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A Night after Work Pt. 02

by ForeverandAlwaysYours©

"Callie," she heard Ian drawl as she bent down to fix a price on the new merchandise they had just gotten in. Callie snapped up and turned to face her manager Ian.

"Yes sir?" She smirked.

"I need you to clean the registers off before you go. They're unacceptable." He said plainly as he turned on his heel and walked out of her department. Callie sighed. He hadn't made any reference towards last night and she was beginning to wonder if she had imagined the whole damned thing. She walked over to the register and started clearing off the overstock and drink bottles left by her coworkers through out the day. She picked up her own empty drink to throw it away and spotted a white card under the bottle. It had only an address written on it and an ornate "I" written at the bottom. The only sign that Ian was the one that left the card for her to find. Her legs quivered a little bit at the thought of actually going to her boss's house. She looked at the time. She still had a half hour before her shift was over. She idly filled her time cleaning up the department taking cardboard to the baler, taking left over merchandise from other departments up front to the sorter.

Finally ten hit and she was out the door. She was parked in the very back of the parking lot no street lamps or other cars were parked near her so she took the opportunity to change in the car before she headed towards Ians house. She peeled off her black leggings and black shirt and pulled another black shirt out of her bag. This one was off the shoulders and had netting that laid across her chest. She only wore it when she wanted to draw attention to her big perky breasts. Then she grabbed a pair of light wash daisy dukes and slid them over her black lace thong. She threw her discarded uniform in the back and put the address in her GPS. Her heart flipped he only lived five minutes away. She only had five minutes to prepare herself to be fucked and dominated by her manager.

Callie pulled out of the parking lot and headed towards Ians house. She turned onto the driveway where Ian's white car was parked next to a much nicer SUV. She briefly wondered who else was home but the thought quickly vanished from her head when she saw Ian pop his head out the front door. She thought her knees might give out as she recalled the events from the night before. She took a moment to regain herself and walked past the cars towards the front door. Ian just smiled and opened the door wider as she stepped inside. Not knowing what else to do she just stood in the doorway.

"Do you want a drink, we can hang out in the living room for a little bit," Ian offered. Callie nodded and followed him to the kitchen. "Okay we've got beer, sprite, lemonade, and water," he listed. Callie opted for a lemonade. He handed her a cold can and grabbed a beer for himself. He laced his fingers through hers and led her to a nice living room. She sat on the big couch next to Ian.

Callie heard a door open down the hall and a guy, a well built; lean; shirtless guy, walked through the living room and into the kitchen giving no sign that he even saw the two of them sitting on the couch. She looked at Ian to inquire about the stranger and he smiled. "A friend of mine," he offered, "He's staying with me for a couple weeks while his house is being worked on." As if on cue his friend walked back into the living room. He stopped and stared for at them. He caught himself and looked at Ian," hey man you got a charger, I left mine at work and my phones almost dead."

"Yeah in my room. I'll grab it for you," he squeezed Callie's knee and said quietly to her, "I'll be right back."

He got up and walked down the hallway leaving Callie alone in the living room with his temporary roommate. She looked at him wanting to fill the awkward silence.

"So, how do you know Ian," she asked him. He looked at her seemingly surprised she spoke to him at all.

"College," he said quietly as his eyes quickly scanned her fairly exposed skin, his eyes resting briefly on her tits. "Whats your name," he inquired quickly.

"Callie, yours?" She smiled.

"Logan." He walked over to the armchair across from the couch and sat down as he waited on Ian. Callie couldn't help but study him. He had shaggy blonde hair, a six packs, and giant hands that she couldn't help but imagine running along her body. Ian called for Logan from down the hall. Logan sighed and stood up. He looked at Callie and smiled. "It was nice to meet you Callie," he said and walked towards the back of the house leaving Callie alone in the living room. She took the opportunity to fix her hair and put a new layer of the deep red lipstick on her plump lips. She looked at herself in her compact mirror and smiled satisfied. She looked utterly fuckable. Ian came padding into the living room. He had changed into gray sweatpants and was now shirtless. She gaped at him. She hadn't gotten a good look at him in the dark yesterday and he looked fucking good. She couldn't comprehend why he always wore those loose button ups at work. He smiled at her.

"Wanna see my room," he asked as he held out his hand for her and led her down the hall to his bedroom. She walked in and assessed his bedroom. Neat and orderly. She sat down at the foot of the bed and looked up at him. He strode towards her positioning himself in between her legs she could feel his bulge through the cotton of his sweatpants. Slowly without saying a word and looking deep in her eyes as he did it, he lifted her shirt over her head and tossed it onto the floor. Ian then pushed her back onto the bed, unzipped her shorts, and pulled them down her legs. He stood there and looked at her taut body with only her black bra and panties covering her. "Lay on your stomach," he demanded. She quickly obliged. Ian leaned down and grasped the back of her neck and leaned in close to her ear. He could feel his lips graze her earlobe as he spoke. "I told you I was going to punish me for not calling me sir last night, do you remember that?"

"Yes, sir," she said quietly. He rubbed one of his hands along the curve of her ass. She shuddered a little bit. All of sudden she felt a hard slap crash against her bottom. She squirmed to try to get out of the way as the second blow hit harder than the first. Again, and again she felt those stinging lashes from his hand, but she couldn't deny the warmth growing in between her legs. Finally after her behind was good and sore she heard him back away from her. She heard him rifling through his night stand. She didn't dare move until told to do so.

Ian tugged at her shoulder until she was sitting doggie style on his bed. He leaned forward close to her ear again and whispered, "we're going to have fun tonight Callie." Next thing she knew he had slipped a black eye mask over her face. She couldn't see anything beyond the black cloth. "Do not move until I get back, Callie," he warned as she heard the bedroom door open and shut. After a couple minutes she heard the door open again and braced herself for whatever was coming next.

Her panties were pulled down to her knees as she felt a dick slide across her ass and poke at her pussy not fully entering but teasing her, making her want to beg for more. But she didn't. Not yet, because she could tell it wasn't Ian's cock. This one felt slightly thicker than the one she had last night. She realized she was being silly Ian wouldn't let someone else fuck her in his ow bedroom. No way. So she perked her ass up making it easier for him to slip inside of her. She gasped when he was fully inside. She felt hands grasp at her waist. And right then she knew it wasn't Ian. These hands were rough and calloused, hands sculpted by hard labor not from sitting in an office on a computer all day. She tried to buck away but the hands just held on to her tighter. She opened her mouth to scream but a finger stuck into her mouth to silence her. These hands she recognized, but she yanked her head back and clamped her mouth shut before he could put his finger in her mouth once more.

"What the fucking hell is going on Ian," she snapped.

"Oh, come on Callie. Logan couldn't let me have all the fun, could you brother," she could hear the smile in his voice. This only made her anger flare.

"Come on doll, you know you wanted me the moment you saw me. You want us both you selfish little slut," she heard Logans voice drawl as he continued to pump to deep and slow into her already aching cunt. She couldn't deny that she thought about it when she saw him but she wasn't about to admit that out loud. It was wrong what they did, what they WERE doing, but she could feel herself getting ready to plummet with him inside of her. His slow strokes were wreaking havoc on her and she wasn't going to be able to keep her resolve much longer. As she started to shake and moan he quickly pulled out and she was left as a writhing mess on the bed. As soon as she finished cumming she felt Ian's long throbbing member slide into her easily. Felt his hands grasp her hair pulling her head back. This only prolonged the ecstacy she was feeling. She felt Logan's dick push against her mouth asking for entrance. "Open your mouth whore I didn't get to finish." At Logan's demand she opened her mouth tasting her juices as he slid his prick down her throat. Together the men thrusted in unison, dizzying her senses. Ian pulled her hair hard and she felt him shoot his load into her already dripping pussy as Logan pushed deeper into her throat and finished just as Ian had. Callie slumped onto the bed panting hard not sure if she was furious or grateful for what just happened. She felt Ian's naked body lay beside her and heard Logan make his exit. Ian pulled the black sleep mask from over her eyes and stared at her.

"Come on love, you know you enjoyed it," Ian said as he ran a finger up and down the length of her torso. Callie grabbed his hand tightly and pushed it onto the bed.

"You should have told me. No matter how much I liked it. You should have told me," Callie whispered. Ian sat up and pulled her onto his lap, stroking her hair.

"I'm sorry," he said quietly. She could see the regret shining deep in his eyes. That was all she needed. The confirmation that he did take her feelings into account. She lifted her chin and kissed him hard pushing him into laying position onto the bed. She straddled him and grinded against his already growing member. Ian displayed a devilish grin as he wrapped his arms around her and rolled on top of her.

"Round two," he said more like a statement than a question. She moaned in response as he teased her with his cock. He circled her tit with his finger moving towards her nipple and then stopped. Ian got off the bed and Callie made a noise of indignitation as he strolled leisurely towards the closet and pulled out a shoe box. He set it on the bed next to her and pulled out red fuzzy handcuffs and nipple clamps connected by a small chain. Callie shuddered a little bit. She never used nipple clamps and was a little wearisome about the prospect of doing so.

"Do you wanna try these Callie? I promise you will love them," Ian asked politely. Callie nodded and he grabbed the fuzzy cuffs and cuffed her hands tight behind her back. Then grabbed one of jeweled nipple clamps off the bed. "If you don't like it Callie, tell me and I'll take it off," Ian murmured. She gasped as he clamped her nipples and tightened the clasps. God it felt good. It hurt there was no denying that as the pain radiated through her breast but it was countered by the quick warmth gathering in her already dripping wet pussy. "Do you want Logan to come back," Ian asked quietly. "He doesn't have to but I know you'll enjoy it if he does. He was pretty disappointed you didn't want to play with him."

Callie shivered. "Yes please, sir." Ian sent a message on the phone.

"Sit on your knees and face the door and don't move or speak until you are told to do so," Ian ordered. Callie complied. She got on her knees and spread them wide so he could get a good look at everything, and grabbed her feet from behind her so her whole body had a bit of an arch to it. The door started to open and it took everything Callie had not to start grinding against the bed. Logan was wearing red pajama pants as he walked back into the bedroom. He paused when he saw her. His cock growing in size when he saw Callie cuffed with the nipple clamps on. He didn't dare move, this girl was gift just for him. Wrapped up and set neatly on the bed. Logan glanced at Ian for approval and then turned his attention back to the little slut on the bed. He placed his finger on the center of the chain forcing the clamps to yank her nipple inward. Callie gasped and Logan smiled in satisfaction. He pushed her back onto the bed and kneeled in between her delectable legs. Callie bucked in anticipation as he leaned forward and started circling her throbbing clit with his tongue. Logan then probed her opening and darted his tongue in and out of her cunt as he rubbed her clit against his nose.

Callie arched her back up and started to wrap her legs around Logan when she heard a low warning from Ian, "I told you not to move Callie unless asked too. You haven't been asked yet so you forbidden to do so." Callie sighed in frustration a little to loudly. Ian briskly walked over to her and wrapped a large hand around her neck. "I brought you into my home to be pleasured and fucked like fucking queen. You will not behave this way, do you understand," he asked harshly. Callie nodded and managed to calm down and not squirm as Logan relentlessly fucked her with his tongue. He kept bringing her to the cusp of an orgasm and and pulling her back.

"Please sir, fuck me. I need you to fuck me," Callie gasped as she writhed against his face. Logan lifted his head up and grinned at her. He longed to hear her say those words. He had told himself he wouldn't give in until she asked for it. He pulled down his red plaid pajama pants and boxers. Callie saw his thick cock spring forward and her hips started to move involuntarily. Logan grabbed her hand and pulled her off the bed. He directed her towards the dresser and had her lean forward and brace herself against it. She could feel his hands run along her body like he was trying to lock the image of her standing there waiting for him into his brain.

Finally and without warning she felt him push into her. She nearly dropped to the floor in ecstacy but Logan held her steady as he pumped into her. She didn't know where she began and he ended but she never wanted him to stop. Logan pushed his cock into her slow and deep and then pulled almost all the way out so that the head of his dick just barely rest inside her. Over and over he did it torturing the both of them. He grunted and buried deep inside of her as he shot his load into her. Callie could feel herself orgasm in turn and moaned his name loudly. Logan picked her up and layed her back on the bed. Before padding out of the room he leaned in close and thanked her for the pleasure of fucking her.

"Did you have fun, Callie?" Ian asked from the corner of the room. Her cheeks burned and she couldn't help but feel guilty. Not knowing what to say she stayed silent. Ian walked over and started stroking her hair. "It's okay darling. It was hot watching him fuck your brains out. I finished twice just watching you." Callie blushed but still didn't stay anything. "You want to shower with me," he asked quietly. Callie nodded and he scooped her into his arms and walked into the private bathroom connected to his bedroom. He started the water and grabbed two towels out of the linen closet.

"Can you guys both fuck me like one of you fuck my pussy and one fuck my ass?" Callie asked looking at Ian. He raised his eyebrows at her and smiled.

"Of course doll I'm getting tired but there is always tomorrow morning. You'll still be here right? I know we didn't get much one on one time," he asked.

"I'll be here," Callie stated.

Written by: ForeverandAlwaysYours

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