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A Freak Like Me Ch. 02

by shez©

Angel and Vamp sat in the cave for a while, listening to the sounds of the ocean, and the gulls that had just woken up. Vamp had not found the sun half as painful as he thought he might have. Angel snuggled up close to him. Thoughts and questions buzzed around in Vamp's mind, and soon he could bite his tongue no longer.

"You know my secret... Well, the majority of it anyway. What's yours?" Vamp asked. Angel sighed deeply and looked up into Vamp's black eyes, as if hoping that he would guess, and that she wouldn't have to tell him.

"Something I did... Caused... When I was eighteen." Angel told him.

"What did you cause?" Vamp asked her.

"If I tell you, I'll tell you everything. Then you can tell me whether I'm still the Angel you imagine I am." Angel replied. Vamp nodded and listened intently as she began to tell her story.

* * * * *

Jenny and Brad had been together for over six months, and they had finally decided to take their relationship to the next level. Jenny had just had her eighteenth birthday, and Brad was approaching nineteen. They had decided that Jenny's house would be best, as her Mom and Dad worked late, and they would have the house to themselves for at least a few hours. Jenny and Brad were on her parent's bed, and Brad was just about to slip his cock inside her.

Brad groped Jenny's full breasts, and kissed her passionately. He slowly slipped his cock inside her virgin pussy, and slowly began to thrust in and out of her. When Jenny had relaxed enough, he began to fuck her harder. Jenny screamed and moaned in pleasure, and Brad was fucking her in quick, darting movements. They were both so wrapped up in what they were doing that they didn't notice Jenny's Dad open the bedroom door and come in. He stood at the foot of his bed, watching his daughter and her boyfriend fuck.

Brad thrust deep inside Jenny, and she moaned and pulled herself up against him so that they were pressed against each other. Jenny laid her head on Brad's shoulder and moved with him. Jenny opened her eyes to see her Dad stood watching her. Jenny pulled the duvet up over her breasts and violently dug her elbow into Brad's ribs. He pulled out of her, thinking that he was hurting her. Brad looked at Jenny's mortified face, and then turned to look behind him.

When Brad saw Jenny's Dad he leapt off of the bed and scrambled around the bedroom floor, gathering his clothes together. He ran out of the bedroom as fast as he could, and Jenny's Dad never took his eyes off Brad for a second. Jenny sat up on the bed, clutching the duvet to hide her nudity. Her Dad turned to look at her.

"So this is what my little girl gets up to when I'm not here." Her Father accused.

"Daddy no! I've never done anything like this before, honestly! Brad and I talked about it, and we really wanted to do it, but we couldn't go to his house because his Grandma is in all day." Jenny tried to explain.

"And you really think that is a good enough excuse to use your parent's bed for your sordid sex sessions?" Her Father inquired, although curiously rather than angrily.

"I told you Daddy, we've never done it before." Jenny replied.

"Well whether you have or haven't is rather beside the point isn't it?" Her Father inquired.

"Yeah, I'm sorry Daddy." Jenny replied, lowering her head.

"Did he ejaculate?" Her Father asked. Jenny was rather taken back by his question, and looked up at him stupidly.

"I... I don't know... I don't think so." Jenny told him, as honestly as she could.

"And why didn't you make him wear a condom?" He asked.

"I... I went on the pill... Mom gets it for me... She says it helps my period." Jenny answered.

"And what would your Mom say if she knew you'd been taking the pill to fuck in our bed?" Her Father inquired.

"Daddy no! You can't tell her! You can't! She'll throw me out!" Jenny begged.

"Well if I keep your sordid little secret, what will you do for me?" Her Father asked, pulling the duvet down a little, exposing her ripe, erect nipples. Jenny knew what he wanted then. He would keep her secret if she kept his. Jenny felt dirty then. Only five minutes ago she had lost her virginity, and now here she was, thinking about having sex with her Father. Jenny was disgusted - not by the thought of having sex with him, but quite the opposite. She remembered when she had been a little girl she had gone into her parent's bedroom and had seen them having sex. Of course, she did not know what they were doing then, but since she had understood, she had always wondered what her Father had that made her Mother scream so loudly. Jenny was disgusted that the thought of having her Father was turning her on.

"Daddy we can't... What about Mom?" Jenny asked.

"Well if you want your Mom to know what I saw you doing when I came home early, I'd be most happy to tell her. On the other hand..." Jenny's Father trailed off, and started to take off his tie. Jenny was throbbing now. She had never felt like this with Brad, or even when she masturbated. Jenny watched her Father undress. He removed all of his clothing except his boxer shorts. Jenny could see the outline of his erect penis through the black material of his boxer shorts. It looked big, but Jenny couldn't really tell how big.

"Daddy... It's too... Too..." Jenny stuttered.

"Too big? Jenny, if you relax you won't even notice. I know Brad was your first, and he was probably a lot smaller, but I promise you, I'll be as gentle as I can." Her Father told her. Jenny nodded. "Now Jen, I want to watch you fuck yourself. It'll help relax you. You can use this is you want." Jenny's Father went over to the bottom draw of the bedside table. He took out a small, purple dildo. Jenny gasped.

"I can't use that Daddy. It's Mom's." Jenny told him.

"Jenny, I want to watch you fuck yourself, and this will help prepare you." He explained. Jenny leaned over and took the dildo from him. She sucked the head liberally to wet it, and her Father pulled the duvet down until he could see her leaking, shaven pussy. Jenny pushed the dildo into her pussy and she began to thrust it in and out. With her free hand, she groped her breasts and tweaked her nipples. Her Father moved around the bed, and knelt down next to her, watching her expressions as she fucked herself. Her Father kissed her shoulders, moving up to her neck and cheek.

"Oh Daddy!" Jenny called out, about to cum. Her Father grasped her wrist and pulled the dildo out of her. He wanted to make her cum, not a toy.

"Are you sure about this?" Her Father asked. Jenny considered his question for a second. She imagined the names her Mother would call her, and what she'd do. Jenny looked up at her Dad, and looked at him as a lover, rather than a Father.

"I'm sure." Jenny replied. With that, her Dad climbed up on the bed and kissed her passionately. He lay on top of her, bracing himself on his knees and palms. He slipped his fingers into her soaking pussy.

"Well you're wet enough for me to get inside you, Jen." He told her. Jenny looked up at him. She wondered whether he was this passionate with her Mother, or whether they even had sex anymore. Jenny looked into her Father's deep, brown eyes and nodded to him. With that, he held his cock, and slowly aimed the head at the entrance to her pussy. He pushed in, so that the head of his cock was inside her. He let Jenny's pussy stretch to his width, and then pushed forward another inch.

Jenny was now in ecstasy. She didn't want the slow, soft thrusts Brad had given her earlier or that her Dad was giving her now. All she wanted was a good hard fuck.

"Daddy fuck me." Jenny told him. Her Dad looked at her for a second, making sure she was serious, and the thrust inside her as hard as he could. Jenny called out, and placed her hands on her Dad's soldiers. She pulled him towards her in a rhythmic way, making him move, as she wanted him to.

Jenny was on the verge of having an orgasm when she heard her Dad grunt, and she felt his cock twitch and swell inside her.

"I'm going to come baby girl." Her Dad told her.

"Yeah Daddy, come inside me... Come with me..." She panted. With that, her Dad started to come. Jenny felt a warm sensation in her pussy, and with her Dad's thrust becoming harder, Jenny started to orgasm on his ejaculating cock. When her Dad had finished ejaculating, he held his cock inside Jenny, keeping as still as possible, and prolonging her climax.

"You have turned into such a naughty little slut." Her Dad panted in her ear. Jenny just moaned and pulled him closer. Jenny lay with him a while, just enjoying his warmth next to her, but soon her Dad got up off the bed.

"What's wrong Daddy?" Jenny asked.

"Baby, Mom's going to be home soon. We have to tidy up." He told her. Jenny just sat there, feeling numb. It was like his words had brought her back into reality. Jenny suddenly realised that she was not lying next to her lover, but next to her Father, and in her Mom's bed. Jenny leapt off the bed and started to help him clean up. She took the dildo and washed it, and then placed it back in the bottom drawer. They made the bed, and spayed some air freshener around the room so that it did not smell of sweat and sex. They then went to bathe themselves. Jenny had a quick bath upstairs, while her Father used the shower downstairs. When Jenny heard a key enter the lock, she ran downstairs in a bathrobe and quickly switched on the television. Her Dad was dressed and slicing vegetables in the kitchen.

Jenny's Mom came in the front door. She walked over to Jenny and kissed her forehead. Jenny greeted her, and then pretended to watch the television again. In the corner of her eye, Jenny saw her Dad walk over to her Mom and kiss her passionately.

"Steve... What was that for?" Her Mom asked.

"Well I just got a promotion at work, and it means more pay and shorter hours. Although I will have to bring a lot of paperwork home with me." Jenny's Dad explained.

"Oh Steve! That's wonderful!" Jenny's Mom exclaimed, and then she threw her arms around his shoulders. Jenny sat there in disgust. She wondered how her Dad could be like that with Mom when she'd just finished having sex with her. Jenny felt a twinge of jealousy.

"Jen, don't you think you should go and get dressed for dinner?" Her Dad asked.

"Yeah, yeah." Jenny stood up and made her way to her room.

"Steve, do you think she's ok?" Her Mom asked.

"I don't know Paula. I'll go up and ask her." Steve replied. Paula began to chop the vegetables as Steve climbed the stairs. Jenny was choosing what underwear she was going to put on when she felt hands around her waist, and they quickly moved up to grope her breasts. Jenny span round to see her Dad smirking at her, and she could feel his growing erection pressed against her abdomen.

"Daddy! Mom's just downstairs!" Jenny told him, as she pulled his hands off of her naked skin.

"Baby girl you don't know how much I want you." Her Dad told her.

"Shut up Daddy. We shouldn't have done it, and I won't cheat on Mom. Besides, we made a deal." Jenny reminded him.

"Well yes we did, but you seem to forget that I promised not to tell your Mom about you and Brad when she got home. Well, I've kept my promise. Although whether thinking about it tonight I may decide to tell her in the morning..." Her Dad threatened.

"Daddy!" Jenny shouted, feeling hurt that he'd betrayed her like this, but also overjoyed at the thought of getting his cock inside her again.

"Hush... We'd better go downstairs and help Mom with dinner." Her Dad told her. He let his hand gently probe between Jenny's legs, and he slipped a finger inside her to feel her wetness. Jenny moaned and arched her back to invite more of his probing finger inside her, but her Dad simply took it out and licked her juices off it, and promptly left the room.

Jenny dressed in a short, dark blue skirt and a light blue t-shirt. She went downstairs to join her parents for dinner. Jenny set the table as her Mom and Dad finished preparing the food. Jenny sat down with her Dad next to her and her Mom opposite her. They were all quite happily eating their meals when Jenny felt a hand on her leg. She looked over at her Dad who was talking to her Mom about his promotion. Jenny felt ill. She could not believe how her Dad could do this as he talked to her Mom.

Jenny's unease grew as she felt his hand slide further up her skirt, until the tips of his fingers had pushed her panties to the side, and were rubbing on her clit. Jenny desperately wanted to call out, but she knew she couldn't with her Mom sat right opposite her. Her Dad's fingers probed further, into her pussy. He thrust them inside her in long, slow movements, so as not to draw attention to himself. Jenny could feel her climax building. She let out a quiet moan. Her Mom looked at her.

"You ok Jen?" She asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Jenny replied, trying to hide the fact that she was panting, and dripping wet.

"Hun, I'm sorry if you feel left out. Its just Mom and I need to talk about this promotion. You understand don't you?" Her Dad asked her.

"I don't feel left out." Jenny replied, feeling her Dad slowly pull his fingers out of her pussy.

"Well how about you tell us about Brad? We haven't seen him for a while." Dad asked. Jenny's heart started to race. She prayed her Dad would keep her promise. Jenny pushed her hands under the table and moved one hand over to her Dad's crotch, groping his erection, as if hoping that this would keep him quiet.

"I think I'm going to split up with Brad. He's always at practice or out with his mates. He never seems to have any time for me." Jenny told them. She cupped her Dad's balls and lightly rubbed them.

"Oh Jen, I'm sorry to hear that, but I think you should. You need someone who wants to be with you for who you are. You'll learn that as you get older." Her Mom told her. Jenny simply nodded, as she could feel her wetness between her legs, and the throbbing was driving her wild. She traced her fingers over the outline of her Dad's erection with her finger and thumb, moving from his shaft up to his head.

"Yeah Jenny. You can find someone better than Brad." Her Dad said as he winked at her. Jenny's Mom stood up, and Jenny quickly pulled her hand from his crotch. Her Mom went and put the plates in the sink.

"You two can wash up tonight. I'm going to have a bath." Her Mom said. She then went upstairs, and as soon as the bathroom door clicked shut, Jenny's Dad stood up and took Jenny's hand. He pulled her over to the kitchen counter and knelt down to pull her panties down. He pulled Jenny's legs apart and thrust his face into her soaking pussy. His tongue entered her, and Jenny gasped and groped her breasts. Jenny's Dad lapped up her juices until Jenny's moans got louder. He stood up and spun Jenny round, so that her elbows were resting on the kitchen worktop, and she was bent over for him.

"Daddy no! We can't!" Jenny whispered, but her Dad took no notice. He simply unzipped his black jeans and pulled his throbbing cock out. He pushed the head towards Jenny's pussy, and put his hand over her mouth.

"Do you really want your Mom to know what a slut you are? Do you want her to see you with my cock in your pussy? For fuck's sake Jenny your Mom thinks you're still a virgin. You make one sound, or you try and pull away from me and I swear to God I'll hold you down and call your Mom downstairs to see you like this. Do you understand?" Her Dad threatened. Jenny nodded her head, and as she did so he thrust his cock deep inside Jenny's pussy. He started fucking her viscously, making her ribs bang into the worktop. Jenny didn't have to be told not to pull away from him. She wanted him more than she had wanted anyone. Jenny met his thrusts by pushing her ass out, causing her ass cheeks to slap against his thighs.

Jenny had the most intense orgasm of her life, and her Dad was finding it hard to muffle her moans. He thrust harder and harder into her, and her pussy was becoming sore from being fucked for the third time that day - the same day she had lost her virginity. Her Dad moved his hands round to Jenny's breasts, and her groped her harshly. Again, a muffled moan left her mouth. Her Dad pulled out of her then, almost as quickly as he had entered her. He turned her around to face him, and easily pushed her down to her knees.

Jenny had no time to protest as her Dad forced his cock into her mouth. He began to face-fuck her, giving no thought to her feelings, just to his lust. Jenny desperately tried to suck his cock, but his thrusts were too harsh, and too fast for her, so all she could do was let his cock deep into her throat, causing her to gag at every thrust. Her Dad put his hands on the back of her head, pushing her head forwards towards his cock. He pushed his entire length into her throat, and Jenny was scared that she would vomit, but somehow she managed to keep control.

"Fuck! I'm coming baby girl!" Her Dad said, as he took one more thrust into her throat, and held her head still, so that she had his whole length down her throat, and his twitching balls against her chin. Jenny felt his warm cum dribble down her throat, and she desperately wanted to vomit, but she couldn't. Her Dad pulled his cock out of her mouth and Jenny heaved. Jenny heard the bathroom door open, and she froze in terror. Her Dad quickly pushed his cock back into his pants and pushed her panties under the kitchen cupboards.

"Get up Jen!" He whispered to her, but she just knelt there, staring towards the living room. "Get up you stupid bitch!" Her Dad angrily whispered, but this time he didn't give Jenny a chance to react. He picked her up by her waist with ease, and turned the tap on in the sink. Jenny vomited then.

"What's happening? I heard noises." Her Mom asked.

"Jen felt sick dear, that's all. I think she needs an early night." Her Dad replied. Jenny lifted her head and wiped her mouth with a cloth. She looked over at her Mom. Jenny didn't know whether her Dad was rough with her Mom, or if he'd made her vomit by forcing his cock down her throat. Jenny felt trapped. She couldn't tell her Mom what she'd done, and she didn't want to be forced into having sex any more. She simply wanted her parents back.

Jenny went upstairs and lay on her bed. She dozed, but the thoughts of what her Father had just done to her stopped her sleeping. It was about ten pm when her Mom came into her room.

"Jen, I want you to tell me what's wrong." She said. Jenny looked up at her and tears filled her eyes.

"Mom... I love you. I'd never do anything to hurt you..." Jenny sniffled.

"Oh sweetheart! I know that! But I still need to know what's going on." She told her, as she handed Jenny the purple panties her Dad had tried to hide under the cupboards. "I found these on the kitchen floor. Jen, I'm not stupid. Your panties don't just fall off from being sick, and a vibrator doesn't just move on it's own. What's been happening here today?"

"Oh Mom!" Jenny cried out, as she started weeping.

"Jen, I swear to you I will listen to what you have to say, and I'll try and keep a clear head when you tell me, but you have to tell me." Her Mom said.

"Mom... I... Dad came home early... Me and Brad were..." Jenny stuttered.

"I figured you two were having sex. It's ok. I didn't expect you to stay a virgin forever you know." Mom comforted.

"You don't understand... Brad freaked out... He left Dad and me in your bedroom. Dad said he'd tell you, and I didn't know what you'd do! But then Dad said he wouldn't tell you if I had sex with him." Jenny confessed. Her Mom gasped, and looked extremely shocked.

"And did you?" Mom asked, quite calmly considering.

"Yes. He made me use the vibrator." Jenny replied.

"Oh Jen! You silly girl! Jen... I have to ask this... Did your Father rape you?" Mom asked.

"No Mom! He was really gentle... I let him... I even liked it... Mom I feel so dirty!" Jenny replied.

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