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Reaching the Breaking Point Ch. 02

by GoldenSneer©

Shelly was excited to finally be starting college. She had just finished a 4-hour drive from her home to the University of Texas at Austin. She had several scholarships to the school which would make her student loan debts very manageable. Her boyfriend, Chris, had already been here for 2 2 weeks for fall football camp. He was currently helping her move into her dorm room.

"Thanks for helping me move in, Chris," she said to him as she dragged one of her suitcases into the dorm building to her room. Her room was located towards the back of the building. The RA's had already moved in and she was one of the first students to be moving in.

"No problem babe," Chris replied, carrying two boxes of her things in each arm. One of the RA's came out of their room to greet them as they entered the building. It was a man about 5'9" tall with jet black hair and green eyes wearing a Longhorns t-shirt and blue jeans and a name tag that said 'Ralph'.

"Hi! You must be Shelly. My name is Ralph and I'll be one of your RA's for the year. Your other RA's name is Jennifer, but she's out on an errand right now. If you need anything feel free to ask," he said them. He was enthusiastic as can be, eagerly shaking Shelly's hand. "Oh, and one more thing. Your roommate has already moved in. Her name's Isabella. I don't know where she is, though." He continued. When he saw Chris, however, he was shocked.

"Wow, you're Chris Mullen! I can't believe I'm meeting you! Go horns!" Like almost everyone at the school, he was a big football fan. So of course he knew Chris Mullen, one of the top football prospects coming to the school. They were going to Texas, after all.

"Nice to meet you too, man. Want an autograph?" He asked Ralph setting Shelly's boxes down. In contrast to Ralph's relatively short height, He towered over the RA, standing at 6'4" and a half inches tall. His short, blonde hair and blue eyes, along with his masculine jaw and athletic body made women want to be with him and men wanting to be him. He was used to fans coming up to him and being awestruck.

"Of course!" Ralph replied frantically searching for a pen and paper. After signing the paper Ralph stared in amazement at the paper. Chris picked the boxes up as Shelly came back out to get the rest of her things. She rolled her at him, catching the tail end of the spectacle she had seen so many times before.

"What?" Chris asked.


"Gotta show my fans love, Shell."

"Yeah, yeah."

It always amused her when someone fall over themselves just to talk to Chris. She thought it was completely ridiculous every time, even ignoring the fact that she was girlfriend. She wasn't amused when it was women, however.

After bringing in the last of her things they started unpacking. Halfway through, Chris started getting frisky. He ran his hands over her tight fitting tank top, rubbing her small and perky breasts.

"Chris, what are you doing?!" Shelly whispered to him, trying to move his hand.

"Come on, babe. It's been weeks since we've seen each other," he replied still rubbing her breasts.

"Yeah, but the RA is here. Plus, my roommate might come back!"

"So what? Plus, if she comes she can just watch."


"Just joking. Anyway, we'll be fine."

"Alright, fine. It has been a long time." Shelly was definitely frustrated and horny.

She slipped out of the skirt and shirt she was wearing and pulled off her panties before laying back on her bed with her legs spread. Chris quickly lost his pants and got into position between her legs. His cock was a good 5 and a half inches long and decently thick. After sliding his cock up and down her slit a few times he thrust inside of her all at once, which got a moan out of her.

"It's been so long..." Shelly cooed as she wrapped her legs around his lower back.

"Yeah, it has," she replied as he started thrust faster inside of her. He leaned down to kiss her and she wrapped her arms around him and kissed him back. She loved being held and fucked like this.

"Harder..." she whispered in his ear. Chris started fucking her harder, which continued for a few minutes.

"Harder!" she told him again.

"I am going harder," he told her. It was true. He was thrusting his hips like a mad man and was going to cum soon.

"Just keep going," Shelly told him as she started digging her fingers in his back.

"I'm gonna cum babe," he told her, seconds before he came inside of her.

"Ohhhhh," she moaned pulled out before he came. Shelly wasn't on the pill, but hated using condoms. After pulling out he came on her stomach with a loud grunt.

"Clean me off, babe," he told her, holding his cock in front of her. She licked up their combined juices and swallowed.

"That was great babe. Your pussy is so tight and incredible."

"Yeah, it was good for me too," Shelly lied. She hadn't cum at all. A common occurrence during the times they had sex. It felt good having sex with Chris but she never came during sex with him. She always had to finger herself to get herself to cum. Which she would do as soon as Chris left for football practice. They got dressed and finished putting Shelly's things up.

"Bye, babe. I'll text you when I'm finished and we'll hang out,"

"Of course. Bye, Chris."

He leaned down and gave her quick kiss on the lips, giving her ass a quick squeeze before leaving the room.

Shelly sighed as she made her way to the showers with a towel covering her body. She entered the dorm showers and set her towel over the door and turned the water on to a heat on the hotter side and just stood still as the water rained down on her.

9 Months ago

Shelly had just exited the room where she had lost her virginity mere hours before. She was still pissed at Marco for saying that she was at fault for her boyfriend cheating on her. That and the bizarre situation she had just gotten away from. She wanted to hurry and get home as fast as possible but she stopped to call Chris.

Chris answered immediately. He had been trying to get in contact with her for days, but Shelly was actively avoiding him.

"Hey, Chris..."

"Shelly! Babe, it's so good to hear your voice again. We need to- "

"I haven't forgiven you, you know. I don't know if I ever will," Shelly said, cutting him off. Or so she said. She wanted to trusted him again. They had been dating for 4 years and was very much in love with him. Or at least she thought she was.

"I know. I fucked up. Big time. But you have understand. I was just so fucked up after the loss. You know I'd never do anything to hurt you, Shelly."

It was Monday after their game against Meadows high and Chris was late. Shelly decided to go look for him. They had just lost, after all, and she thought he might be down in the dumps. When she finally found him, however, he was in the locker room balls deep in a big titted cheerleader. Shelly hadn't spoken tom him since.

"I don't know anything anymore. I still don't forgive you... but maybe eventually I can. Just give me some time."

"Wow, thank you Shelly. I swear I'll never do anything to hurt you again. Please believe me."

"That's a big promise. We'll see. Bye," Shelly told him before hanging up and sighing.

"I'm probably making a mistake, but everyone deserves a second chance, right?" She tried to convince herself. Just then she realized something important. "I went and had sex with Marco and didn't even tell Chris... I'm so stupid. That was the whole point. Ugh."

She might have been angrier with herself if the sex wasn't absolutely incredible. "That's right. Marco..."

Present Day

Shelly was now fingering herself in the shower. Sex with Chris was unsatisfying, but her memories of the night Marco fucked her brains out were enough to get her off. Thinking of his muscular, caramel colored body, the way his tongue licked all over her body, his long fingers reaching her g-spot, and of course his incredible cock. Comparing the two, their physiques were similar. Both were muscular and athletic. Both were handsome. Marco's cock, however, was almost twice as big. The way Chris fucked her didn't even compare to how Marco did. The way he manhandled her. Dominated her. Made her his bitch. She tried to get Chris to do the same things, but it just wasn't the same. Why did he have such a powerful effect on her? She had even thought of having his baby. She took the morning after pill the next day, but she just didn't care how much he came inside her that night. The thought of him holding her down, fucking her and impregnating caused a powerful orgasm as she came in the shower.

"Marcooo..." she whispered to herself as her orgasm shook her body to the core.

She bit her lip just in case anyone was nearby. Every time she thought of Marco she got wet and thinking about him while masturbating caused an incredible orgasm.

He was such an asshole the last time she saw him. He had blamed her for being cheated on and acted arrogantly the entire time. Even still, she wanted to see him again. Just for closure. She definitely didn't want to sleep with him again. Really. She just couldn't forget the man who had taken her virginity, and especially after an incredible night like that. Things were going great with Chris. He had been true to his word and done everything he could to repair their relationship. It was 5 months ago that they had sex for the first time. Shelly never told him about her first time with Marco.

Yes, she probably wouldn't see Marco ever again. He wasn't going to this school. If he was he'd be playing football and Chris would say something. He didn't like Marco even without knowing he and Shelly had sex. They had met at several football camps. They were both elite players that played the same position. Though Chris was a pass first quarterback and Marco was dual-threat type.

"That cocky motherfucker is delusional if he thinks he's better than me! He can't throw 60 yard bombs like I can!" He had told Shelly one day. He was certainly a 'cocky motherfucker' as Chris had put it. He had an annoying smirk on his face most of the time and never took anything seriously. That and he had another beautiful woman that was putty in his hands, just like she had been.

Shelly made her way back to her room and locked the door, slipping out of her towel. She ran her hands over her breasts. She hated them, they were barely there and she hardly wore a bra. But Marco had said they were 'perfect'. He was probably lying, but it still made her happy. Just thinking of him caused her to moisten. She quickly got dressed and played on her phone a bit until Chris got done with practice. A while later she had to pee and got up to go to the bathroom. After leaving her room, however she saw a couple making out in the hallway. The girl was blonde, appeared to be skinny and had curves in all the right places. She was tall for a girl, probably, 5'10" and was wearing a shirt that probably belonged to the guy and a white miniskirt that was several inches above her knees. The guy was black and was a full head taller than her. He was wearing a black muscle shirt and grey basketball shorts, and his hand was currently between the girl's legs. He looked big like a linebacker, so Shelly assumed he was probably a football player. Probably found some random slut to fuck.

"They're crazy..." Shelly said to herself, watching the couple fool around. They clearly didn't care if anyone saw them. Or maybe they wanted someone to see them. Who knows. Shelly thought about just waiting in her room until they finished, but she really had to pee. She hurried past them and they didn't seem to notice her. Shelly, however, noticed the girl was clearly enjoying it. She could hear her very audible moans even as she entered the bathroom. The girl even came while Shelly was sitting on the toilet, very loudly declaring "I'm cumming!" as she did. Shelly was getting jealous. Chris rarely ate her out or fingered her, and even when he did it was only enough to get her wet. She never came. She was able to cum while thinking of Marco, but even that didn't compare to the skill of his fingers. "Maybe I'll find a guy with a huge cock to fuck me with..." she thought but quickly pushed it out her mind. She was happy with their relationship even if the sex wasn't as good as it could be. She'd just have to get on by with playing with herself, even if she was constantly frustrated. As she started to exit the bathroom she heard the moans from the girl stop. They must have finished, or went into a room. Shelly was glad that they were finally gone; it was making her horny like crazy.

She got a text from her mother and she started to reply before slamming into something hard. Shelly was almost knocked over but she was being held up by the guy who had ran into her.

"Shit, my bad," the guy said.

"No, it was my- "she started to say as she looked at the guy who had caught her. "M-Marco?!" she almost yelled at him. She couldn't believe her eyes. She hadn't seen him in 9 months and just seeing him made her melt like jelly. She had just masturbated to him, after all. "What are you doing here?"

"Huh? I go this school," he said, looking puzzled. "Also, do I know you?"

Shelly didn't register what he said for a few seconds, but her face started to turn red once she did. "What do you mean, of course you know me."

"Sorry, I don't actually."

"Are you serious?"

"Yeah, I really don't know who you are."

Shelly was distraught. Tears started to form in her eyes. How could he not remember her? He had rocked her world and he didn't even remember it. She was embarrassed and wanted nothing more than to go into her room and cry. She would have if he hadn't grabbed her arm, preventing her from leaving.

"Wait, wait, Shelly," Marco said, laughing. "I'm just fucking with you."

"Asshole!" Shelly, yelled at him. She really was crying now, though they were mostly tears of happiness.

"But you're just too cute when I tease you," he said as he pulled her in close to him. He wrapped his arm her waist and held her chin in one of his massive hands and tilted her head up towards him.

"I really missed you, you know."

"You're just saying that..."

"I mean it. I'll never forget that night."

Shelly felt her pussy moisten. No, it was more like flooding. Being held in his arms caused her to become weak in the knees. She wanted to reach up and kiss him. She wanted to be fucked right then and there. But she didn't want to betray Chris. She had sex with Marco when she found out he cheated on her, but now there wasn't an excuse. She needed to go before she dropped her panties on the spot. She needed to be real with Marco.

"That was a mistake. Me and Chris have made up. We're still dating. We can't do that anymore," she told him. He held her even closer to him and his intoxicating smell had Shelly in a daze.

"Don't lie. You know need some more of this BBC," he said, his smirk forming on his face. His hand dropped lower and started squeezing her ass. Things were getting bad. She didn't know how much longer she could resist him.

"W-what's a 'BBC'?" she asked him, stalling for time.

"Now you're the one not being serious with me."

"I don't, really," Shelly replied. She really didn't know.

"It's a Big Black Cock," he explained to her.

"Oh... You're a pig." That certainly summed up Marco's cock. She did, in fact, want his BBC. She wanted nothing more than to have his hard cock ravaging her pussy all night long. She would never tell him that, however. "And I most certainly do not. It was completely degrading and disgusting. I never want to go through that again."

"Clearly," he said, releasing her. When she looked at him he was smirking and looking at her chest. Specifically, at her rock hard nipples poking against her shirt, and Shelly turned redder. He knew what she had said was complete bullshit. "Anyways, good to see you two made up," Shelly felt a sense of loneliness as he let her go. She didn't what would have happened if he continued for just a little longer.

Shelly tried to maintain her composure. "So, you got into UT too, huh? Are you not playing football anymore? I thought for sure you'd at least make the scout team."

Marco had to laugh at her joke. "Damn, that was a good one. Nope, I quit football."

"Wow, really? But you're so good at it."

"I never really liked football, to be honest. I only played because you pretty much have to in Texas."

"Oh, I see," Shelly replied to him. He certainly more than just 'good' he was a top 20 prospect in the nation in football. Shelly wondered why he would just quit like that a year from college.

"That reminds me, why are you in this dorm? You don't live here do you?" Shelly asked Marco.

Based on what had happened earlier, she was sure the couple she had seen had been Marco and

some other girl.

"Huh? Oh, my bitch lives here."

"Your... bitch?" Shelly thought he was talking about her for a second, but that didn't make sense.

"Yeah, Bella. You remember Bella, right? Though, you're my bitch too," he said, smirking.

Shelly's face turned red. She remembered being bent over and getting fucked behind as Marco grabbed her hair as she called herself his bitch.

She used to hate being called a bitch but if it was Marco she didn't really mind.

"I remember her. Wait, Bella? Isabella?" she replied, ignoring the latter part of his comment.

"Yeah, how'd you know?"

"We're roommates."

"Oh, shit!" Marco started laughing uncontrollably.

"What's so funny?" Shelly asked him, confused.

"She's crazy. Here, I should go smooth things over," he said as he grabbed her hand and led her to her room.

"Is she still mad about us sleeping together?"

"What? She was never mad about that. She doesn't care if I fuck other girls. She was mad that I ignored her."

"Oh..." Shelly said to him. Their relationship was very different from Shelly's and Chris'.

"Yo, Bella! Open up." He called out to her, knocking on the door.

A few seconds later Bella opened the door up. She had a satisfied look on her face that showed she had just been freshly fucked.

"Oh, hey Daddy. Back for some more? I know you can't keep your hands off- "she started to say before noticing he was with Shelly. Her expression vanished. Shelly was afraid she would blow up at her again but she simply opened the door to let them in. As they stepped in Shelly noticed that Bella was even more attractive than she realized. At the hotel she didn't really examine her, but she really was a stunner. Her tan skin contrasted Shelly's pale skin. She was wearing a very tight, blue low cut tank top that showed plenty of cleavage, and her nipples her were showing. She had on black booty shorts that hugged her delicious bubble butt. Her blonde hair was done in a side tail and she noticed she had her tongue pierced. She also noticed the collar on her neck with the initials 'MJ' on a tag. Shelly thought she was the most attractive girl she had ever seen. Physically, Shelly just didn't compare.

"Um, nice meeting you again..." Shelly held her hand out awkwardly. She probably shouldn't have said that, but she couldn't think of anything else.

Bella smiled and shook Shelly's hand. Marco had said she wasn't angry at her but she wasn't so sure. She didn't tower over her like Marco but she was still 5 inches taller than her. Shelly was intimidated. There was an awkward silence until Marco broke it.

"So... want to have a threesome?"

"Wha-," Shelly was certainly caught off guard.

"Sure," Bella said without a hint of hesitation. Shelly was even more shocked that she agreed to it instantly. She was getting flustered before she realized this was one of Marco's stupid jokes.

"Oh, your sense of humor is terrible," Shelly said to him.

"Isn't it?" Bella said, agreeing with her.

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