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Anya's Unusual Dream Ch. 03

by Fuzzypen©

Anya could hear her daughters out in the hall, arguing. She held her breath and strained to listen. The girls' voices were muffled, and she couldn't make out what either of them were saying. Suddenly, a door slammed, and she heard someone coming toward the bathroom.

"Mom!" Georgia shouted. She started to bang on the door. "Mom, come out! We need to talk!"

Anya's heart started pounding. She sat frozen in place on the toilet.

"Please, Mom!! We need to talk about what happened last night!" George continued. "And... and what I just walked in on..." She could hear the brunette's voice catch. Her heart ached. She hated hurting her daughter like this.

'How could I do this to them...' she thought to herself, but she couldn't bring herself to say anything out loud.

Eventually, her daughter gave up. Anya heard her start to cry, and then footsteps as George walked away. She sighed, sinking back against the toilet, and her own tears began to flow.

After twenty minutes or so, there was another knock at the door. "Mom?" her younger daughter's voice called out. "Mom, are you okay?" Rory sounded as if she'd been crying too. "Mom... We need to talk about... about what happened..."

Anya leaned forward, putting her head in her hands. She started to shake, but still couldn't speak.

"I... I know you must be going through a lot... Growing a p-p-penis... and then, w-w-what we did... but..." The blonde broke off and sighed. "Okay... I'll give you some time. I'll be in my room." Then Rory left her alone, too.

Anya stayed in the bathroom for a long time, contemplating the past day and a half. She'd woken up the day before with a penis. Last night, she'd fucked her eldest daughter, and this morning, she'd fucked her youngest. As she thought about it, her cock began to harden. She sighed, watching it gently lift off her lap and stand out from her crotch.

"Again..." she muttered. She looked up at the door. The house had been quiet for a while now. She wondered if her daughters were alright. 'I need to be their mother.' she thought. 'I need to be there for them.'

With resolve, she stood up and walked to the door. Realizing she was still naked, she grabbed her bathrobe off a nearby hook and put it on. With a deep breath, she opened the door and quietly padded out into the hall. Slowly, she crept toward the bedrooms. Rory's was on the other end of the hall. She headed in that direction. As she grew closer, she heard quiet voices within. The door was only half open. She snuck closer and peaked through the doorway.

Georgia and Rory were sitting on the bed and talking. The older girl still wore her pajamas from that morning. Rory had put back on her school uniform.

"...I'm not mad, I guess..." Georgia was saying. "Or... or jealous. I understand... You're her daughter too, after all. It was just... well, a surprise."

"It was a surprise for me too." Rory replied. "I don't know what came over us... I just... lost control and attacked her!"

"The same thing happened to me! Once I saw that thing, I lost all self control!"

The girls sat in silence for several seconds.

"Would you do it with her again?" Rory finally asked.

Georgia looked up at her sister and nodded. "It's all I can think about." she almost whispered.

"Me too!" Rory replied. She looked at her big sister's top. "Is that her cum? O-on your shirt?"

George looked down. "Oh... Yeah, it is. You still have some dried in your hair, too." The brunette reached out and touched it. She leaned forward and breathed in the scent deeply.

Rory seemed to shiver as her sister smelled her. Anya could just make out the blonde's nipples hardening under her blouse.

"You smell like her." Georgia muttered.

"Well... I... I haven't showered. She... she came all over me... twice."

George hesitated, then leaned in and ran her tongue slowly along her sister's cheek. Rory let out a gasp, her eyes closing as she felt the touch of the older girl's tongue.

"Mmmm... You taste like her, too."

The two girls looked at each other. They leaned in to one another slowly, and each tilted their heads to the side. Their lips melted together in a soft kiss.

Anya sucked in her breath. Her cock throbbed, pressing against the fabric of her robe.

The sisters' kiss soon deepened, and they moaned as they opened their mouths to each other. Georgia pulled away briefly. "I can still taste her... on your tongue..." They kissed passionately again.

"Mmmm.. Me too... Your mouth tastes amazing..." Rory groaned.

Soon, the girls were pawing at each other as they made out with growing ferocity. George hastily unbuttoned her sister's blouse, revealing her naked breasts, beneath. The blonde hadn't bothered to put on a bra. She sighed when George cupped her tits and squeezed them tightly in her palms.

As her sister fondled her, Rory slipped the older girl's tank top straps off her shoulders. They fell down her arms, revealing her own naked mounds, with their stiff nipples. Rory pinched them each in her fingers, pulling them taught and making George gasp.

Anya's mouth had gone dry. 'Oh my God...' she thought to herself. Unable to resist, she opened her robe, revealing her own naked body. She grabbed her cock in her hand and started to stroke as she watched her horny young daughters.

"Oh, George... This is so baaaad..." Rory sighed, leaning back as her sister sucked at her throat.

"I know... but I can't seem to stop myself..." Georgia answered, between hungry licks of Rory's flesh. She moved down to the eighteen year old's breasts, running her tongue over the soft mounds. Her saliva coated Rory's stiff pink nipples, making them grow even harder.

Rory grabbed the back of George's head, pressing her face harder to her chest. "Yes!" she moaned. "Just like that, Sis! That feels amazing!"

Her sister's words of encouragement seemed to spur Georgia on. She pushed Rory onto her back with a growl and bathed her breasts generously with her tongue. Her sister mewled with approval, her fingers twisted in Georgia's hair. As she ate Rory's tits, George fumbled to lift the girl's skirt up over her hips.

Anya sucked in her breath. Rory wasn't wearing any panties, either. Her pussy glistened in the soft light of the bedroom, shimmering with wetness.

George cupped her sister's pussy and started stroking it with her middle finger. Rory groaned, and shoved a hand inside the older girl's pajama's. She started to rub her sister's mound, and both girls whimpered and writhed against each other.

"Tell me... tell me what you did with her!" Rory gasped, between passionate kisses. She pushed Georgia back and tugged at her bottoms, struggling to tear them off.

George leaned back on her elbows and watched her sister kneel between her naked thighs. "I... I went to her room last night to watch Downton Abbey in bed with her..." she started. "She was just laying there under the covers... but then they... they tented over her crotch!" George tossed her head back as her sister lowered her face to her juicy cunt.

Rory groaned, swiping her tongue through George's folds. "Keep going!" she begged, between ravenous licks.

"I... I pulled the covers back, and... and saw her dick... and something came over me! I just... I just started to suck her off... u-until she came all over me!!!" George tossed her head back, her hips bucking up off the bed into Rory's face.

The blonde ate her sister desperately. Her hand played between her own legs, fingering her cunt as she listened intently. She let out a series of muffled moans into Georgia's gooey snatch.

"There was so much cum... and it tasted so good..." George continued. "I w-w-wanted her to... to fuck me!! Oh God, Rory! That feels amazing!!" The brunette winced and grabbed her sister by the back of the head. She ground herself harder against the girl's tongue. Her tits were shining with sweat.

"She sent me away though... Because you had called through the wall... You scared her I think. But... but later that night... I was in my room. I couldn't sleep, and I had been masturbating for like, hours. Oh!! Fuck... Stick your fingers in me, Sis!"

Rory responded by shoving two fingers in her older sister's gash, pumping them steadily as she sucked hard on the girl's clit.

"Oh, shit!! M-m-mom came in, while I was jilling off! She just lunged at me! We got naked and fucked like animals!! I came so many times, it w-was the most intense sex I've ever had!!!"

Georgia fell back on the pillows and screamed, her hips bucking hard into Rory's face. She was cumming, her juices spraying into the younger girls' open mouth. Rory devoured George's cunt and squealed. Her fingers were a blur as they pumped hard between her own thighs. She started to tremble, bringing herself off to the thought of her mom ploughing her big sister.

"MMMMMMMMMMMFFF!!!" she groaned as she wriggled her hips, cum spraying out onto the sheets. Her face was smeared with George's hot cream, and she continued to slurp it down greedily.

'Oh, shit!' Anya was panting hard. Her open robe clung to her sweat-soaked body. She bit her lip, trying to stay quiet, but her climax soon overtook her. Struggling to control her grunts of pleasure, she sprayed her seed all over the half closed door.

Georgia still had her fingers twisted in Rory's damp, tangled hair. Panting, she pulled her sister up on top of her, and the two girls collided, kissing furiously. They writhed together, their bodies on fire, their hands groping wildly at each other.

"What about you?" Georgia asked between sloppy, horny kisses. "I want to know how Mom fucked you!!"

Rory tore away from her sister and quickly crawled up onto her knees. She straddled the brunette's face and leaned against the head board. "Eat me!" she begged. "And I'll tell you every filthy detail!"

George's response was to grab her sister hard around the hips and pull her down to her face. She shoved her tongue up Rory's wet twat, and the blonde squealed with approval. She started humping her sister, her wrinkled blouse falling off of her shoulders. George pushed Rory's skirt up to her hips so she could paw at the girl's naked ass.

"She... she was going to drive me to school..." Rory stammered. She was finding it hard to speak with George's tongue slithering through her cunt lips. "But when I climbed into the car, she was sitting there... already haaaaard..." She gritted her teeth, humping Georgia harder.

"I was freaked out for like, a s-s-second... but something just pulled me forward... I felt like I just had to suck it, you know?"

Georgia tried to nod and give a muffled response of agreement, but Rory was writhing on her pretty frantically. She groped harder at the girl's ass cheeks, squeezing them tightly in both hands.

"I... I blew her... like, right there in the driveway! It was so fucking hot!" Rory looked back at George's unoccupied pussy. She reached for it, shoving a finger inside. "She came gallons... it was so wild!!" She started to fuck her sister's cunt awkwardly, straining to try and reach.

"Turn around!" Georgia pleaded, between ravenous licks of Rory's pussy.

The panting blonde nodded and spun around, straddling George's face the other way. She leaned forward, adding two more fingers to the older girl's needy snatch. "We came into the house afterwards and just... just attacked one another! You saw our clothes all over the hall... We landed in Mom's bed and fucked like crazy!"

Rory grunted, bending down briefly to give George's clit a flick with her tongue. "She fucking man handled me... it was so hot... She flipped me over and... and fucked my ass, too!"

Georgia seemed really turned on by that revelation. She moaned loudly, and started trembling under her sister. She still had a firm grip on the girl's upturned ass. Without thinking, she pushed a finger against the blonde's rear entrance, penetrating it easily.

"Oh, jesus, George! YES!!" Rory shouted. She spread her knees wider, opening herself up to the brunette's finger. She leaned forward again, this time enveloping George's whole pussy with her mouth.

For a few minutes, the room was a bit quieter. The girls' moans were muffled as they busily ate one another. The bed squeaked lightly as they writhed together on top of it.

Anya watched avidly. Her cock hadn't softened at all, and she was bringing herself quickly toward a second orgasm. The girls were still oblivious to her presence, too absorbed in one another to notice her.

Georgia pumped her finger violently in her sister's rectum. She slurped loudly at the girl's gooey snatch, loving the taste of her juices. Her tank top was bunched up around her stomach, and her bare tits pressed up against Rory's firm tummy.

Rory sucked at George's cunt like crazy, her hands pulling the brunette's thighs wide apart. She whimpered and groaned as she ate her big sister. Her skirt still lay flipped over her glistening back, but apart from that, she was naked.

"Oh... OH FUCK!" Anya finally shouted, unable to keep quiet any longer. She shoved the door open and fell to her knees. Her robe fell completely open, her body gleaming and covered in sweat. Her hand pistoned on her glistening cock, and hot jizz flew from it's angry tip.

Rory looked up in surprise, pulling briefly away from her sister. "Oh my God! OH MY GAAAAAAWD!!!!" The sight of their mother cumming like that drove the horny blonde over the edge. She ground hard into her sister's face, her ass sliding back and forth on the girl's fingers. Hot pussy juice sprayed from her cunt and coated George's shocked, upturned face.

"What... what's happening?!?" the brunette cried, unable to see past Rory's gushing pussy.

"Mom... Mom's w-w-watching us and... JACKING OFF!!!" Rory bellowed, still cumming hard. She curled three fingers inside George's box, scraping hard at her g-spot.

Georgia squealed in surprise, and her hips shot up off the bed. "MMMMMMMFFF!!!" Pussy juice shot from her open pussy, landing at the foot of the bed. She trembled hard as she came, her screams muffled by Rory's eager snatch.

Both sisters writhed wildly together, their bodies sticky with sweat. Cum dripped from their shuddering bodies, and the bed groaned as they bounced on top of it.

Anya was still on the floor, cumming torrents all over the place. Her cock throbbed between her fingers, and she sobbed as pleasure overwhelmed her senses.

The girls finally pulled apart, after soaking the sheets thoroughly with their spend. Rory's inner thigh was red where Georgia had bitten hard into it. They both crawled, panting, to the edge of the bed and looked down at their mother.

Anya was gasping for breath too, her cock still held firmly in her grip. She looked up at her girls and calmly shrugged completely out of her robe. "Is that the best you sluts can do?" she asked, getting to her feet. "I want a real show if you two ever expect to feel this thing in you again."

George and Rory gaped up at their mother in utter disbelief. They looked at each other, and their desires flared.

"I want your cock, Mommy! I'll show you how bad I need it!" Georgia cried, lunging again for her sister.

"No, Mommy! Fuck me with your cock! I'm the bigger slut!" Rory insisted, doing the same.

The girls grabbed each other, and started to kiss and lick each other's faces. They got to their knees and slammed their wet, naked bodies together. Rory's skirt and George's tank top were torn to shreds, leaving both girls totally naked. They twisted their bodies until they were sitting, their hot mouths still glued to each other.

Rory threw one leg over George's, and George threw one over Rory's. They both slid forward, slamming their hot wet cunts hard into each other. Both girls squealed, and started to grind their pussies viciously together.

George tore her lips from her sisters', and grabbed the horny blonde by the throat. "Take it, you bitch!" she shouted, squeezing her fingers around the girl's neck.

Rory just let out a wordless snarl, and spat in her sister's face. That made Georgia screech, and she fucked against Rory even harder.

Anya watched her daughters hump like two nasty bitches in heat. Her eyes flared, and she paced back and forth at the foot of Rory's cum-soaked bed. Her cock was aching to slip into one of their steamy, delicious pussies.

All guilt and apprehension was gone now, and she knew she'd never let it come back. She wanted her daughters to be her sluts, and she wanted to fuck them like animals. She smiled, and grabbed her cock again, giving it a few quick, powerful strokes. "Is that the best you can do? Rory! She's getting the best of you, Sweetie!"

The blonde howled, and lurched forward, forcing Georgia onto her back. Hair clung to her face as she sawed her hips violently. Her cunt pounded against her sister's.

George grunted and whimpered, reaching up to claw at the younger girl's swaying breasts. She pinched and scraped at her nipples, and Rory promptly gave her a slap.

That made Georgia scream, and she called upon all of her strength. In one swift motion, she flipped Rory over, landing hard on top of her. Their torsos slid together and the girls started to make out. Their kisses were anything but tender, though, their love making was ferocious. They bit and sucked at each other's mouths, grunting and writhing in heat. Their bodies dripped with sweat, their faces coated with their spit.

Anya stopped pacing. Her breathing had grown laboured. She stood in place, fucking her fist faster, her shaft pointed straight at her daughters. With a howl, she tossed her head back, and hot ropes of semen shot from her cock head. They landed on George and Rory, splashing on their already glistening skin.

The feel of their mother's hot sperm sent both girls over the edge simultaneously.

"FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK FUUUUUUCK!!!" Georgia howled, bucking hard as she climaxed.

"JESUS FUCKING COCK SUCKING FUCK!!!" Rory screeched, her orgasm just as powerful.

The girls slammed their bodies together as they were showered in their mom's semen. As their orgasms continued, they started to lick it greedily off of each other. Their gooey snatches were glued together, grinding with relentless force. As they licked and sucked one another's flesh, another orgasm washed over them.

Anya watched her daughters scream and writhe on the mangled bed. Her hand continued to milk her cum out, spraying it on her whorish little girls. "Yes!" she cried. "That's it, you sluts! Fuck for your cock wielding momma!!"

She staggered around to the side of the bed, and looked down at Georgia's trembling ass. "You've earned your reward, girls!" she laughed, as she crawled up onto the mattress behind her.

She was just about to grab George by the hips, when the doorbell suddenly chimed. "Hello?" a voice called out into the house. "Anya, Sweetie? Anyone home?"

Georgia looked up, tearing her lips from Rory's throat. "Gra...Granny?" she panted hoarsely.

Anya suddenly reeled back in a panic. "Oh my God!!!" she cried. "Girls! Get yourselves into the bathroom, now!" She grabbed for her robe and threw it over her shoulders. "For the love of God, girls - get cleaned up! I'll go distract her!"

She ran out of the room as her daughters scrambled apart and off of the bed. Tying her sash clumsily, she rushed to greet her mother and give her daughters time to hide what they'd been up to...

Written by: Fuzzypen

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