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T.O.A.I.S. Ch. 02

by strictdom313©

Jamal had been running his own business for over twelve years now, and his home reflected his success. He lived in a four bedroom house with a three acre plot. He had his own personal garage in the old barn at the back of the house. He was restoring a 1967 Ford Mustang GT. The other outhouse, he had kitted out as a playroom, and added a basement. He had turned the basement into a dungeon. He took his girls there when they needed to be punished, or if he was feeling particularly sadistic. Mostly the playroom was sufficient for training.

Amy was both excited and scared at the prospect of moving in with Jamal. She had only had one session with him, and knew he was a demanding man. Her mind raced as she dreamt up different scenarios of what he would do to her, or what he would make her do. Jamal had loaned her a car until hers was repaired, and had pre-programmed the GPS with his address.

Amy had had to go home first, to gather her belongings, and to let her parents know that she was visiting a 'friend' in Florida for a few weeks. They accepted this lie readily. She had no idea what to bring so she had texted Jamal.

Good afternoon master. I was wondering what I should bring for my stay. Clothing etc. Xxxx your slut

Jamal had replied almost instantly.

Hello my sweet slut. I have been thinking about you all morning. You should bring about six evening outfits. They should be as revealing as possible. Nothing else. The rest will be supplied by me. I expect you within the hour.


Amy's heart raced as she read the message. She thought it was odd that all he wanted her to bring was evening wear. She thought that he had overlooked underwear, and so decided to bring her sexiest lingerie. She threw all of her stuff in a holdall, and checked her watch. She only had twenty minutes to get to Jamal's house, and it was a half hour drive. She raced out the door and hit the road.

Jamal was busy preparing for his slut to arrive. He had deliberately told her to bring only evening wear, and chuckled to himself as she would probably think it was an oversight. He had meant it when he had told her that everything else would be provided for her. It was getting close to the time limit he had set, and he could feel his cock begin to grow as the minutes ticked away.

Amy arrived at Jamal's house at four minutes past the hour. She wondered how he would react to her tardiness. She hauled her bag out of the boot, and hustled to the front door. She rang the bell and waited patiently for her master.

Jamal greeted her like an old friend, for the benefit of the neighbours, who were always gossiping about someone. If only they knew. As soon as she was inside, he resumed his dominant role.

"You're late slut. Four minutes to be precise. I do not appreciate being made to wait. You will be punished for your lack of time keeping. Now come into the kitchen and empty the contents of your bag onto the counter. I want to inspect the items you've brought into my home" said Jamal.

"Yes master. Your slave apologises for her late arrival" said Amy meekly.

Jamal watched as she entered the kitchen and proceeded to dump her things onto the counter. He was right, she had brought underwear with her, along with makeup.

"Oh dear me. You seem to be unable to follow simple instructions either slut. I specifically told you what to bring and you defy me by bringing these extras" said Jamal as he held up a pair of her panties.

"I thought you had forgotten to tell me to bring underwear master. I brought them for you, I thought you would be pleased. As for my makeup, I feel naked without it" cried Amy.

"You will soon learn my slave, that I do not forget things. Nor do I tolerate disobedience in any shape or form. You will be punished for this also" growled Jamal.

"Yes master. I'm sorry" said Amy

Jamal proceeded to take every bit of lingerie and throw it in the bin. He attended to business, and presented her with her list of duties.

Slave Duties

Slave must be naked at all times whilst in the house, unless instructed otherwise.

Slave will take over all domestic responsibilities during her stay.

Slave will obey her Master's every command without question

Slave will swallow Master's cum no matter where or in what orifice it is deposited

When slave leaves the house for work or errands, her outfit must be approved by her Master.

Slave is strictly forbidden from any form of masturbation.

Any violation of the above rules in any way will result in severe punishment.



Amy felt herself getting wet as she read her list of duties and the re-read it. When she had finished, she stripped off completely. She didn't want to violate the first rule. As she looked at Jamal, his eyes smouldered with lust and a rather large bulge appeared in his shorts.

Jamal had watched Amy undress, feeling his cock grow with every garment being discarded. He admired her beautiful body for a few moments. He then reached into his pocket and withdrew a leather collar. It was emblazoned with the word slave. He presented it to Amy and watched with pride as she put it on.

"You are to wear your collar at all times during your stay here slave. No matter what you are doing or where you are, it never comes off! Do I make myself crystal clear?" said Jamal.

"Yes master. Perfectly. I will wear it with pride!" said Amy adoringly.

Jamal gave her a tour of the house, and given her ample space for her outfits in his wardrobe. He had her walk in front and gave her directions, so that he could watch her ass sway hypnotically. He then gave her a bath robe and took her outside. His yard was well protected from prying eyes with hedges and tall fences, although he didn't want to arouse suspicion by parading Amy around naked.

He took her to the garage and showed her the car he was restoring. She had looked at it with awe, and ran her hands along the bodywork. She had spotted the other shed and asked Jamal what was in there.

"Let's go and see, shall we?" he said jokingly.

He led Amy to the playroom and ushered her inside. She was shocked and enormously turned on by what she saw. There was different pieces of bondage furniture, dildos, vibrators, buttplugs, whips, floggers, gags, leads and every type of outfit imaginable in black and red rubber. She barely felt Jamal remove her robe, so mesmerised by the room was she. She noticed a flight of stairs leading downwards and proceeded down to the basement. What she saw there, both aroused and frightened her. It had been turned into a dungeon, with every fetish scenario catered for. There was stocks, spreader bars, a medieval rack, clamps, fucking machines, a giant St. Andrews cross and a gyno table.

Jamal watched with interest as Amy took in her surroundings. She never faltered, not once. He traced his rough fingers down her spine, and grabbed her ass. This broke her trance, and she turned to face him.

"Wow. This is amazing master. Although I have to admit, I'm a little frightened" said Amy honestly.

"Thank you slut. You have nothing to be afraid of. This is my dungeon, where I punish my slaves. The room we passed through upstairs is the playroom. Five days out of each week will be spent there, and the other two will be spent down here" said Jamal authoritatively.

"Yes master, as you wish. I am curious, you said slaves. How many slaves do you have besides me?" said Amy

"How very perceptive of you my little slut. I have two other slaves besides yourself. They are 24/7 slaves and do nothing without my express permission. Their names are Jada and Alisya. They are both presently on loan to a close friend of mine, and will be returning at the end of the week. So for now, you have my full attention. Which reminds me. I have two punishments to deliver" said Jamal flatly.

Written by: strictdom313

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