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Submitting To Stuart Ch. 03

by Sweet_P©

Downstairs in Stuart's dungeon, the lights were quite dim. Mistress Lydia had allowed her slave, Thomas, to walk down the stairs because having him crawl was simply too impractical. Contrary to common expectations, Stuart had created a warm, welcoming dungeon - no bare brick walls and cold floors here. Instead, the walls were padded and lined with red velvet, the floor carpeted in a steel grey short loop pile. It was clean and immaculate – a modern dungeon for a modern Master. Candles were lit, creating a soft light, emitting a warm fragrance. It was the perfect place to train a slave.

As she walked to the middle of the room, she finally spotted Stuart's slave.

"Darling, this is Mistress Lydia," Stuart called over his shoulder to the girl. "And that is Thomas, her slave."

Lydia did not bother to make eye contact with the girl. She didn't greet her either. Stuart had her bound to a pole, her arms tied loosely behind her back, which meant she had been there for quite some time. A tightly restrained slave could only ever be kept in bondage for twenty minutes or so before their muscles atrophied and their circulation was cut off. Stuart had skilfully bound her so that she could remain that way indefinitely. A gag was inserted in her mouth and fastened behind her head. Her dress was hitched up and snagged in the ropes that encircled her waist. Her white cotton underwear had been dragged down to her thighs, revealing an immaculately waxed mons with a thin line of hair trailing down the middle and between her legs - a nice touch, Lydia thought.

"Down," Lydia instructed her husband-slave, and Thomas immediately went down on his hands and knees. She yanked on the silver chain of his leash once, and he immediately began to suck the backs of her knees through her fishnet stockings. She paused a moment to enjoy his service. Then she yanked on the leash again, and he collapsed forward, placing his forehead on the floor, kowtowing deeply. "Good," she praised him. "Stuart?" she enquired.

"Over here," Stuart beckoned, indicating the wall. Two chains hung suspended from a strong dark beam in the ceiling - obviously a barer for the floor above. Wrist cuffs dangled at the end of each chain, a separator bar connecting the two. A cruel, leather-sheathed rigid phallus protruded from the wall, a block of wood placed below it. She led her slave over to the wall.

"Stand," she said, and he obediently rose to his feet. She turned him around and positioned him under the wrist cuffs. Thomas automatically raised his arms - he had no need to be told what to do. Stuart fastened each of his wrists into the cuffs, then backed him towards the wall. "Step up," Lydia said, and he lifted first his right foot, then his left, and rose onto the step. Stuart produced a tube of gel, squeezed a generous amount onto Lydia's fingers, then held Thomas's ass-cheeks apart. She deposited the lube around the puckered ring of his arse and began working into the hole, noting Thomas had done an excellent job of cleaning his rectum out earlier that night.

"Bend forward," Lydia instructed, and he did so, bending from the hips rather than the waist. His arse-hole was perfectly level with the phallus. She gripped him by the left shoulder and lowered him back onto it. He easily took the entire phallus up his arse, the black shaft of it disappearing before her eyes. "Good," she said. "Good slave."

She stepped away as Stuart turned the handle to a pulley that picked up the slack on the chains. Her slave's arms were fully extended above his head now. She bent down towards the wooden block.

"Lift," she said, tapping Thomas's right ankle. He lifted his foot and Lydia placed it to the side of the block, heel high and leaning against the wall. She tapped his left foot and she repeated the process, leaving him standing on tip-toe. She removed the block and placed it out of reach then returned to face her slave, now suspended, impaled, and utterly as risk.

"Move, and you'll tear that precious arsehole I love so much," she said. Thomas's eyes were wide. Lydia noted his hips were tilted backwards, his body was immobile. Stuart had angled the phallus perfectly when he'd attached it to the wall - Lydia was entirely confident her slave was not in any danger.

"What do you say?" she asked Thomas.

"Thank you, Mistress," he whispered. He held his composure perfectly.

Lydia turned towards Stuart who had been observing everything from behind the flickering light of the candles.

"I am impressed," he said. The full extent of Stuart's compliment was not lost on her.

"Did you expect anything less?" Lydia enquired.

"Indeed not," Stuart replied. "Come," Stuart said, inclining his head towards his little slave girl, who had observed Thomas being put into restraints from her own side of the room. Lydia followed Stuart over to where the girl was bound. He collected a pair of scissors from the top of the dresser on the way.

"She's misbehaved this week," Stuart said. He took hold of the girl's underwear, reefed them out to the side, then snipped them off with the scissors, tossing them into a bin by the wall.

"I see," Lydia said to Stuart. "The offence?"

"Masturbating without permission," Stuart stated. He pried her pussy lips apart, displaying an engorged clitoris. "Look," he said. "Friction burns." Lydia leaned in close and observed the angry broken capillaries on the surface of the delicate pink skin.

"Hmm," Lydia said. "I know just the thing."

"Be my guest then," Stuart said, stepping back and folding his arms across his chest.

Lydia went over to the dresser on the side of the room, and opened the top drawer. From it she extracted a wooden spoon and a pair of nipple clamps on a short silver chain. She slapped the spoon once against her leg, enjoying the sharp crack it made when it connected with her shapely thigh. She slid the drawer shut then returned to where Stuart's slave was standing bound to the pole.

Lydia clasped the girl's right pussy flap and pulled it outwards, attaching the tiny peg at one end of the nipple clamp to it. She threaded the chain around the back of the girl's hips, then collected it on the other side, drew out the left pussy flap and pulled the chain tight before attaching the second peg. The effect was perfect - the girl's pussy flaps were neatly peeled back revealing the swollen labia inside and her clit within.

"Nice," Stuart said.

"Not nearly as nice as it will be," Lydia said to Stuart. She held the wooden spoon out to him. "Would you like to administer the punishment, or shall I?" she asked. After all, the girl was his slave, and he was the host.

"No, no. By all means," Stuart said, indicating the girl. "Be my guest."

"Very well then," Lydia said. She stepped over to the left and turned side on so as to give Stuart an uninterrupted view of the proceedings. Clasping the wooden spoon in her right hand, she raised her arm above her head then swiftly brought it crashing down to connect violently with the girl's clit. "Say when," she said to Stuart, who folded his arms again, smiled and nodded his head with approval.

"Proceed," he said.

Over and over again she raised the wooden spoon above her head and slapped it down against the girl's clitoris. The girl remained perfectly still the first second and third times, but began to squirm when the strikes continued on and on. On the tenth strike, a glistening drop of clear fluid appeared on the girl's thighs, but the punishment was far from over. On, the strikes continued - fifteen, twenty, twenty-five strikes. Finally, the girl began to moan uncontrollably behind her gag. Her cheeks became flushed with colour as the muscles in her thighs tensed. Stuart knew his slave was close to climax and that was when he stepped forward.

"Enough," he said calmly. "It is a punishment, not a pleasure."

"Very well then," Lydia said. Her own cheeks were flushed from the excitement. Dealing out the punishment had been quite satisfying.

"So, my pet," Stuart said, addressing his slave. "Are you repentant?" Her big brown eyes, were full of tears that threatened to overflow and run down her cheeks. She nodded her head in acquiescence. "I hope you have learned your lesson."

Stuart turned away. Mistress Lydia had felt sure he would get her down now, but it was clear he intended to leave her tied up. She glanced at the girl - she might be a disobedient slave, but she had tenacity, a quality Lydia admired. She wondered if Stuart planned to share her at all.

Written by: Sweet_P

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