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Like Mother, Like Daughter

by jacobmerriweather©

I've been working on this one for a while. Definite elements of incest, forced sex, blackmail, even slave training. If you don't like forced sex fantasies go somewhere else. This is all just fantasy, I don't condone actual rape or blackmail. Enjoy!


Maureen Clemons hummed to herself as she tidied up the house. She was completely alone, her husband James had left the day before. He was an accountant for an international company and frequently spent weeks at a time gone, leaving her alone with the kids.

But they were getting older. Jason had just started his sophomore year of college and wouldn't be back until thanksgiving break, Lainey was busy with her last year of high school, she'd just turned 18 a couple weeks ago and now, more than ever, was branching out and spending time with friends and classmates.

But Maureen didn't mind though, she knew it was for the best, and she had her own obligations, which made having the house to herself so often a true convenience.

As she walked from the dining room into the kitchen, caught sight of herself in a mirror and stopped, smiling. She was short at 5'3" and although she was relatively petit, she had filled out quite well. She was the epitome of the hot neighborhood mom: shad short black hair, large tits, a tight body with the perfect curves, and a nice, large, round ass that bounced from side to side when she walked. She admired herself, wearing a short striped dress that clung tightly to her body, a cream colored linen apron, frilly and thin, with straps pulled tight around her thin waist.

"Never seen a mirror you didn't like, huh?" A voice asked her calmly, and she jumped, catching herself as she turned to the French doors to the backyard open, her sons best friend Ben leaning against the frame.

"Oh, Ben, you scared me." She sighed, seeing that lascivious smile on his face, the smile shed grown used to.

He was tall, with wavy, unkempt hair and piercing eyes. He had always been a cute kid but now he was a man, handsome and fit.

"Excuse me?" Ben asked, and she looked down, her hands finding their rightful position behind her back.

"I'm sorry sir, good morning sir," she muttered as he walked towards her, closing the door behind her. "I didn't expect you today, I thought you had class, sir."

"Don't worry about me," Ben smiled. He'd been best friends with her son since he was a boy, and while he and her son Jason had been inseparable growing up, he'd chosen to stay in town to go to the local college as opposed to going out of state like Jason had.

"But I wonder, if you weren't expecting me, were you still following your orders? Let's find out if you've been a good little whore today," Ben told her as he grabbed her hair, marching her over to the dining room table as she struggled feebly to keep up, bending her over and lifting her dress to find her bare ass on display for him.

"No panties, good," he smiled, reaching in between her legs to inspect her, rubbing her flesh, his fingers groping her ass and prodding her clit.

"No sir, filthy whores aren't allowed to wear panties, filthy whores need to be ready to get fucked whenever their owner wants," she told him, closing her eyes as he forced two fingers inside her tight little pussy, her body eagerly accepting him, losing her breath for a moment before he pulled his fingers out and turned her around to face him, holding his fingers up to her mouth, dripping wet with her juices.

"And what else do filthy little whores get?" Ben asked as she opened her mouth, eagerly slurping up her juices and licking his fingers clean as she looked away, blushing.

"Filthy whores get to swallow their masters cum, filthy whores get punished for being bad, and fucked for being good, filthy whores do as they're told," she recited, taking breaks to lick and slurp on his fingers and she said the words she knew he wanted to hear.

"Good girl. I like the apron, take off your dress and wear it, only it, that's all you'll be allowed to wear for the rest of the day," Ben told her, pulling a chair out and sitting down to watch her.

"B-b-but sir, I'm expecting a package," she stuttered, turning away and avoiding his gaze.

"Even better, sounds like the man delivering it is in for a treat," Ben laughed, and she moaned a little, untying her apron and taking it off, pushing her dress down and putting the apron back on, stuffing her large tits inside as much as she could, and even then, they were busting out, her ass completely bare.

She stood there for a moment, looking down, as Ben took her in, taking a deep breath as he smiled.

"Good girl, now cook me breakfast, whore, I'm hungry." He snapped, and she rushed off, hurrying to get out the bacon and eggs, popping bread in the toaster. It couldn't have been more than fifteen minutes before she had breakfast ready, coffee and juice and food sitting before him.

"Perfect, now you can have your reward," Ben told her, pulling his chair up to the table, and she nodded, biting her lip.

"Yes sir," she whispered, dropping to her knees and crawling under the table. Ben felt her unzipping his pants and reaching in, pulling out his large, rock hard cock, hearing her gasp a little, kissing it and licking it, stroking him as her breath got heavier and faster.

"Shove it down your throat, you stupid little fuck toy," Ben told her as he ate his breakfast, groaning a little as he felt her warm, hot mouth taking his cock all the way down, listening to her gag and choke as she bounced up and down on his cock.

"What do you say, slut?" He asked her, and she groaned.

"Thank you for your cock, sir," is what she said, but with his cock halfway inside her mouth, it only came out as gurgles and half finished words.

"You're welcome, slut," Ben smiled, leaning back and drinking his coffee as she slurped and bobbed her head up and down.

"Ready for your breakfast?" Ben asked and she moaned, popping his cock out just long enough to whisper "yes sir" before shoving his dick back down her throat.

She worked his shaft with one hand and pleasured herself with the other while she sucked and gagged on him, working her pussy into a frenzy before she heard him moaning.

"That's it, right there," he grunted, grabbing her head and shoving his dick all the way down her throat, facefucking her while she gagged and drooled all over herself before spewing cum down her throat, bursts of warm jizz shooting straight down to her belly as he groaned, finally letting go of her once he was done.

She fell back and started sobbing from the abuse, so overstimulated and degraded that she broke, as she was wont to do, whimpering, tears streaming, and yet entirely unable to keep from playing with herself.

"Get your hand off that pussy, you don't have permission to cum yet," Ben snapped at her, pushing his chair back so he could see her sitting on her ass, her legs spread, tears flowing down her cheeks as she toyed with herself.

"Please, sir! Please! I've been a good whore haven't I?" She begged.

"Absolutely not," he told her, grabbing her hair and dragging her out from under the table, slapping her in the face and spitting on her, watching her sniffle and sob quietly.

"B-b-but sir!" She huffed, knowing better than to wipe his spit off her face, her make up smeared, her cheeks bright red. "Please, sir, please let me cum."

"No, you need to be punished first," he told her, and she bit her lip, shaking her head from side to side.

"But I've been a good whore!" She protested as he picked her up and pulled her over his knees, her ass sticking up in the air, rubbing her and groping her flesh as she composed herself, whimpering quietly.

"Good whores need to be punished every day, don't they?" Ben asked, and she nodded.

"Good whores need to know their place," she recited, accepting her face.

She took a deep breath and when she exhaled, the spankings began. He swatted and spanked her roughly, groping and squeezing, smacking snd slapping, until her ass was red and burning raw, a small puddle forming under her face from all her tears.

"What are you?" Ben asked as he continued punishing her ass.

"A whore, sir, your whore," she gasped, clenching her teeth and trying not to struggle.

"Who owns you?" Ben asked.

"You do, sir."

"And who's fault is that?"

"Mine, sir," she responded as she had many times before, looking away, tears of shame rolling down her face as he finally finished smacking her ass and pushed her off his lap, standing up and walking to the fridge to grab a pitcher of cold water. He filled a glass and sipped it slowly as he watched her compose herself, wiping the tears away.

"I'm going to give you the choice, now, and I don't even want you to tell me what your answer is. If you want me to fuck you like a whore and cum inside of you, get up and bend over the table and present your pussy to me. If you'd rather I leave here right now, all you have to do is get up and walk away. Go upstairs to your bedroom, whenever you do decide to come down, I promise I'll be gone."

Maureen stared at him, her lips parted and her eyes wide, unsure at first if it was a trap, but the more she thought about it and the more she stared at him smiling, waving her off dismissively, the more sure she was that it was no trap.

She could walk away now, and he would leave her alone for the rest of the day. And who knows? Perhaps the option would come again, and again and again. Maybe one day he would set her free, and she would never be forced to subject herself to the same abuse, the same humiliation she faced day in and day out.

Slowly, she picked herself up, grabbed a chair and pushed it out of the way, then leaned her body over the dining room table, pushing her tight little rump out and spreading her legs slightly, her pussy lips glistening with her juices, her breath unsteady, a faint squeaking whisper.

"You love being such a filthy little whore, don't you?" Ben laughed, watching her quiver and sob quietly.

"No, no I don't want to be," she moaned, closing her eyes and pressing her face against the hard, wooden table. "I don't want to be a whore!"

"Then why are you still here?" Ben asked quietly, and she gasped, sobbing and moaning, shaking as he stepped up to her, grabbing her ass with one cheek, shoving his cock deep inside her throbbing wet pussy.

"Fuck!" She spat, picking her head up and choking, her spit spraying across the table as Ben picked up his pace.

"that's right, just like that," Ben grunted. He groped her ass and held her flesh, using his grip on her to bounce her back and forth as his thumb slowly pushed towards her asshole. He let a large glob of spit drop from his mouth, running down her crack slowly before rubbing it against her hole with his thumb before pressing it inside.

"Oh god! Yes! Fuck! Thank you sir!" She groaned, moaning and panting like a wild animal in heat.

"Please, sir! Please, may I cum?" She asked, turning her head around to watch him fucking her, their eyes locked.

"You know the rules," Ben told her, watching her face drain of pleasure and turn an even brighter shade of red.

"But! But! But sir, please!" She begged, closing her eyes.

"What's the rule?" Ben asked, and she bit her lip, trying not to cum.

"Filthy whores only get to cum when they're getting fucked in the ass," she whimpered, and Ben pulled out his cock.

"No! Please! Keep fucking me!" She begged, and Ben pressed his dick against her tight asshole.

"Do you want it in your ass?"

"No!" She sobbed, shaking her head.

"You do, don't you?" Ben goaded her, spanking her ass. "You're just a filthy whore that wants to cum, aren't you?"

"No! She sobbed, shaking her head, then finally she broke. "Yes! Yes! I'm a filthy whore! Just a dumb worthless whore that needs to cum! Fuck me anywhere! I don't care! Just let me cum!"

Ben grabbed her ass and spread her cheeks, forcing his cock inside her ass. She grunted and moaned as he slowly impaled her on his dick, pushing her back and forth.

"Oh fuck! Oh ffffff-" she grunted, squealing and moaning, her right hand finding its way down to her pussy, rubbing her clit and shoving two fingers deep inside.

"Oh god!" She whimpered, turning to Ben.

"Please sir! Please let me cum!"

"Do it," Ben grunted, and she moaned, her impending orgasm building and building until there was nothing left to stop it and it finally hit her.

"Oh god!" She sobbed, her pussy exploding with juices, squirting and dribbling down her legs, spraying all over the floor as she cried.

"Fuck, you're disgusting," Ben laughed, and she moaned, biting her lip and whimpering.

"I am! I'm a stupid, disgusting slut!" She cried, her orgasm crashing down on her in waves. "I'm just a worthless whore!"

Ben laughed as she strained herself, bouncing and finger fucking her pussy, groaning and sobbing, until he couldn't hold back any more, grabbing her throat as he pumped his cum deep inside her ass.

"Thank you! Thank you sir!" She groaned as she felt him filling her with his cum, finally pushing himself off her and collapsing on one of the dining room chairs.

Maureen stayed in her position, sobbing quietly as Paul relaxed, then she slowly dropped to her knees, staring up at him. Her apron was a mess, the top was drenched with her tears and spit and make up, the bottom soaked with her juices. She sat on the ground for a moment before crawling up to Ben and resting her head on his lap, looking up at him.

"Am I a good whore for you?" She whispered, tears in her eyes, and Ben pet her disheveled hair.

"You're acceptable," he told her, smiling, and she nodded, then grabbed his limp cock and started licking it clean, sucking her juices off before working her way to his balls.

"Good girl," Ben sighed, petting her hair, and she smiled as she finished licking him clean, sitting back.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang, and Ben smiled mischievously.

"Right on time, huh?" He laughed, and Maureen sat back in fear, her eyes wide and her jaw dropped, shaking her head.

"Please sir, please don't make me answer the door like this," she gasped, but Ben just shook his head.

"Not another word, slut." He smiled, pointing at the front of the house and snapping his fingers. "Answer the fucking door."


Max had been working for UPS for a little over five years, and it was an incredibly nice day out as he headed towards the last house before lunch. He was a middle aged black man, bald and well built, with a bit of a gut, a decently handsome man. He threw the truck in park and walked up the sidewalk towards big, beautiful house with a well kept lawn, old oak trees and shrubs, and a shaded porch.

There was a car in the driveway but when he knocked, nobody answered for a minute. He was about to fill out a little missed delivery slip when the door opened slightly, a beautiful, thirty something women peaking her head through the open door, smiling nervously, then she opened it up a little.

She was a sight to behold, beautiful and small, with big round eyes and short dark hair. Her make up was disheveled but she still looked amazing, and when max's eyes worked their way down, he found she was only a frilly little apron, barely able to contain her tits, their round flesh jutting out the sides.

From the way she was standing wedged between the slightly open door, max couldn't tell if she was wearing anything else, but he immediately doubted she was.

"Maureen Clemons?" Max finally asked after awkwardly clearing her throat and she nodded.

"Sign here please," he told her and she smiled, reaching out for the plastic stylus he held out for her and signing the electronic screen in his hand.

"Alright, here you go," he told her, handing her a box.

"Thanks," she whimpered meekly, looking away, and Max smiled.

"You're welcome," he replied, looking her up and down, "have a nice day."

But before he could turn away, she opened her mouth, as if to say something, a quiet gasp escaping her lips, staring at him. Max stood there, puzzled, staring at her as she gulped, looked away, then dropped to her knees, smiling a little before she opened up her mouth and stuck her tongue out.

Max's own jaw dropped as he stared at her holding her position, staring up at him, her eyes almost pleading for him to shove his cock down her throat.

"Whoa," he grunted, but she didn't move, and for a moment he became lost in thought.

He thought about his wife, whom he loved dearly. He thought about their child, their marriage together, and how, during almost 15 years of marriages, he hadn't cheated once.

But this was barely even cheating, he didn't seek this out, he didn't ask for this or work for it of flirt for it.

Maureen was kneeling before him as nothing more than a hole. All he had to do was stick his cock in it and fuck her till he came.

It really wasn't much of a question.

Max pocketed his signing pad and unzipped his pants, his cock already hard and stiff when he pulled it out. He looked around his shoulders but nobody was around, and even then the porch was slightly enclosed and there was plenty of foliage blocking the view from the street.

"Fuck it," max huffed as he grabbed Maureen's head and forced his cock inside.

She didn't struggle or squirm, she just sat there staring up at him, opening her throat welcoming fly to his large dick.

"Shit!" He grunted, facefucking her, and after a moment or two, as he got rougher and rougher, she began to gag and choke. But max didn't pay it any attention whatsoever. He could barely even think of her as a person, the way she dropped to her knees likes that. She was a whore, a filthy slut, plain and simple, and in Max's heated lust he only saw her as a piece of meat, a warm, soft, fuck hole.

"That's it, that's it," he moaned, grasping her head with his big, thick fingers and forcing his dick all the way down her throat, his balls slapping her chin as he humped her face. He bent over and stared at her back, confirming that there were no clothes behind the the apron, just her bare ass sticking out.

"Fuck!" He grunted as his balls emptied and his dick erupted with cum.

"Mmf! Mmf!" Maureen gagged as his jizz shot down her throat, forcing a gag reflex. She choked and his cum spewed out of her lips, dribbling down her chin as she struggled to swallow his load.

Finally, she regained composure, gulping his cum down and taking a deep breath as he pulled his dick out and shoved it in his pants.

"Fuck, thanks," max huffed, turning around and high tailing it out of there.

Maureen turned around and closed the doors, scooping up his cum from her chin and tits, licking up the salty sweet taste of his load still on her fingers as she turned to Ben, who sat smiling at her

"Was I a good whore for you?" She whispered, and Ben nodded.

"Yes, but you've wasted some of my cum," he told her, pointing towards a spot of wooden floor by the door, right where'd she'd been kneeling, a couple globs of cum sitting there.

"It squirted out of your ass while you were gagging, clean up your mess," he snapped and she nodded, dropping to her knee and sticking out her fingers to wipe it up.

"No hands, lick it up yourself," he demanded, and she pulled her hand back, staring at him, blushing, and he laughed.

"Like that, I want you to look me in the eyes," he smiled, pulling out his cellphone and turning on the video camera.

"Yes sir," she told him, dropping down even further, her ass up and her face down on the floor, staring up at him as she licked up the gooey globs of cum.


"Ben, sir, please," she groaned, limp and worn out as he tied her into a wooden chair, facing backwards so her tits were positioned over the back of the chair, her legs spread and bound, her arms tethered behind her back. They were in her bedroom and it was a Friday night, weeks had passed since the encounter with the ups man.

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