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The Mousy Librarian is Blackmailed

by lewiscreed©

Ms. Greely was curious why Principal Creed had asked her to meet with him during lunch break. Giving herself a quick once over in the ladies room, she wondered if this would be an early performance review. She tucked her white button down blouse in, then adjusted it so it didn't tug immodestly against her breasts, puffing her chest in pride - surely he was going to commend her on running the library smoothly, earning compliments from students and faculty alike.

She adjusted her glasses, gave her lipstick a quick touchup, and forced a smile in the mirror - these didn't come natural, but she was pleased enough with her appearance that turned on a heel and began the quick march for the principals office. Any other woman would have been slowed down by her knee length pencil skirt, but between this and her hair tied in a bun, it was part of the librarian's uniform.

Entering the office, Miss Mabel, the school secretary, was just zipping up her purse and heading out for her own lunch. "He said go right inside," she said with a slight bit of disdain. Ms. G dismissed it as how Mabel always spoke - she identified, if nothing else.

Greely tapped on Creed's office door. Hearing nothing from the other side, she slowly turned the door handle and inside saw Creed poring over a handbook. He raised an eyebrow and waved her in.

"Please close the door behind you," he instructed, too seriously for her comfort. She followed the request, then stepped inside and up to his desk.

"How are you doing today, Mr. Creed?" she asked, hoping for his subtle frown to change to a smile.

"To be honest, Ms. Greely, not well." Her knees buckled as her brain raced trying to think of anything she could have done wrong. "Have a seat," he instructed her to the couch.

Creed picked up a brown grocer bag up from his desk and walked over and sat it beside her. In his other hand was a remote control. He pointed it at a large monitor in the room and clicked it on.

The black screen popped on, showing security footage from the library. The recorded video showed Greely locking the door, then stepping to her desk, taking a seat and opening a drawer. After glancing around the library, as if to ensure no one was around, she reaches into the drawer and removes a vibrator. The video pauses just as she tugs up her skirt.

The color drained from Greely's face. "Sir, I am so sorry, I -"

He cut her off with booming declaration. "Do you have any idea how we discovered this video?"

Greely shook her head, panicked and ashamed.

"We found these in your desk, Ms. Greely," he said, patting the grocery bag. "Or, more specifically, a nosy student found these."

Opening the bag and peering inside, he shook his head and tsk-tsked. He reached ins and pulled out a vibrator and set it on the opposite footrest. He pulled out a second vibrator - one curved to reach a g-spot, and placed it next to the first. "And, even more specifically, his mother found these in his room."

He next removed a string of rubber anal beads, followed by a butt plug. "At first we thought he was lying, but when searching the surveillance video of when he said he found these, we came across this video of you."

"Sir," she said, kneeling down before him, "I want to sincerely apologize." She began to gently sob, putting a hands on his lap, lightly petting his back.

"Shhh," he said, clicking the video back on. "Keep watching. I want you to understand how horrible this could make us all look."

On the screen, Greely could clearly become more and more excited, pulling down her panties, unbuttoning her blouse to pull out a breast and play with it, plunging the vibrator inside her. The video lacked audio, but it was clear she was stifling moans and, finally, having an orgasm. Creed stopped it as she was at the peak of climax.

Greely's left hand slowly slid up his thigh, her head coming close to his. "Sir, I'll do whatever you want."

He pushed her back, looking down at her, incredulous. "You know if I fire you for this, the video will be demanded by the union as evidence."

She sobbed. "I'm so sorry."

"It will most certainly leak out. These things always do."

She caved. "I can resign," she said, her head bowing down.

"No," he said, reaching down and lifting her chin. "You'll do what you just offered. Anything I want."

Her heart, pounding madly out of fear of losing her job, slowed just a bit. Her colorless face blushed over from embarrassment, as she sighed unexpected relief.

As his proposition clicked in her brain, she stood up and tried to kiss him.

He pushed her back again. "No, anything I want," he said, emphasizing the "I".

"Here's the deal," he said, walking around her. "One hour per week. You meet me here, and you let me use your body however I want."

She couldn't see him, but could feel him put one hand on her shoulder. She heard him unzip his fly. She nodded.

"Do you agree?" he asked. She nodded again. "Say it!" he commanded.

"One hour per week my body is yours," she said, nearly stuttering. The hand on her shoulder slid down to her left hand. He pulled it back, and wrapped her fingers around his cock.

"Starting now," he said. "Just squeeze." She took a firm grip on his hard member. "You only do what I tell you. Nothing more."

He let his hands wander her body, eagerly feeling her form through her blouse and skirt. His finge tips pulled up her skirt as far as it could, before reaching up and inside. His hands slid up across her thigh high nylons and continued - as they hit bare flesh Greely shuddered, she realized this was out of pleasure.

His fingers slipped underneath her panties and found that she was wet and warm. He cupped her mound, with his middle finger pressing up against her vaginal lips.

"When I ask you what you want, you can answer one way - say you want me to fuck you. Okay?"

She nodded, gasping as his finger slipped barely inside her.

"When I ask you how you want to be fucked, say in your pussy, in your mouth, and in your ass. Okay?"

She nodded again. His thumb rubbed slowly against her clitoris - she leaned into it.

"And if I touch you, you moan. I want to hear you enjoy it," he said, plunging his fingers deeper inside her. She stifled a scream, which came out more as a yelp. She was conscious someone outside in the office could hear.

He tugged her to over by the couch, directing her to put her palms on it, and lifter her ass up. Creed rubbed his hands up from her ankle to her ass, unzipping the skirt and fanning it out to expose her cheeks. He dragged dragged down her panties, staring at her ass for just a moment before diving his face into it, licking ferociously. She yelped again as his tongue first flicked over the bullseye of her asshole, then moaned louder than before as his tongue burrowed in.

His hands reached back for her pussy, one plunging three fingers inside while the other worked on her clit. She quickly came close to orgasm before he paused.

She panted, holding in her frustration as he pulled her up to stand upright and face him.

"You don't cum til I say so," he said, unbuttoning her blouse. He reached behind her and found the clasp of her bra, putting their lips closer than ever before. She opened her mouth and leaned forward for a kiss, which she was again denied. His head lowered to her chest as he unclasped her bra, letting her boobs practically spill onto his face.

He licked both nipples rapidly, sucking hard. Greely wanted to let him know it hurt, but turned the scream into a light squeal.

Creed pulled her to the floor on her back, and straddled her. Positioning his cock between her breasts, he grabbed her hands and had her press against each boob, and began tit fucking her.

He stared down at her. She looked back up.

"What do you want?" he asked.

She paused only a second. "I want you to fuck me."

For the first time since she'd been in the office, he smiled. "How do you want me to fuck you?"

"In my pussy, in mouth, and in my ass."

He rolled alongside her, and pulled her face to his cock. He grabbed her hair with a fist, tugging upward so she'd fuck him with her mouth while looking up at him.

"Suck harder," he said as she slurped. "Lick more," he commanded. The more she did, the more her own pussy ached to have him inside her.

This went for thirty seconds until it was clear he was going to orgasm. He used both hands to draw his cock deep into her mouth. She flinched as he came inside, but he wouldn't let go. His hips gently thrust as he kept cumming.

"Don't - stop - licking," he huffed just as she was slowing down. It brought him to what seemed like a second orgasm.

As he finally came to a stop, he gave her another command. "Do not swallow."

He pulled her face to his, and french kissed her deeply until the semen dissolved between their saliva.

He felt her pussy - it was dripping wet. She stared at him, begging with her eyes.

"Do you want to cum?" he asked. She nodded eagerly.

He sat on the couch and patted his lap. She walked over, and he dragged her across his knees, as if to spank her. He grabbed a butt plug from the bags. Licking it full of saliva, he spread her ass check and slowly slid it into her anus.

He reached over and slid her panties back up her legs, over the plug. "Straighten up and make yourself presentable."

She could barely contain her feelings. She had been crushed, humiliated, and sexually unsatisfied in the course of 30 minutes.

She stood up, carefully to accomodate the butt plug. She pulled her bra back on, buttoned up and tucked in her blouse.

Creed leaned back on the couch, grabbing the remote. He pressed the "live" button on the TV monitor. He could see some students cross in front of certain angles.

"Go back, and make yourself cum," he commanded. She felt some sense of relief. "You have thirty minutes."

Greely adjusted herself, tried the fake smile she'd rehearsed earlier in the mirror, and walked out.

Five minutes later, Creed watched as Greely walked back into the library, made pleasantries with a couple students then settled into her office chair. She was in full view, so was careful to be as discrete as one can be while masturbating in public. She slid a vibrator up her skirt, and delicately began rubbing it against her clit.

Creed was stiff again, and slowly began rubbing himself to her rhythm. She looked up and into the camera, right at Creed. Her upper lip curling, and eyes fluttering, she came at the same time as Creed, and no student was the wiser.

Written by: lewiscreed

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