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A Math Major Werewolf in College Ch. 03

by The_JaqenHghar©

Maureen stood there, frozen. The black-haired man stared at her, furious. His fall vest was charcoal and seemed white in comparison to his hair. His black creased hair was vibrant and full that fell crisply over his tan skin. His brows furrowed, his nose pointing at her like a blade. His mouth twisted and curled, as if gnarling on an insult he was about to spit out. Maureen was able to get a full view of him, something she never did in class when she saw him in fragments and moments.

He was tall but that could have been by his hiking boots that elevated him to a terrifying height. His broad shoulders were mountains in his scarlet sweater, filled out with muscular power. His arms were crossed as he stared at Maureen. Despite the passage of time that seemed to crawl and the fear he bestowed, Maureen felt a warm touch to her cheeks. His light accent (Armenian was it?) she had heard before mixed with this man of nature was pleasing, she thought lasciviously.

"What are you doing out here?" he asked suddenly. He seemed to have thought a while what he was going to say in those moments between them. Maureen wondered with dread what would have occurred if she had not turned and caught him.

"Oh I was uh- you know..." she stammered. She was a disaster in these situations. She had prayed that she could avoid all confrontation as an RA. So far, so good.

"Don't lie to me." He said it with such finality and directness. It made Maureen stand with rigid attention.

"Sorry," she apologized. God, she felt pathetic. First the Pat situation and now this? She longed for a backbone, to have a little more assertiveness. But still, she glanced at the man's feet, like a child being scolded for stealing cookies.

"I don't know what you think you saw but do not wander around here again. Do you understand?" He spoke each word with delicate slowness, spitting out each syllable with clear diction, accentuated with an accent. His voice was low but had a rich texture to it.

She nodded without hesitation. Yeah, whatever man, just leave me alone and I'll do anything you say. However, she had to know.

"Did you see it too?" she blurted out.

His eyes narrowed; disgusted that she asked such a question.

"I don't know what you're talking about." He turned to leave.

"It was a werewolf," she said. It wasn't a question.

The man stopped mid-step. She could see him calculating, his shoulders hunched up, hands clenching and unclenching in frustration. He turned around with a sigh.

"No, I did not see the werewolf. But it is here on your campus."

"Who are you?" she asked. She had a million more questions, but she thought that she better start with the basics.

"My name is Nickolas," he said slowly with a smile. "I came here to find the werewolf."

Maureen shook her head. Okay, first name basis was easy enough but they were having a conversation about killing a mythical creature as low-key as discussing a homework assignment.

"I'm sorry, but this is insane. Werewolves don't exist." It was a last ditch attempt to shrug off this shred of a fantasy that was disappearing with each passing second.

He tilted his head in confusion.

"Then what did you see last night?"

"Why don't you tell me since you seem to know?" she cried in confusion.

He shook his head sadly.

"I was not here last night but my little friend was."

He pointed up and Maureen followed his finger and gaze. There, situated in a tree branch, was a small camouflaged camera.

"I was back at my home watching the equipment when this picked up some interesting footage," Nickolas continued, "it seemed to know you."

"What are, what are you implying?" she stammered.

"It said your name didn't he?"

Maureen took a step back in confusion. He did, didn't it? The transforming man had recognized her, said her name, demanding that she leave, tried to keep her safe from...

"I don't know who it was!" she cried out madly, "I didn't even mean to see him!"

"Well it did," Nickolas said gravelly, "it knows who you are and you know it exists."

"If your camera was here, didn't you see him too?"

Nickolas shook his head sadly.

"No, the camera's visual functionality is not equipped with night vision. The audio levels were perfect though." He paused again, taking time to make his next statement, forming it. He was a man of thought and planning it seemed. A camera in the woods, a secret conversation in isolation; there was no telling what Nickolas had up his sleeve. He was probably undercover as a student. "I'm going to need your help it seems," he said suddenly.

"What?" she asked in surprise. "My help? What could I possibly do?"

He looked at her, his eyes casting a shadow over her.

"Your role will be vital if we are to succeed in this. Listen to me carefully because I do not want to linger here. You will tell no one this. You will not look for this werewolf. However, you will keep your eyes and ears open. This werewolf knows you and may try to initiate contact or worse..." he trailed off.

"Or worse?" said Maureen questioningly, hesitant to what that could possibly mean.

Nickolas waved his hand away in frustration.

"Do not worry. Just be safe, be smart and talk to me if you see or hear anything suspicious."

He turned to go. Their conversation was over. He started to walk out of the woods, seemingly unaffected by his plan to go undercover ruined by a sophomore with no assassin training.

"Wait!" yelled Maureen. Her questions, at the millions mark, was now doubled.

"How do I get in contact with you?" she asked meekly.

He turned and tossed her a small object. Maureen caught it easily, her athleticism never failing her in times of stress, unlike her mouth. She examined it closely. It was the size of a button but metallic with a speaker-looking screen attached to it. Nickolas had disappeared but his voice buzzed through the button.

"I always have the other half of this communicator with me. Contact me in emergency scenarios only."

His voice seemed far, but held a warning in it. Maureen pocketed it quickly but felt the isolation of the woods tighten around her. The warmth left her and she shivered in her fleece coat. She sped out of the woods and ran all the way until she was safe inside her dorm building, holding the communicator tightly with her. She locked her door, crumbled on the bed and wept.


Nickolas shut the door behind him. His home space was small but it would do for the mission at hand. Bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, all small. What really attracted him to the space was the living room space that he converted into his own headquarters and study space. A large desk pushed to the corner was spilling with documents and several computer screens. One screen was broken up into squares, representing each camera he had placed on the campus. He studied the screen and grunted. Nothing interesting at the moment. He glanced up at the wall where pictures, detailed layouts of the buildings and maps adjourned the wall. He grabbed a picture from the printer on the desk and put it in the center of the collection. It showed Maureen during their conversation at the site. His eye camera had taken plenty of pictures of her. She would be important, it seems.

He stood in the doorway of his bedroom and saw Merima in what appeared to be a sopor. He chuckled quietly to himself. Always sleeping that one. He took his jacket off and placed on a chair on the way to the kitchen. His neck and shoulders ached as he grabbed a beer from the fridge. Stupid math classes, he thought. At least he had someone back at the home county doing his homework for him. It would be ready this morning, hot off the printer. He grinned. Why couldn't he have these connections when he was at the university? Suddenly, two hands and arms draped themselves over his shoulders. If he didn't recognize the warm skin across his neck, he would have leapt into action.

"Hey sexy," she purred.

"You can't keep sneaking up on me." One of these days she was going to get a black eye from his elbow. It was never a good idea to sneak up on him but Merima kept at it. She liked to make a game out of it. No matter how much he groused, it never worked. He turned and looked at her, wrapped up in a warm blanket.

"Sorry," she said in a bored voice. "I've been waiting for you. Where have you been?"

"Just getting ready," he said solemnly. Merima nodded knowingly.

"You look tense. Come to bed?"

"Give me five minutes okay?"

Merima nodded and started back to the bedroom. She called back, "I don't know if I can wait that long..." Her voice trailed off with the blanket. Nickolas saw she was just wearing a long tee. She rolled her hips as she moved letting Nickolas imagine if she was wearing panties or not. He stared hungrily after her disappearing figure as his cock twitched in his pants. He did a quick check to make sure he was not carrying any weapons, took a swig of beer and hustled to the bedroom.

There on the bed, tussled between the sheets was Merima in that long tee working herself over slowly, her eyes shut as a groan mixed with a smile overtook her lips.

"I told you I couldn't wait that long," she said sensually. Her hand arched over her mound as she looked to see Nickolas staring at her nubile figure. She was a short woman with brown hair that dipped below her ears and curled outward. Her black tee contrasted nicely against her bronzed skin and rode up showing the bottom of her trim stomach. The low lighting of their bedroom illuminated the wetness around her pussy as her finger dipped inside.

Nickolas knelt on the edge of the bed as he leaned in towards her but was stopped as she playfully placed her foot on his chest. She shook her head and bit her bottom lip.

"You know I don't like to wait," he said.

"You're going to have to now."

With her foot still holding him in place, she arched her head back letting the pleasure build in her. Nickolas ran his hands over her soft, smooth calves feeling the warmth of her. He picked her leg up by the heel and started to kiss her right leg, letting his right hand stroke the outside of her left thigh. Merima's body tightened and Nickolas could see that she was not wearing a bra as her nipples started to peek through her tee.

Putting her foot on his shoulder, Nickolas quickly undid his pants. His cock, which had started to rise from Merima's mischievous teasing, was now rock hard. He dropped his pants and briefs and kicked them to the side. His shirt hung to him as his erection pointed right at Merima's pussy lips. His hand took her foot off his shoulder as his fingers dived into pussy, letting her soak his fingers as he plunged two fingers into her. Merima groaned loudly as her hand kept working her clit as another plucked at her hard nipples through her shirt.

Nickolas continued to work his fingers in and out of her as he removed his shirt with his left hand. He stood there, his broad shoulders and muscles sleek as he gazed upon Merima's body. He wanted to see her naked and had the impulse to rip her shirt off her body. As if she could read her mind, Merima abandoned her clit and eagerly removed her shirt. Her breasts sat on her chest, perfect orbs, waiting to be kissed.

Nickolas exhaled as he moved on top of her, his cock finding her opening naturally. They gasped as he entered her, his cock gliding into her, her wetness enveloping him. His mouth closed on her breast and he started to suck while pumping into her.

"Oh Nickolas," she moaned, "yes. Please don't stop."

He wasn't stopping anytime soon. His athleticism and endurance could let him go for hours. He pumped away, his cock like a piston as he moved in and out. His mouth bit her shoulder and she grabbed his ass, pulling him into her even deeper than before.

His stroke increased his pace, his balls slapping as Merima grabbed his hair and kissed him. Nickolas shut his eyes as he continued, he was ready to cum at any time now. He felt Merima's pussy contract around him as she began to shriek, her orgasm imminent.

"Ohhh God, Nickolas!"

Nickolas buried his cock into her as he exploded, ropes of cum shooting into her pussy as his orgasm overtook him. He could feel Merima's heaving body beneath him as she held him tight as he continued to cum. A few dribbles of cum were shook out of him as he shuddered. He moved but Merima held him tight.

"Don't move yet, please," she pleaded.

His cock twitched in her still as Merima gripped his body tight against her. She loved feeling the aftershocks after an orgasm. Nickolas gasped as she held him. Her eyes were closed as she was murmuring lightly as her heartbeat settled. Finally, she released him from his grip. Nickolas's cock plopped out and they both gasped. Nickolas stumbled to the bathroom and stared at his muscular frame in the mirror as he cleaned himself up. He would have to make some coffee. He had a long night of planning ahead.

Written by: The_JaqenHghar

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