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A Masters Return Home

by phil91v©

It was a long time away from you. You followed all my instructions while my time away and now it was time for your reward. 6 long months away from your side and when I finally see your face, I knew it was time. The smile I missed. The events that I was not there for. We hugged as I walked off that plane. No one around us knew what was in store for you. We kissed, we hugged, we laughed and cried. We said our goodbyes to everyone else I returned with, and then we went on our way home.

As we walked into the house, I turned her around and kissed her. and then I asked if she were ready. She smiled and said what I had been waiting to hear.

"Yes Sir." She said with excitement in her eyes.

"Let me prepare then. While I prepare, you will remove your clothing, lay out my tools, and get ready for inspection."

She hurried off while I removed my uniform and set my bags away. I step into the shower to clean up. When I finished, She was on her knees, arms layed on her legs. Completely exposed for her Master.

I take a moment and do a full circle around her. She looks up.

"Stand up for inspection."

She stands as I check over her. She has shaved her body to perfection. I step towards the counter and grab the collar. Thick, black leather collar. I wrap it around her neck. She seems relaxed as I place it on her. Suddenly she feels as I tighten it. She feels the tension and gasps.

"You were a good girl while I was away. And for that, you will be rewarded. First, you must please me."

She Begins to unzip and pulls out my cock. I grap her hair just before she wraps her lips around it.

"Did we forget our manners?"

"No Sir! May I please you now?"

I nod. She begins to suck my cock to perfection. She slowly swallows more and more. I grab her hair and begin to take control as I force her more and more. I thrust her head into it harder and harder.

Before I cum, I pull her off and then stand her up. I grab the chain leash and connect it to her collar. I walk her to the bedroom with force as she is to know who her Master is. Bend over on the bed. She hesitates, so I turn her around and force her onto the bed. I demand that she stays in that position and walk to the dresser. She turns for a second as to see what I have planned. As I turn around she quickly looks back. 2 cuffs are placed on each wrist with a small chain attached in the middle. I slide the whip from under her. I tap it across her ass as if I am playing with it. And then she feels the sting from my swing.

"Did I tell you to look back? You know what happens when you don't listen."

She looks back at me. WHACK!

"What did I just say?"

"Yes Sir."

The marks begin to show. I begin to tap as to prepare for the next.

"I want you to beg for it. And if you be a good girl, I will fuck you. If not, the lashings will continue until the

lesson is learned. Now what do you want?"

you look back at me "I want you to fuck me."


"Are you demanding from your Master?"

"No Sir! Please Sir! I want you to fuck me with your hard cock!"

I place my hands on her hips and force my hard throbbing cock deep inside her. I begin to fuck her like the slave she is to me. going harder and harder. She screams for more.

"Yes Sir! Yes Sir! YES SIR! Fuck me harder!"

SMACK! I slap her ass with my open palm. It leaves a hand print on the perfect ass.

"You do not make demands!"

I pull on the chain and force her head back. I feel her twitch. She is cumming already. The moans are like power. I flip her onto her back and continue to fuck. I place on hand on her throat and squeeze. As I am about to cum, we make eye contact as only a Master and his Slave can experience. I fill her with my cum until I feel drained.

After 6 long months, the Master has returned. When I finish, I take off the collar and restraints. I demand that she goes to the shower to clean up. I enter with her as she washes myself and then cleans herself. We retreat to the bed and lay down. I embrace her as we prepare to fall asleep. We have friends to visit tomorrow. And Master can not wait for the next night.

Written by: phil91v

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