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Angels of Artemis

by DrDan75©

It started as a light tap on the shoulder, a tap I pretended not to feel. Even though I was trying to sleep outside atop a warm outdoor air vent on the coldest night of the year, I didn't want to be bothered. I had found homelessness to be a world of extremes, with either police officers rousting me constantly to move along or do gooders sticking their noses into my life, trying to understand and rectify my plight. I wanted the attention of neither, but the gentleness of the tap seemed to indicate that this time it was the latter.

"Sir?" The tap on the shoulder turned to a gentle shake, and one of my eyes opened to look up at a young woman. I could tell that she was petite, even as she towered over me in my supine position. I opened one eye to have a look. She was beautiful. I grunted a response, I was chilled to the bone and just wanted to sleep.

"Sir?" She said again. "Sir, would you like some hot cider or coffee?" For the first time I noticed a second woman with her. From what I could determine, she was just as attractive as the first. Since the emergence of my new socioeconomic situation, I was used to being ignored by almost everybody, but beautiful women in particular. I slowly sat up and looked at them. They were holding a couple of hot thermos bottles.

"Coffee," I said. "Black. That would be fine." The first woman smiled and knelt down, pouring some hot coffee into a styrofoam cup. I looked up at her for a moment. She was dressed in a thick coat and heavy winter clothing, but I was able to see a pretty, cherubic face framed by perfectly straight and thick dark hair. I took the drink she offered, nodding a thank you and drinking it down slowly. The hot liquid felt good going down my throat.

"My name is Diana," she smiled at me, looking my in the eye. "This is Freya." She pointed at a slightly taller blonde woman, similarly dressed. "We are the angels of Artemis. What is your name?"

"Dan," I said, coughing as a few droplets of coffee went down the wrong way. Her question took me aback. It had been some time since somemone besides a police officer had asked me what my name was. She reached out her hand as though to shake it. I took it and she held it for a long time, moving in a bit closer. "Who -what is the angels of Artemis?" I asked.

"Dan, what are you doing out here like this?" She had ignored my question and was very close now, closer than I had been to a woman in some time. I felt a bit strange and embarrassed. I hadn't changed clothes or showered in a week and knew that I probably reeked. she didn't seem to care. Freya moved in behind me as well, squatting down with Diana.

"Long story," I shivered, not really wishing to tell it. They nodded with understanding, keeping their gaze upon mine.

"Have you any friends or family, any connections with anybody at all?" Freya leaned in to put an arm around me and pull me up a bit. I shook my head.

"Not really, no." I started to shake from the cold as the two women started to pull on me as if to help me up. "What are you doing?" I asked. Diana smiled.

"We would like for you to come with us," she said. "The kitchen of Artemis is about a mile from here. We can serve you a hot meal, get you showered and cleaned up and tell you a little bit more about our services to the community." She smiled. "Do you think you would like that?" I nodded, cooperating with them and allowing them to pull me to my feet. They each took one of my arms and led me back slowly to a white van a few yards away, which was parked near the curb with its hazard lights blinking.

"Yes, yes I would." I felt my blood draining from my head as I stood up. I was still a bit unsteady from the cold and staggered a bit. I was surprised by the strength they exhibited in steadying me and helping me into the van, which was very warm and pleasant. Diana and Freya sat on either side of me in the back seat, and two other women were in the front seats of the van. They appeared a bit larger physically, certainly not fat, and seemed to have a more detached temperment than Diana and Freya did. They stared straight ahead, not even acknowledging me. I nodded to them all nevertheless, still in disbelief at my good fortune at having been rescued from the cold. I shivered as Diana felt my forehead and Freya felt my pulse, which was racing.

"He's still shaky, let's head back," she said, smiling at me. I smiled back. I was still a young man with a healthy libido, and felt very much as though I'd hit the lottery with these two. They both snuggled against me "for warmth" during the short ride back to their facility. I slumped back into the seat, enjoying the attention, my body reacting in a predictable way that I knew they could likely see through my filthy dungarees.

I took a deep breath and leaned back in the seat, closing my eyes as the two women remained close to me. My thoughts drifted to the recent past. A messy divorce, a custody battle, job loss and foreclosure had pushed me on the path to homelessness while my practice of trying to dull the pain with drugs and alcohol had pretty much sealed the deal. It had been two years since I'd had a permanent address, even longer since I'd had a job, and I'd been so beaten down by the reality of sleeping in the streets that i hardly thought of any other reality for myself anymore. My hair had grown long and unkempt and I sported a freakish beard that covered most of my once clean shaven face. I had begun to doze swirling in my own thoughts when I was jostled awake by the van as it pulled over a speed bump and into the entrance of what looked like a garage of some sort. We came to a stop and a rolling door was pulled down and ratcheted shut by an unseen worker in the distance. Freya pulled out her smartphone, making a quick call.

"Hello?" She said, hurriedly. "Yes, he's safely inside." She looked at me for a moment and smiled as Diana opened the car door and tugged on my hand, indicating that I should exit. "We're going to process him now." I got out of the vehicle as Freya continued to speak on her phone outside my earshot. I took a deep breath and then had a good look around, idly wondering what it meant to be "processed." As suspected, the area looked like a large underground parking area, with elevators and what looked like a separate facility through a door some twenty yards away. The garage was chilly, colder than it had been inside the van, but not nearly as cold as it was outside.

The other two women exited the van, standing to face me, offering me my first good look at them. They were both tall and well built, at least 5'10" in stocking feet by my estimation. They wore what looked like olive green police or military style uniforms, marked with an odd insignia on the collar and left pocket. They each carried a sidearm and wore handcuffs, a billy club and pepper spray, with their pants stuffed into calf length riding boots. One had light blonde hair and features and was half a head taller than I was. The other was dark haired with an olive complexion, and only slightly shorter than me. Both had their hair pulled back and met my eyes with an expressionless, officious stare, their legs spread and arms behind their backs in what could best be described as a military "at ease" bearing.

"Freya, see that he's showered and suitably groomed," Diana said, tapping a text on her phone. "I need to meet with Morganna." She turned to the two taller women. "Shannon and Bianca, go ahead and help out." She turned to leave, looking at me and suddenly kissing me on the cheek. "I will see you in a little while, okay honey?" She noticed the slight thickening against my belt line, making sure to brush against it as she turned to leave. "Oh." She stopped and spoke to Freya for a moment. "Regina is over by the showers. She is going to help us out too." Diana walked off, her ass swaying as the other women yanked me back to divert my attention. They triangulated me, with each woman standing about three feet away from me in such a way that I was surrounded.

Freya smiled. "Face me, sweetheart," she said. The other two women were expressionless, but each moved about a foot closer to me as I turned to face Freya. She held out a large plastic bag that looked like a garbage sack.

"Strip," she said. Her demeanor suddenly changed from pleasant to serious, and she looked at me the same way that the two officers had regarded me all along. I suddenly stopped, looking around at them.

"But uh," I began. "These are my clothes, my ID and everything." I swallowed hard. "Besdes, I'm kind of modest around the ladies.." I felt a sharp slap on the back of my head as I spoke. It was Bianca, the Hispanic officer who had hit me.

"Your clothes are filthy," she said. "They are not acceptable attire in the realm of Artemis!" I looked at her as Shannon, the other officer spoke.

"Now if you don't like our rules," she said. "We can always drag your happy ass back out into the snow and leave you there to freeze." She pursed her lips into something of a smirk and took a deep breath. "When you are here, you obey women." I turned around to look at them all in disbelief. Obey? Part of the reason I had chosen to stay on the streets had to do with the suffocating rules and regulations of living in shelters.

Bianca clapped her hands ominously. "Get out of those clothes NOW!" she said. "It's not like we're seeing anything we havent seen before. Now cooperate and strip or we will rip off your clothes and throw you outside naked to freeze!"

I looked at Freya, as though hoping for support. I got none. She slapped me across the face, ripped open the top button on my shirt, then snapped her fingers. I got the message. I started to strip, throwing first my shirt, my shoes, my pants and then my underwear into the bag. I stood before the three of them completely naked, shivering, feeling foolish, feeling my cock involuntarily thickening a bit, this time on display for all to see. Bianca leaned in and kissed me on the cheek.

"Thank you for your obedience, baby." she whispered. It was strange to be kissed like that by the woman who had thus far served up the harshest treatment. Her change in demeanor tossed me for a loop. "Obedience makes us happy," she said. Both Shannon and Freya followed up with light kisses to the cheek and "good boy" compliments as well. They were not sexual in the least, more maternal in nature and a little humiliating. It was strange, but I felt proud that I had pleased them. I gasped as Freya moved forward, sliding the tip of her finger over the sensitive underside of my cock, then holding my scrotum in her hand as she looked me in the eye. It swelled immediately, my knees almomst buckling as it shot straight upwards, perpendicular to my body. It had been at least five years since I'd been with a woman, and her touch made me gasp. After I was sufficiently erect, she took a length of light twine, similar to fishing line from her pocket and began to idly wrap it around the base. I felt the string constricting my testicles, but it was not unpleasant because Freya continued to stroke me. The other women held their positions behind and on either side of me.

"Now," she said, finishing her handiwork by tying off about a three foot leash. "There are some showers off in that direction." She gestured towards some double doors in the distance. "We are going to take you there and introduce you to another member of our team, who will get you all cleaned up for Diana." She smiled, looking down at my cock, which was now jutting straight out. She gestured to the other women, who each grabbed one of my arms. With Freya pulling my bobbing, leashed cock, we made our way through the doors and into an area containing a sauna and several shower stalls. The room was empty except for an attractive, petite, straight haired dark skinned woman, who appeared to be setting up a stall with several different shampoos, ointments and lotions when I arrived. She was much shorter than the other women, had jet black straight shoulder length hair, and was dressed in the skimpiest of red bikinis, which contrasted perfectly with her skin color, revealing a pair of lithe, strong toned legs and hips as well as a full pair of breasts, which complemented her perfectly shaped face and almond eyes. She waved me into one of the stalls, and I complied.

"I am Regina," she smiled, motioning for me to raise my hands. As I did so, Shannon and Bianca very quickly pulled a set of half rusted shackles from overhead, chaining them into a permanent raised position. At the same time, Freya squatted down, pushing my legs apart and securing them into a pair of irons that protruded from the floor. I protested, squirming a little bit until Bianca slapped me hard on the balls. Regina smiled and continued to speak as I winced with pain. "Sorry about the restraints, but they are for your safety as well as ours." Regina motioned to Freya, who nodded and retrieved a stool and a few cutting implements that had been sitting a few feet away.

She pulled the stool in close to my body, standing on it and then unceremoniously started cutting off my beard. She was rough, her free hand clutching my face and hair as she turned my head around to chop off my beard and mustache with dull scissors until only some stubble remained. "Don't move. Don't resist." she cooed as I wrenched my head a little. "The goddess wants to see your pretty face, not have you hide it behind a lot of ugly hair." She smiled at her handiwork before motioning to the others. Shannon and Bianca turned a large valve connected to a pipe, while Freya diverted the water to a handheld shower head. Regina tested the device before smiling and turning towards me. She pulled her top off, displaying her full but not huge breasts as she stood on the stool again. She began to spray my hair and stubble with warm water, thickening it with shampoo as she tugged my hair and pressed her breasts into my face.

"Get on my tit," she whispered, coaximg me to suckle her nipple, which I did without much prompting. "Good boy," she said, running a scented substance through my hair, kneading my scalp and scratching it with her fingers, cleaning the surface thoroughly. I merely suckled her nipple, feeling infantilized. The other women simply watched with half smiles on their faces as Regina worked, cooing into my ear as she finally rinsed out the shampoo. "I will take care of you," she said. "Don't worry baby, don't worry." Her inflection suggested that she was talking to a small child. Finally she disengaged her nipple from my mouth, pulled back and motioned to the other girls. They came closer, reaching inside the stall to hold my head still while she pulled out a straight razor and applied some shaving lotion to my face. Finally I spoke up.

"Uh," i said weakly. "I kind of like having a beard. That's why I grew it." Regina suddenly slapped me. It was a hard slap, the sting intensified by the other women holding my face.

"That's not acceptable here," she said sternly, her tone suddenly changing. "You are not allowed to have any hair on your face." She ran the straight razor over my skin, shaving me close and slowly revealing a face that had been hidden for a couple of years by a thick beard. "If you wish to curry favor with the goddess, you must show her how pretty you are." She smiled, suddenly kissing the spot she had slapped, which was now shaven clean. "If you make yourself ugly," she finished shaving the hair from my neck, chin and upper lip, displaying a deft skill with a straight razor that I certainly could not match as she continued to speak. "..the Goddess will assume that you have an ugly heart." She kissed my nose, mouth and eyes in rapid succession, in a maternal manner, much as a parent kisses a baby. "And boys with ugly hearts wind up with punishment and correction until their hearts are pure." She smiled and hopped off the stool, turning her attention to my crotch. Bianca reached out to clutch my testicles hard as she wiped down her razor. I winced in pain.

"No movement, no talking, no resistance," she said. I nodded my head. Regina began to remove all of my pubic hair with the straight razor, taking wide swaths of it off with skillful strokes. She also shaved my upper legs and ran the blade along my scrotum to pick up the few hairs that grew on my testicles. Bianca held tight, modifying her grip so that my balls could be shaved. Next she shaved my armpits with the straight razor, then nodded to the other girls, who all began rubbing down the rest of my body with an astringent smelling lotion. Regina combed out and blunt cut my still wet hair after a few moments, parting it down the middle and giving it a decidedly effeminate style as the lotion seeped into my pores. She grinned and stepped back, then sprayed the shower head over the rest of my body. I watched in horror as my body hair detached itself from my frame and gathered in a heap at the shower's drain. The four of them giggled as they watched my reaction, with Freya finally unlocking the shackles and pulling me out of the shower as Regina roughly dried off my clean, now hairless body.

"Who wants to do the honors?" Regina smirked at me, licking her lips. Shannon smiled as she volunteered, stepping forward. "I would love to," She grinned. "He's pretty and I haven't done one yet."

I looked at them nervously, still in a bit of shock over what had just happened to me. Suddenly, Shannon stepped forward and stroked my face, looking me in the eyes for a moment. She kissed each of my eyes tenderly, kissed my forehead, kissed my nose and cheeks. She peppered my newly shaven neck and chin with kisses, then suckled my bottom lip, then roughly grabbed me by my wet hair, held onto my chin hard, and kissed me deeply, her tongue pushing hard against my teeth and slithering unopposed into my mouth, where it dominated my own tongue as she tasted me, swirling her tongue around, tickling my throat as she held me firmly.

"Consider what has just happened to you," Shannon cooed as she finally broke off the kiss. "You are naked and hairless before four clothed women," she said, tracing a finger up my clean chest. "And now your body has been penetrated by a woman." She smiled, kissing me again, just as deeply as I sighed with blissful arousal as she reached down to squeeze my still bound manhood. "No matter where this ultimately goes," she said. "A woman breached your body first. Don't ever forget that."

Regina cupped my scrotum again. Her hands replaced Shannons' as she unfastened the leash around my balls "Artemis will be pleased. I think he is ready for Diana and his new life of service." She grinned, then kissed my cheek again, putting her top back on and sauntering slowly out of the room. Freya smiled as she retrieved a bag of clothing, motioning to me to put them on. I was finally able to dress, donning some underwear, soft denim jeans, a powder blue polo type shirt, black socks and casual upscale looking canvas walking shoes. Freya made a call on her smartphone as I was led out of the shower area. A moment later, Diana reappeared, dressed in a sharp black power suit with a white blouse. She ran to my arms and hugged me hard, like a wife might hug a soldier returning from an extended overseas deployment. I hugged her back, somewhat mystified, and failed to notice that the other women had quickly departed, leaving Diana and I completely alone.


She smiled as she broke off the hug. "Why just LOOK at you!" She smiled, then hugged me again tightly. "My sisters did such a marvelous job at cleaning you up that I barely recognize you!" I looked at her, smiling a little bit, feeling a bit silly and embarrassed at her reaction, still very much thinking like a homeless man who had been shunned by beautiful women perhaps more than any other segment of society.

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