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Bride Submission: Family Gangbang

by silkstockingslover©

Summary: Bride-to-be gangbanged by dad, brothers and grandfather.

APOLOGY: Sorry this took so long, but I really struggled with how to make a plot that could continue the story and not just be a marathon sex scene... that said, there is a lot of sex in this chapter. Hopefully it won't take me two more years to write the next part if people like this one.

NOTE 1: This is the 3rd part of a multi-chaptered story, although I believe it can be read without reading the first parts if you wish. With that in mind, here is a summary of the story so far:


Bride-to-be Brittany is finally going to meet the in-laws a few days before the wedding. To her surprise, her whole world comes crumbling down as she learns:

-Not only her in-laws, but her parents as well, are part of a secret sex society called the Order of Syndom. This exclusive male dominated secret society believes that men are dominant and women are submissive. The society believes that incest is natural and is the ultimate way to show true love between family members.

-Brittany also learns that her engagement to Bradley and her career as a lawyer were both set up by her Order of Syndom father.

-Brittany is overwhelmed by all the revelations but eventually accepts her natural position of submission...submitting to her parents, her in-laws and others in a full scale orgy.


Bride-to-be Brittany goes to work and learns that her black boss is also a member of Syndom and ends up being his slut too.

Thanks: To Tex Beethoven, Robert, Dave, goamz86, and Wayne for editing this story.


Wednesday afternoon just after four, my secretary brought me the package I'd been expecting.

Once she left my office, I quickly opened it... curious to know what my father thought I should be wearing to the most exclusive restaurant in the city.

I'd been there only twice:

First time was when my parents took me there to celebrate my passing of the bar.

Second time was when Bradley had asked me to marry him.

So the restaurant carried very fond memories for me.

Considering the sexual excesses my family, my soon-to-be in-in-laws, and even my boss had subjected me to under the auspices of the hitherto unknown (at least unknown to me) Order of Syndom during the past twenty-four hours, I was expecting some sort of skanky outfit, but it was actually a beautiful red cocktail dress. No bra or panties. After yesterday I wasn't surprised by the omissions. The package also included matching five inch open toed heels, a pair of mocha thigh highs and a note from my father.

Hi my baby slut,

I hope you enjoyed your punishment. I imagine you got all you could handle. Your mother loves the rare times she gets to be fucked by Mr. Pickerton. I imagine he will use you regularly now that you are going to be a member of the Order of Syndom.

A limo will pick you up at 5:30.

Looking forward to tonight's family celebration.

Master Daddy

And although I couldn't fathom how tonight could possibly top yesterday's shocking surprises, I was curious as to what kind of celebration it would be. At a glamorous five star restaurant like McGavin's, it would be a pretty amazing meal, but it couldn't turn scandalous... could it?

The limo was on time, but I was a few minutes late wrapping up work. I donned the sexy outfit, feeling both rich and decadent as I looked at myself in the mirror.

Only a couple people were still in the building, but each gave me a compliment... which I, of course, enjoyed. A woman can never get enough compliments (which is great advice for all you men reading this twisted story of sexual debauchery... go compliment your wife, girlfriend, or whoever else you want to fuck; don't worry, I'll wait here until you come rushing back to thank me).

I arrived at McGavin's a few minutes late and was led to a room at the back of the restaurant I didn't know existed, escorted by a pretty brunette in black nylons with arrow-straight seams down the backs of her legs. I wondered whether she was a member of the Order as well. Funny how one day had changed everything I thought I knew.

We arrived at a closed door and the hostess paused and knocked three times, which I thought was odd.

After a moment, the door was opened by a waitress wearing the traditional classy black dress worn by all the waitresses here, but the skirt was shorter and the tops of her sexy lace top stockings were just visible.

"Come in," the waitress greeted, opening the door wider so I could do just that.

I walked into the room and the waitress closed and locked the door behind me.

The only ones there, oddly, were the men.

Dad, my Grand-Daddy from my dad's side (my other grandfather had passed away a few years ago) and my two brothers were all seated. Each was wearing a tie and looked sharp. I had assumed my fiancé would be there, but he wasn't.

I asked, wondering if this was going to be a gang bang, something I'd often fantasized, although never visualising my own family, "Where are the ladies?"

Dad said sternly, ignoring my question, "You're late."

"Sorry, I had a couple things I had to finish up first," I explained.

Dad clarified, controlling his irritation, "You're now a member of the Order of Syndom. You're never to be late for an appointment with one of your Masters, is that clear?"

I was surprised by Dad's scolding and annoyed tone. I'd always hated disappointing my father even when I was a young child, and I instantly apologized, "Sorry Daddy, it won't happen again."

"Good," he nodded, before oddly instructing me, "Now ask again where the ladies are."

"Um, okay. Where are the ladies?" I repeated.

"Having their appetizers before dinner," he answered with a smile. "They started without you."

I was confused by his words until Grand-Daddy ordered impatiently, "Crawl under the table, come to me and get your appetizer, my granddaughter submissive."

"Oh!" I said, a lightbulb suddenly going on in my head. My mother and my two sisters-in-law were under the table sucking cock. I looked at the waitress who was smiling, obviously another member of the secret sex society and privy to its secrets... I realised that this restaurant must be owned by a member of the Order of Syndom... it just made sense.

"Now!" Grand-Daddy ordered. Since I'd been a child, Grand-Daddy had always insisted I obey him immediately when he asked me to do something, and I now realised he had been training me for this very day.

"Yes, sir," I nodded, finding this somehow even stranger than yesterday's surprise orgy. This was my Grand-Daddy who had taken me on fishing trips, hiking and had even paid for my trip to Europe when I was in high school... now he was ordering me to suck his cock... with both my brothers sitting with him at the table.



But true.

Dad called out, "Switch," as I walked towards Grand-Daddy.

I heard sounds under the table as the women switched positions from one cock to another. As I reached Grand-Daddy I couldn't help but think how appalling this would have been to me a couple of days ago. I mean it was still shocking, but I wasn't even protesting as I immediately lowered myself to my knees, hiked my suddenly impractical cocktail dress up, and crawled under the table.

It was so dark under there that all I could see was indistinct shapes bobbing on cocks as I awkwardly crawled between Grand-Daddy's legs. I reached up as it became pitch dark, the long, surprisingly thick tablecloth dropping back down, leaving only a sliver of light at the bottom.

Grand-Daddy's cock was already out, slightly wet from whoever had just been sucking it, and hard. As I began stroking it, I recalled Mom calling it a 'horse dick' yesterday, and although I can't say I'd ever seen a horse dick (what can I say, I've always been a city girl), I imagined the title was accurate... it wasn't just long... ten inches, but thick as hell. I instantly wanted to know what it would feel like stretching my pussy and filling my cunt. Fuck, one day since my monogamous life had been transformed by the Order and I was now stroking my Grand-Daddy's cock and imagining it deep inside me.

"Get sucking," Grand-Daddy ordered. "I want to feel that pretty mouth on my dick. It's long overdue."

And even though I couldn't believe I was doing it, I leaned forward and took my Grand-Daddy's dick in my mouth... a dick that really did stretch my mouth. Fuck, I'm pretty sure it was even thicker than my boss's dick.

"There we go," he groaned. "I can't believe this took so long, son."

"I know, I know, Dad," my Dad responded apologetically. "I should have listened to you years ago."

"We lost some great years," Grand-Daddy pointed out, "especially for me. I'm not getting any younger."

"Sorry, Dad," my father repeated, obviously this had been a conversation topic for some time... when would I become a submissive slut to the family, "I fucked up."

I bobbed on Grand-Daddy's cock, trying to get used to its girth.

"Fuck, she has a great mouth," Grand-Daddy groaned as I really began to go to town on his dick... oddly wanting to impress him... just like I'd wanted to my entire life in other ways, as a typical loving granddaughter.

"I want her mouth on my cock, too," James, my elder brother, said. Hearing my brother's intentions just kept compounding the utter strangeness of my new life. All the years we'd lived together growing up there hadn't been much sexual tension between us except for a few times when he and Charles had tried to spy on me getting in or out of the shower.

"The first deposit is mine," Grand-Daddy claimed firmly. "I've looked forward to this for years."

I wondered how many times when we'd been together all these years he'd been thinking of slamming his cock in my mouth, or having me ride him in the hot tub we'd shared together many times discussing law, or bending me over his pool table and reaming my asshole. Fuck, why were these thoughts constantly popping into my head?

"Fine, but I get my sister's cunt first," James spoke out.

"You always want to get them first," my younger brother Charles protested. Charles had been the typical nerdy, annoying younger brother when I was in high school, but he'd really changed when he went to college... although in retrospect he may have changed once he turned eighteen, became a member of the Order of Syndom and suddenly realized the vast power he'd inherited.

Dad chipped in, trumping his father's and son's aspirations, "I already had both of those yesterday."

"I can't believe you didn't invite us to her initiation," James said, perturbed.

I listened intently, trying to learn anything I could, while struggling to take more and more of Grand-Daddy's horse cock into my mouth. I'd always been good at multi-tasking.

Dad defended, "That was at Mr. Wolfe's request."

"But you're the father of the slut," James pointed out. Hearing my older brother call me a slut felt strange, yet obviously it was an appropriate label: I was bobbing on my Grand-Daddy's thick dick even as he spoke. "You call the shots, Dad." I also couldn't help but smirk at the play on words of 'father of the bride'. Of course before yesterday if James had called me a slut I would have ripped his balls off... now I was looking forward to them bouncing off my chin.

My Grand-Daddy interjected. "Your father's weak. That's why we're having this family fuck initiation almost a decade late. Sometimes I think my son should have been a girl. He's kind of a submissive bitch."

I was shocked by my Grand-Daddy's harsh words about my father, but also by my father's lack of response; the room went silent other than the sounds of sucking... which made me think that Weird Al could have fun rewriting Simon and Garfunkel's the Sound of Silence in a very perverse way... and could you imagine the video? Shit, I really am fucked up.

Then, out of the blue, Mom spoke up insistently from under the table, "Tell them, Cam."

"Mildred!" My father exclaimed, surprised.

"Tell them you love a big strap-on in your ass," Mom revealed.

Again, utter silence.

"Is that true? Do you like being ass fucked?" Grand-Daddy questioned, his tone unreadable.

"Yes," my father whispered.

"Well, that isn't much of a surprise," my Grand-Daddy said. "It explains so much."

"Do you suck cock, too?" James asked.

"What, no? I'm not a faggot!" Dad objected adamantly.

I bobbed, the idea of fucking Bradley with a strap-on popping into my head with instant appeal.

"Okay, okay," Grand-Daddy said, "tonight is about Brittany; we'll discuss my son's submissive nature later. And man, can she suck cock. I can't believe I've had to wait this long to have my beautiful granddaughter's sexy lips wrapped around my dick."

This made me bob faster, wanting to impress him even more, as I took eight of his ten inches in my mouth, but was pretty positive that in this position the other two were nearly impossible.

"Oh yeah, Brittany, get ready for Grand-Daddy's load," he groaned, obviously close, seconds later.

I bobbed on his cock with insatiable hunger, wanting Grand-Daddy's load... loving the taste and feel of a warm load of cum shooting into my mouth... whether it rocketed like a missile splatting against my throat or oozed between my lips like melted cheese.

A few more bobs and I felt his load leak slowly out of his cock and into my mouth. I eagerly swallowed his salty seed, extracting every drop I could by continuing to bob.

"Oh fuck, swallow it all, my girl," Grand-Daddy groaned as he came in my mouth.

I moaned on his cock, showing my eagerness, as I kept sucking... impressed by how much cum was loaded in his balls.

"Crawl up here, Brittany," he ordered a minute later, once every drop of his dominant seed was warming my belly.

As I did, feeling a bit awkward looking at Grand-Daddy after sucking his thick dick, I heard Charles groan, "Yes, Mom."

I wanted to see the other three women sucking cock, so as I lifted up the tablecloth I glanced over to see Suzy, my brother James's wife, bobbing on my father's cock... I paused to watch a moment... thinking how crazy this all was... and undeniably hot... my cunt burning.

I reluctantly stopped watching just as Dad grunted, "Swallow, slut."

Before the shocking revelation of the Order, if someone had called Suzy a slut I'd have assumed she would rip their nuts off and feed them to the dog... Suzy being a strong-willed woman like me... although I too loved being called names in the bedroom... when my strong-willed, feminist, businesslike persona is put to bed... literally.

I let the tablecloth drop back to the carpet behind me and Grand-Daddy smiled, "I'm happy you've finally come home."

"Me too, Grand-Daddy," I nodded, now standing beside him, my voice sounding to me like I was seven again.

"Come sit between your father and me," he ordered, patting the chair between the two of them.

"Yes, Grand-Daddy," I nodded, obeying him without hesitation just as I always had.

James grunted, "Swallow it all, Peaches." (Peaches was my brother Charles's wife.)

"Sorry I couldn't be there for the revealing," Grand-Daddy said, as he put his hand on my leg. "I was in Europe."

"It's okay, Grand-Daddy. You're here now," I smiled, willing to do anything to please my Grand-Daddy... including, of course, swallowing his load.

"You look beautiful," he complimented, as Mom and Suzy crawled out from under the table.

"Thank you, Grand-Daddy," I said, feeling a rush coursing through me at the compliment and by the welcome feel of his hand moving slowly under my dress.

"Hi, honey," Mom stood up, came behind me and hugged me.

"Hi, Mommy," I greeted back, turning to see her... thinking 'Mommy' a more appropriate and even more delicious submissive response than 'Mom'.

She leaned in and kissed me, her tongue parting my lips. Although I was surprised, I kissed her back warmly for a few seconds before she broke it and moved to her seat on the other side of Daddy.

I looked across to Suzy who was looking at me oddly... as if already planning how to make me her bitch. Suzy and I had never gotten along, I think because we were so alike: strong-willed, feminist go-getters.

I broke eye contact quickly, instead studying my two brothers. Each of them was handsome (James drop dead gorgeous, while Charles sexy in a Clark Kent sort of way), and as I looked at each... for the first time in this new light... I wondered what their dicks looked like... I assumed I'd be sucking and fucking them both before the night was over. I looked forward to the experiences.

A finger parted my wet pussy lips as Grand-Daddy noticed, "Already wet, my girl."

"Yes, Grand-Daddy," I nodded, before adding, "sucking your huge cock got me super horny."

"It didn't demean your feminist moralities?" He asked, as his finger slid inside of me.

"Of course it did, Grand-Daddy," I moaned softly. "I learned yesterday how much I enjoy having them demeaned... it's all part of my humiliation training."

"Good," he nodded, even as he glared at my father, just as Peaches crawled out from underneath the table.

She walked over to me as James said, "Sis, I got you a welcome to the Order gift."

I was about to make a joke about how I'd already gotten my gift, Grand-Daddy's salty aftertaste still lingering in my mouth, when Peaches arrived behind my chair and stood above me, her hands tilting my head back.

"Open wide, sis," James ordered.

I opened wide, already knowing what the gift was. Peaches opened her mouth and started transferring my brother's cum to me.

I imagine it looked pretty hot, and pretty nasty, as James's cum dribbled out from between her lips and dropped down into my open mouth.

It wasn't as warm as cum directly from the source, but the twisted act, witnessed by my family, sent chills through me as I received my brother's cum second hand.

Peaches then leaned down and kissed me, guiding the last of my brother's cum into my mouth.

Our tongues twirled inside each other's mouths for a few precious seconds before she broke the kiss and went to sit down beside her husband Charles. I'd always liked Peaches.

I looked to James, and wanting to show I was game for whatever these guys had in store for me, I purred, "I hope I can get a load directly from the source next time."

James laughed, "I think I can arrange that."

Charles added, looking excited and bewildered, kind of how I felt, "I can't believe you're finally joining the order."

I responded bluntly, "I can't believe you didn't turn me into your three hole cum bucket long ago."

Grand-Daddy roared as he reached behind me and slapped the back of Dad's head, "And you thought she wouldn't ever submit!"

James chipped in, "Well, we plan to make up for lost time."

"You'd fucking better," I answered, enjoying the power to shock and awe that now came with my liberation from the feminist chains that had held me back from true sexual liberation. "I mean how many loads have I missed while you guys were having incest orgies?"

"Three," Charles joked.

"A day," I added.

Suddenly there were three knocks at the door. The pretty waitress opened it and food was brought in... a complete and sumptuous feast was set before us as Grand-Daddy pulled his finger out of me and placed it to his lips as if he were sampling an apéritif.

"Delicious," he approved.

"You should taste it directly from the source someday," I flirted... with my Grand-Daddy... actually flirting seductively... so fucking weird.

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