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The Gang Bang Party

by DaddyO Wil©

My wife Jillian and I were invited to a party at a friends house. There were thirty or forty people there. The boys out numbered the girls by about ten. Jill had wore a one piece dress that was made out of some soft clingy material, which ended about three inches above her knee. The neck line was modest but was able to emphasize her 38C breasts. There were two kinds of drinks available, a spiked punch about 20 proof and The Punch at about 70 proof. They were different colors so people could tell them apart. Jill is a light weight drinker as am I, so we stuck to the 20 proof. After a couple of those we were feeling no pain and quite enjoying ourselves. Jill was into the dancing and I couldn’t keep up with her so she had danced a couple of dances with several of the unattached guys.

When my wife gets a little drunk she becomes quite a flirt. She had three or four guys drooling all over her. She finally wore out and came to sit by me for a rest. She was slightly flushed and breathing unevenly. As we talked one of the guys she was dancing with brought her another drink. I saw that it was the 70 proof. She accepted it and took a long drink before I could say anything. Then I noticed that the guys who brought it to her was still there. I glanced at him and noticed that he was looking at my wife’s legs. I looked at her legs and saw that her dress had ridden up. Just as I looked she uncrossed her legs and shifted forward to thank him. I saw his eyes widen and knew that he was looking at my wife’s barely covered pussy. I quickly glanced around the room and noticed several other guys enjoying the view as well. When the guy had gone I leaned over and told Jill what was happening. She turned red and quickly covered up. I noticed that her nipples wear so hard that they were poking right through her bra and dress. She drank the rest of the 70 proof then excused herself to use the restroom. Several guys watched her cross the room on steady legs.

When Jill appeared out of the bathroom she looked better and had a flirtatious look in her eye. She saw me and smiled. I knew that our sex this night would be great. Half way across the room she was stopped by one of the guys. I saw him indicate the dance area as she looked at me. I nodded and she went to dance with him. For the next thirty minutes I watched as she danced with three different guys, flirting outrageously with each of them. They were taking every opportunity to feel as may parts of her body as possible. Their success was amazing. She either wanted them to explore her body or was too drunk to care. When I saw her stumble and two of the guys catch her. I knew that she was smashed. The guy behind her took the opportunity the fall presented and slide his hand up her dress from behind. She was leaning forward on the other guy as the one behind was caressing her ass. His hand moved forward and I saw my wife stiffen. The guy moved his hand back and forth. I knew that he was finger fucking my wife right there. Her face relaxed and her ass moved with him a little bit and then she realized what was happening and stood up. She smiled at them and moved over to sit by me.

She plopped down beside me

“I’m really smashed sweetie.”

I asked her if she wanted to lay down for awhile. She nodded and I went to find the host. He told me to use the bedroom at the end of the hall. After taking off her shoes I laid her on the bed. She smiled and curled up in a ball. After about thirty minutes I needed to use the restroom. As I exited the bathroom, I noticed that the door to the bedroom was open about four inches. I knew that I had closed it when I left. When I looked in I could see that Jill was still lying on the bed and that her dress was half way over her ass. Her panty covered ass was pointing right at the door. Going in I sat on the bed and looked at her. She stirred as I ran my hands over her ass and between her legs. As I touched her pussy she moaned and pushed herself against my hand. Sliding her panties to one side exposing her pussy to me, I slid a finger into her. She was very wet. I wondered why. When my finger was all the way in she moaned

“I told you to let me rest a little longer.”

“What? So that’s why the door was open, someone else has been in here.” I thought.

“Oh,” it dawned on me that was why her dress was up someone had been doing what I was going. My cock was instantly hard at the thought of my wife being felt up by another man.

I went back to the party with the image of some guy sitting on the bed with his fingers in my wife’s pussy. I could hear her moan as he moved them in and out. Looking over the guests I remembered the two guys who had caught her. They were standing together whispering to each other.

“Both of them!” I thought with alarm.

Going over to the punch bowl I grabbed a drink. Watching the people at the party I noticed that most of them were pretty smashed. The dancing was much slower than before and there was some groping going on. Deciding to explore a little and I wandered around the house. As I passed the garage door I heard the unmistakable sounds of sex. Sneaking out the kitchen door I walked over to the window looking into the garage. The hostess of the party was sitting on the hood of their BMW with some guy between her legs. His pants were on the floor and he was obviously fucking her. She had her legs on his shoulders as he pumped his cock into her. As I watched them my cock jumped back to life. They went at it for about five more minutes before he stiffened and shot his load into her. She milking his cock dry with her orgasm as she came with him. I snuck back into the kitchen and was just walking back to the party when the host came up to me and asked how my wife was doing. I told him that she was still resting. He told me that several of the guest were too drunk to drive and wanted to know if I would help him drive them home. I told him ok and turned to look in on the party. As I did I noticed that one of my wife’s dance partners was listening to the host and I talk. Host told me that he would gather up the drunks and meet me by the door. I waited by the door for a few minutes after which I decided to check on my wife before I left. The door was still closed and she was lying the way I left her when I came in. I checked her and found that she was sleeping. Deciding not to wake her I when into the bathroom adjoining the bedroom. With the light coming from the door and the open window I could see around the room very well but the bathroom was very dark. I was just zipping up when I heard voices in the room.

I listened as they talked.

“Are you sure her husband is gone?”

“Yeah, he went with Bill. They will be gone at least forty five minutes.”

“Cool, let’s see how far she’ll go.”

“Ok. You think she’ll go all the way?”

“Don’t know, but let’s find out.”

“After you.”

I heard the door close and the lock snick closed.

“Oh shit,” I thought, “what am I going to do now?”

I just stood there not knowing as my cock began to swell. They sat on either side of her

“Hi sexy, were back.”

“Were back?” I thought.

One of them began to rub her back and shoulders. I heard my wife say, “mmm that feels good.”

He pushed her over on her belly and began to give her a nice back massage. The other guy started on her legs, running his hands up and down them without getting too far past her knee. They were telling her how sexy she was and what a nice body she had as they rubbed her. The one doing her legs, pulled them apart and sat on the bed between them. He pulled her toward him about a foot. Her dress slid up and over her ass as he moved her. I thought that she would stop them any minute now but instead she just laid there and let them work on her body. Moving his hands up her legs the guy started working on her upper thighs while the guy working on her back pulled her dress higher exposing her whole ass and the small of her back. He began to unzip her dress,

“No,” she said.

“It’s ok I’m just going to unzip it far enough to get to your shoulders.” He told her.

She relaxed and he zipped all the way down.

My wife’s body twitched and I noticed that the guy between her legs was rubbing her panty covered pussy. She told him no but her body was saying yes. His hand slid under her panties and he began to stroke her. With his legs straddling one of her’s, I had a good view of his hand playing with my wife’s pussy. I knew I should put a stop to this but I could not make my legs move or my mouth make words. My wife’s hips started moving with his hand and she was moaning how good it felt.

“They are going to make her cum.” I thought.

Sure enough a few minutes later she stiffen and moaned into the pillow as she came.

“Lift your hips beautiful.” one said as he began to slide her panties off.

To my surprise she did.

“Slide that pillow under her so I can get at her pussy” one said as the other did what he was told.

Pulling her legs apart he began to kiss her inner thigh and up to her pussy. He ate her for about five minutes before putting several fingers in her pussy and stroking them in and out. She was cumming several seconds after. I heard a zipper and saw the other guys drop his pants and underwear to the floor and step out of them. His hard cock bobbed as he stepped out of his shoes.

“My turn.” he said.

He got between her legs and began to massage her shoulders. He leaned over and nibbled on her neck as he rubbed his hard cock on her naked ass. Jill’s hips twitched up as his cock contacted her as he turned to his buddy with a knowing grin. Sliding his hands down her back he grabbed her hips and pulled them toward him. My wife’s legs opened wider and her pussy tilted up as she slid the few inches back. He leaned back and I could see that his cock was perfectly lined up with her pussy. I had a perfect viewing angle on the bed and watched as he began to rub her pussy with his hand. Her head was turned toward me and I could see that she was in a sort of sexual daze.

Her eyes opened wide and she said, “the door”.

“Don’t worry we locked it” they told her.

The guy had three fingers in her and was stroking her clit with his thumb.

“Oh!” she said as her hips humped his invading hand.

“Fuck her.” the other guy said.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” he asked my wife.

She was on the verge of another orgasm and could only nod.

“Ok,” he said removing his fingers, “Open up for me.”

My wife moved her legs father apart and ached her pussy up and open for him. As the head of his cock touched the lips of her pussy my mind was screaming,

“no, no, no” but my cock was screaming, “yes, yes, yes.”

His hips flexed forward and he drove his cock all the way into her.

“Yessss!” my wife moaned as he began to pump deep into her.

I could heard his hips slapping her ass with each stroke. That noise was accompanied by her moans and his grunts of pleasure. The other guy had taken his clothes off and was watching them as he slowly stroked his own hard cock. The guy inside her pulled her to her knees and pushed her head down as he began to fuck her with long hard strokes. Jill was meeting him thrust for thrust. She began to stiffen and her eyes opened wide. The guy’s strokes were getting quicker and more insistent. I imagined his cock inside her beginning to swell as his orgasm approached. My wife’s let out a loud groan as she came. Her pussy contracting around his swollen organ. His hips shot forward and his ass clenched as he buried himself deeply inside her. His hips twitched with each ejaculation as he shot his cum deep into my wife’s clutching pussy. She grunted with each twitch.

After he had emptied himself inside her, he let go of her hips and she collapsed forward. He helped the other guy roll her over and sit her up as they pulled her dress and bra off. She laid back as the other guy moved between her legs. Seeing his hard cock she smiled and spread her legs for him. He lifted them to his shoulders and positioned his cock at her opening. His cock was a little bigger than his friends who was about seven inches but he was a lot thicker. His cock was thicker in the middle, slightly smaller in diameter than my wife’s wrist. He slipped the head into her and then pumped about two to three inches in and out of her. Never pushing past the widest part of his cock. Jill grabbed his head and pulled him down on top of her wrapping her legs around the small of his back. She grabbed his hips and pulled him completely into her with a loud moan. He spread his legs for leverage and began to pump his fat cock in and out. I could see his cock firmly embedded in her pussy as he fucked her. With each stroke his cock would come half way out, stretching her lips wide apart as the fat part came into view. Then her pussy would swallow him as he thrust back in. They were both moaning and groaning as their joined bodies strained into each other. After about ten minutes of hard fucking they were both close to the edge. He was shaking with the strain of prolonging their union as long as possible. She had grabbed her legs behind her knees and pulled her legs wide apart. With each thrust in she would rock back, rolling her pussy up to meet his plunging cock. His body tensed up and he began to thrust uncontrollably into her. Rising up in his hands, he drove himself deep into her again and again. She wrapped her legs around him and used her heals to lever her pussy onto his cock. I watched as her hands grabbed the bed spread squeezing it with anticipation. Then wham she was there, her pussy massaging his cock as her hips undulated beneath him. That was more than he could stand. Driving his cock in as deep as he could he unloaded in her. His balls jerked up and his hips twitched in with each burst. They stayed locked together for several moments. When he finally pulled himself out of her and stood up I could see her pussy was stretched wide open. She just laid there as they dressed and thanked her.

After they left I just stood there in shock thinking about what I had just seen. I was about to go take my turn when she got up and headed for the bathroom. I quickly hid in the closet, I don’t know why either. She used the toilet, then used one of the towels to clean herself up. I expect her to be walking funny or something after having been fucked twice but she was humming and acting like nothing had just happened. She did have a self satisfied look on her face. I had just stepped out of my pants and underwear when, we heard the door to the bedroom open and she turned toward the door to see who it was.

“Hi” she said with a smile.

“Hi” I heard a male voice answer her.

“So they were telling me the truth” her third dancing partner said as he came into the bathroom.

“About what?” My wife asked.

He just smiled and took her in his arms. As they kissed he maneuvered her against the vanity while stroking her clit and pussy. He lifted her up and set her on the vanity. He resumed kissing and fingering her as he worked his pants down releasing his hardening cock. Moving his lips down to suck her nipples she leaned back with a sigh. I could have swore she was looking right at me as he placed his now rock hard cock at the entrance to her pussy. Her eyes rolled up in pleasure and her mouth formed an oh as he pushed himself into her. Holding her legs in the crook of his arms, he began to steadily fuck her. She began to talk to him.

“Oh yes that’s it fuck me with your big cock, come on drive it in, yeah that’s it do it, you feel so good, come on fuck me.”

He really began to slam in to her. Pushing her legs wide apart and driving deep.

“Yeah that’s it, oh yeah, do it, don’t hold back fuck me, yesssss!” she said as he drove his cock in deep and came.

He kissed her as his cock slid out, then pulled his pants up and left.

My wife slipped to the floor and wiped herself again. Then grabbing the vanity stool she move it over in front of the closet door. Turning around and bending over on the stool she pushed her naked rear end into the closet.

“Ok sweetie, your turn.” she announced.

I froze thinking “what? She knew I was watching.”

She giggled and said, “come on, I know you must be hard and ready, stick it in.”

So I did. She was very warm and loose but in my condition I didn’t care. After about five minutes of furious fucking I added my deposit in her box and with drew.

“Well how did you like my show?” my wife asked me as we drove home.

“It was incredible. I was stunned by the whole thing. What made you do it?” I replied.

“The idea struck me when I was dancing with those guys. I was pretty drunk and their hands were all over me. Then one of them asked if I wanted to see the rest of the house. He had that look in his eye which said, that’s not all I’ll show you. I saw you watching me and knew that you were turned on then I remembered that you always tell me that you would like to see me with another man. I almost went with him but decided to wait for a better opportunity. Then I went over and sat by you and the guy brought me that strong drink. I knew that they were trying to get me drunk and decided to go along and see what would happen. Right after you put me to bed two of them came in and began to fondle me. But they were too nervous and left after about five minutes of finger fucking me. I must have dozed off cuz the next thing I knew you were back in the room and I thought that you were going to take care of me. Then you went into the bathroom and those two guys came in. When I heard what they said I knew I was going to let them fuck me. It was very exciting knowing that you were watching and knowing that I could let myself go with out worry. If they did something that I did not want them too I knew you would stop them. By the time the first guy put his thing in me, I was so wet and ready I came almost immediately. That third guy was a bonus. He just took me and I loved it.”

“You want to do it again?” I asked.

“Maybe” was all she would say.

When we got home I took her to bed and we made love while we were having sex.

Written by: DaddyO Wil

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