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Jennifer Gets to Africa

by AmyClarkBerand©

Jennifer walked out of the airport in Kabunda. It was hot, and she was immediately grateful for her t shirt and shorts. She was also immediately aware that both of those brought eyes to her.

The sun was bright and she needed to find her protocol man, Mr. Green.

He was going to be wearing an orange shirt, and a white hat. She pushed her trolley out of the airport and looked around for him. She felt him before she heard him, on her left. He was rangy, dark, and wore sunglasses. He was at least 6 foot 6, and something about him reminded her of a big cat.

"Miss Clark! Welcome"

She didn't bother correcting him, and gave him her trolley. He had a kind smile, but a quick one as he ushered her over to the jeep that would take them from the airport. He spoke to the driver in a local language, and the quickly worked their way into traffic and into the country.

Jennifer was doing a field study on African religions, and she was scheduled to go up country and see some religious groups, to understand more about what they did and how she could possibly learn from them. Jennifer was an evangelical Christian and had no belief in these "funny" religions, but the PHD needed doing, and this was as good a series of topics as any. She had a budget for three months, and was expecting to pick up her funding each month in the capital.

"Where are we going next?"

"Madam. We are going straight to the first village, it is called Apagun."

"What is happening there? Do we get to eat? Shower?"

"Madam the village is very traditional. They are having their cat festival this weekend, and there will be lots of feasting and enjoyment."

"Shower?" Jennifer had just got off a 14 hour flight.

"There are many streams and rivers, and there will be washing facilities where you are staying."

The village was far, and it was very dark by the time they arrived. Jennifer was being hosted by the Chief of the village, who she just referred to as Chief. He was a younger man, maybe 30, with the same feline physical presence as Mr. Green. He was tall, very dark, and very muscular. He was also very polite and spoke excellent English.

"Ms. Clark, we will make sure your stay here is safe and enjoyable. You will learn a lot about our beliefs this period."

He showed Jennifer to where she would stay. Jennifer's accommodation was in a walled compound, and her bungalow had running water, so she wasted no time showering.

She stripped out of her soaked t shirt and shorts, and peeled off her bra and thong. She was happy she had waxed before the trip, and she took a couple of minutes to admire her body in the mirror. She was tan, blonde, with blue eyes, and a runners build. Her abs were firm, and she had a curvy physique with a pert butt and long legs. She had large, dark, pink nipples but her breasts were perky and not very large. She was happy with her body.

As she got in the shower she noticed a brown cat in the window of the bathroom. She loved cats, and let it in. It jumped to the ground, and then up on to the sink. She went on with her shower, and lathered herself up and scrubbed the flight away. She was already getting hungry, and was ready to eat something. In the background she could hear drums beating, and the guys had said the festival went on for days.

She got dressed in a green flowing gown, and decided not to bother with underwear. It was very humid, even at night. She followed Green to the river front where her host was leading festival activities. As she approached she saw him in a white loincloth, with chalk painted over his body, leading dancers. There were about a dozen young men and women, dancing at a frenzied pace.

They were arranged in a square, and in the center was an older woman, maybe in her 40s, dancing frenetically. All of them had clay pots full of something burning on their heads, and while they all wore white loin cloths the women were topless, and the woman in the center was stark naked. Jennifer was riveted.

The woman in the middle stopped dancing and pointed at Jennifer. She started saying something to the Chief, who looked at Jennifer pointedly.

"She says you are special, and that the God wants to know you!!"

"What does knowing mean?" Jennifer was not impressed. Green did not respond.

Suddenly the drumming increased, and three men, stark naked, came up behind the central dancer, beating their drums in a frenzy. The fire in the central dancer's pot roared, and she put the pot down.

Jennifer could not help noticing the men were very black, very uncircumcised, very large, and very erect. She started feeling a bit warm.

Suddenly everyone turned and faced the river front. As they all watched, a stampede of cats ran out of the water towards them. There were cats everywhere, and Jennifer wished she had her phone with her. In her rush she had forgotten to bring it. The cats were everywhere, and ran into the bushes past the revelers. People everywhere lay down to have cats run over them during their stampede into the village.

Jennifer noticed something. Her companions were all on the ground on all fours, growling and rolling, baring their teeth at the moon. She noticed the Chief, who started growing a tail, and fur, and getting larger and larger. Green also was growing fur, and claws, and his feline character suddenly became clear - They were shifters!!

She also noticed that the cats coming out of the river were larger and larger, until one last cat walked out, on two legs, holding a leather whip.

At this point everyone laid flat on the ground except Jennifer. She couldn't believe this.

"I knew you were coming." His voice was very deep and shook her to her roots.


"You are Jennifer, from Milwaukee"

It was too much, and Jennifer couldn't speak for a while. When she got her tongue her companions were all bringing food for their God, whose name was Calar.

Calar looked her up and down and licked his tongue.

"You don't believe I am possible."

"You can't be. There is no God other than mine."

"Well what am I?"

"You are an illusion, you must be."

The crowd sighed. This was an insult.

Calar kept looking at her.

"Your period ended three days ago. I can still smell some of it on you, but it's gone."

He was right. Jennifer wondered...

"What else do you know?"

"I know you've never known a black man or a cat. I know you will know both tonight. At the same time."

Jennifer had never dealt with people of color, and animals, well no. She wasn't a racist, but she liked her own kind. She started wondering about this situation. She wasn't at home, and this Calar would at least make for interesting research on some level.

She noticed Green to her right, was standing on his two feet. He was fully furry now, licking his claws, and hard as a rock. She had never seen a cock so large on a cat before. It rolled around like a snake, like a tongue, and was red and swollen. Suddenly she noticed the king was also erect. In a second one of the female dancers walked past her, her pussy red and dripping, and got on all fours before Mr. Green.

He bit her neck from behind, and mounted her with his fourteen inch dick. His cock plunged into her and she roared, as did he. Their rutting was frantic and brutal, and she gave as good as she got. When he came she froze, and something in Jennifer was shaken by this.

Calar looked at her appraisingly. "You are the only one wearing clothes here. Are you ashamed of your skin? "

Jennifer was very proud of her physique, and bristled. She raised the boubou and let it sink to the ground.

The cats spoke to each other.

"She has no hair anywhere. What is this?"

"She smells like she hasn't been fucked in a long time. Maybe she doesn't like men. Jennifer do you like to fuck?"

Jennifer responded.

"Of course, in the right circumstances."

They all laughed. Around the circle there was frantic coupling. People and cats, cats and cats, and some people who hadn't shifted, were all fucking each other. Jennifer looked at Calar's wand and wondered what it would feel like.

"It would fill you completely, and stir your very womb. I can last for hours, and I would fill you with seed. You would have orgasms like nothing you've ever had. I can read your mind, and I can tell what you feel each second. I can adjust every stroke to give you the best experience possible."

Jennifer realized this was mad. He was reading her mind! Then he was beckoning to her! She didn't know why she approached him, but she did. He held her hand and laid her down.

Slowly, she had a cat licking each nipple, and Calar was licking her pussy. Their tongues were raspy and wet, but had way more control than human tongues. She was so wet, and almost hypnotized by their licking. Everytime she thought she was at a peak Calar brought her higher with his licking and sucking. She was leaking and he was lapping it up. His tongue filled her pussy, and her clit was hard as ice. Her nipples were swollen, and she couldn't stop moaning.

She cried out for more, and Calar obliged. He slowly filled her with his massive red cock, which seemed to have infinite length. It filled her and he started thrusting. She groaned, and then shrieked, as he shook her to her core. It was hard, yet it moved around, touching parts of her pussy that had never been touched before. It was wild, like nothing she had ever imagined before. She could hear his voice in her mind, goading her, teasing her, prodding her, pushing her to higher heights. She was giddy. This was like nothing she had ever experienced. She came quickly, squirting cum, and this seemed to excite Calar more. He fucked her through three orgasms, after which she felt faint and was incoherent. As he pulled out of her, he ordered the nipplecats to suck the seed out of her, which they did with relish. Jennifer smiled. She could get used to this.

In the morning, the sun filled the bungalow. Jennifer woke up naked, which was normal, and she wondered about the funny dream she had about a giant cat eating her pussy. She figured it was something she ate, but then she inhaled and felt the warmth. It was as if someone had fucked her for hours. She was sore but not raw, and funnily she felt like she needed more of that service, not less. She reached for one of her sore nipples, and realized she felt hairs growing all over her body. She wasn't usually a hairy woman.

Mr. Green walked in without knocking. He had shifted back, but he wasn't wearing any clothes. The dick on this one. She looked at his face

"Ms Clarke. How are you?"

"I think I must have had something to drink."


"I dreamed I fucked a huge cat. Why are you naked?"

"Calar claimed you yesterday as his own. You are his now, and it is my honor to take you this morning as he has gone back."

Jennifer felt panic. She was terrified. How could Calar leave? How could he fuck her like this and then walk away? What would she do? Where did he go?

"Where did he go?"

"He lives under the river. Those cats were his minions, but he lives there and guides us through a totem possession where his chosen hear his voice."

"What the fuck is that?"

"He is in me now. He rides me. He tells me what to do. The same with the Chief. If I fuck you now he will feel it."

"I don't believe that."

"Look at my penis."

Jennifer watched it get hard and stand. It was truly a glorious tool, and as she stared at it she could hear Calar in her head.

"I need you too. You are special to me. I am turning you into a cat so you can really love me the way we do. Your skin is too thin today. I need you to fuck Green. Everytime he fills you with sperm you will get hairier. Do you hear me? When I turn you completely I will breed you."

Jennifer dropped to her knees and gestured. Green approached her and placed his cock on her tongue. She sucked. And licked. And sucked. She gagged. She couldn't take it all inside. His butt was so firm, and she tried to choke herself with his cock. He was so dark, and his cock was veiny and hard. He raised her up, and bent her over the bed, with her legs standing apart. He pushed inside her. His cock moved like a tail as well!! She backed on to him as he fucked her, shaking the front of her pussy, and filling the rest of it. His cock was hard, and his thrusts were wild and passionate. He scratched her back, making her shriek, and before long she came in quick succession, squirting first as he fucked her through the second, third and fourth orgasms. This time she was ready, and she needed more. She got on her back. He entered her again, and this time bottomed her pussy out. As his frenzied strokes increased she started to scratch his chest and punch him, and he fucked her harder and faster. The first blast was hot, and the second and third blasts of seed filled her until each stroke poured semen onto the bed. He pulled out and shot a load on to her stomach, and another on to her chest. "Drink him and drink me". She grabbed his cock and sucked. He released another three loads into her throat. She felt like she had super powers. She wanted more. She was totally the shifter's slut now, and she knew this form of worship would be all she needed to know for a long time...

She couldn't believe her phone was ringing. She rolled over and picked it up. She hadn't been in touch with home since she got here, and they would love to know what she had been up to. Was she safe? Was it clean? Was it fun? Could she deal with it?

It turned out there was some issue with her funding, and while she was fine, they wouldn't be able to go past a couple of months. This was a crisis. What she had seen suggested six months of work, and without funding she would have to leave. She really, really did not want to leave.

"What was that?"

"Nothing, nothing. Don't stop.."

He started slowly stroking her again...

Chapter 2

Calar had never had a means of communicating with his subjects. Green had an idea. He could run an oracle, where Jennifer would be the temple wife. Supplicants would come, pay their fine, and then fuck Jennifer. During sex, Calar would tell her what to do with her partners, and she would transfer that knowledge to Green and thus to the subject.

Jennifer quickly became furrier, and popular, as men came from miles around to "fuck Calar's white wife". It was nuts. She would wake in the morning, get something to eat, and then go to the oracle. It was very profitable, and once she got used to fucking 15-20 black men a day, her holiday was going swimmingly. She wasn't able to really write, or read, but she was having orgasms ten or more times a day.

On Tuesday she had a fisherman as the first client. He was tall and tough, with hard skin and a loud voice. He was worried about his wife, as he felt she was cheating on him. Green asked him for twenty yams, which he reluctantly handed over. Jessica felt his energy. He was insecure, curious, and a positive man, if simple. As she got on her knees on the mat, she gestured for him to remove his clothes. He removed his wrapper, and revealed a heavy penis, wiry with veins and heavier in front than at the base. A real pestle. Jennifer shuddered besides herself. She hoped this man could last long enough to allow her enjoy it. He approached her with his erection in the air, and plunged it into her. She was already wet and took it well. He seized her hair from behind, and started fucking her, getting deep into her pussy and then serving her with long deep strokes . She gasped. Calar immediately spoke to her. "This man's wife is not cheating on him. She is very very sick. She has miscarried three children for him. He's not doing anything wrong. His wife gets pregnant but his seed breaks her. He needs to take care of his wife and get a new woman for children." The fisherman started rotating his hips, swiveling that mighty penis of his. Jennifer sighed. These cervix bashers and their arrogance. She loved it, but what If she didn't?

Not a fair trade. At all. Suddenly like the brute he was he started thrusting even deeper. He panted and gasped, and rammed himself into Jennifer. She braced, and as she expected his blasts of hot sperm started flowing into her. Just pumping as he grunted. He keeled over, spent. He must have had a lot to drink. Jennifer was really unsatisfied, and felt restless. She looked at the temple girl Akura. Akura must have been in her mid twenties, and had the spare frame of a farm girl, with no body fat, flat abs, long legs, and broad shoulders which carried a pair of perky, c cup breasts. She was calm but really beautiful. She knew what to do. Jennifer lay on her back, and Akura walked up to her, took her wrapper off, and started eating Jennifer's pussy. It was their thing. It was relaxing to Jennifer, got Akura sperm to eat which she loved, and was a thing they could do together to bond. Akura also received Calar's ministrations on sperm, so she would be in a rapture hearing what must be in the sperm and what it must mean. Her eyes were closed as she lapped up the sperm, and Jennifer relaxed. She could feel the orgasm building itself up. Her nipples were hard, her pussy was sore and wet, and Akura's firm hands were running all over her pussy and clit, stroking the clit at the same point. She bucked, and flexed at the waist. It was a gusher, and she squirted all over Akura's face. She could see the shadow of Akura's tail behind her wagging as she lapped at Jennifer's pussy with her rough tongue. These catmen and catwomen had magic tongues. Just as she came she felt Green walk into the room. He immediately walked behind Akura, who turned and bared fangs at him. She growled, and Green bristled and ran out. IT wasn't clear what happened, but then Green came back in with a strap on assembly. While Akura put on the strap on, Green walked up to Jennifer and slapped her pussy with his hard cock. Jennifer was so ready, and seized the pole, shoving it into her pussy. As Green entered her, she came again on the third stroke. His cock was hard and hot, and filled her. She could feel her God speaking to her again, and she could feel him speaking to Green. It was a real personal moment for them all. She was on her back with her legs to the ceiling, holding her ankles and giving Green a good view of her cunt. Green was on his knees in front of her pussy, pounding her with his dick and making her wetter with each stroke.

Jennifer's eyes were closed as she came, but Green insisted on fucking her into another two orgasms, after which she recoiled and needed to rest. She looked up to find Green on his knees, bent forward over her, with Akura behind him. Akura was fucking him with the massive black strap on. She had the cock five inches in Green's ass. Green was taking it deep, and the look on his face was not pure pleasure, but not pure agony either. They were both chanting the same words which she couldn't understand. Green's cock was still angry and hard against his belly, as Akura probed his rectum with the massive cock. Akura rammed him hard, and as she sped up Green worked his cock with his fist, pumping furiously. As Akura fucked him, Green exploded, spraying his cum all over Jennifer. Akura's tail was fully out, and it was clear she wasn't for men to fuck. Or was she? After Green came he roared, and rubbed his hand in his cum on Jennifer's belly. He turned and rubbed some on Akura's face. She recoiled, but instantaneously turned on to all fours. Green bit her neck, and mounted her with savagery Jennifer had never seen. HE filled her with his dick, and Akura literally wriggled like a cat, taking it. Jennifer could see AKura's red pussy, filled with Green's penis, pumping, squeezing, and fucking Green back. Green thrust hard , and reached around to play with Akura's breasts and her hard, black nipples. He twisted her nipples which she loved, and he had her shrieking and mewing as he fucked her. She purred, and frothed at the mouth. He fucked her long and hard. He was almost retaliating, and he came without letting Akura come. He blasted her full of sperm, and rolled over on his back. But Akura was happy, and stayed in that position on all fours as his sperm dripped out of her. Jennifer bolted up and reciprocated, sucking Akura's pussy and licking the sperm out of her. It was delicious, and Akura's pussy was fresh and firm and juicy. When she finished she groomed Akura's back and haunches, and then they both went to the stream to shower. By now it was mid day, and they wrapped themselves in wrappers and took buckets to the stream with them. They passed many people who stared at them. There were rumours about Calar's new friend, and Jennifer was very white. Jennifer wondered what she had just seen. Strap ons? Femdom? In Africa? It didn't make any sense to her, and she was confused. But she had just been brutally fucked, and she loved it. They reached the women's stream, and folded their wrappers under a rock to the side of the bank. While Akura dipped her toes gently, Jennifer walked to the deep end and dove into the clear cold stream. She could feel the night's sweat and the different crusts of old sperm and cum soften up, and as she rubbed her body she felt them wash off her. She swam to the cold bottom of the stream and floated back up. She saw Akura, who could not really swim, but who loved to play in the water. The water was suddenly hot, with bubbles rising from the floor. It was hard to explain, but it felt time changed. Calar was in their midst. He stood before Jennifer and Akura, and suddenly they were on the riverbed. It was dry. Calar was glorious as always, with glistening fur and a probing, hard penis. He looked at Jennifer, walked up to her, and groomed her, licking her face with his rough tongue. "I think you are getting ready". He said.

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