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Conditioning of a Scat Slave Pt. 09

by subtlesurrender©

Part 9 – Claudia's Secret

Claudia felt the vibration of something moving against the trough until she felt the pool of excrement slowly start to drain.

"Can you hear me, Shitlips? Or do you still have shit stuck in your ears?"

It was the voice of Mistress Eva, coming to reclaim her prize. Claudia heard her speaking to Robert and instructing him to move the trough away from the cows; much to Claudia's relief. Mistress Eva unbolted and removed the gag from Claudia's mouth, but left everything else as it was.

"How are you Shitlips?" she asked, almost sounding sincere.

"I nearly died Mistress," informed Claudia, without a hint of bitterness in her voice.

"Oh nonsense! I wouldn't have put you through that if you hadn't given me enough reason to believe that you're a big enough shit-whore to be able to handle it. I must say though, that you even surprised with how depraved and pathetic you were this weekend."

"Am I going to die, Mistress?" asked Claudia.

"You'll be fine," assured Mistress Eva. "The people at my party are all people I know very well and I trust them all to be clean and disease free. As for your over-indulgence, that may very well cause you some discomfort, but that's part of the reason I'm here, Shitlips."

With a thick layer of shit still over her eyes, Claudia was all ears.

"Robert is a pharmacist," continued Mistress Eva. "A very good one at that. Let's say he's one of the pioneers in his field. He'll provide you with the medication you need to accommodate your 'diet'." Claudia felt relieved, but she still had no idea about how she would get home.

"I'm about to make you a very serious and generous proposal, Shitlips."

Claudia, still not desensitized to her surprises, was anxious as Mistress Eva began her spiel, "I'm going to kindly give you 2 choices. The first being that I can unshackle you and you must immediately collect you belongings and return, as you are of course, to your insipid life."

"And the second?" inquired Claudia, hoping it would be better than the first.

"The second option is I'll unshackle you, Robert will give you your medication, you can wash up take a change of clothes and return to your insipid life."

"I guess I'll take the second option?" Claudia could sense it was a trap, but was terrified of the first choice.

"Perfect. All you need to do is give me your passwords to your Facebook, Twitter and emails."

Claudia was puzzled. "Why do you need my passwords?"

Mistress Eva attempted to explain. "There's a disclaimer to option 2, Shitlips. As of when you walk out that door you'll have exactly 1 month to quit your job and tell your family and friends you're moving north to take a new job, after which you will present yourself here to be our live-in toilet slave. You will be housed, fed, and be allowed to visit London 1 weekend each month to see your friends and allocated time each day to reply to messages. You can also expect full discretion on our behalf if that's what you desire, so long as you don't break any terms of our agreement."

Still unsure as to what her passwords had to do with it, Claudia dared to ask what would happen if she declined.

"Should you not present yourself for service, I'll distribute the candid photos and video that we took of your dirty little escapade last night to everyone on your address list as well as on your Facebook and Twitter walls."

Claudia had fantasized about being a toilet slave, but never imagined actually doing it for real. "How long would I be your slave for?" she asked with trepidation.

"I'll draw up a contract for one year, with an option to renew." Said Mistress Eva.

It was a long time, thought Claudia, but she also thought about her dead-end job and non-existent love life. Now she had an opportunity to serve a majestic Mistress and cap off her meteoric rise as a slave.

"I'll be your toilet slave," she said without really thinking it through.

"Excellent," purred Mistress Eva. "Now before I set you free, I'll be needing that password of yours."

Claudia obliged. "Claudiassecret," she said.

Written by: subtlesurrender

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