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Taken by Pirates

by Bray123©

A long time ago I took a back-pack vacation. I took in several places some way off the usual tourist trail including an archipelago island chain. One of the smaller islands had a distinctive volcanic peak and whilst walking in the area of this mountain I came across a village where I spent some time over a coffee in the main square. I noticed a strange stone statue half-buried in vines and moss at the side; when I pulled some of the greenery away I found that it was a depiction of a nude female walking with a clothed male. Above this place was an old stone tower, without an obvious function. This was not a house, nor was it a windmill.

I sat and looked at the distant sea and then I got talking to an old man, a raconteur full of stories of the old days passed down across the generations.

I asked him about the curious depiction of a man walking with a naked woman. Was she his slave, I thought? I was wrong - this is the story that the old man told me.


Nadir sat watching the workers plant crops. Below her on the hillside and on the plain beyond, women worked the fields planting rice. She hoped that the weather would be good this year; for the last two years the harvest had been spoiled by late rains that had caused rot in the stores. From her vantage point she could also see the ocean; it was calm that day with a light breeze just sufficient to keep the waves alive.

She did not help in the labour of course. She was the great grand-daughter of the chieftain who had founded the colony even before her parents had been born. Whilst that may have been also true of most of the inhabitants, she was the only child of the current village head. Now she had reached marriageable age and her parents would be arranging a suitable match with a man on the mainland somewhere.

Her famous ancestor had come from the North, with crazy hair the colour of oranges and eyes the colour of the sea. He was still known to everybody as 'Erik Sea-Eyes'. As a result of her lineage she had slightly lighter hair and skin than everyone else that she knew and she had also inherited the famous sea-eyes.

Her fair hair gleamed in the sunlight. Her skin was tanned by the sun of course; that was inevitable in the climate. She spent nearly all her time outside her hut with its thatched roof; the hut that was the centre of village life and where the people came to be married by her father, where they came for judgement on disputes.

Nadir had never been to the mainland. It entailed a sea voyage and they were not a rich nation; such a journey would always be on a ship laden with goods for trade. So she sheltered from the mid-day sun under an olive tree while the workers sweated in their toil. Several had children who played innocently in the mud; the older ones helped their mothers as much as they could and thus learned the necessary techniques that would last them throughout their lives.

The female workers wore loose long skirts tucked up between their legs and into the waist at the front to keep out of the dirt, with broad hats for shade; any more clothing was impractical for many reasons. They needed to keep cool, cloth was expensive and it would just get dirty and ripped - so without shame the women laboured top-free. The sun glared at brown backs as they toiled, unencumbered by restrictive clothing above the waist.

But Nadir had status and demonstrated this by wearing a long dress that covered her shoulders and breasts. It was not appropriate for such a lady to show her body.

Most of the men and boys were away hunting in the forestry on the mountainsides, later they would return with whatever they could catch; small mammals or birds. Another small group were out on their boats fishing.

Life was quiet and peaceful. The island was big enough for their needs and there was plenty of ground still to be cleared for future generations. Nadir wondered if her future husband would be handsome and wealthy, if he would come to live on the island or whether she would say goodbye to everything that she had ever known and reside in a city with many other people.


In the distance she saw one of the boats being paddled back to the village, where there was a small harbour. It was a little early, she thought; the best fishing was in the evening and the man should be laying out his nets ready. As she watched the man waved, but he was too far away to see her on the hillside. However she waved back instinctively.

Nadir returned to her daydream about her husband. He would be tall and muscular - she was quite tall and she needed a man of presence, to make her feel safe and protected. He would have thick bushy hair, a flat stomach that invited a touch with her hand; she would feel his rippling muscles over his abdomen down from his chest to his loins. He would have strong thighs. He would have a stiff penis complete with a heavy pair of 'eggs' ready for her...

She startled; where had that thought come from? She was a virgin with pure thoughts, kept away from the village boys so that she could have a good match. Perhaps she would marry a nobleman or even a prince with a walled town. She would brush her long hair and look out of a window in a turret upon her subjects and be wooed by her husband. That was more suitable, she should avoid crude fantasies about being impaled by a huge cock. Mmm, really huge and thick...

So, her father would return one day with her suitor; they would be betrothed and then married in a ceremony under the stars witnessed by every adult on the island. There would be feasting and merriment by all; suckling pigs would be roasted and the men would drink the fermented liquid from shredded roots that made them stagger and fall over.

Then later, they would stand in the moonlight on the mountain top and he would slowly lift her marriage gown over her head before worshipping her body. Oh dear, she was off again. Perhaps she should go for a run to escape these feelings. She loved running and climbing hills. Her father didn't really approve but she had a regular route through the mountains that she took every morning before others were awake.

Across the fields and up to the trees she would run, then to a cliff that she could scramble up using her fingers to haul her lithe body across sheer drops. She would then gallop down the river valley with the wind in her hair and her lungs bursting, finishing with a swim across the river to cool off and wash the sweat away.

She couldn't explain why, but she loved the sensation of her legs aching at the top of the mountain and the scenery passing as she dashed downwards at full pelt. The only problem was that she had developed a generously sized pair of breasts which bounced uncomfortably when she ran. With a little ingenuity she bound a strip of cloth around herself to restrain the flesh.

These runs also kept her slim and alert - although her mother told her that she should behave as a noblewoman. Such a female of culture had pale skin and a soft body and embroidered pretty patterns onto cloth all day. She should have soft flesh and a curve to her belly, not the taut muscles that her limbs and stomach had developed.

Nadir would die of boredom with such a life, surely.


Nadir heard shouting. A man ran across the field towards the women and children; she recognised him as one of the fishermen. Perhaps he was the one who had waved.

The women stopped working and looked out to sea. Nadir followed their gaze and saw a ship approaching.

She had seen ships before of course. Traders came from the mainland every year, but this vessel was different. The sails were larger and shaped differently, also there was a large cabin at the rear, like a fort overhanging the rest of the structure. The local ships were small and open. There were no cabins; if you wanted to sleep then you curled up in the cargo.

She began to walk down to the harbour, followed by the other women.

As the group approached the village Nadir heard shouting. Then suddenly men ran towards them, surrounding them.

She could not understand the men. The spoke a strange language, they had blacker skin than she had ever seen before and they had very rude manners. They did not respect her position at all.

One of the men caught hold of her arms and held them behind her back, he smelled of stale sweat and she was bewildered. Did he not realise that she was the daughter of the chief?

One of the village women jumped forwards to defend her but was similarly restrained. Her hat fell to the floor so that she was just clothed in her skirt which became untucked and fell loose.

Another man laughed and fondled the villager's bare breasts which were large and swung loosely after several children. The fisherman leapt forwards in angry protest but was felled with a single punch.

The men jabbered at each other in their strange way and then some more appeared from the huts, carrying people's belongings - even food. Strangers started running around the village with a lit branch, setting fire to the homes.

One of the men who appeared to be the leader stood before Nadir. He stroked her hair and examined it closely. He brushed his hand over her dress, letting it slide over her left breast; she had developed sizeable breasts but as she was childless they were still the form of a teenager's. The touch of his hand was as a sting and she felt her nipple rise to the touch. Then her knees buckled with surprise and pain as he caught the nipple between his fingers through the thin material and pinched her fiercely.

Then he stooped, caught hold around her waist, picked her up effortlessly and carried her down the hill to the waiting ship, to the sounds of screams and wails from the women and children.


Nadir's heart was fluttering. She had never felt anything like it; she had been whisked off her feet by this dark-skinned stranger, who it has to be said was really good looking. He had tight black curly hair and his muscles were firm as he held her easily, trotting down the path but her nipple was tingling and sore and it was difficult to think straight.

The ship was moored in the middle of the river and he splashed through the water until he was chest-deep, holding her high. There was a rope ladder hanging down and he indicated for her to grasp around his neck. She did so and he caught hold of the ladder.

He climbed up a couple of rungs and stopped; she was too unwieldy hanging down. He grabbed her leg and lifted it up; she understood and entwined her thighs around his hips. As soon as she was secure he scrambled up rapidly.

As they neared the top, Nadir looked down. The height from the water was terrifying and she held onto him tighter. He didn't smell like the other bandit, this man was clean and fresh. Her thighs were wide open and her groin was against him as he climbed; she could feel his manhood pressing and bouncing against her. Suddenly juices were flowing inside her - a sensation that she had never known. An instinct took over and she wanted this man to be inside her, to take her in ways that she couldn't explain even to herself.

All too soon they were at the rail and clambering over to the wooden deck. The man took her into the rear overhanging cabin and shut her inside. She heard him shouting orders, then there were the sounds of movement. The ship began to move slowly, swinging around. She could see through a window and the land was passing by. She could also see some of the tiny fishing boats and a plume of smoke rising amongst the trees below the mountaintop; she took a long hard look at her birthplace before it vanished from her view.

Nadir was feeling alone and neglected after her sudden abduction and proximity to the animal presence of her capturer. She was locked in a small room with strange smells of spices and rotting fish. The ship swayed as it met the waves of deeper water, then settled into a rhythm of rocking up and down. She felt uneasy, then nauseous; she looked about the room and saw a pot beneath a bed. Nadir held onto the side of the bed for a minute as the feeling became worse, then vomited hard.


The door opened and the man appeared. Nadir was lying on the bed groaning as the world span around her. He chuckled then picked her up again and carried her out onto the deck, standing her next to the rail where she could see the bare horizon. Slowly she began to recover.

He indicated for her to sit on a coil of rope, then offered her a bowl of thin soup but she couldn't stomach the food and declined it. He pointed to the skies; a heavy black cloud threatened and he pointed to the cabin. Nadir couldn't face returning to the stinking enclosed space and remained sitting. The man grinned, showing gleaming white teeth and allowed her to stay. He left her and stood near the man steering the vessel.

Soon heavy raindrops fell, then a torrential downpour fell so that she couldn't even see as far as the waves alongside the ship never mind the horizon. Nadir was drenched and had to wipe her hair from her eyes but she was used to being in the rain and it was better than the cabin.

A quickly as it had started, the rain stopped and the wet ship warmed in the hot sun with wisps of steam rising from the deck. The man motioned for her to stand up, then led her firmly to the cabin. As she walked across the deck she noticed all the other men staring at her. As soon as they were inside he closed the door behind them and then tugged at her dress. Nadir was nervous; he obviously wanted her to remove the garment which would leave her naked before him.

However he pulled the wet clinging material away from her skin and released it; it was transparent where it touched her and her body was clearly visible. The man opened a wooden chest and removed a man's shirt and pants. He threw them at her and left her.

Nadir removed the soaked dress, her left nipple was bruised purple and still aching. She dressed in the fresh clothes, which were far too big and uncomfortable - she had never worn pants before in her life. In fact she'd never had any garment between her legs except for her skirt when it was tucked up.

The man returned and took her dress outside and she saw that he tied it to a rope so that it flapped in the sun and the wind.

Nadir wasn't happy. She felt restricted and chafed by the trousers so took them off, just keeping the loose shirt for modesty. The shirt was almost as big as her dress anyway, so this way she was much more relaxed. She went back on deck so that she didn't feel so sick and went to the front where the breeze blew in her hair the most.

The shirt billowed with the wind and the draught swirling underneath her was most refreshing. Eventually the man took her back to the rope coil and gave her some food, which she recognised as originating from her village so she ate some. Afterwards when it became dark she slept under the stars.


The next day when she awoke she found that she was becoming accustomed to the movement of the ship and was able to eat normally. She still wore the shirt, which was comfortable in the wind as it didn't entangle around her legs. For amusement she climbed up a rope hanging from a sail and let herself down again. The sailors were fascinated by this and one stood underneath her, looking up and ready to catch if she fell.

He didn't realise that she was used to scrambling up cliffs and was quite secure, she thought. Then she realised that he was studying her body which was uncovered to his gaze.

Before she returned to the deck the head man came across and punched the sailor on the jaw. He fell over and crawled away out of sight with the man yelling at him.

Later that day she saw land. The ship sailed close to the coast and then turned into an inlet. There was a valley where a tiny dirty stream trickled into the sea but the landscape was dry and sandy, unlike the island where she lived. She was puzzled as to how the sailors knew to find the place in the emptiness of the ocean but they seemed quite unconcerned with the successful navigation.

The man made her put her dress on again, then when the ship docked she was taken along a plank to shore. The solid land was strangely reassuring although she found her legs still moved to the motion of the ship for several minutes.

Nadir was led though a group of women; desperate creatures wearing rags who called out to the men as they passed. She noticed one of the sailors stop to speak to a woman and after a few seconds they left together and walked from her sight.

A line of strange animals waited. She found that she was expected to ride on the back of one of the beasts but it was inconveniently shaped with a humped back and a long neck. It stank and tried to bite her but one of the sailors gave it a whack on the nose with a stick after which it was better behaved. She managed to climb onto it and she held onto the rope provided so that she did not fall off as it rose onto its long legs.

The animals walked in a line carrying their passengers and cargo, including the goods stolen from her village for about an hour through the desolate countryside until they reached a shallow dip where there were some trees. Amongst this miserable group of plants was a small camp consisting of a handful of low huts.

She was led to a large structure of animal skins tied together and fastened around a timber frame. A flap was opened to allow her in, where she was greeted by a large number of women and small children who were living there.


The women had loose robes that covered their heads as the group entered, but after she was taken into the hut all the men immediately withdrew. As soon as they had done so, the women removed their robes to reveal their faces and bodies.

They wore thin sheer pants that reached to their ankles, and sandals. Otherwise they were uncovered - Nadir was quite used to being in the company of bare-breasted women of course. They were working at normal women's work; sewing and preparing food, and lounged on animal hide cushions.

One of the women who seemed to be in charge spoke to her, but of course Nadir could not understand a word. She tried to tell them that she could not understand, feeling foolish as it was obvious that they wouldn't be able to speak her language either. Nonetheless she spoke out loudly and confidently.

She was surprised therefore when one of the women jumped forwards and spoke to her excitedly.

"I am from your country. This is so fantastic, how did you get here?"

"I was taken by the sailors, they raided my island and burned my village then brought me here. My name is Nadir."

"My name is Zeina. I was captured many years ago, when I was a child. Now I live in this harem, as you do now. There is no chance to escape; there is nowhere to go to. This is the first time that I have heard the language of my birth since I have been here. You are now owned by Yacoub, as we are all. He is the headman of this village, and the captain of the ship."

The two women spoke for a long time. Zeina had learned the local language over the years and explained some of the customs to Nadir. Nadir told her of her life and what she knew of the mainland; she had a baby - a boy who was playing with the others. Zeina was desperate for any information, unfortunately Nadir had little to give her.

Afterwards, Zeina told Nadir that she needed to dress in the local way. She had to remain modestly covered whenever men were present (except for Yacoub and the house-slave). If any of them saw her body it would be a disgrace to them both, however it was acceptable for Yacoub to see her as he had taken her to be one of his wives in the harem.

The truth of her situation was now sinking into her head. She would never have a husband chosen by her parents, no wedding attended by the whole island. She would not have her wedding gown removed at the top of the mountain under the stars. She would never see any of those people ever again.

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