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At the Concert Ch. 01

by BankerwithaW©

Disclaimer: all characters in this story are of legal age and bear no relation to anyone, living or dead.


Tommy's favourite heavy rock band were coming to town. He had waited all year for this. He begged his mom and dad to let him go see them but because of the adult content of the songs, there was an 18+ tag on the tickets - Tommy had just turned 18 but his parents still saw him as a juvenile, and weren't keen on letting him go at all, certainly not on his own. They had heard all kinds of bad things about the rough crowd that attended these heavy metal concerts.

He pleaded with his Dad to take him there, even willing to bear the embarrassment of being there with a parent, as long as he could see his favourite band live - but his father wasn't remotely interested and turned him down flat. Then he remembered that his older sister Kara had just turned 19. She was thought of as the more responsible one, a Grade A student who was just about to go off to college at the end of the summer vacation. He asked his parents if they would allow him to go if she accompanied him, and after much pleading, they agreed. He was over the moon. The only thing that stood in his way was convincing Kara to go. This would be difficult!


Kara was a beautiful, petite brunette with a slim, athletic body and pert C-cup breasts. She looked just like Shyla Jennings, the adult movie actress. Tommy knocked on her bedroom door quietly and poked his head in.

Kara was lying on her stomach with her earphones on, listening to music with her laptop in front of her. She was wear a plain white tank top and a pair of tight red short shorts, accentuating the curve of her perfectly pert, young tushy. She didn't notice him coming in and was playfully swinging her hips gently from side to side with the music. Tommy stopped and stared for a moment, mesmerised by his sister's cute, little teen ass, moving around delectably before him. His cock involuntarily started getting thick and heavy in his shorts. He imagined pulling those tights shorts down real slowly and burying his face in between those firm, young buttcheeks... he would take his time, kissing and licking every inch, pushing his tongue between her tasty pussy lips and licking her soft pink vagina from the inside... and of course, he wouldn't forget to visit her tight little asshole... he would make love to it patiently with his tongue, licking the tight, puckered rim with lots of slobber and pushing his pointed tongue deep inside it... and then he would...

Suddenly Kara felt the presence of someone in the room and turned her head.

"Oh, it's you! What do you want?" she said turning her attention back to her laptop. Kara didn't have much time for her snotty little brother. Apart from being siblings they didn't share any common interests.

Tommy was woken abruptly from his daydream but quickly regained his composure, casually putting his hand in front of his crotch.

"Er, hi. Kara? Could I ask a big favour of you?"

She was still deeply focused on her Facebook but she turned her head and raised an eyebrow, interested to know what this big favour might be?

"What is it?"

"Well, you know that my favourite band is doing a concert here in town this Friday?"

"No!" she shrugged. "Why would I care about that?"

"Well the thing is, Mom and Dad are saying that I'm not allowed to go on my own... even though I'm 18 now... so I was thinking... now that you've just turned 19 and everyone knows you're very responsible for your age..." (he knew this would help to coax her into agreeing.)

"Well, I was wondering if you would be able to go with me? Please?" He put on his cutest, innocent smile.

"Hmm", Kara looked back at her laptop for a moment, weighing up the offer. "And why would I want to go to see some smelly heavy metal band? What's in it for me?"

Tommy was already prepared for this. "I can do your washing-up duty for a month". He knew she hated doing her house chores and was sure that this offer would appeal to her. He also knew that she needed to get hold of a spreadsheet program for college. He had heard her asking their parents to buy her the latest version. She was really excited about going to college and was talking about nothing else.

"And I can get you the latest version of Office. A friend of mine can get a free copy and install it for you." Her ears pricked up when she heard this.

"Hmm..." she thought. It was quite an attractive offer. "Ok. I'll accompany you. But this is a one-time thing. And you better be real nice to me until this concert or I might change my mind."

"Oh, I will!" said Tommy enthusiastically, as he grabbed his sister, throwing his arms around her neck, and giving her a big kiss on the cheek. "Thanks so much Kara! I really appreciate this"

"Ok, ok. No need to get all sloppy." she said wiping her cheek.


The big day came. It was a warm summer's day. Tommy was wearing his best black jeans and his favourite T-shirt with the name of the band on it.

Kara came down from her room wearing a pair of denim shorts. They were an old pair of baggy jeans which she had cut off to shorts, thereby giving them a new lease of life. They were quite a loose fit, but still sat comfortably on her hips without needing a belt.

For her top she was wearing a white halter top with thin shoulder straps. It was kind of thin and Tommy could see her bra through it when she stood in the light. On her feet she was wearing a pair of strappy white sandals. Her shoulder-length brown hair bounced healthily as she came down the stairs.

"Ok, I'm ready. Let's go." she said to Tommy. "Hopefully it's not gonna be too boring for me."

"Oh it's gonna be great, Kara!" he replied. "I'm sure you'll have a good time too." (But little did he know how good...)


They got to the venue around 7pm, half an hour before the gig was due to start. As they were walking towards the entrance, Kara suddenly stopped and turned. She had seen something that drew her attention. She squinted, and then shouted "Jess? JESS?"

Tommy looked in the direction she was looking and saw a blonde girl about Kara's age. She had a nice tan and looked just like a young Jessica Simpson. She was with a guy about the same age, a year above him.

Jess turned to see who was calling her name. She saw Kara and opened her mouth in surprise. Then she smiled, waved back and started walking over to them.

"Hey! What are you doing here hunny?" She said to Kara when they arrived.

"Ugh." she sighed. "My brother... I promised to take him to this stupid concert. What about you?"

"Yeah, something along the same lines. My boyfriend wanted to go. He's a big fan. This is Jeremy." Jessie said introducing the guy with her. He was also wearing an official merchandise T-shirt. "What's your brother's name?"

"Tommy" said Kara, and Tommy nodded and smiled in response. "Tommy, this is Jess. She's in my class at school. She's going to the same college as me too." said Kara, smiling at Jess.

Then the two girls started their chatting with each other - a kind of fast-paced girlie talk. This allowed Tommy to inspect Jess more closely. He knew his sister was considered to be beautiful, but Jess was really 'hot'. Her straight, blonde hair was a bit longer than Kara's and trailed over her shoulders. She had a nice golden tan which she was showing off by wearing a strapless bright orange tube top. Her boobs were noticably bigger than Kara's, and were full and pert enough to hold up the tube top easily. On her bottom half she wore a white cotton skirt with a little slit up each side. It only came down to her mid-thigh and showed off her young, tanned legs. On her feet she was wearing some leather flip-flops.

Jeremy noticed Tommy taking an interest in his girl and diverted his attention.

"Hey dude. So you're a fan too?"

"Oh yeah, man. Die hard fan. I've followed them since they released their first album."

"Nice. Me too."

The conversation between them wasn't as lively as the two girls nattering to each other excitedly.

Eventually, the four of them started moving towards the entrance to the arena. The closer they got to the entrance, the denser the crowd became as bodies of other fans were pushed up against them, but they made sure they stayed together for safety. Tommy went first, then the two girls and then Jeremy bringing up the rear. They got to the ticket counter, handed over their tickets and continued to be pushed onwards by the heaving, excited crowd. Once they got through the entrance, they were greeted by a sight you don't see every day. The concert venue was packed to capacity. They could see the stage, far on the other side, but between them and the stage there was just a sea of heads, thronging and shifting as they waited in anticipation for the band. The heat of the bodies in the warm summer evening was hard to ignore.

Kara, nervous of losing her brother, and thereby losing the respect of her parents, pulled Tommy aside and told him: "Now Tommy, you better stay close to me and the others. Don't go off on your own, okay? You're my responsibility, remember?"

"Sure" Tommy replied, looking down at his feet and looking a bit humiliated at being lectured to in front of strangers. "Let's just go inside." he said trying to get it over with.

"Okay, but hold my hand until we reach where we're going!" she said taking his hand and leading him through the crowd. She was only small compared to the tall, male bodies she was pushing through, but she was determined and slowly she made her way towards the middle of the crowd, closely followed by the others.

Finally, they got to a point where Kara was exhausted from pushing through the mass of young rockers, so they just stayed where they were in the middle of the crowd and waited for the show to begin.


The warm-up band came on and played more popular, not so heavy music, something the girls enjoyed more than the boys, and they started jumping around and waving their hands in the air. Tommy and Jeremy were both over 6ft and could easily see the stage, but Jess was only 5'8" while Kara was even shorter, so they couldn't enjoy it as much because most of time they were standing in their toes, straining and craning their heads to see the band on stage.

Tommy saw this and asked his sister if she wanted him to lift her up on his shoulders. She thought about it hesitantly. It would mean that her "stupid little brother" would need to have his head in between her legs, right in her most intimate area. In the end she agreed and Tommy squatted down awkwardly from behind, pushed his head through her parted legs, and started rising up shakily. Before she knew it, she was up above the crowd. She looked around getting a great view of everything, while clutching on to her little brother's head and reluctantly pushing it further into her crotch to retain balance.

Jess saw what Kara had done and asked her boyfriend if he could do the same for her. She had to hike up her skirt which meant everyone would be able to see most of her legs, but 'what the hell' she thought - it's a concert! Once she was up there next to Kara, the two girls hugged each other, laughing, and returned to waving their hands in the air and enjoying themselves.


As the warm-up band came to the end of their bit, the sun was beginning to set and the bright floodlights were turned on. After a few minutes, the main band came on stage and all the crowd screamed in applause. The girls also raised their arms in the air and screamed, even though neither of them actually liked the band.

The crowd surfing had already started, and every few minutes there was some spreadeagled dude being surfed past them. The girls thought this was amusing and watched on in interest from their high perches. Then, one guy went up only in boardshorts and sneakers. He instantly caught the girls' eyes because he wasn't wearing a shirt and had a nice muscular torso to show off. As he slowly drifted past in front of the girls, he turned his head, smiled and waved at them, proud that he was being carried like a king. The girls waved back and giggled to each other.

Just then, some joker in the crowd underneath him thought it would be funny to pull his shorts down and embarrass him. The shorts had an elastic waistband and came down very easily, but unfortunately for the guy, he wasn't wearing any underwear. At this point he was only about 2ft in front of the girls, giving them the best view possible, as his thick, heavy cock boinged out of his shorts. He kept moving on as his shorts stayed in the same place.

The girls both looked down, staring at his dick with their mouths wide open in shock, mesmerised by what they saw. His cock was clean-shaven, about 8" long and semi-erect as it flopped around in front of them. It took a few seconds for the guy to realise what had happened. Suddenly he shouted "HEY!" and scrabbled for his shorts, trying to pull them up again, but by then the girls had got an eyeful. They turned to look at each other with their hands over their mouths - and then both of them burst into hysterical giggling!

The male-dominated crowd noticed the girls' addictive laughter and from then on it became a game - any crowd surfer that dared to go up in shorts, would have them pulled down to his ankles, along with his underwear and especially if they were being passed in front of the girls. The girls were having the time of their lives, while the crowd was getting excited at the squeals that would come out of the two girls as the crowd surfers were stripped in front of them. Many of the surfers were quite aroused by this show of nudity, and revealed huge boners as their shorts were pulled down for the pleasure of the girls, who were perched up above the crowd. It was all a big laugh for everyone involved.

Meanwhile, Tommy and Jeremy could both feel a distinct wetness developing on the back of their necks, as both the girls were getting excited at the naughtiness of all the naked cocks being displayed in front of them, and were involuntarily grinding their excited pussies against the back of the boys' necks.

The girls were drawing quite a bit of attention from the crowd by now. Guys around them would playfully touch their legs and backs as they laughed above them. Then one guy behind Kara, reached up and gently tugged on her halter top, not hard, but enough to make her lose balance and start to fall backwards into the crowd with a yelp. As soon as she fell back, the hands in the crowd started to lift her off her brother's shoulders and carry her gently away... away from her friends!

Tommy immediately felt the absence of his sister's weight on his shoulders and turned around, only to see her slowly moving out of his reach. Her arms were flailing around as were her legs, and with the floodlights shining from above, he could see right up his sister's loose shorts to the skimpy, white panties hugging her cute pussy tightly. He was both shocked and aroused at the same time. He had never seen his own sister's private parts, even through her panties, and it caused his penis to stir in his pants.

Jess saw what happened straight away and turned around shouting in alarm "KARA!! HEY WAIT!". She instinctively reached back to try to grab her friend who was already 6ft away, but inadvertantly lost her balance too and dropped into the crowd, who happily lifted her off her boyfriend's shoulders and carried her away. She scrabbled around trying to reach her friend before she got too far away, and lost both her flip-flops in the process. She managed to reach Kara's hand and they pulled each other close.

They looked around in the crowd trying to find Tommy and Jeremy, but all they could see were random heads and didn't know how far away they had been carried from the boys. They started to enjoy the sensation of being surfed around on top of the sea of hands, and found themselves laughing again to each other. Every so often another excited young dude would be surfed by them with his shorts down around his ankles and sporting a massive erection, causing them to giggle in embarrassment.

The crowd under them became creative and started bouncing them around, throwing them up in the air and flipping them around, which made them shriek and laugh, but also caused them to lose their grip on each other. As soon as they did, they started to drift away from each other until they were 30-40 ft apart, but could just about see each other.


Jessie's bright orange tube top was drawing a lot of attention, and as she was surfed along, hands tried to grab it and pull it down to her waist. She wriggled and squirmed trying to evade the hands, but inevitably the tube top was dragged down to her stomach, exposing a white strapless bra, crammed full of her golden brown tits. She kept pulling the top back up to her chest, but within a few seconds of surfing it had made its way back down to her midriff.

It was now that Tommy recalled that the band's gigs had a notorious reputation for wild behaviour, especially in the mosh pit area near the stage. He looked around and saw that all of the other crowd surfers were dudes. Then he scanned the faces in the crowd carefully but couldn't find another girl anywhere. He kept looking but slowly realised that the concert was just full of guys - his sister and her friend were the only girls in the stadium! And he knew what the excited shrieking and the bare, athletic legs flaying around would do to the minds of the average horny male. He started getting worried and instinctively started walking in the direction his sister was being carried, closely followed by Jeremy.

The girls were tossed and turned in different directions by the strong hands in the crowd. Every time Tommy and Jeremy got closer to them, they were swept away out of their reach, and deeper into the crowd. During this time, Kara's pretty little sandals were removed unknowingly, and lost in the crowd, leaving both of the girls with bare feet.

They noticed that the girls weren't laughing and giggling like they were earlier, and looked like they wanted to get down, but the crowd had a couple of new playthings and wasn't going to let go of them easily.


Some creative guy in the crowd wanted to push the boundaries a little, and as Kara was being surfed by him, he opened the bottle of mineral water that he was carrying and poured about half of it on her stomach.

"Hey!" Kara protested angrily, but everyone saw how the water had soaked into the thin white material of her halter top and made it transparent. They could see her belly button through it as well as the bottom of her white bra. The crowd cheered excitedly at this and egged each other on to pour more water on her as she went by. The phenomenon quickly spread to Jessie's area and before long, both girls were constantly having water sploshed all over their bodies. Their hair became soaking wet and their clothes clung to their fit, teen bodies, dripping with water.

Jessie's white skirt has almost see-through now and the slits on the sides had been ripped a bit higher up her thighs, by the mauling hands and the fact that her bare legs were constantly splaying and flailing as she was tossed and surfed around. By now, she had given up trying to pull her tube top up to cover her bra and it was permanently clinging around her slim waist. The boys in the crowd used it to pull her this way and that so that they could cop a feel of her ample breasts or sneakily slide a hand up her skirt.

Kara's delicate white halter top wasn't holding up to the strain either, and the thin shoulder straps had snapped one after the other. As it was wet and heavy from the water, this inevitably caused it to start sliding down her body, until it too was bunched around her waist, revealing her white C-cup bra to the masses. Hands groped her wet body as more flesh was exposed.

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