass. I'd spread my legs for a horse (Lord made them more endowed anyway) than sit one more minute listening to Adam prattle on how he was superior while he pummeled his little flesh rod into me. The real Original Sin was man's cowardice.

And so other men followed suite. Every time there was some great disaster it was blamed on a woman whether because she whispered in a man's ear or because she was on her period or something. I don't know. Like the woman chose to bleed once a month out her vagina?

Maybe that's why most women are horrible. A dog can only be treated so badly and called so many horrible things until it starts to believe it's all true. Yet moving on...

I can't remember the last peaceful hour on Earth. Humans started multiplying and they suddenly felt there wasn't enough resources to go around though God made plenty. Wars happened every other day all over; more often over stupid things like who's sheep belonged to whom or which river flowed over which imaginary boundary line.

Some built cities that were I will admit impressive. The Babylonians with their hanging gardens but then they built that tower. They blamed God's wrath to explain what made it fall. To be honest Humans were just shoddy craftsmen back then.

They got better at building though not better at treating each other better. Slavery. Treating their fellow man like property no better than furniture. Raping, pillaging, and burning innocent towns. Did God drop these creatures on their heads or did some wiring get crossed in their fragile simple brains?

Still Humans worshiped the art of killing and death. What's so poetic about men bleeding out and soiling themselves?

What's so musical about people crying out for their mothers or a merciful deity as their guts spilled onto the ground, soaking it with their filthy blood while their families or comrades watch in horror? I must be tone deaf. The so called Faithful were the worst. I still remember the Crusades as if they were yesterday.

"Good" Christian knights slaughtering women, children, and old people saying it was for the glory of God to kill the infidels. Oh so it's not murder if God tells you to do it.

Though I don't remember humans asking His opinion... Innocent blood soaked the sands of Israel though not for the first time. Yet still they had the audacity to call it a holy mission.

World War 1 and 2 were even more terrible examples of Human cruelty. The second I still can't think about without getting sick. Millions of innocent men, women, and children marked and sent to die in camps and why?

Jealousy. Envy. Greed. The Jews were perhaps a more prosperous people than anyone.

And why not? Weren't they God's first faithful? Before the Christians and the Muslims they were first to praise one of His many names. Humans treat their own so harshly and still most have the nerve to blame the Devil or demons as the cause for all the misery in the world. How dare they.

We demons don't massacre our own kind. We don't rape and punish young children for our own amusement. Humans say demons make them do things. HA! As if Humans need any prompting.

All we do is watch and present options. God gave Humans free will. No one; not an evil genie or that boring angel on your shoulder can make any one do anything they don't want to. No. The truth is Humans want to abuse, to hurt, to kill, to destroy because it makes them feel good.

Even when they whip themselves or burn their penance into their skin it's all of their doing and they like it. We demons just sit and watch. Go ahead and blame us for your misery. We won't be the ones that will face trial on Judgement Day.

Written by: ErosinaScarlett

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