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A God of Old Ch. 05

by majicman21©

1746 B.C.:

Enkartep lounged on the bed, watching as the two priestesses pleasured each other. Rea and Akeneb groaned, legs intertwined in a carnal embrace, sopping mounds grinding against each other. Their tanned bodies glistened with sweat as they put on a show for their master.

His cock stood erect and proud, like an imposing monolith, a bead of pre-cum issuing slowly from the tip. The two women fixed their eyes upon the trickle, licking their lips even as they continued to fuck.

"Such lovely priestesses," he remarked, the deep dulcet tones of his voice making them react, grinding that much harder in an effort to prove the truth of his statement.

Their orgasms hit quickly, the two women shuddering in ecstasy. He shifted on the bed, moving closer, his hands running possessively over their bodies, stopping to appreciate the decadent swell of Rea's heavy breasts, the toned flesh of Akeneb's pert ass. They were so deep under his thrall that just his touch made their peaks spike higher.

He luxuriated in the sounds of their exultant cries, the way they arched their backs, pressing their bodies into his touch, the way their cunts squelched together, copious juices streaming out to form a puddle between their tensing thighs. His cock twitched; their eyes picked up the subtle movement, and they quickly separated to indulge in the privilege that was tasting him.

One mouth lapped at the head, collecting pre-cum, while the second sucked around the base, headed upwards slowly and deliberately. The two mouths met, the priestesses sharing a sloppy kiss, tongues wrapping around the throbbing length, pleasing their master just as they pleased each other. Their hands instinctively migrated to the other's body.

As they pleased each other, they indulged in his cock. Rea nuzzled herself against the shaft, moaning softly as it throbbed against her cheek, her thighs pressing together; Akeneb darted lower, kissing tenderly at the heavy testicles, casting deeply amorous glances up at him.

Enkartep always enjoyed when his priestesses put their considerable talents to work. These two in particular were highly skilled in the sexual arts, and so he let them take their time. Rea had moved to the head of his shaft, sucking softly, drawing slick pre-cum from it; Akeneb began to run her hand lightly up and down the length, stopping just before meeting Rea's mouth, her own mouth still lavishing attention upon his testicles, the kisses sloppier, glistening saliva adorning the flesh.

Moaning shamelessly, she broke off, lines of spit connecting her lips to their most recent destination. She gazed at her master, eyes full of love and need. One hand moved to Rea's dark tresses, and she pushed down, forcing her fellow priestess further onto his length. Rea squealed happily, the sound muffled but still audible, and reached out blindly to squeeze at Akeneb's breasts, appreciating the perkiness, a counterpoint to her own heavy slopes. Akeneb purred, squirming against Rea, moving slightly higher to kiss at their master's abs, running her mouth all over the tanned flesh. Although his cock was their favorite part of his body, his priestesses loved every inch of him, never turning down a chance to lick and lap at his flesh, tasting the sweat on their master.

Rea was forced deeper. Saliva bubbled at her lips, leaking out to slide down the remaining inches, slicking his testicles. Akeneb eagerly pounced to lap it up, still using her hand to control her fellow priestess. Rea sucked, her cheeks hollowing from the effort, mouth crammed full of hard flesh. Her tongue danced wildly at the underside, stimulating him with warm wetness.

Before long, an eager Akeneb had made an equally eager Rea take every inch of him. The svelte priestess stared lovingly up at him with lust-clouded eyes, her throat made to receive his length. Akeneb had begun to kiss at his muscled thigh, feeling the muscle ripple slightly, even that minute movement making her sigh and squirm.

His orgasm began to coalesce in his core. The combination of an eager mouth taking him deep, and the submissive kisses all over his skin from a second eager mouth, produced a heady mixture of sensations. Of all of his priestesses, both those sadly deceased and those still living, these two gave him the most pleasure, and were able to provoke it the quickest. Of course, they knew that his stamina was that of a god; he could bring them and himself to the highest heights countless times without too much effort expended.

So he let his climax come.

These two priestesses were as perceptive as they were talented. And Enkartep, as godly and powerful as he was, to his amusement still had certain tics and tells to herald certain behavior and actions. So when he shifted his hips upwards, ever so slightly, a barely perceptible hitch of breath coming out from in between his gritted teeth, they understood.

Akeneb moved her hand, and Rea flew up the shaft, stopping at the head. The hand that had been settled on her temple replaced the warm ring of her lips at the base of the shaft, and began a quick rhythm, helping Enkartep to a finish.

He grunted softly as the first spurt burst into Rea's mouth, the priestess's eyes rolling back into her head, an orgasm washing over her at the taste of his seed. More spurts blasted out, Rea catching them in her mouth, moaning desirously. Akeneb had dove down to his testicles, sucking frantically, feeling them pulse with each jet of cum. Her own orgasm struck her, propelled by the knowledge that he had reached his own, and that she had helped him to it.

The spurts died down, Enkartep allowing them to.

Akeneb quickly leapt at Rea, pulling her fellow priestess into a close embrace. The two women kissed, Rea eagerly sharing his seed. Strands of semen dripped down their chins as their tongues curled around each other, saliva added into the mix to make it messier. Rea opened her mouth wide, leaning forward over Akeneb, globs of cum spilling from one set of lips into the other. Their soft moans made Enkartep reach out, stroking along their shuddering bodies, adding to their pleasure. The kiss continued, the women swapping the cum from mouth to mouth, indulging in the taste of the sticky spend, in how it felt on their tongues, in how it tasted off their fellow priestess' tongue.

"Master," came a deep voice from the entrance of the room.

Enkartep glanced over to see one of his warriors standing at attention.

"One of your priests is here," the warrior growled, "he says that he has an important issue to discuss."

"Of course," Enkartep said smoothly, rising to his feet.

His priestesses whined in disappointment as he abandoned them.

"I'll be back soon," he assured them, reaching out to caress along their shoulders.

Always desperate for his touch, they pressed themselves into the contact, pouting as he shrugged on a robe, depriving them of the glorious view of his nakedness, and left the room, depriving them of his powerful presence.

Present day:

Enkartep lay in bed, his new priestesses slumbering peacefully on either side of him. Kristin had her head on his chest, arm slung across his broad form, leg crossed over his muscled thigh. Stacy rested her head on his other thigh, her fit body curled up against his warmth, hand resting near his shaft.

A part of him wanted to wake them up to indulge further. They would not refuse him, broken as they were. He had spent too much time away from such delectable creatures.

But he let them sleep on.

They need their rest.

As he lay there, he found his mind going back to the priestesses who had served him before his imprisonment in the temple. There was Sefret, his first High Priestess, as clever and formidable as she was beautiful and nubile. Sefret's daughter, Akeyet, was the second High Priestess, possessing of a keen intellect and a voluptuous form. Iyiz had been the first priestess he had broken, spending one long night in his bed, the recipient of all of his carnal urges until her mind had snapped, reducing her to a mewling, squirming wreck, capable of nothing beyond providing pleasure. Rea and Akeneb had been his favorites at the time of his imprisonment, the two priestesses that had shared his bed the most, combining to form a wondrous symphony of ecstasy.

It saddened Enkartep greatly to know that all of the wonderful women who had served him so loyally, were now long dead.

I shall make more priestesses.

Kristin stirred next to him, murmuring softly as her eyes fluttered open.

"Hi, Master," she purred, stretching, her nakedness on display.

"Hello, priestess," he answered, reaching out to stroke along her cheek.

"I dreamed about you," she told him, taking hold of his hand, pressing herself into the contact.

Another soft sigh drew his attention to Stacy, who rose to pepper his chest with loving kisses.

"Did you dream about Master too?" Kristin asked her.

"Of course," Stacy purred, "Master was fucking the both of us."

Enkartep chuckled.

"Such a thing can be easily found outside dreams," he told them, smile inching across his face as they squirmed against him.

Their giggles made his smile grow wider as they moved towards his cock.

Dual sources of wetness and warmth bathed his shaft in sensation. Their mouths occupied opposite sides, licking up the length, drawing their soft tongues along the throbbing flesh.

The two women moaned as they serviced their master. Kristin closed a hand around the base of the shaft, while Stacy began to softly massage his testicles. Their eager journey up the length ended, their mouths meeting in a heated kiss. Caught in between the hungry encounter was the head of his shaft. Enkartep gazed down at them as their tongues slid on and around the head, sending shivers down his spine at the feel and the sight.

"Master's cock tastes so good," Stacy purred, graciously moving off their prize to let Kristin slide her lips over the top.

Kristin groaned in agreement, dropping lower. Her hands were grabbing fistfuls of the sheets as she swallowed more inches. Stacy watched, rapt, her hands slowly stroking along her fellow priestess' body.

"So good," Stacy repeated mindlessly.

Enkartep lay back, enjoying the way Kristin sucked him deeper, drawing more hard flesh down her throat.

His length was formidable, but she was determined to provide as much pleasure as possible, sacrificing her ability to breathe easily in exchange for making him feel good. Her mouth dropped lower, past the halfway mark, streams of saliva trickling down the rest of the way. Stacy dove down, intercepting them just before the base, lapping them up. The feeling of two tongues on him, however brief, was wonderfully decadent.

A wet squelch sounded out as Kristin came off his length. Immediately, Stacy replaced her, dropping down quickly to make sure he did not want for stimulation.

"Master's cock tastes so good," Kristin sighed, squirming against her fellow priestess.

Stacy threw herself into the effort, fucking her own throat on his length. The wet confines embraced him, drawing him deeper, making him throw his hips up on reflex. More of his cock slid past her lips, packing her mouth full, the priestess moaning in supplication. She went down further, her nose nearly touching his abs.

"Do it," Kristin encouraged, "deep throat him. Take it all."

Stacy's eyes flickered to Kristin, and then to him, glowing with lust and love. Another downward push, and her throat was crammed with every single one of his inches. She skillfully worked her mouth around him, massaging his member with warmth and slickness. Wet sounds came of the exertion, a lewd rhythm to accompany the just as lewd sight.

Suddenly, Stacy stopped moving. The intent was clear to him; she wanted to savor the feeling of his length buried in her throat, luxuriating in her own objectification, in the way her mouth was being used as a simple sheath. Enkartep was nothing if not a gracious master, so he allowed it. Kristin squirmed next to them, pressing closer, lips parting in breathless and wordless adoration.

And then Stacy came off his cock, gulping down several deep breaths.

Once she was recovered, the two priestesses shared a deep kiss. He knew that only some of it was for show. Their love for each other, once platonic, had since become tinged with a deep sexual desire as a result of their breaking. Hands ran along curves as tongue ran along tongue.

They broke apart, breathing heavily, quivering with need.

Their eyes moved, almost in tandem, to his cock.

"You first," Kristin urged.

Stacy smiled, and hurried onto his lap. Wasting no time, she lined his manhood up to her sopping slit, and drove her hips down.

An ecstatic cry filled the room as she sat atop his length. In one quick move, she had taken him to the base, his thickness filling out her cunt with an assertive strength. Her cry trailed off into soft mewling.

"Ride him," Kristin urged, moving behind her fellow priestess, hands landing on Stacy's hips, helping her to move, to fuck herself on their master's length.

Enkartep simply lay back and watched as his priestesses worked together. Stacy was dripping wet, her cunt soaking his length in slick cream; Kristin squirmed against her fellow priestess, guiding her up and down their master's member, fingers rubbing gently at Stacy's clit.

"How does Master's cock feel?" Kristin asked, smirking, as she already knew the answer.

"It feels so good," Stacy mewled, letting Kristin dictate the pace.

"How does her pussy feel?" Kristin asked him, again smirking.

"Like an embrace from the gods," he answered.

Stacy moaned, blushing at his compliment, eyes fluttering back in their sockets.

He could easily tell that her pleasure was mounting. Not only did she have his thickness lodged in her cunt, but Kristin was teasing at her clit, and now was stroking at her breasts.

Such eager affection for her fellow priestess made him smile, so he rewarded her, drawing his own pleasure, mixing it with Stacy's, sending it into Kristin's body.

She jerked, moaning with surprise and delight.

"Thank you, Master," she said, shuddering against Stacy, hands working faster at her fellow priestess' body.

The two priestesses quickly found their ecstasies, crying out to him in adoration.

Stacy rode him harder, spurred on by her boundless pleasure. The slick warmth hugging his length provided wonderful stimulation, sending him higher towards his own peak. He was tempted to stave it off, to extend the pleasure in this moment, but he gave in, knowing that Stacy so badly desired to be filled, to have her womb sanctified by her master's immortal seed.

As Kristin slumped against her fellow priestess, he again gathered up the swirling pleasure and fed it into her body. She moaned brokenly, body bucking at the sudden spike in sensation. Stacy threw an arm around her, pulling her in for a deep kiss as she continued to grind atop his thickness. Their tongues met, clashing wetly, soft murmurs spilling out from their joined mouths.

Such a vista helped him over the edge into orgasm.

His back arched, a rush of seed swirling in his testicles, firing up along his pulsing length.

Stacy felt the oncoming gift, and immediately lowered herself, until their sexes were mashed together base to base.

"Please, Master," she begged, "cum inside me."

"Cum inside her," Kristin added, "I want to eat it out of her."

Enkartep groaned, seconds from release, and obliged his priestesses.

Through his mental link with them, he could feel Stacy's orgasm spike, muddling her mind further, the moment the first jet erupted from his cock. She cried out, grinding harder, the rest of his load blasting out to render her channel overwhelmed by a deluge of hot seed. Her cunt added its own juices to the mix, streaming out to coat his lap.

"Master!" she cried out, Kristin squirming desirously next to her.

As Stacy's wails rose in volume, more thick spurts arcing out, Enkartep again let Kristin feel what her fellow priestess was experiencing, shunting the orgasmic sensations into her body, her sensitive nerves absorbing the weight of it all. A second set of wails erupted out into the room, the delightful chorus a wonderfully pleasing noise for Enkartep.

Once his spurts died down, it took the women several moments to recover from the ecstasy. Kristin held onto Stacy, soft curves pressing together, momentarily distracted from indulgence.

But when their minds cleared, as much as was possible in their brokenness, they registered the other's body. Hands quickly joined the equation, Kristin teasing along Stacy's breasts, Stacy grasping eagerly at Kristin's ass.

As Enkartep watched, Kristin helped her fellow priestess off of him. Stacy reclined next to her master, spreading her legs, Kristin eagerly taking up position between them. As she began to lick and lap, intercepting several thick trickles of his load, Stacy rested her head against his shoulder, purring contentedly.

"Master," came a deep voice from the entrance of the room.

Enkartep glanced over to see one of his warriors standing at attention.

"People are outside the palace," the warrior growled.

Arching an eyebrow, he reached out psychically, perceiving three minds nearby. Two were determined and curious, while the third was just confused.

His second act after creating this palace had been to conceal it from the world. It had been easy to do, simply bending light around the massive structure to make it appear invisible. The only other structure of note was the temple that had been his prison for so long. The three minds were heading towards it, having arrived in a modern means of transportation. As the palace had been rendered invisible, they were trudging past it with no awareness of its majestic presence.

He slid off the bed, both of his priestesses whimpering at his sudden physical absence.

One gesture, and the palace was visible. Several moments later, he registered shock from the three minds earlier perceived.

"Come with me," he commanded his priestesses.

Broken and lustful as they were, obedience was still their primary instinct with him. They quickly stood before him, waiting for him to lead them somewhere.

He waved a hand, delicate silk robes appearing before them.

"Put those on."

Their disappointment was evident, but mitigated by their acceptance of his will as paramount. As they slid the robes on, murmuring at the feel of the exotic fabrics, he drew his own on. A sash pulled it closed, concealing his nakedness, the two priestesses doing the same despite the fervent hope that they would soon remove the clothes.

Another wave of his hand, and the room fell away instantaneously.

They were at the lip of an entrance ramp sloping gently up towards the ground floor of the palace. In front of them was an expanse of sand, interrupted by a large bird-like object and three figures walking away from it, headed towards the palace.

The two priestesses exclaimed behind him, bewildered by their sudden teleportation. They glanced behind them to see the palace rising into the sky.

"I can do much more than make you feel good," he told them, enjoying the awe that radiated forth.

"What are we waiting for, Master?" Kristin asked, holding closely to him, Stacy doing the same on his other side.

"Be patient, my priestess," he answered, watching as the three figures came closer.

"Do you know them?" Stacy asked.

"No," he answered, "not yet."

Present day, same place:

Yussef had no idea what to think.

The trip to this unremarkable part of the Egyptian desert had been long and uncomfortable. Amina had been excited, barely sitting still; he had asked numerous times where they were going and what they were doing, but each time had received the same response.

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