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The Vindictive Stranger Ch. 04


Louis Hatch had just finished showering, after fucking Nina, Monique's niece, good and hard for probably the hundredth time now. He had lost count of how often he had screwed Nina, Monique, and his Uncle Pierre, who was evidently bisexual. Since he moved in with Uncle Pierre and his family, Louis's sex life had taken a definite upswing, he had a new job, and he was busy learning more about voodoo, the ancient Haitian occult religion that had been part of his own heritage. He certainly didn't miss his ex-wife, Melanie, who had been a royal pain to him during their marriage.

That was when he got unexpected company, right there in the john, just outside of the shower. It was in the form of a tall, hefty, muscular man of mixed racial origins, whose eyes glowed first gold, and then red in front of Louis. Louis nearly tripped and fell as he stepped back, but the man was so strong that he literally lifted him out of the shower and set him back down on the linoleum floor. A stunned and terrified Louis Hatch tried to cover up, but the man just laughed now.

"Papa, you don't have to worry. I'm not going to rape my own father. I don't swing that way, though from what I can tell, you do. I will not judge you for that, nor will the Gods. You are what mortals call bisexual. There is nothing wrong with that. Look, I am not out for your blood, but I do want to know ... did you know that my mother was pregnant with me when she aborted me?" the stranger asked him.

"Who are you? And what are you talking about?" Louis was honestly confused by this whole situation.

"Well, if I had been born to you, my parents, I would have been a Hatch. Maybe Louis Hatch, Jr. I don't know for sure. Maybe Pierre Hatch, after your uncle. Instead, I was aborted by my own mother, your ex-wife, Melanie Hatch. Your mother, my grandmother, was named Emmanuelle Marie-Louise Duchamp, in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. I know that much. She married Reverend Andrew Hatch, converted to Protestant, Baptist Christianity instead of voodoo, but you returned to her faith, rejecting your father's ... my grandfather's.

"I completely understand why, too. Voodoo, Santeria, these ways are the ways of our forefathers, from back before they were seized in Africa and sold into slavery. They are more authentic. They are more natural and they are closer to the Gods. I should know. I've been to the other side and returned ... as this, a demon of vengeance. I also know what Maman is. She is an uptight, hypocritical mix of prude and slut. She is learning a little humility now, but too little, too late.

"It is high time that I carried out my last revenge, this time against her. I just came here to see if you knew or were involved somehow. I'm not worried about you warning her, though, since I know that you hate her as much as I do, that you've cursed her already, a curse that is going to aid me in no small way, so thank you, Dad, for that ... but also because no one would believe you if you told her, anyway. It's too outlandish, right? I did the research. Some still doubt that I was a living, self-aware person, but I was. I have also learned that further back in time, I wouldn't have been. By the way, I'm known to most as 'Jonathan Nelson, ' Dad. So, what all did you know?" Jonathan bluntly asked his own father.

"I knew that she was pregnant, how could I not, but I didn't know that she planned to have an abortion. I wasn't honestly sure if you were mine, either. Like most folks, I was always a bit ambivalent on the issue. It didn't sound nice or ideal or anything, but I was never sure when consciousness set in. You were mine, then?" Louis asked his son to be certain.

"Yes, the Gods made that plain to me. It was from one of the last times that you two were intimate, as it happened. I suppose that you could be pardoned for doubting your paternity, though, given Maman's infidelities. A lot of those were with women at the time, though, especially Janice. Very well, then. Shall we part as friends? Remember, not a word to Maman about my intentions, either," Jonathan offered a handshake and Louis took it.

"Very well, then. Friends, then. Glad to see that you're getting to live your life in spite of all this, even if I missed your childhood ... Then again, I suppose, you never really had one. That abortionist who died violently and mysteriously, he was in the news ... Dr. Marvin Gunderson, that was your doing, wasn't it? What about the nurses, staffers?" Louis inquired.

"Accessories rather than murderers. There will be vengeance, but not as grisly. Oh, speaking of getting to live my life ... I impregnated a woman. Dr. Gunderson's daughter. Yes, that was my doing, but I also fucked his daughter, initially for payback. I've grown attached to her since, so I would really appreciate if you don't tell her I killed her old man. No matter how estranged they were, I don't think that she would like me much after that fact became known to her. Anyway, you're going to be a grandfather. Just thought that you should know," Jonathan smiled as he vanished into thin air.

"A grandfather?" Louis thought out loud, but quickly realized that, because of the bizarre nature of things, he couldn't tell anyone yet, if ever.

No matter how much he wanted to get to know his grandchildren, he didn't dare to expose his son to Nora. He owed Jonathan that much at least. Maybe he could become their uncle instead, though, given the closer apparent ages. He'd have to talk to Jonathan, his demonic son, about that. As for Melanie, he wasn't about to shed any tears. The bitch had it coming and he had already put a curse on her. Apparently, that curse worked in very odd ways.

Then again, so did the Gods ... but which Gods? Aside from the fact that they were beings who weren't the God of the Bible and the Quran, the Abrahamic God, he didn't know which deities these actually were ... the Loas, perhaps. He had prayed to them and cursed his ex in their name, after all. Either way, chickens were coming home to roost in the Hatch family for sure. He could just sit back and let his son do all the work. Louis only hoped that Nora would never turn against his son, because that wouldn't end well, whatever happened after that. No, best that she remain in the dark about her father's assassin.

Written by: SEVERUSMAX

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