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A Weekend at the Boss's House

by Tattletale©

I met my husband's boss for the first time at a cocktail party he threw for his employees to celebrate a very profitable year. Jerry was an attractive, well-built bachelor with a reputation as a swinging playboy. His eyes lit up when Larry, my husband, introduced me. He seemed to be entirely indifferent to my husband's presence as he looked me up and down like a meat inspector examining a side of beef. I was glad that I had chosen a slinky dress cut low on the top to reveal my ample breasts and high on the bottom to reveal my long, sleek legs.

"You are having a profound effect on me, Laura," he said with a glance downward. I lowered my eyes and saw an impressive bulge growing ever larger in his crotch. My admirer made absolutely no attempt to conceal his erection, and several people standing nearby giggled when they saw what was happening. As a faithful, loving wife, I should, at the very least, have turned and walked away. Instead, I stood there and flaunted my body. I have always been a prick-teaser. Isn't it great fun to give a guy a hard-on and then leave him high and dry?

The party was fairly tame, a typical suburban cocktail party, and I was glad when it finally ended. As we were leaving, our host said, "You kids are going to have to come out and spend a weekend with me at my beach house."

"We would love to," I said. "When would be a good time?"

"How about this weekend?" he asked.

If I had said "no" there wouldn't be a story to tell, but I quickly accepted the invitation. On the drive home, Larry couldn't stop talking about the party and how pleased he was that I had hit it off with his boss.

"Did you see the hard-on he got when he looked you over?" he asked. He expressed his approval with a gleeful chuckle.

The following Friday afternoon we met Jerry at the marina and boarded his cabin cruiser for the trip to the secluded island in the Florida Keys where his cabin was located. He anchored the boat in a small lagoon, then asked if we wanted to take the small boat ashore or swim. When Larry and I just shrugged, he casually took off every article of clothing and dove into the water. Before diving in, he gave me a little time to look him over. He had an athletic body but he wasn't overly muscular. It was obvious that he kept himself in shape but that he wasn't fanatical about it. I consider a hairy chest to be an absolute must for a masculine look, and he certainly filled the bill. He had a nice package between his legs with big balls drawn up tight against his half-hard cock. I figured that when he was fully hard, he would definitely qualify as "well-hung".

I stripped down to my panties and bra and dove into the water, leaving Larry to deal with the dinghy and our bags. In retrospect, I believe the men had planned it that way. By the time I waded out of the water, Jerry was standing on the sandy beach with a full erection. I had been right about him: he definitely was hung.

Jerry led me to the cabin, invited me to have a seat at the table in the cozy kitchen, then set a bottle of cold beer in front of me. I was very uncomfortable, to say the least. My wet underwear didn't hide much. My nipples and black pussy-pelt were showing through. Jerry disappeared and returned a few moments later wearing shorts and sandals.

Even though the cabin looked shabby from the outside, it was chock full of amenities, including many electrical appliances. Jerry explained that the handful of people who lived on the island had shared the expense of installing an underwater line to provide electricity.

Larry arrived with the luggage and I immediately went to the guest bedroom and put on some dry clothes. When I returned to the kitchen, I found the boys busy preparing dinner. After a delicious meal of fish and chips, we took lawn chairs and a thermos of Margaritas down to the beach and enjoyed the cool breezes wafting in off the Atlantic. It was an absolutely perfect night with a full moon drifting across the twinkling sky. We chatted and had a few drinks, then, exhausted after a grueling week, we turned in. The next day turned out to be much more eventful.

The morning was, to be honest, a little boring. The men mostly talked shop while I read a romance novel that I had brought along. After lunch, we put on our suits and went down to the beach for a swim. Naughty girl that I am, I chose my sexiest bikini. The bottom is a thong that barely covers my pussy in front, and leaves my ass - an ass that Larry describes as "fabulous" - on display. Not surprisingly, Jerry chose Speedos that showed off his package and nerdy Larry appeared in his baggy trunks.

We splashed around like teenagers for awhile, and Jerry managed to get in a couple of good feels. The boys went out to get some sun, but the water felt so good that I stayed in. I snorkeled for about thirty minutes, then waded onto the beach. Even after everything that had happened the day before, I was a little shocked to see Jerry lying face down with his bare ass pointed skyward. His buns were toasted a golden brown from hours of nude sunbathing.

I stretched out on a blanket and closed my eyes. When I heard movement beside me, I opened my eyes a slit and discovered that Jerry had turned face up and was displaying a perfect erection. After awhile, he said, "Why don't you kids get those duds off and get a real tan." He asked me to give him a hand and we pinned Larry to the ground. Between the two of us, we yanked off his nerd trunks. Just to make sure he wouldn't put them back on, Jerry threw them up into a palm tree. The two men eyed me while whispering back and forth, then I became the victim. I pretended to resist, but I wanted them to strip me. While they were stripping me, Jerry managed to cop several more good feels.

We stretched out naked on our towels and soaked up the sun. Before long, Larry's cock was just as hard as Jerry's. When Jerry began to slowly masturbate, I suspected that things were going to heat up real fast.

In the late afternoon, we left the beach and went up to the cabin, sans clothes. Although nothing had been said, we had somehow come to a mutual agreement that we were finished with clothing for the rest of the weekend. I took a nap and when I awoke, the boys were busy preparing dinner. I noticed that the boys' cocks never went completely soft, but were always in between half and full hard.

Out on the patio, Jerry grilled thick steaks while Larry and I assembled a salad. Then we sat down to what surely was the perfect meal for the occasion: juicy steaks, crisp baked potatoes, and a tropical salad.

After dinner, we took a quick dip to cool off and then returned to the cabin to watch television. The one luxury that Jerry didn't have was cable TV, but we were close enough to Miami to pick up all of its stations with his tall antenna. We watched "Three's Company", which, in retrospect, was certainly prophetic. Then Jerry asked if we would like to watch some porno.

Jerry put a hot tape in the VCR and we sat back to watch. An orgy scene came on the screen and, within seconds, both men had full erections and were casually masturbating. After twenty minutes or so, Larry took my wrist and placed my hand on his cock. I stroked it slowly up and down until pre-cum began to trickle down the shaft onto my fingertips. Jerry had also reached the point where his pre-cum was flowing freely.

"You know, as much as I love porno, the real thing is so much better," Jerry said. "How about putting on a little show for me?"

Larry leaned over and whispered something about him getting a raise if I only went along with what Jerry had suggested. He took me by the wrist and led me to the master bedroom. What we were doing seemed more like a dream than reality. By then, we had all had quite a few Margaritas. If I had been sober, things might have turned out differently.

Larry put me on the bed and crawled between my legs. As my husband began lapping at my pussy, his boss pulled a chair up next to the bed where he had a good view of everything. I had never had sex in front of anyone before, but I soon realized that Jerry's presence was definitely enhancing the experience. Larry's skillful tongue soon had me close to orgasm. He slipped higher and began to suck on my tits. The nipples stiffened until they stood up like miniature brown cocks.

"Jeez, look at the size of those suckers," Jerry said. "Nice work, dude. It looks like she's ready. Go ahead and fuck her."

Like an obedient employee, Larry mounted me and drove his cock home. I knew as soon as he began to pump that he was going to satisfy me better than he had in months. While I was getting a fucking fit for a queen, Jerry was switching back and forth between a chair at the foot of the bed and one to the side. At one point, he asked Larry to keep his legs apart so he could see the penetration. After Larry had finesse-fucked me for about ten minutes, he turned to his boss and said that he preferred to have me on top of him so he could suck my tits and slap my ass. We somehow managed to flip over without uncoupling, then he gave me a couple of brisk smacks on the butt and began sucking hungrily on my swollen nipples.

I had been on top of him for about five minutes when I felt my first orgasm coming on. Larry also sensed it coming and reached back to spread my butt cheeks wide apart. That was Jerry's cue, and an instant later, I felt the feverish head of his cock against my forbidden hole. Just as Jerry buried his cock to the balls in my ass, I had one of the strongest orgasms of my life. The physical pleasure I experienced is impossible to describe. I had come plenty of times in my life, but none of my many orgasms could compare to that one. It felt like a dozen good comes all rolled into one.

At first, we were like an engine running on misfiring cylinders. Jerry had apparently had experience with DP fucking, and he patiently coached us.

"Alternate strokes, buddy," he urged. "Stick yours in when I pull mine out."

After a little practice, we were running like a freshly-tuned engine. The two men synchronized their strokes so that whenever Larry thrust up into my pussy, Jerry pulled out until only his head was in my ass. The two of them sawing in and out of me was driving me crazy. They chuckled with devilish glee as they felt me come again and again. My nervous system finally melted down and I passed out cold. Larry told me later that my little fainting spell had not spoiled their pleasure. They continued screwing my limp body until they shot their loads together.

I panicked momentarily when I awoke and found myself in a strange place. Oddly enough, it was a little like waking from a nightmare, even though I had experienced the greatest physical pleasure of my life. The events of the past few hours gradually came back into focus. I rubbed my pussy then brought my hand to my nose. The musky smell of fresh semen filled my nostrils. I gradually regained my strength and went looking for my lovers.

I peeked around the door into the livingroom and saw them sitting on the couch watching porno and masturbating like two horny schoolboys. I had always been curious about male masturbation, and now I had a chance to satisfy my curiosity.

"Damn, your wife's ass was tight," Jerry said. "When I shot my load I could hardly pump it out because her ass-hole had such a tight grip on my cock."

"I could feel you coming," Larry said. "It felt like we were both in the same hole. Your cock jerked at least a dozen times. You must have let go a pint."

"It felt more like a quart. I could feel your cock jerking, too. Do you think it's too late for sloppy seconds? I sure would love to try her pussy?"

I quickly returned to the bed and pretended to wake up just as they walked through the door.

"I'm glad you're awake, honey," Larry said. "Jerry wants to try your pussy now and I told him he could, as long as it's okay with you."

Jerry didn't bother to wait for an answer. He crawled onto the bed and examined my pussy as though he had every right to do so. He pulled my pussy lips apart and looked into my hole. His rough handling of my most private parts turned me on tremendously, and by the time he was finished I was on the verge of an orgasm.

"She's still got a lot of you in her," he said.

Then he casually mounted me and stuffed his cock into me. As soon as he started to pump, I knew I was going to come. I could tell by the way Jerry fucked me that he had had plenty of experience. Some guys just shove their cocks in like ramrods down a gun barrel, but Jerry knew that the secret to a perfect fuck is variety. He fucked me fast and then slow, deep then shallow. I never knew what was coming next. When he sensed that I was about to come, he flipped us over without breaking our connection.

Then the greasy head of my husband's cock slid through my ass-hole. The awkwardness of our first DP was behind us, and now my two lovers had the experience they needed to drive me to ecstasy. Nothing feels as good as being sandwiched between two muscular, hairy-chested men who are driving their cocks in fore and aft. The only thing that would have made it better would have been to have a third cock for my mouth.

I came and came again, with my orgasms getting weaker as I ran out of strength. I finally felt my lovers' cocks jerking as they spent into me. Our tryst ended in a perfect, three-way orgasm. We lingered in a sweaty pile for a long time, savoring the afterglow. Then I was on my back with Larry between my legs eating his boss's sperm out of my pussy. Jerry was sucking hard on my nipples. I had one final orgasm and then, exhausted, I pushed them away.

We spent the rest of the weekend experimenting. Actually, I had very little to do with it. Larry and Jerry conducted most of the experiments, and they were all about different ways they could put both cocks into me at the same time. I even had both of them in my pussy for awhile. Ladies, if you haven't tried a double-barrel fuck, you haven't lived.

Larry and I enjoyed Jerry's hospitality several times after that. Then one weekend he invited two other couples that he had played with, and we had one fine orgy. I'll tell you about it some other time. Oh, and by the way, Larry did get his raise.

Written by: Tattletale

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