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T.O.A.I.S. Ch. 03

by strictdom313©


Jamal strapped Amy onto the St. Andrews cross with leather cuffs and chains. Her boobs pressed against the cold steel, causing her nipples to harden painfully. He had also given her a large purple ballgag to wear, and watched lustfully as her saliva started to drip from the corner of her mouth. Her bindings on the cross, had her legs spread wide, revealing the plump mound of her pussy.

He could've taken her there and then, so wet was her cunt. Her lips already parted with arousal. He stuck two fingers deep inside her pussy and wiggled them back and forth. He pulled them out and lifted them to her nose. He then coated her lips in her own juices and gave her ass a playful slap.

"What a sight to behold. You look beautiful when you're bound slut. And now for your punishments. You will receive twenty hits with the heavy flogger on both your ass and tits. Be thankful I'm not using the canes" he said menacingly.

Amy just nodded her head and waited for the first blow to land on her well rounded ass. She didn't have to wait long for the thunderous clap and searing pain. She just stood there and took it obediently. By the twelfth strike, her ass was on fire and she could feel her heart pounding. Then something changed. As the thirteenth strike landed, she felt no pain. Just a huge wave of pleasure emanating in her crotch and spreading like wildfire. As the twentieth and final stroke landed on her ass, she was teetering on the edge of a massive orgasm.

She felt her cuffs being undone and Jamal turning her around. He reattached her to the cross and removed her gag. He took both of her beautiful breasts in his hands and squeezed them painfully hard causing her to cry out.

"Twenty more on those udders you call tits, you disobedient little slut. This is what you will get every time. If you repeatedly disappoint me, then the punishments will increase in severity. Do you understand?" questioned Jamal.

"Yes master. I'm sorry master, it won't happen again" said Amy meekly.

"See that it doesn't slave. Now count each stroke. If you lose count, then I will just start from the beginning again!" said Jamal.

Amy heard the whoosh of the tassels, and then the biting pain that flashed across her chest.

"One" shouted Amy.

She continued counting each stroke, riding the waves of pleasure. Her nipples had become so sensitive, she thought they might explode.

"Seventeen" cried Amy weakly.







Just as the last blow struck, a massive orgasm ripped through her tender body.

"Ohhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuuccccckkkkkkkk!" screamed Amy as she came again and again.

Jamal waited until her orgasm had run it's course, before taking her down from the cross. He held her in his arms until she recovered. He then placed her on the gyno table and strapped her legs into the stirrups. After binding her arms with leather belts, he squirted a healthy dose of lube onto his hand. He lubed her already soaking pussy, and started to work his fist inside her.

After her pussy had been sufficiently stretched by his fisting, Jamal plowed home his dark meat. Not stopping until he had embedded all fourteen inches of his mammoth cock.

Amy was in heaven. She now craved the stretching that only his cock could give her. Her once tight pussy was now stretched obscenely to accommodate his dark snake. He was fucking her with all his might, and she could do nothing except lie there and take the pounding he was dishing out.

"That's right you filthy little white whore. Take my black cock in your pretty little pussy. Feel it stretching your cunt. You'll be my fucktoy and swallow my black cum like the filthy fucking bitch that you are!" snarled Jamal.

"Yes master. Stretch me out. Give me your big black cock. Ram it deep inside me, I love it. Cum down my throat, I want to swallow your black spunk!" cried Amy.

So that's exactly what Jamal did. He pulled out and undid all her bindings. He got her into her pose. On her knees, hands behind her back, tits sticking out.

"When you are on your knees, this is the pose you will always adopt unless instructed otherwise. Clear?" asked Jamal.

"Yes master" said Amy.

" Good. Now suck my big black cock you filthy fucking white tramp. I'm going to shoot my load straight down your pretty little throat" yelled Jamal with lust.

Without hesitation, Amy took the beast in her mouth and started to work her magic. Now that she knew she could cope with his size, she forced his cock into her throat, and took him down to the balls. She held herself there, knowing that her gag reflex would kick in soon. It did. Causing her throat to clamp down and around Jamal's cock. She slowly started backing it out of her throat, but still kept it in her mouth. When she had calmed down, she repeated the process. Taking him all the way down, and gagging. But this time, he grabbed her by the head and held her there, enjoying the convulsions of her throat.

Amy felt powerless, and she never broke her pose, even with his rough treatment. She felt his cock beginning to stiffen even more, and knew that he was about to cum. He wrenched himself free of her throat, and blasted her face with string after string of hot salty cum. By the time he was done, she could barely see at all. Her face was plastered in spunk. It was in her hair, her eyes, her mouth. Some had even managed to get up her nose.

"Right you filthy little slut. Don't forget about rule four. Besides, you need to clean yourself up anyway, because you look like a cum covered whore!" laughed Jamal.

Amy started to lick her lips and scoop his cum into her mouth. There was so much, it was so degrading. She felt like a worthless whore, and that was how he had wanted her to feel. He was going to degrade and defile her young body. She knew it, and she wanted it. She wanted nothing more than to be used for his gratification. His personal fucktoy. She would gladly do anything to please him and his beautiful cock. The idea started to form in her head, that she could spend a lot longer than a month in his company.

As she was swallowing the last remnants of his load, Amy began to think about the days left in their little arrangement. She didn't want it to ever end. Jamal was a man that she could stay with, who could give her everything she wanted and more. And in return she would be his slave in every aspect of the word. She wondered if the other two girls he had, felt the same.

Jamal presented her with a pair of rubber panties with two inflatable dildos in the crotch. She worked the dildos into her now sore pussy and reluctant anus. When she had the panties on, Jamal took hold of the inflation bulbs and began to pump air into the already big dildos.

"I can inflate these dildos to five times their size, and by the time I'm done with you young lady, you will be able to accommodate their size with ease. You will wear these for the rest of the day, and will not take them off until given express permission by me. Now go back into the house and make me some lunch, I have business to attend to. No need to make anything for yourself, you've already been fed" chuckled Jamal.

"Yes master. Thank you for my meal!" replied Amy teasingly.

Amy's servitude to Jamal had only just started, and she was already loving every filthy second of it. And with that realisation, she walked awkwardly back to the house. The dildos plugging her holes deliciously.

Written by: strictdom313

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