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Abigail and Emily Ch. 02

by howdoeseverybodyknow©

I'd expected Emily to be mortified that I'd found her sleeping naked outdoors, but she made no move to put her discarded bikini back on.

Instead, she made idle chit-chat, stretching lazily in the sun. I treaded water as we talked, thinking to myself over and over, Act normal. Act normal. I was so rattled by my close call that I was shaking. I struggled to keep my voice calm. Emily showed no suspicion that I'd done anything while she was sleeping.

I was so ashamed of what I'd done that I couldn't bear to come any closer to her. I knew I couldn't stay in the pool forever. But for now the distance between us gave me a small buffer to collect myself. Thank god she seemed to have no interest in joining me swimming.

Finally she stood up and padded barefoot into the house. I watched her naked back as it disappeared inside. I seized the opportunity and came out of the pool, checking my suit carefully to make sure I'd gotten it on correctly. The shoulder straps were twisted weirdly, and I was forced to take the suit down almost to my waist in order to get it properly untangled. Dripping wet, I arranged myself on my deck chair, taking deep breaths. It was all right. I hadn't been caught.

Somehow I'd gotten trapped in this "good girl" image. Nobody knew that it wasn't the real me. Whenever Emily called me a prude, I wanted to deny it. How many times had I almost done so? But I knew if I told Emily any of the slutty thoughts I had, I would end up telling her everything. I wouldn't be able to stop myself. It would all come tumbling out, and Emily would be disgusted with me.

She liked to tease and pretend, to play the part of a wanton flirt. She was always saying things about herself like, "I'm such a slut," or, "I'm constantly thinking about sex." But she really had no idea how far it went with me. I was relentlessly tormented with obscene thoughts and images. My body wanted to expose itself. It was an endless battle to keep from sitting with my legs spread, with my skirt raised, with my shirt unbuttoned and my tits spilling out. I couldn't remember the last time I'd made it through a work day or a social event without sneaking away to masturbate in the bathroom at some point. It was like an itch that I could never fully scratch.

So I let Emily think what she wanted. It was safer that way. The alternative...well, the way I'd behaved when she was asleep. That was the alternative.

She returned moments later—still entirely nude—with an uncorked bottle of wine and a fresh glass for me. She poured a glass for each of us, then sat on her deck chair, sipping.

"Come and do my back," she said.

I knew there was more than enough sunscreen on her back already, thanks to me—probably enough to last a week. But she didn't know that. I dutifully went and sat beside her on the deck chair as she turned over and laid face down.

I was afraid to touch her again, remembering how I'd lost control earlier. The shame of my stolen orgasm hammered at me. I was a terrible person. How could I call myself her friend?

But touching her body still felt so good. I tried to erase all sensuality from my touch. I had to behave properly. Other friends put sunscreen on each other, didn't they? They didn't lose control like I had. I was the one turning this into a sexual act. My wicked fingers seemed to want to have their way with her.

"Mmm," she said. I could feel the muscles of her back relaxing under my touch. "That feels nice. Will you do my butt for me, too?" My heart jumped. But Emily laughed, "I'm kidding!"

I thought about calling her bluff. I remembered having her buttocks cupped in my hands not so long ago, while she slept. I didn't want to think about how long I'd dreamed of touching her like that. But when she was awake it was a different story. I couldn't let her know.

"So...I have to ask you something," Emily said. "It's kind of embarrassing." She hesitated, then went on, "Was I acting weird at all while I was sleeping?"

"Um...what do you mean? Weird how?"

"Did I like, say...anything, or...I don't know, make any noises?"

"No?" I said. "I don't think so, but I was mostly swimming, so I might not have noticed."

"Oh, that's a relief!" she said. "I didn't want to make you uncomfortable." I saw her grin out of the side of her mouth. "The truth is...I was having the most fantastic dream."

I forced my hands to keep massaging and my voice to remain neutral. "Oh, really?"

"Someone was playing with my ass...just rubbing and squeezing my butt for ages. It was so hot."

I couldn't speak. My mouth went dry.

After a moment she added, "Then...he started fucking me. Like, really riding me hard. From behind. I was laying on the chair, just like this, and he was totally going to town on me."

"Wow, that sounds...intense."

"It was! When I woke up, my thighs were all sticky. I think I had a wet dream!" she laughed. "I came in my sleep, like some teenage boy! Can you believe it? You know I'll sleep through anything, but I never thought I'd sleep through that!"

I felt more shame and guilt than ever. I'd given my friend an orgasm, but she'd been dreaming of some man. Probably her boyfriend Rick. And I knew that some, if not all, of the residue she'd found on her legs had come from me instead. If only she hadn't woken right away, I could have cleaned up the evidence.

"Are you sure I didn't do anything weird? You would tell me?"

"You fell asleep naked. That was pretty weird," I said.

"Oh, god. I'm lucky I didn't burn while I was having that dream. I guess it would serve me right! But my tan is evening out, isn't it?"

I admitted that her tan lines seemed to have faded quite a bit.

"So it was worth the risk, then!" she laughed. She looked back at me over her shoulder. "You should take your suit off, Abigail. You could really use some sun yourself."

I ignored that. "There," I said. "You're all set." I'd massaged her for longer than I should have. I stood and went back to my own chair.

Emily fished under her chair and found a pair of big dark sunglasses. She stretched and rolled over onto her back with them perched on her face. "Thanks, that felt so good. Do you want to do my front now?"


"I'm kidding, jeez! Don't get all uncomfortable! I'll do it myself, ok?"

I sipped my wine and tried not to watch as Emily sat forward and spread lotion all along her long smooth legs. She started from the feet and worked upward in slow circles.

"I have to be honest. I'm still a little turned on," she said. "Normally after a dream like that, I would...well, you know. Take care of myself."

Lying back down, she squeezed out more lotion and spread it over her arms, neck, and shoulders. I tried to keep my eyes forward but I kept sneaking glances from the corner of my eye. She was being so brazen. The way her hands were sliding all over her chest, she was practically groping her own breasts. Her nipples were clearly erect, glistening with lotion.

"I got this new vibrator that is good," she said, practically purring.

Would she dare start masturbating right in front of me? Please don't! If she started touching herself, then I would have to watch. And if I watched, then I would have to touch myself, too. And if I did that...I couldn't keep following that line of thought. Too dangerous.

"Man, that dream really got to me," she said with a little laugh. "I'm sorry, I know I'm making you uncomfortable. I can't help it."

"It's fine," I said.

"God, I feel so sexy right now!"

I had no idea how to respond to that. We laid in silence for a while.

"I feel weird being the only one naked. I wish you would get undressed and sunbathe with me."

I still didn't reply. I just kept my eyes closed and concentrated on my breathing, trying to remain calm. But I had to admit she was right. It was weird that she was naked and I wasn't. But I'm a coward. She knows that. She can't blame me!

Emily spoke up again. "The sun feels so good." she said.

I knew she wasn't just saying that. When I had been naked, while she slept, I'd felt so sensual. I was disappointed to have to put my suit on again when she woke up.

"No, I shouldn't..." I said weakly.

"Why not? No one's here. And it's so liberating, you'll see."

"But..." I faltered. For once I couldn't think of any more excuses. I knew she wouldn't let up until she'd pushed me into doing whatever she wanted. I tried to swallow the lump in my throat. Let's get this over with. "Well...okay," I finally said.

"Really?!" she was overjoyed. She hadn't thought I would really do it. And now that I'd said yes I couldn't back out. I should have fought back harder!

I swallowed a big mouthful of wine. My heart hammering, I stood up and removed my swimsuit as quickly as I could. I knew that if our roles were reversed—if Emily were undressing in front of me—that she would take her time, teasing, letting each little reveal linger. My cheeks were burning. I felt Emily's eyes on me as my big breasts swayed free. I wanted to hide my body with my hands. Instead, I forced some nonchalance into my movements.

I tossed my suit down beside my dress, casually turning back towards my chair, as if I wasn't dying inside, knowing she was watching me, judging me.

I snuck a glance at her as I sat, wishing I had sunglasses of my own to conceal my gaze. I should have known she would have no such shame, though. She was flat-out ogling my body, looking over the top of her sunglasses to stare right at my crotch.

"No way!" said Emily. "You shave?"

Oh, no. "Um, I wax actually," I said, feeling myself blush more than ever. This was what I had been afraid of. No one else was supposed to see! "I used to shave, but I hated the stubble."

"Wow! Where do you get it done? You should take me!"

"I just do it myself. I use one of those home kits."

"Abby, you slut! Doesn't it hurt, though?"

"No, not really, not that bad. The first few times, maybe." I didn't tell her that I sort of enjoyed the pain now, just the tiniest bit. Afterwards my skin felt so sensitive, fresh and burning, that it was worth it. Some of my best orgasms came when I was rubbing lotion into my poor aching pussy.

"Well, maybe I'll let you help me do it sometime," she said.

I allowed myself to peek at her own tightly-trimmed little bush. God, it was so cute. I couldn't help but imagine kneeling in front of her, right here by the pool, her holding her legs spread open for me as I applied the warm wax to her tender flesh. She'd emerge baby-smooth, like me, and I'd show her how good the cold lotion felt. She'd want to touch me as well, to compare. How would it feel to press our smooth bodies together, to rock back and forth, feeling our slippery lips slide against each other's?

"Don't look so shocked," she said. "I'm only kidding!"

I realized I'd been staring off into space, slack-jawed at the fantasy. I wanted to hide again. I turned onto my front, hoping to quiet any more comments about my body.

"Here, I'll do your back," said Emily.

"N-no, that's—"

But she was already standing up. "Are you kidding? You'll burn so fast!" She sat beside me on my chair. "Actually, I think you might be getting a little pink already."

"Really?" My thoughts flashed to when I'd been nude earlier, on top of Emily. How long had my naked back been exposed to the noon sun? However long it takes to come from humping your sleeping friend, I thought, ashamed.

The touch of her hands was cool as she applied the sunscreen across my back. But she wasn't content to just rub it in and be done. She went on and on, kneading my back and shoulders. I wanted to tell her to stop, but the warm sun and the wine I'd drunk combined to make my head feel thick and fuzzy. My protests died away. I began to feel good, really good. My whole body felt as soft and malleable as warm clay. I could just melt away.

She moved her hands lower on my back. I could feel the length of her thigh pressed along my hip as she leaned further over me.

"I love your body," she was saying. "I'm way too skinny."

I tried to disagree, but couldn't get the words out. I wanted to tell her she was beautiful, that her body was perfect. I wanted her hands to go even lower. I flushed with arousal at the thought. Oh, no. Her hands felt too good, I realized. Instead of satisfying me, my earlier orgasm had only whetted my appetite. My body was primed and ready. If she went on touching me much longer, I was going to have an orgasm. I had to find some way to get out of this, to get away from Emily's hands. I lifted myself up on my elbows and looked over my shoulder at her, my hair in my face, an excuse ready on my lips.

"Shh," said Emily, and pushed down on my back between my shoulder blades, forcing me down. What was she going to do to me? I squirmed, trying not to whimper. I hid my face in my arms, ashamed. I wanted Emily's fingers in my pussy. I wanted something in my pussy. Could I somehow maneuver my hand underneath myself without her noticing?

Her hands left me and I almost sobbed, aching to have her touch me again. I heard her squeezing out more sunscreen. When her hands returned, they were cool and moist again. She moved them further down my back. I started to tense up. How low was she planning to go?

"Relax," she said.

Then her hands were on my butt, rubbing me. Her hands were on my butt!

"This is how he was touching me," she said. "In my dream."

I stifled a groan. It was all I could do to keep from humping the deck chair. I forced my hips to remain still.

I bit my lip. God, what was wrong with me? Hadn't I gone far enough, earlier? I couldn't have an orgasm, here, with Emily touching me! I would never be able to look her in the eye again.

She went on kneading my cheeks, spreading them apart. Was she looking at me there? She had to be getting a full view of my asshole and everything else. I braced myself against the pleasure, trying to deny how good it felt to be so exposed. Emily must be loving this. There was nothing she enjoyed more than embarrassing me.

Oh, god, what was she doing to me? Was this normal? Was she taking advantage of me? Or was she just teasing me, trying to see how far I would let her push it? I couldn't tell anymore.

I clamped my thighs together hard, trying to hide the flood of arousal I felt gushing from my pussy. But it was no use. Her fingers had spread my cheeks wide. My most sensitive skin was totally exposed. Any moment now she would see how moist she'd made me. She would be disgusted. I heard her saying something. Her voice sounded very far away. A breath of air whispered against my anus.

"No!" I jumped, sat up straight. If Emily touched me there, I wouldn't be able to control myself any longer. I'd come dangerously close as it was. I clutched my swimsuit to my chest, my heart throbbing.

"I—I need to go for a swim," I said. "I'm too warm."

I wanted Emily to argue with me. I wanted her to push me back down onto the chair and climb on top of me, to press her slick pussy against mine. I wanted her to hold my wrists down, stopping any protest.

But she laughed. "Sure, go for a swim," she said.

She let me walk past her but at the last second she snatched the swimsuit out of my hands, denying me even that. I was too agitated to fight back.

Distraught, I entered the pool and ducked my head under the water, hoping for some relief. But my pulse refused to stop racing. I could hear the blood rushing in my ears. My cheeks were hot. When I came back up, Emily was in her own chair, stretched out on her back again. Was she watching me? I couldn't tell with those damn sunglasses on.

I wanted to finger myself underwater, but I felt more exposed than ever. I was naked and the water was absolutely clear. Emily would be able to see anything I did, even underwater. I treaded in place and watched the way my breasts bobbed, each swaying and floating independently. I swam to the edge of the pool closest to Emily. She would only be able to see my head and maybe my shoulders from here. My hand snuck between my legs. My clit was hard in the cool water.

That was it. Oh, this wouldn't take long. I would sneak this one quick orgasm and then be able to be much calmer.

"You okay in there?" Emily said. "You sound like you're hyperventilating."

Oh, no! Without realizing it, I'd been breathing hard, panting as I was getting closer. It was no use. I couldn't do this here. My body kept betraying me. Why on earth had I thought this was a good idea in the first place?

When I came out of the water, dripping, I couldn't see my swimsuit anywhere. My dress was gone as well. Emily had hidden them somewhere. More of her games. I didn't have the strength to be drawn in. She would only pretend ignorance. I bent over a little and wrung my hair out, faking indifference.

Pretending it was totally normal to be wet and naked in front of Emily, I crossed back to my chair and lay down, face up this time.

"Abigail..." came Emily's voice again, in a little sing-song.

What was it now? Couldn't I just get through this interminable day without making a fool of myself?

"Don't you need more sunscreen?" she said. "You haven't done your front yet."

"No, I'm fine," I said.

"Are you trying to get me to come over there and do it for you?" Emily teased. "Come on, I'd hate to see those big boobs of yours burn."

She handed over the bottle of sunscreen and I took it with shaking fingers.

I wanted to be quick about it, but so help me I did love the feel of my own hands on my slippery body.

I tried not to spend too much attention on my breasts, but it was impossible. I had to lift each of them up with one hand while I spread lotion underneath with my other hand. Could Emily tell that if I raised my breast just a little higher, I'd be able to get the nipple in my mouth? I pushed my breasts together to get sunscreen along the sides. Somehow my fingers kept playing over my nipples. I didn't mean to.

I realized I didn't know how long I'd been rubbing and squeezing my breasts. I had to be more careful.

"You don't have any hair," said Emily. "No protection at all." Was she watching just to tease me?

But she was right, I couldn't ignore my pussy just because I was embarrassed. I pressed my legs tight together so I wasn't tempted to spread them while my hands were near. In private, I always had such a hard time keeping my hands off myself. But right now I couldn't risk looking like a slut. I brushed my fingers over my smooth mound, where my outer lips puffed up. Were they more swollen than usual? Was that something Emily could see? I longed to push my fingers right into my pussy. God help me, I wanted Emily to watch me do it. But I just couldn't.

"I wish Rick was here," said Emily. "What would you do if he was here right now?"

"I don't know," I said.

"Oh, come on. Quit being a prude. He's here, right now. As naked as the two of us. His cock is big and hard. What would you do?"

What was the right answer? "Lick it?" I guessed.

"I know what he would do. He would kill to be here, even if he was just a fly on the wall. Two sexy girls, wet, naked, touching each other all afternoon..."

That image made my head spin with lust. Was she describing how Rick would see things? Or how she herself did? Or was she just trying to get a reaction from me?

"He likes your tits, you know."

"He does?" I realized my hands had returned to my breasts and they were rubbing them again. I pretended I was just evening out my sunscreen.

"Yeah, he told me. I don't blame him, they're huge."

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