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by ReginaFilangie©

Desiree knew she looked hot. She was wearing a tight tube top, no bra, and a tiny skirt to show off her long, lean legs. She could feel her large tits sway and bounce with each step she took. The group of guys that surrounded her all appreciated her outfit and were all flirting with her, trying to get her attention.

This was just what she needed. She had dolled herself up to boost her confidence. Her boyfriend, Chris, had just broken up with her. He had been cheating on her the entire month they had been going out, and decided that he liked Carrie Lange better. Out of nowhere, Desiree's ass was dumped.

So, here she was, at a frat party, and guys were drawn to her and her slutty outfit. They were bringing her drinks and trying to make her laugh. She was loving it. Some of the guys were trying to get her to leave the party and go somewhere with them, but she declined. She knew she was teasing them, but she wasn't ready to hook up with anyone. She just wanted them to stroke her ego. It felt good to know that they all wanted her.

By midnight, she was feeling very good and had had enough. She excused herself to use the bathroom to pee a gallon. She had been drinking all night, but the last drink really hit her hard. One of her admirers had brought it to her. She couldn't identify the drink but felt it tasted funny. Now, she felt lightheaded and really buzzed.

She didn't feel like going back to the party, so she made her way up the stairs and away from the loud music. She had been to this house before and knew that there was a balcony on the third floor that had an awesome view of the campus. She stumbled up the stairs, down the hall, and through the empty bedroom that she wanted. She stepped out into the chilly night air and kicked off her high, high heels. She could still hear the muffled loud music from downstairs. She looked out at all the lights of the town and took a deep breath.

Desiree hadn't heard anyone come into the bedroom behind her, but all of a sudden, she felt strong arms reach around her and grab her breasts. The hands squeezed and massaged her tits, and a deep voice rumbled, "I've been waiting to get you alone all night. I knew you wanted me to follow you."

Desiree was alarmed! She didn't know who he was or what he was talking about. She wanted to throw his hands off of her, turn around, and yell at him for assault. However, his hands started to feel so good on her breasts, especially when they pinched her nipples and rolled them between his fingers. She gasped. Her nipples were so sensitive!

"You have such amazing tits. So big and firm and bouncy," the voice continued behind her.

It felt like bolts of electricity were shooting from her nipples to her pussy. In an instant, she became sopping wet in her thong. Despite herself, she moaned, pushing her breasts into his hands and arching her back to press her ass back against him. She felt the hard length of his cock against her.

He chuckled, "I knew you wanted this, you slut." He pulled her tube top down to expose her tits to the night air. Her nipples hardened to tight, little nubs. He continued rubbing and squeezing her tits. His hands felt amazing on her sensitized, naked flesh.

She couldn't believe she was letting him undress her outdoors. She didn't even know who he was. She couldn't recognize his voice. Her mind felt increasingly foggy. All she knew was that she was incredibly turned on. She rubbed her ass against his cock. He lifted up her tits and dropped them, delighting in the way they bounced up and down. His face was right next to hers, and he kissed and bit at her shoulder. She didn't even turn her face to see who it was. She was caught up in a haze of lust.

His left hand stayed on her boobs, while his right hand reached down to lift her skirt. His fingers slid beneath her thong to her wet slit. "You're soaking wet, you little whore," he exclaimed excitedly. He flipped up her skirt onto her back and tore her underwear off. She cried out as the fabric bit into her flesh. He bent her at her waist, and she held onto the balcony rail in front of her. He squeezed her nice, round ass, and gave it a few slaps. She cried out, but he was beyond caring. He loved the jiggle of her firm ass. He stuck two fingers up her cunt and worked her slippery hole. She moaned again. It felt so good. He undid his pants and freed his rock hard dick. He teased her slit with it.

"Please!" She pleaded.

"Please what? Say it, slut. Beg me to fuck you."

She was shocked. She had never said those words in her life, and she didn't think she could say them now. As he teased her slit some more with his cock, she knew she wanted more, and she couldn't stand it anymore. "Please fuck me!" She yelled.

He did what she asked and plunged his big, hard cock into her. She gasped! It was the biggest cock she has ever had. Her pussy had never felt more full, and it felt like he was splitting her in two.

He gripped her hips and started to really pound her cunt. "This is what I like: a slut with huge, bouncing tits and a tight cunt." His cock reached places inside of her that had never been touched before. With each stroke, she was getting wetter and wetter. It was dripping down the insides of her legs. She could hear the squishy sound of her pussy when he pushed his penis in. She groaned, she moaned, and she grunted with each thrust.

He alternated between gripping her hips and leaning forward to grab her tits, but he never even paused in his fucking. It felt so good, she pushed her ass back to meet each stroke of his cock. Her brain was turning into mush. All she was aware of and cared about was the feel of his cock in her cunt.

"Ah, ah, ah, ah," she panted to each thrust.

"Say you love it," he commanded.

"I love it!" She replied, without hesitation.

"What do you love?"

"I love your giant cock fucking my tight cunt! It feels so good! Your cock is so big! I love it! Please fuck me harder! Harder! Pound my pussy! I love it!"

"You want me to pound your pussy?"

"Yes! Yes!"

"Who does your cunt belong to?"

"You! It belongs to you!"

He pounded her cunt hard, as she asked. Her dirty talk excited both of them. "I'm coming! I'm coming!," she yelled out. They came together. He filled her with a big wad of hot jism. She came so hard, she felt she might black out. She slumped onto the floor.

He yanked her by the arm into a sitting position. "Clean me up," he ordered and stuck his cock into her mouth.

"Mmmmph!" She tried to protest, but her mouth was already full. She had only given head to a clean penis before. His was covered in both their juices. He grabbed the side of her head face-fucked her until he was hard again. Then he manhandled her onto her hands and knees, positioned himself behind her, and fucked her from behind. Her pussy felt swollen from the previous fuck, so she gasped as his large dick invaded her tight cunt.

"Oh, yeah, you feel so good, so tight. You're going to be my whore." He fucked her slow and hard this time, pulling out all the way and plunging it deep into her cunt.

She felt so tired, she dropped to her elbows. This made her ass stick up higher and her nipples scrap against the floor. She moaned, as she felt another orgasm slowly rising.

He fucked her slow and hard for twenty minutes, until they were both panting. As he quickened his pace, he reached around to find and pinch her clit. "Yes, yes, yes!" She called out, fucking him back as she came with alarming intensity. He grabbed her hips, and slammed into her, dumping another load into her. This time, she really did black out.

Written by: ReginaFilangie

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